A game of three halves as Arsenal beat the wheelbarrow

Hello hello, that was fun.

Walter and co from Benelux Supporters Club found their way to the Auld Triangle and I took Walter in to show him what a north London pub looks like before it gets crowded (I mean there were only 200 people inside the public bar, and it only took half an hour to fight our way to the bar.  Peanuts).

And then Ian turned up and I was able to say, in a much rehearsed manner, “Ian Brookes, this is Walter Broeckx” although that joke only works if you know that Broeckx, the Flemish name, is pronounced Brookes, and that Roger Brookes to whom Making the Arsenal (the greatest book ever written in the universe) is dedicated was Ian’s dad.  And Roger’s grandson was there too.

But eventually we had to break off the hospitalities and watch the game And would you believe, the whole team came out in Ramsey shirts with his name and number on.  Now I refer you back to my prediction for the team which had Ramsey playing in six different positions.   Bit of foreknowledge on my part, what?

Anyway, moving on….

First half: awful bent ref, Arsenal 1-0 up, dead easy.  Second half, Burnley score, game gets lively.  Third half, we do them, all done.  Arshavin actually squeezed the ball through a space smaller than the ball itself in a total re-writing of physics, and that will give them something to talk about on Star Trek, just mark my words.

And I don’t know if you saw it but after the final bell, Eboue went over to the crowd on the far side and thanked them for their support and gave away his shirt.    Also when we were all singing for Bendtner after his fifth miss, he stood there and applauded us back.  Now that is the way you do it.  That is supporting your club.  That is football.

But I have left the best until last.

For with about 20 minutes or so left Bikey came on.

Now you may not know Bikey, so let me tell you of this wonderful man.  He has been the subject of debate here before, and for my pains I was called a racist for commenting on his humorous style, but then people do say the silliest things.

Bikey weight about 25 stone and waddles around a bit.  His shorts go down to his ankles and he sort of lumbers, rather than runs.

His height of fame came in the Africa Nation Cup just over two years ago when while playing for his country one of his compatriots got injured.  It was a serious injury and the stretcher team had to come on.   Bikey, however, did not approve of the way the medics were attacking his compadre.  So to express these deep and innermost thoughts he attacked the stretcher team as they were carrying his friend off, knocking one of them over, and causing further injury to the injured party who fell to the ground.

He was then sent off.

Thus it was a great honour to see the wonderful Bikey again.  They will have to repair the pitch where ever he trod, but I think it worth sacrifice.  And yes, he is a little slower these days, which is why I think Wheelbarrow is a better name.

But back to the main theme.  I have to say, I am in awe of the Broeckx family – their day out involved the car drive into Antwerp, the train to Brussels, the Euro Star to St Panc, and the underground to Arsenal, before being dragged into the Auld Triangle by me.

Most important of all though, we all went hope happy to give eternal thanks once more to our almighty Lord Wenger.

This is football.  And you can’t tell me otherwise.


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15 Replies to “A game of three halves as Arsenal beat the wheelbarrow”

  1. What can I say when I just arrived home in the middle of the night after a long, long day at the Emirates.
    And once again, what a wonderful day it was.
    I will try to tell you later what I thought about the many events that came my way.

    One thing, Tony, the Burnley fans actually sang the “no never play Bolton again-song” during the second half. I don’t know if you heard it in your part of the Emirates but as we were sitting just above them we could hear it.

    Again another great prediction on the Untold site. 😉

  2. i ve been to see the match too.My first match at the emirate in 6 (very long)month.Great day with friends but not a surprise to see the stadium so quiet (specially in 2 second half when the team need more our support).And after some get upset the emirate it s call the library .(I was seat on block 19 so on your left Walter downstairs ;P).
    Never mind that would be a problem if he was for one old tw*t and a middle age c**t seating near me who where complaining all the time.I could believe ,they pass their time (specially after burnley goal)moaning about everything.Ho sorry ,by everything i want to say Bendtner,Denilson,Sylvestre,Big AL.The usual blind hatred.Even Wenger.Why this idiot spend thousand on the season ticket and pass their time moaning.It will be less expensinve (free)to post on “le groan” and they will be welcome.

  3. Good game, Nasri was outstanding Theo was good . Nothing to complain, except for the Manu’s undeserving 1 goal win.

    Suddenly my browser tells that this site is potentially dangerous site 😀


    This post then alerted me to the fact that one of the sites to which we were linking contained a number of bits of malware. I have taken the link down and the poster of the original warning has kindly suggested that the rest of this post be removed to, so that it does not continue to link to that site.

  4. well said lordgunner
    how I wish someday I’m able to watch the game at the grove

  5. It was good to see the crowd cheering Bendtner instead of booing him(Lessons learnt??). I was worried there would be booing after he missed his third chance. But the crowd just knew it wasnt going to be his day and so instead of booing him, got behind him.

    Everyone played well yesterday. Denilson did what he was told to do. Theo showed he DOES have a football brain along with his brain which he used. And we should have a challenge to take the ball off Nasri without fouling. The ball sticks to his feet like Iron to a magnet. The ball didnt leave his feet until he passed or he was fouled!! And what a chip for the first goal. This is why it is called a beautiful game!!!

  6. 3 points in the bag. Job done. Same again for the last 9 games boys.

  7. Some Random Gunner – thank you for the Omni football tip. I have removed the link. There is an article about this now in the pages (see list of pages in the column on the right). The site was put up as an exchange link, and was clean when put up – the problems have obviously arisen since. My apologies over this – there are more details and a full techno report in the Pages section

  8. aniruddh – I appreciate that you may not be able to visit this site because you are on the other side of the world (or in Belgium) but if that is not the problem, there are tickets available for some games. Join the Red Membership scheme, and you will get tickets

  9. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for removing the link to that site, Google tells that site has 35 pages with trojans out of 183 pages scary stuff. Remove my earlier comment as it has links to the site.

  10. Now I’ve spilled tea all over my screen. You’ll pay for this Sir. Tony.

    Too much hilarity to put into one single blog post 🙂

  11. FannnnnTastic… Just that. Hilarious write up… Things are (speaking of shapes “before being dragged into the Auld Triangle by me.) shaping up.
    It’s also fantastic the portrayal of Bendter…. It appeared He was gracious and fun spirited and you lot confirmed my observation….The TV pundits all but said he was a “disgrace for missing so many opps…

    This contrary to all I viewed- Look to me finishing is just the final part of getting there…

    But, it is delightful the give and take and the coming together as you explain of EMS and the base!

  12. LRV,
    Since we play in the Emirates the have never lost when I was there. Long may it continue.

    And if I may correct myself from my first post the song is about the Blackburn Rovers but the day was to long I think…

  13. I live in India but my love for the Arsenal I might one day watch a game there

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