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July 2021

Untold – an apology

Over the weekend of 3/4 November the dedicated servers which support Untold Arsenal and the Arsenal History blog went down.

Although our service supplier One and One was told at once, they were unable to fix the problem until their German support team clocked in for work at 8am UK time.

Obviously, we are now back and running, and will be publishing as usual later today, Monday 5 November.

Tony Attwood

8 comments to Untold – an apology

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Good to have you back again

  • Grayfox001

    Arsenal supporter in need of some rational blog posts after the weekend we’ve just had.

  • Dec

    A bit like TV5 on Saturday. Hopefully he’ll be back online for tomorrow too.

  • Dec

    It’s 10:05 GMT

  • nicky

    In case you are interested, while you have been in purdah, the following has happened:
    1. Arsene Wenger’s head is wanted on a charger.
    2. He’s got to resign or be sacked in mid season.
    3. We have to buy in the January sales.
    4. We must stop selling our best players but we mustn’t pay them more or give them some silverware.
    My own view? Well, these are the same cheery folk who went berserk last season when we had a dodgy start, yet finished 3rd. Arsene was then praised over the team’s resurgence.
    Plus ca change. Plus c’est le meme chose (sorry Tony, no time for the accents).

  • Tony W

    Could someone please answer the following seemingly straightforward observation ?

    Why is it that when us Arsenal supporters raise what seems to be a perfectly logical and reasonable question (given the sad decline of the past SEVEN years), that perhaps (albeit with regret) a change of management is required to take the TEAM forward – those same people are instantly branded lunatics, only fit for the local asylum ?

    A lot less sentimentality (where else do you find this in the modern game ?) and more objectivity may be a start….JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS FOR GOODNESS SAKE !!!!

    I could go on at length, but I have a feeling I would only be shot down by the “Content To Finish 4th Brigade”.

    Balanced debate please ?

  • WalterBroeckx

    ç ^

  • nicky

    Merci, mon brave.