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  1. Gf60

    The best refereeing I’ve seen for a single game was the day we lost our 10 year unbeaten run at the spuds. I could not disagree with one decision…and how I wanted to when it was 2-1 to the swamp dwellers. But Clattenberg was faultless that day. Bugger, no one to blame but ourselves.

  2. Adam

    I used to do the accumulators a lot at the bookies, came close to some big wins off of a small outlay. May start doing them more regularly with the new info on the refs. Suppose this is a side effect of this site, see you at the next gamblers anonymous meeting.

  3. Doanythingformoney

    Thanks Walter. I really like Clatter. He has an honest look about him (unfortunately, so do one or two of the other creeps!!) and seems to maintain his standard whoever is involved. That is all supporters want and expect from officials and the shame is–too infrequently do they get it! All this must be known to the spineless press and media- of course. And when gambling is involved- as it is- the police should be casting a beady over it all. They are not waiting for the press to work-up public opinion are they?

  4. WalterBroeckx

    I must confess when writing these articles I thought of gambling a bit myself 😉

  5. Josif

    It’s interesting to notice that we have both higher percent of victories and higher percent of losses than the average one when Clattenburg is in charge.

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