Young supporter charged at Bradford game. Witnesses needed

Eye Witnesses needed for event at Bradford.

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has been approached for assistance by a young Gooner who has been stuck on for a Section 5 public order offence (using insulting words or behaviour) after being arrested at the game whilst in the away stand in sections N & T by West Yorkshire Police.

The lad vehemently denies the charge. He’s frightened to death of ending up with a criminal record. The FSF has arranged legal representation. The lad’s parents are very supportive.

What is needed URGENTLY are eye witnesses to the arrest to come forward. The lad has received a court date of 28/2/13 so this is urgent.

If you were there and witnessed anything relevant please contact

Tony Attwood

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  1. Are you for real?

    With all that is going on at AFC, namely poor results and a manager who is a dead man walking, your last 3 posts in reverse order have been about:

    1. Flares and plastic bottle tops being allowed in the emirate
    2. Some crap about moving to Gillespie Road 100 years ago, whoopee bloody doo!
    3. Some lame appeal to defend some scallywag who felt it safe to hurl abuse at an away game

    As a supposed fan, you are an embarrassment to AFC

  2. @Jeffh

    …because rehashing the same crap that is in every other blog/article is worth doing over and over again, isn’t it?

  3. Tony,

    A well intentioned request, on a Chelsea blog, to help a young Gooner is almost bound to be met by …….. Wait — this is an Arsenal blog and it has been met by …….. well I do not need to go on, do I? 🙁 Tssk.

    Hopefully better luck later today!

  4. jeffh,
    First off, you didn’t list the articles in reverse order, but in chronological order starting with the 3rd and going forward. This isn’t just pedantic. It’s that you have your arsebackward. What I mean is that to do your gangsta drive-by and empty both barrels on a man who sustains a blog which goes far and wide and deep and allows postings like yours a space to breathe is despicable. I often disagree with Tony Atwood’s points of view and vehemently. But he lets me do it, and he has wit, and smarts and grace and loves the team with more heart than you’ll ever have. It is a very rough time and you take advantage of it with no analysis of the team’s situation. Not that Tony Atwood needs my support, or even wants it. But you are a nasty piece of work to come in here with intent to burn down the house. It’s too bad they didn’t let you play with matches when you were a tyke because you would have know what this means. Look in the mirror (or The Mirror) and you’ll see no reflection. Because that’s what you’re doing here. Being a blood sucker. Tony Atwood has provided a gift of free speech here, including his own, and including yours. But you would soil the premises in what, far from reverse order is perverse disorder. (Such as Geoff of LeGrovel, your namesake if not you.) You’ve ended up, however, by soiling your diapers. A boy needs representation and you would pull that plug as judge, jury and executioner? What kind of heart do you have? Answer: I leave that to others.

  5. @Jeffh. Really?

    You pick a post about helping an actual fan, so with some real would benefits to drop that vitriol. Worse, the kid is an away fan, which makes him one of the most dedicated Arsenal supporters there is.

    You assume a fellow fan is guilty, while calling the person trying to help him out an embarrassment. I refuse to insult an Arsenal fan so I can say little more.

    Sadly I cannot help directly, and only hope someone comes forward. Actually, I can check if this is cross-posted on other blogs to get more exposure.

  6. jeffh,

    It’s rare I agree with bob on anything, but your post is a contemptible, nasty piece of work.

    If Tony wishes to diversify let him, its his blog after all.

  7. I read the post from Jeffh as a compliment to Untold of which I am a proud part.

    This means that Untold Arsenal really is still Untold Arsenal: a blog where you can find different things compared to others.

    If you don’t like it Jeffh, fine. That is your right. But as been said a few times before it is Tony his blog (on which I also write) and so it is him to do decide what to publish or not. But I think nobody (not even Arsenal, Wenger or Gazidis) else but him (and sometimes me) will decide what we will publish.

    If you really want to discus the current situations you can go to or or

    Thanks for reminding us that we are Untold

  8. JEFFH.What a sad nasty bloke you are.This is typical of some media,twitter person that is driven by a frenzy of crap.Does Tony deserve that.He has put together a website that is for enjoyment and information.When Aw said in his press conference the other day about he deserved some “respect” i could not agree more.Tell me ,has he or Tony committed a crime.This is football fella, grow up.

  9. Jeffh
    Because fans argueing about
    ” all that is going on at AFC, namely poor results and a manager who is a dead man walking”
    are really going to make a difference. Incidentally, have you seen Monty Pythons Life of Brian? In particular the Judean Peoples Front sketch?

  10. I do not think ganging up on jeffh is going to help why don’t we go straight to castration

  11. What about starting a programme to stop the anti Semitic chanting .at every game I am at there are many Jewish fans who are intimidated by this I find it distasteful and hurtful towards fellow gunners
    The club should video the bar areas before away matches . If found to be participating . A warning should be issued pointing out that this is offensive and will. Not be tolerated and membership will be revoked if continued. surely this is the least we can do to protect our fellow gooners from this abuse

  12. @ The Font: Given all that is going on on UA, namely folks pouring vitriol on Jeffh for pouring vitriol methinks yours is a darn good idea.

  13. Here’s a breath of fresh air: The fan has recourse to a lawyer and to whomever comes forward as a witness or witnesses to the said purported abuse, as well as having his day in court (the 28th) so Tony is helping him out by using UA as a means of advertising this kid’s need. Where’s the problem in doing that? This is, after all, a community forum and open to whomever seeks publication of their interests and opinions. Until that right is taken away by Big Brother, we should celebrate Tony’s effort, not ridicule it.

  14. More seriously, this is only HEARSAY.
    Innocent unless there is video evidence.
    Oops! I forgot: no video evidence, “law’ above real justice.

  15. @Rufusstan

    Hi there,

    Could you direct me to as many other blogs as possible. Reason being, as a close friend to the young lad, I’d like this post to be put up on most arsenal blogs. This way we have a greater chance of finding a witness.

    Waiting for your reply.


    Please contact me at

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