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August 2021

A once-in-a-lifetime experience that doesn’t come along that often

I love Mr McClaren. He is my favourite twirp. He’s also a turnip, and several other vegetables as well.

And today, the wonderful magnifico Mr Mc said, and I quote here directly without any little extra words added or subtracted, he said…

“It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that doesn’t come along that often.”

Isn’t that something. Doesn’t it make you think, yes, this man would be a good manager for, oh, I don’t know, Engerland. Yes.

I mean I know he was in charge of Middlesbrough for Arsenal 7 Middlesbrough 0. And I know that he said that the reason they lost 7-0 was that they had teenagers on the pitch (when in fact he put 3 teenagers on as subs when they were already 4-0 down – which is something even sunday morning football managers know not to do).

But still, he’s a jolly good old stick, and he speaks in funny tongues.

And of course you know that we are going to play his current side in the third qualifying round of the cuppy thing. You know this because if you go on GoonerNews every single web site (except this one, and one that sells that Wilshere is rubbish) leads with

McClaren’s men to play Arsenal in Cup

or some such.

So there we are

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“It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that doesn’t come along that often.” Well now, in my experience once-in-a-lifetime experiences come along once in a lifetime. By and large.

As it were.

I think.

Arsenal 7 Middlesbrough 0. I quite enjoyed that match.

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