Do Arsenal fans really need to copy Tottenham?

It’s bad enough Arsenal supporters doing the bidding of the Daily Mail and  News of the World, but when they are reported to be copying fans of the Tiny Totts, it really does get a bit much.

I speak, of course, about the booing.

The Tiny Totts boo Berbatov because he has said he wants to leave – and Ramos couldn’t even bring himself to put Berbatov on the pitch for the start of the last game.   Berbatov says he wants to go and play for a bigger club.   So, by and large, most of us would say that’s ok – boo him.   He is by far and away  the very best Tiny Tott player for the past 20 years, and if you want to screw up his time at the club, boo like mad.

(Oh and please could you sell him to a foreign club, because actually he is rather good, and we don’t want him at Manchester Bankrupt – who won’t pay you anyway).

But what then makes people think it is good to boo Adebayor?   He did NOT say he wanted to leave the club – at worst he read a script held up by his agent, which resulted in him getting a better deal at Arsenal.   He has not behaved liked Berbatov, and Arsenal has not behaved liked Tottenham.   Adebayor has signed and is part of the club and in case anyone did not notice, he has scored one or two vital goals.

Of course the people who really got the story running – the Mail and News of the World – love this.  It is another story to run – Arsenal fans boo their own player, and (as can be seen on the recordings of the opening game) it made him try harder and harder personally to score a second goal in the game.   As a result he lost his natural flow and the goal did not come.

I don’t get it.  Why bother to pay all this money to come into the ground and do the work of the wretched fanatical right wing idiots who write for such newspapers?   Would it not be better to focus on having a little snigger at Tottenham, and then work like hell to support Arsenal?

Ramos has complained in today’s Guardian that the current football situation in England is unfair because the football is mixed with the transfer window.  So having gone from transfers up until 6 weeks before the end of the season, down to transfers only within a specific 6 weeks of the season (August and January), he now wants to get rid of all that and just have transfers in July.  You don’t have to make anything up to laugh at Tottenham – they provide all the material.   As if Ramos didn’t know when the transfer window was before he took the job.
Of course in arguing for a short transfer window Ramos is continuing the Totts wonderful transfer tradition.  (Remember Hoddle when he claimed that although the Totts had signed no one they had in fact NEARLY signed eight players).

But this circus style approach to football is best left to the guys at the wrong end of Seven Sisters Rd.   What we should do is support our team, and smile in  amusement at yet another year of the newspapers saying that Tottenham are going to become a top four club.

Yes dear.  Of course they will.

Now have your hot milk and go to bed.