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July 2021

West Ham v Arsenal; the ref competency, the slug as manager, Demel, etc

West Ham is a diminutive principality on the eastern fringes of London two stops from Barking.  They pride themselves on flowing exciting attacking football, but are managed by Sam The Slug.  Quite how they balance these two I have no idea.  Or rather, given the nasty things the Slug said about WHU supporters I presume they don’t balance anything.

Onto the Ref: Dean was the third best ref in the league last year.  In the home/away bias table has home bias of 1.421 (the worst is 6.8).  In terms of straight competence he managed a score just above 70% – anything less than that and he should be out of the League (but he would not be for as we know PGMOL don’t do things like other countries.

Sam the slug Allardyce got a terrible reputation when working with Notlob for developing rotational fouling and rotational time wasting.  His contribution to football is utterly negative at every level.

But then there is Guy Demel who signed for Arsenal from Nimes and played 13 games for the reserves before going on to develop his career in Germany.   He is now a full back with West Ham Untidy.

West Ham go into the game above Arsenal in the league by one place and two points having scored seven and let in five.  And now they have Andy Carroll – and five of the seven we have let in have come from dead balls.

At this moment I don’t know if Per Mert will play having been ill – but then the defence without him doesn’t look too bad to me, so why risk him?

I’d go for Gervinho as centre forward again – he looks like he is getting the hang of this sort of thing.  Mr Wenger recently revealed how these positional changes come about: “I did not always think he could play this role when I bought him I thought he was a wide player but I discovered using him in training sometimes through the middle. His runs and his movement were interesting. Of course there was a big question mark about his finishing, but he has improved on that front.  Sometimes the players create their own obstacle in their head and when they start to score, they think ‘oh I can score as well’. It becomes natural for them.”
So to the team:
Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs;
Arteta, Ramsey; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla,
Podolski; Gervinho.

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15 comments to West Ham v Arsenal; the ref competency, the slug as manager, Demel, etc

  • James morgan

    That is why there must be more consistency with decsions by the refs. In the MC Sunderland game,a two footed lunge by a Sunderland ex Mu player went unpunished.

  • Ong Bing

    Big Sam is rare coach, he is the last coach in the world that used 9-0-1 formation.

    But if I am not lost my memory, we win a few big scores against his teams.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Giroud his first goal in the PL, Theo with a real striker finish and Cazorla with a magical shot…

    We hammered the Hammers 🙂

    Must say the WH goal was also a great finish.

  • Ong Bing

    He Who Want 100k/Week, helps us to win 3-1. Good win today. But WHU played good too.

  • Dan

    Great win, can’t get past Caroll diving at any given chance and no contact needed.

  • bjtgooner

    This is an excellent result and what was pleasing to see was that the team played superbly as a team and for each other. There were some great performances and the goals were well taken. Once again we showed character by coming back from a goal down. The Gibbs injury was the only downside, lets hope he is back soon.

    West Ham used to play some good football and I have some empathy with their fans, but to beat fat Sam will have to be celebrated later with a wee dram!!

  • DDubs

    Thought the referee was very poor today, in truth some shocking decisions especially not sending Diame off.

    Carroll handled many times but was quick to spot Artetas.

    Blatant diving from WHU went unpunished.

    Vaz Te was fortunate not to be carded for his challenge on Mannone, he did get injured as a result of the challenge – karma but don’t like to see any player hurt.

    Foul on Rambo in the second half was shockingly dismissed.

    A great performance from the lads, Gervinho was consistent – consistently inconsistent.

  • Florian

    Dowd was actually consistent. Consistently biased, that is. Much in line with his performances “against” Arsenal from the past seasons. It’s so sad such good referees have to behave like that – one could say they are human, but it’s not beyond anyone’s control to just apply the regulations.

  • John Lynch

    In the tunnel beforee kick-off, Mr.Dowd was laughing and joking with West Ham players and that set the tone for the match. Compared to the serious West Ham fouls for which yellow (never mind red) cards not given, Gervinho’s foul was not too bad and did not merit the booking.

    Sorry to see the West Ham player injured, but this was self-inflicted by his deliberate fall after he kicked Vito Mannone in the head.

    Then the penalty not given for foul on Ramsey!!!

    3 points deserved and won despite Mr. Dowd’s efforts.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I noticed not only him laughing before the game in the tunnel but on many occasions he was joking with them. Compare this with the way he wanted no Arsenal players close to him and waved them away all the time….

    I saw him sharing jokes with Nolan (I think before the start of the game), patting on the backs of West Ham players, Saying something funny against Carroll during the game,

    I really feared a Newcastle scenario from the first seconds of the game.
    Phil Dowd, you didn’t hide your sympathy very well. Remember there are cameras out there and we can see the difference all too well.

  • Pat

    Yes Phil Dowd was blatantly biased.
    There’s no excuse for it and it is outrageous.
    We still managed to win, that’s the great thing.
    What a great team!

  • elkieno

    I didn’t notice any bias from the red, he booked Diame for the cele ration after the goal and also booked Theo for same thing, stupid as it was but still fair, no?
    The Ramsey ‘penalty’ was just outside of the box, but was still a foul.
    The kick to the head on Mannone to my eyes was not on purpose, but I think he realized his error and fell over to look like he was hurt, but actually got hurt. Doesnt the ref also need to consult linesmen?
    Anyway it was a horrible KO time for me (3:30sm) so i might not have been as alert as I normally am.
    Either way it was a tough game and I thought WH fought hard and made us work for the 3points, typical EPL stuff. Now we can go into the interlull feeling much better. Remember this time last year, we had just lost to Spurs 2-1 away and the interlull was perfectly timed and we came back with a 7 game unbeaten run. Let’s do the same when we return again.
    We got 3 games of ‘should wins’ then Man UTD, if ever a game to win this season it’s UTD!!!
    Comon you mighty Arsenal!!!

  • Florian


    I’m afraid I have to disagree with the kick to Mannone’s head not being intentional. It was very intentional. Vaz Te had at least two better options to continue – jump or simply lift his foot to avoid any contact. He didn’t make any effort towards any of these. Instead, he leaned a tad as if to make sure there would be contact.

    I absolutely agree with the rest though:)

  • Stuart

    Vaz Te clearly broke his usual stride pattern for the one single step that would be able to make contact with Mannones head and didn’t look back. Two signs of guilt.

  • John Lodge

    Dowd is without doubt incompetent at best and bent at worst. I agree with the comments regarding the Diame sending off. Give a soft booking for the goal celebration then bottle the second yellow for the Arteta assault. Try to even up soft cards by booking Theo for the same celebration. What can be his excuse for the Ramsey foul? He was looking straight at it. If not a penalty then definitely a foul on the edge of the box. Although we won we did it in spite of Dowd, as usual, and it left me feeling angry that this continues to happen with no reprisals from Riley. I thought I would try and delve back on the internet to see if this arrogant official had somehow been found out to be the cheat that he is and hello!!!! It would appear that he used to be a Tweeter. Thephildowd he called himself. His moment of utter Anti Arsenal bias shines through on the infamous 5th February 2011! The Newcastle away game no Gunner would forget. He Tweeted ” Great game today felt I handled the occasion well. Going out for a beer with the lads later on, drinks on me! * wink * ! ±Arsenal ±Newcastle “. If that is not an admission of guilt what is?