Cesc to write column for Daily Mail

In an amazing about turn Cesc Fabregas has agreed to write a regular column for the Daily Mail.  In it he will reflect upon life as a professional footballer.  It is thought he will discuss his longing to return to Spain, and the way in which professional players talk to each other and encourage each other to go to different countries, particularly Andorra.

For his opening piece Cesc will congratulate the Mail on the breadth and depth of its football coverage.  I caught up with him at the Angel tube station and he told me he had always been a Daily Mail reader since the age of six months.

“I’ve been a great believer in fanatical right wing politics and invented transfer news all my life,” he said, “and so it is natural that I should join the writing team at the Mail.   Their aim of destabilising the club I adore by making up inane transfer rumours and childish drivel about the way Arsenal have no money is something to be admired.

“I particularly like the way they cover the Kenyon story today in which the Chelsea man says that it is up to lower clubs to sort their financial houses out, conveniently forgetting that they played a part in the notorious £1.5 billion debt final which brought the whole of European football into disrepute.”

The column will be translated into Finnish and negotiations are afoot for several other languages to be covered.

If this makes no sense at all to you, take a look at the previous story – sorry that one wasn’t listed in GoonerNews.  Not my fault.  Honest. 

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