It could be Alonso, it could be a house

Bluffing is the game – you go out and say you want player X but then say, “but the price has to be lower”.  Or you see that Manchester Bankrupt are looking to sign Y, so you jump in quickly with an offer that you are never going to see through.

Cynical, nasty, bent, with twisted agents… yup, it is exactly like buying and selling a house.

You want to buy a house and the estate agent says, “oh everyone is after that style at the moment.  Really popular, comes at a premium.  And in that location – all the rage.  Of course everyone wants to do up older properties so that’s why they cost more…”

You want to sell the same house 3 years late, and the agent says, “unfortunately the market is flooded just now with properties of exactly that type.  They haven’t been popular for 10 years or more.  And the location – it really doesn’t work.  I can see you have done a lot to it, but the style isn’t really right for this year…”

So with Alonso

Either we want to buy him, and the agent and Liverpool Weetabix have upped the price

Or we don’t want to buy him and we are just messing up Liverpool’s attempt to sell Alonso and buy Barry

Or it was all made up by the journalists anyway.

Certainly we are lacking next to Cesc.  Diaby looked rusty, although that might just be because he is rusty.  We can’t see what Song is like as he’s playing with five rings in China.  Ramsey doesn’t look right there… but maybe it is because Vieira was so sensational that we just can’t accept anyone else.

Still, we do have Jack.