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  1. Mick
    8 February 2013

    I thought at the time what a really good game the ref had and this review confirms it. Well done K Friend, show Dean and some of the others how to do it can you.

  2. Gonnerjoe
    8 February 2013

    The Daily Mail are an article on how Manu haven’t lost a game in 10 years that was refereed by Mark Helsey makes you think.

  3. Gonnerjoe
    8 February 2013

    Put Running between are -an sorry

  4. Stuart
    8 February 2013

    Good to see a low number of incorrect decisions however it is alarming that they are all against Arsenal.

  5. WalterBroeckx
    8 February 2013

    Stuart to be honest 2 of the 4 mistakes was down to the assistant.
    One was about a not given yellow card against Leiva. Not really a wrong call, just a different treatment compared to Cazorla earlier in the game which he handled correct.

    The one thing I for me found disappointing was his treatment or better said non-treatment of Carragher. But again this is something that I see a lot in the PL and that is beyond me that this hasn’t been put right by the PGMOL. Maybe I should write an article about it so Mike gets a reminder of this simple instruction?

    So only 4 wrong call and not one really decisive in any way of the game.

    It was a great game of football and I think much of the credit must go to the ref for treating both teams very well when it came to calling fouls. Using the same stick to measure both teams. That is the impression I had when I saw the game live and gets confirmed in this review

  6. Doanythingformoney
    9 February 2013

    What an amazing contrast between this and Nellie Dean’s pathetic pathetic offering. Thanks for the work chaps-excellent stuff. Pity the spineless press don’t(dare not)patrol our game like you do.

  7. Andrew Crawshaw
    9 February 2013

    Walter, I think this must be the highest score ever recorded for a ref in an Arsenal game. He certainly seems to have lived up to his pre-match billing as one of the best refs with no bias in favour of either team. Lets hope we see him again soon (but not against Manure as I still don’t trust him on that front). Wouldn’t mind him for the Spuds game.

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