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  1. WalterBroeckx

    If I look at these numbers it looks a usual Probert-Arsenal new years performance.

    For some reason the FA sends Probert to the first game of each calender year when Arsenal play away from home or they give him between Christmas and New year. Mean while spoiling most of the time the festive period for Arsenal.

    As per usual he refused to give a penalty to Arsenal. A clear handball this time (last season a trip on Gervinho at Fulham) from a Southampton defender just inside the penalty area.

    The Southampton goal was disallowed for a push on a defender on the moment he tried to start his jump. This is a small foul and goes unnoticed most of the times. In fact the ref missed some of these fouls in this game. But it was the assistant who waved for the foul. A foul on a defender has to be given immediately (as I have said a hundred times by now).

    “Normal” bias numbers for Probert in a game in which Arsenal plays a part

  2. Piresistable

    Thankfully we don’t get Probert very often.

    I guess this is a function of him being from Wiltshire – and therefore required to do the North West teams.

    I’m sure we’ll get a better ref for Man City on Sunday. Oh wait….

  3. bjtgooner

    Another good review and another poor performance from Probert. We really should have won this match but for some reason could not raise the tempo; Probert certainly did not help the cause of fair play.

    Walter, these reviews are very valuable, just as during last season. At the beginning of the season I thought that some of the refereeing had improved, but now that looks like a false dawn.

  4. Gf60

    Glad to see we’re almost up to date with the reviews. Re Probert (imo the 2nd worst ref in the league, Taylor being the worst) is he perhaps over penalized at 90/91 where some double counting may have occurred?

  5. WalterBroeckx

    Will check that last line GF60. It looks double indeed

  6. Steve

    What has become noticeable over the Christmas and new year period is the rotational fouling on Wilshere. Do refs take note of who keeps being fouled during games?

  7. Sav from Australia

    Good review guys. The new format is very easy on the eyes. I do wonder how much Arsenal’s so-called ‘poor form’ is due to referees not punishing teams who constantly foul and illegally break up play.

  8. menace

    Rotational fouling is a Stoke speciality. Usually Cazorla is the target but recently Wiltshire seems to be the target. This is probably because he is expected to retaliate (youth).
    Officials & FA are aware of this unsporting behaviour but ignore it when it does not affect their financial rewards.

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