Forward, forward, forward, winger, overseas, injured

Not every Arsenal story gets listed on sites such as GoonerNews.  It is not that there is censorship going on, its just something odd about the way the system works.  So, from time to time, I’ll try and do a summary of the exciting, stunning, amazing and overwhelming stories that Untold Arsenal has covered recently.  In case you missed any.   There’s a list of a few at the bottom of the page.

Meanwhile, for the Fulham game we’ll have three forwards available: Ade, Nic and Van P.

Then there’s Theo who might be on the wing.

Then there’s Carlos Vela who has been playing in Mexico (how many bloody games do Mexico have to have????   And don’t accuse me of being anti-Mexican – I’m against all internationals).

And there’s Eduardo, back in November.

At this rate we will never ever have a forward shortage, for as soon as one goes down and another trots off overseas, we have 3 more ready to come forwards.   Rather nice that.

Here’s some of the other odd stuff that has been run on this exquisite site this week.

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  1. how d o i get in contact with yourself to discuss a story. its very interesting . i would like to discuss it. nice one tony

  2. If you want to talk with me you can email me on Tony at or call me during office hours on 01536 399 000 and click the selection with my name on it.

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