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  1. WalterBroeckx

    Some quick words about the review.
    Our reviewers agreed with the foul and the red card from Koscielny. As we know now we know that it is a one off for Dean of course. No evidence has been found of him applying the same punishment in other games that we reviewed. But for regular followers of Arsenal and Dean this will not come as a surprise.

    The free kick for the goal or better said the coming back to the foul seconds earlier is what a ref can do. As pointed out in the review he didn’t do this minutes earlier when Wilshere was on the bad end of a foul and he refused to come back to that foul. Again for the regular followers of Arsenal and Dean…you know.

    The sending off of Kompany was also correct. Frontal tackle, studs showing going off the ground. If Wilshere wouldn’t have slipped up a fraction of a second before the impact then Kompany would have possibly caught him on the shin and who knows what terrible injury could have occurred. A ref these days has to judge the possible danger for other players and in this case Kompany was endangering the safety of Wilshere so a red card was the right thing.

    But all in all it was the typical Arsenal-Dean performance. Measuring with different yard sticks for Arsenal and the other team. This is clearly visible in the bias numbers.

  2. Mandy Dodd

    Now we know Dean is a Liverpool fan, and clearly has something against Arsenal as well….guess it all makes sense. Those incorrect against stats are telling. Have a feeling we will soon be seeing him at WHL.

  3. Andrew Crawshaw

    I cannot think of another penalty box incident this year where the defender has been sent off and still cannot agree with the sending off. It was most definite penalty but Dean at Arsenal is the only time he would have got more than a yellow. This decision is so far outside the normal as to be ridiculous. If that decision is right then every referee needs to be issued with a new instruction on the interpretation of the rules.
    For the rest of his performance typical Dean, one set of rules for Arsenal and another for our opponents. The man is so incapable of giving an even performance that it really isn’t even a joke any more.

  4. John

    Dean has shown that he is a capable referee. This makes it all the more obvious that performances in our games are dominated by his anti-Arsenal bias. This has been evident over several seasons.

    I do believe that there is ample evidence to support a case being made to the FA to take suitable steps to stop this continuing. Arsenal should be spared from any more involvement with Dean in the meantime.

  5. Paul Southcott

    As a referee I agree with your reviewer and the Red card for Kompany.

    What I don’t understand is why the FA overturned it!

  6. AL

    Confirmed what we all saw that day. The sending off, while correct viewed the letter of the law, was extremely harsh; dzeko didn’t have the ball, and its something we see every day. I watched the norwich-qpr game yesterday and there 3 such incidents, none resulting in a foul or card of any color. I can guarantee there’ll be at least one such incident in city-liverpool today, but it won’t result in a penalty or sending off. Dean is dishonesty and a coward.

  7. Andrew Crawshaw

    Paul, unwritten clause 8b – unless an Arsenal player is involved. We may be paranoid but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get us!

  8. Terry White

    Koscielny was totally naive. Dzeko “threw” himself into Koscielny and then went down in a flurry tight in Koscielny`s arms. Dean really had no red card choice, but it shows how devious players have become
    Like you,I believe Kompany red card was correct. Media pressure got cancellation

  9. Dino Abby

    Dean knows very well that he can get away with murder as far as being anti Arsenal is concern.

  10. ken lo gooner for ever

    Why Arsenal F.C. do not make an official complaint against Dean is beyond me.
    Ferguson has no problem putting his views across when he feels biased decisions go against his team (S***s the other day).
    One day the crowd might give this man an idea of how we view his “refereing” when he warms up before a match at the Emirates.
    As a referee I was always told to be in the background…Dean wants to be the star attraction whenever he steps onto the field at whatever game he officiates…the man is a complete joke.

  11. Yassin


    it says that the player fouled should have the ball controlled either at his / near his feet, which is not the case in Kosienly red card, thus not a red card, it should have been a yellow

  12. dan

    Mike c***-face Dean, why bother wasting time/space on this ugly prick!!!

  13. Michael

    Mike Dean’s demeanor is what I dislike the most. He seems to take a perverse enjoyment in either meting out punishment or ignoring it.
    I don’t think the league can continue to ignore his record when refereeing an Arsenal game (we’ve won only 8% of the time over the past few years with him). People who bet on football games will now just have to bet against Arsenal when Deans refs and they stand to make money. Arsene Wenger’s teams win at least 50% of the time, yet when Dean refs they win less than 10%! Statistics cannot be ignored forever.
    What I would like to see is a journalist with some balls ask Wenger during a press conference prior to a Dean match whether he was concerned about a statistic like this. If Wenger answered yes, then maybe we’d see some action (although it would probably result in Wenger being sanctioned). At least the issue would then be front and centre.

  14. WalterBroeckx

    The reviews are done based on the laws of the game and instructions given by Fifa, not based on wikipedia.

  15. Phil

    Brilliant response there walter! haha!

  16. WalterBroeckx

    I surely didn’t wanted to be disrespectful towards Yassin but it could be interpreted like that. If so, sorry wasn’t meant to be.

    I merely want to point out that you have to be very careful with what you read on the internet or with what the pundits tell you what the rules are. Very very careful.

  17. bob

    Paul Southcott,
    I fully believe that the FA overturned The Dean’s ruling against Kompany because they still need a two-team race to sell the illusion that Don Fungus is not simply being gifted the championship. Last year’s last minute loss will not be repeated this year, not by a long shot. However, a total runaway would, imo, diminish interest in the league and confirm too many closely-held suspicions (that is, by millions of fans, and they know it) that, each year, the trophy is Don Fungus’s to lose. That there’s a true race on this year in particular is a necessary illusion. Please consider that in your analysis.

  18. kampala gun

    @Bob rightly said,but it looks a bit to late for Macini to catch Don Fungus.Really don’t you think that the FA sends Deanhole to ruin us?Everyone saw Deanhole celebrating a goal scored against us but what did the FA (Fuckin Assholes)do? Who was the ref that was suspended for some time for betting? What else do people want to know about FA(Fuckin assholes)expect Deanhole 3 more times before the season ends to destroy us.
    Thank GOD Deanhole refs in England but if it was any other country he would have retired honorably longtime ago ,for no any other country could stand such open shit.The police or its citizens.

  19. hedgehog

    ken lo gooner for ever: Wenger did it once. They screwed us in following match. (I think it was Dowd who ‘revenged’ his college)

    We played bad, but of course Dean didn’t get us a chance to get back.

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