Those who boo Ade simply support the Daily Mail anti-Arsenal campaign

I don’t have any doubt that the Adebayor summer show was run by a pimp (aka “footballer’s agent”) trying to get more money for his slave (ie “player”).

Knowing that football journalists will print anything they are given and that clubs like WC Milan and BarBarBarcaSheep will grab at anything to divert attention from their disasters of last season it was clear the story would run.

As a result Ade got his pay rise and new contract.

So I ask myself, if I weren’t very bright (sorry Ade, but its my impression) but happened to be a stunningly brilliant player, and my pimp said “hey man you could get twice as much cash, just read this autocue” then I would do it.

And he did.

Now we have to consider our reaction as fans.   If we cheer him because he is rather good and scores goals, and can help us win the EPL this season, then we do something for the club.

If we boo him, it gets onto Sky, into the papers, and we have another “Arsenal in Crisis” shock horror story, which does no one any good but keeps the idiots who write the Daily Mail etc in business.

Personally I prefer to keep Arsenal in business and at the top of the league.  The football I watched against Real Mad today was the best I have ever seen in a pre-season game.  So I go with Arsenal against the journalists.

And that’s the choice.   Cheer Ade for Arsenal.  Boo Ade for the Daily Mail.

3 Replies to “Those who boo Ade simply support the Daily Mail anti-Arsenal campaign”

  1. thank you for the article, I really hate to see people critising ade for things related to him by irresponsible dumb papers like the daily mail. Come on ade, prove them all wrong and let your hard work do the talk

  2. I cant believe some of the idiots at the gorund who booed Ade. Im a season ticket holder and I don’t think there were many week in week out supporters there today but to boo a player who has done nothing wrong is an absolute disgrace. When has Ade ever been proven to say he wanted anything else other than to stay. The papers just twisted the story. Ade gives 100% every game and the same again today. He even kissed his badge in the celebration. I think the man will soon win over these idiots.

    Come on you Gunners!

  3. “Adebayor gives 100% every game”

    How many games have you seen?? In his first season when he wasn’t scoring he worked hard but the last two seasons he has not put in nearly the same work rate.

    Lets put things in perspective, Adebayor has had one decent season. i’m not saying that we would be better off without him because i remember what it was like before he came and we only had small players up front. But he deserved what he got because one day he came in one breath and said that he is staying then in the next saying that he is unsure. Wait till next summer and if we don’t win the league he will be off. Do not be fooled by the badge kiss!

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