BBC reveals its full anti-Arsenal approach

The BBC has revealed just how far it will go this year to knock Arsenal.

In a Radio 5 piece in Drive on 1 August a piece about Arsenal covered all the players who had left (including Lehman and Gilberto), and said that Adebayor might leave too.   They then listed the players in, totally missing Carlos Vela – despite his superb performances, the fact that he is the resident centre forward for Mexico, and the club has given him number 12.

Meanwhile the BBC publication Radio Times for 2-8 August has a piece on Arsenal on page 66 which says, and I quote exactly, “Cesc Fabregas will want to dispel rumours of a move back to Spain as Arsenal take on Real Madrid in the Emirates Cup.”

Rumours of a move back to Spain???????????

I despair but at least we know where we stand with the Corporation before we start.

So let’s return to the fun of the fair.

“A once in a lifetime experience that doesn’t come along very often”

I’ll run that by you once again

“A once in a lifetime experience that doesn’t come along very often.”

I’m coming back to it because for reasons best known to itself Goonernews didn’t run the last article on Untold Arsenal in which I gave a fulsome and generous review of the life and times of Mr McLaren – as in Arsenal 7  Muddlesbrough 0.

You can click back to the article, if you feel so inclined.

Let’s have fun tomorrow.