Man U finances in trouble; Arsenal flying

It was much reported this week that Arsenal are at last saying openly, “Just read our financial statements and reports” in the face of endless mindless commentary about Arsenal having no money.

What was not reported however was the fact that Manchester Bankrupt’s situation is so bad that they are now having to cut costs anywhere and everywhere they can.

So far the problems signing Berbatov have been put down to “bad blood” between the Bankrupts and the Tiny Totts, but the fact is that the Bankrupts have simply not been able to afford the Tinies high price and anyway vampires don’t eat each other, that’s just daft.

This week however matters went further with the Bankrupts off-loading Silvestre to Arsenal and Saha to Everton.

Saha cost £12.8 million and is going for nothing – simply to get rid of the £65,000 a week wage bill.  Add in national insurance, player insurance and Silvestre and the Bankrupts have just saved themselve £6,000,000 a year.  This might not seem that much to a football club, but when you can’t even afford to pay the interest on your borrowings, every single bit helps.

Arsenal meanwhile have no such problems, and according to the Guardian, Arsenal are the sixth highest spending club this summer.   The top six being

Aston Villa £48m

Manchester thailand £45.45m

The Tiny Totts £44m

Liverpool Liquidators 330.8m

CSKA Fulham £24.2m

Arsenal £21.5m

These figures will change over the weekend of course, and they are only purchases; sales are a different matter.

And this is the same week that the top shareholer at Arsenal said that if Wenger asked for £30m to buy one player the answer would be “yes” before they even asked who it was.

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  1. i love this blog ! as a gunner, it makes me feel warm an fuzzy inside

    is the math question to ward off liverpool fans?

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