Silvestre may be more than a player

I have no insight as to whether the notion of signing Silvestre is true or not – but if it is true it is almost certainly for three reasons:

a) To allow some of the younger talent to come through   Consider Havard Nordtveit who has recently toddled off to Salamanca on loan.  If we look ahead to the end of his loan he will need experienced people around him who can help, steady the ship and give guidance.

b) To ensure that no one is rushed into the squad.  We’ve seen Traore and Song both have hard times when they were pushed a little too hard too fast.

c) Because Wenger sees him as part of the broader team – as he did with Garde and Grimandi when Wenger first joined the club.  He has shown several times that he is as concerned to get his scouting team right as he is to get his players on the pitch right.

I’d guess that Silvestre is coming in, but that there is far more to it than having an extra experienced player around for certain games.

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  1. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your break, but it’s nice to have your balanced viewpoint back again.

    I understand why many gooners are not too thrilled at the prospect of one of the ‘old enemy’ joining us, but players and managers rightly make decisions on a less emotional basis as this is their job rather than their passion.

    If Wenger is seriously contemplating this step, it is a smart move for all the reasons you state. A 31 year old defender will add experience to the squad and not stand in the way of the youngsters, as he is likely to move on in a couple of years during which time they can develop at their own pace.

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