Platini offers Arsenal everything

If you are reading this it is either because

a) you don’t want to read any more of the negative stuff that it pouring out from Arsenal blogs hour after hour – all saying that we are bust, we are doomed, we’re going into the Conference, no one wants to sign for us, Wenger has lost the plot, and at the next high tide the Emirates will be under water

b) you clicked the wrong button and got here by mistake

Either way, here’s the good news.

First Liverpool Weetabix (so named because the owners of Liverpool are also the owners of Weetabix – subtle eh?) are to be renamed Liverpool Insolvency.   Today, the Guardian revealed what our back of the beer mat calculations have been revealing for some time.  That Liverpool are living so close to the edge that if you were to take out the £20m gained from the Champions League even for one season, they would be technically insolvent.

Second Liverpool Insolvency have just lost their stadium.  First they had the ignomy of the EU pulling out its £5m support.  Then the Regional Development Agency pulled out.  Now they have admitted it.  They can’t raise the money to build the thing.  It’s over.  It’s off.    As is Everton’s planned ground move as well.

So while the poor, defeated, awful, lost Arsenal managed to build a rather nifty 60,000 state of the art place, the rest of the universe struggles.

Manchester Bankrupt are, well, bankrupt.  Last year they couldn’t even pay the interest on their debts.

Liverpool, Everton and Man City are struggling to pay, CSKA Fulham only survive as long as the owner doesn’t call in the loans, Tottenham’s finances simply don’t add up at all, and now….

Uefa is launching an investigation into club debts.  Oh yes.  Experts (that will be me, then) will make recommendations (clubs that can’t pay their interest should be put in the Conference – sorry that’s just me, not Mr Platini’s men).

Now, if you are still there, here is the really wonderful bit.

Platini said that he thought some clubs are “cheating when they buy players they cannot afford.”  With Man Bankrupt and CSKA F owing over £1.5bn we can guess who he means (although he also included Celta Vigo who did a Leeds.

“European football must be clean and transparent and we do not want clubs buying success on credit,” Platini said.

If he sees this through then a significant number of EPL clubs are going to be in real, and I mean really real – like big-time really big real – trouble

5 Replies to “Platini offers Arsenal everything”

  1. Fascinating, mate. Nice to read someone who can step back and look at the big picture.

  2. wow! wouldnt that be something?!?! first wenger is accused of not buying but he’d all of a sudden be the wisest man since solomon! i think its shameful for a club, which s a business, to be borrwing money they cant pay back, using that money to buy out their competition by purchasing all the most expensive players in the world (cue chelski), winning trophies and accusing wenger of destroying english fooball! i think they should introduce salary caps like they have in the NBA and then we will see TRUE competition in the EPL. and then we’d stop seeing clubs paying 1 player 200,000 big ones a week after paying 80m for him, and still have another 100m on the bench! all u r doing is robbing football of great talents who could be competing against the equally great players in ur starting 11!

    so shame on u Chelsea, shame on u Manure, Shame on u Liverpool, condolenses tottenham!!

  3. I would love to see it, but it just wont happen.

    Assbromovich would just right off the debt if need be, and the FA will come running to the support of their golden child SAF the moment he bats his eyelids!

  4. I would love it, just love it – to paraphrase KK. This is the sort of thing UEFA should be concerning themselves with. I’m just amazed it has taken them so long to start looking at it. Let’s hope it turns out to be more than just talk.

  5. But it will happen eventually as sure as eggs are eggs. Every bubble has its bursting point and football (being a business) is no different. Even tonight some pundit was urging Man Bkpt to buy Berbatov because “they really need a striker” and “its only a few million quid”. Totally blind the lot of them!

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