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August 2021

Gonzalo Higuaín, Stevan Jovetić, accents and transfers

By Tony Attwood
This close season there is an opportunity.  An opportunity to buy.  Not just because of the new money coming in but also because with virtually every other club losing their manager (Real Mad now confirmed to be the latest) there will be a huge merry-go-round this year.  The stability at Arsenal means that we could well be the beneficiaries.

The story is that we have £70m to spend and we are going to spend a fair amount of it on Gonzalo Higuaín  He would it seems cost £19m in transfer fees (an Arsenal record purchase – although some papers are saying £25m) and around £25m in salary over four years.  His signing would not be a case of putting all the eggs in one basket, but certainly would be quite a few of them.

He plays for Real Madrid – who as I said have just parted ways with their manager, and so the new man would be expected to clear out the old and bring in the new.  One major problem however is that the word Higuaín seems to have an accent over the í which adds to the preparation time for each article.  Arsenal typists are set to buy in new computer keyboards.

(Sorry, just had to use “are set to” somewhere).

Arsène Wenger (notice the accent) is also set to move quickly.  OK you get the flavour of the stories.

It is said that Mr Wenger was interested in Higuaín way back in 2007, although I am not sure why we didn’t sign the deal with River Plate then.

So what of him?  He has played 188 games for Real Mad and scored 105 goals, which is not bad by any standard.  He has played 32 times for Argentina and scored 19 goals – and remember Argentina don’t play San Marino, Luxembourg, Andorra and Lichtenstein.  (He also holds French nationality, but does not speak French, so is going to have to learn a second language for the first time – which always takes longer).

But why would he leave?  Apart from the manager issues, because, I guess, he has been there seven years, and that is a long time by Real Mad standards.

Also on the radar (hey I’m getting good at these phrases) we have Stevan Jovetić (note the accent – Arsenal are set to buy new… oh, done that).   He is with Fiorentina under contract until 2016.

The Daily Mirror said we were confident of signing him if we won our way into the Champs League this season.  “Caught offside” said that the “deal was done” two days ago.   He has scored 34 goals in 115 games – but remember Italy is not a two team league like Spain.  And he plays for Montenegro which means that his international trips would be easier than trotting off to Argentina every five minutes.

But in doing all this signing stuff, let us not forget one player who has emerged from the “clearly not good enough” league (as my old pal Ian proclaimed, which is nearly as good as my “I just don’t get this Henry guy, what’s he doing on the wing all the time?” from me half way through Henry’s first season) to season winner.  Laurent Koscielny.  For me the development of Kos has been a significant factor in the recovery this season.  He got to this point before, slipped away, and has now reached a much higher level.

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Bringing back Kos, and pushing Ramsey back to a place alongside Arteta worked very well, and was a key point in our re-invention.  All we need do is find a young Arteta.  Oh, yes, we have one.  Jack.

Jack has that extraordinary ability to be in the right place at the right time and to play defensive midfield and number 10 at the same time.  It is slightly easier for Koscielny to do that because of his position, but not that easy.  If we don’t play Jack at the back of midfield, then we still need someone else in that position.  But that’s for another day.

But back to the forwards. If we buy a centre forward, we then have  Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Theo.  To expect Giroud to have done more in his first season was never on – such players rarely make an immediate impact when changing countries.   So if we buy Higuaín (note the accent) as well it looks like Podolski might take a step back.   Certainly we don’t need Jovetic at the same time.  Do we?

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51 comments to Gonzalo Higuaín, Stevan Jovetić, accents and transfers

  • The font

    Reading between the lines it’s jovetic not higuain

  • elkieno

    Much prefer Higuain.. Work your magic Mr Wenger, you can do it..

  • WalterBroeckx

    Gonzalo Jovetic, Stevan Higuain, with or without accent, who ever will come whenever they will come: I will welcome them and support them.

  • Florian

    Let Arsène surprise us again with a signing nobody predicted:)

  • Bimbo

    I agree with your Higuaín theory, but I also feel we should sound barca out on Fabrigas. Isco is another option if we can’t get Fabrigas. Add an elite Goalkeeper. Try to keep all our 1st team regular. Silverwares will sure be in our covers this time next year.

  • Terence McGovern

    It wouldn’t surprise me if AW were to take both Jovetic and Higuain and let Gervinho back to France. he hasn’t had a bad return from his limited playing time and we certainly owe some crucial points to him but he isn’t killer.
    Either way Both AW and Ivan are talking up a storm about transfers which is unusual so for the first time several years, I believe we may have an enjoyable transfer window.

  • penfold

    I reckon Wenger is after Jovetic for versatility, to play across the front 3 and not necessarily as an out and out. He’s an fast, intelligent player and could create as much as he scores. Similarities with ljungberg? I might be little bit wrong there.

    Higuaín would be immense, he’s proved himself at the top. If you think that, taking inflation into account, we spent 19 million on Wiltord whilst on a highbury income, i’m sure Wenger would buy this guy for around 20.

  • americangooner

    Transfers are nauseating as ever with the umpteenth player linked to Arsenal, sole purpose to shore up transfer fee. But I like the idea of higuain coming to arsenal since AW has been so interested in this fella. It is clear that we do need another striker after seven(?) ‘One Nil to the Arsenal’, which is, frankly speaking, contary to the principle that AW has set. This pragmatism over principle is also echoed by various arsenal blogs. So in order to play that free flowing attacking football that we were famous for, it is imperative that we bring in a forward and higuain fits the bill but we have to act fast.
    I would love to see higuain in Red and White but it might turn out to be wishful thinking. I think this sort of high profile signing(s) will depend largely on how many we offload this summer.

  • @blacksheep63

    who is is Silverwares fellow? and Fabrigas, is is related to our old prodigal son Cesc Fabregas? Aren’t we missing something here? If Arsenal are being linked with players (esp those with multiple grammatical or typo considerations) then its unlikely they are our real (or even Real) targets. To (mis)quote an old scottish king..If it is to be done, it is best done quickly so we can all relax and enjoy the summer. Or as Kroptotkin would say, ‘get yer cheque book out Ivan!’

  • The font

    Also chuba Akpom is almost ready

  • The font

    Akpom 18 from 23

  • Matt

    The sole purpose to talk about transfers for the next 2 weeks is to make sure everybody renews there season tickets, it’s been going on for years.

    I got me renewal yesterday and it need to be paid by 1st June (Scandalous as usual)

    Will be interesting to see when Wenger changes his tune this year and informs us that he’s happy with the squad and the way we finished the season so dont expect too many signings.

  • The font

    Sorry Akpom 20 goals

  • ARSENAL 13

    I feel Chuba is atleast 2 years away. But with lots of talk about Higuain, I feel are going to pick someone else…….Benzema. The right age (26), if we look at our recent signings ie…

  • nicky

    Hi Tony,
    Great to read a few of your new phrases. Almost as interesting as your much missed catering reports on match days.
    I’d like you to introduce a few of my own favourites, viz
    “de facto”,”by and large”, and “the be all and end all”.
    It’ll while away the time until we see the new Arsenal, back from the hols, play in Vietnam come July.
    PS I trust that the cost of the new computer keyboards for the Arsenal typists WON’T be coming out of the £70million earmarked for new blood. You know what these accountants are like.

  • bimbo

    Mannone, Arshavin, Chamakh, denilson, Squillaci, Frimpong, Eastmond, Watt, Henderson, Monterio, Ebecilio, better be removed from our wage bill to free up some dough.

  • Godswill

    Why would Higuain leave? Real Madrid said he is surplus some weeks back. Ok. We need him because he would want to prove Real Madrid wrong like Samuel Eto’o of old.

  • bc

    I believe we will sign 2 attacking players one out and out striker to replace chamakh, bendtner and park and another attacking player to replace arshavin and gervinho. in each scenario we should raise around £10m plus save wages circa £150k which means around a £20m net spend but around £100k saved in wages which fits nice with the board and ffp.

    similarly, in the under 21s we are planning to reduce the squad size and overall wage bill but improve the quality.

    for example yaya sonogo will replace the outgoing watt and neita, which will give us some income and reduce the wage bill.

    overall I expect to see 25-30 players leave the club this season with around half that figure coming in. already 7 new scholars have agreed deals to replace half of the 15 academy players that have been released so far. for example huddart, smith, moore, O’Connor and wright have been brought in to replace the departing shea, charles=cook, angha, hajrovic, monteiro, Fagan, bhimoutine and meade. obviously these new players are younger and all on lower salaries. there is also maitland-niles and zelalem who have been brought in to replace Henderson and rees, whilst expect that Crowley will join to replace ebicilio and winter.

  • FunGunner

    Very funny Tony and very impressed with the accents.

    @ Matt
    Interesting theory, but it is not the club talking about transfers, it’s the media.

  • Nikkogunners

    I suggest that we can get both. This is how it can work. Jovetic is a utility player. He can replace aging Rosicky in the centre. That could be the reason why Wenger moved Carzola to the wing to test the formation. Personally this would be my dream side. Formation, 4,2,2,1,1. Team: Schezny, Right back, Christian Maggio from Napoli, Centre backs Martesacker, Kosienly assited by Vermalean. Defensive Mid Wanyama from Celtic, and Ramsey/Arteta in deep attacking role. Carzola, and Walcott make up the midfield, Jovetic plays the hole role and Higuain leads the attack. That to me creates a high scoring low conceding side. Ox, Gervinho, Podolski and Giroud make up the Bench for now. Wilshere? He gets space as he keeps injuries at bay…

  • Ong Bing

    I prefer Higuain than Jovetic, he is real predator, he is better than Benzema.

    I have good feeling that we can stronger next season. All we need is confidence, good start and consistent.

    I am more worry about Arteta and Santi backup.

  • Ong Bing

    Oh, I am forgot that Ox can play in the middle. But I think is next 2-3 seasons.

  • Stroller

    The fact that these two (Jovetec and Higuain) are being talked up right now, means that it’s almost certain that we won’t be signing either of them. Doubtless in a week or two there will be a signing of somebody that has not been mentioned yet. It’s the Arsenal way.

  • Mick

    Sorry off topic but Talkshites response to the great news that Tony Pulis has got the sack from Stoke was to come up with the important information that every one of the other 91 teams have now changed manager at least once in the eight years since Arsenal last won a trophy. How pathetic is that, they never miss an opportunity to stick the knife into Arsenal.

  • Slysoulman

    @ Strpoller:
    Lewandowski? Oh shoot! I’ve talked him up. No way we’ll sign him now.

  • ian


    Absolutely right, but then how many of the other 91 clubs have finished consistently in the Top 4 and been in 3 cup finals including a Champs League?

    Worst thing is I know a Sheff Wed fan that buys into this nonesense. I have to remind him that 20 years ago we played them in 2 cup finals and look what has happened to the 2 clubs since.

    I wonder if he had a choice back then which future he would have chosen for his club.

  • AL

    Not really surprised to hear that coming from talkshite; they are the lowest of the low.

  • bob

    “To expect Giroud to have done more in his first season was never on..”
    Mr. Attwood,
    Instead of the shop-worn platitude, why not trot out an Untold shots:goals ratio here? For Giroud’s profligacy and lack of killer-poaching, is there something perhaps in the drinking water that would excuse or explain it? Is it in his DNA? We’ll just have to see now, won’t we. But to deploy “his first season” as a potential fig leaf for not spending on a world class hit man – which this genre of articles always straddles the fence or pours cold water on expectations – is really wearing thin. People are excited; there’s money in the till; but hereabouts it’s some sort of rumor with no further analysis – and on a day when the blockbuster TV revenues are being announced. I think the problem is with dampening, rather than stoking, let alone advocating that the club do its utmost to purchase a great offensive talent. Imo, you are watching their vault, just in case they don’t spend for talent, including enough quality talent in reserve, which we have not had. Without that, given the length of the season, your obligatory Emirates business trip, the 4th place based round of CL qualifiers, the intention to compete in four cups, and the refusal to buy in January windows, the time is now to shore up with quality. A million here or there does not matter any more. And if being in contention for top honors at the stroke of January actually matters, then it is reckless not to spend on significant upgrades and no service to dampen or play fence-sitting when it comes to the real chance to realize the highest ambition.

  • sperez

    If Wenger signs top class players you know very well someone is pushing him to do it. This shows how Wenger does not have what it takes to make Arsenal one of the greatest again. He is absolutely terrified of making big decisions regarding transfers. This is not the late 90s model anymore.
    Wenger was the reason we didn’t sign Mata in the first place, allowing Chelsea to buy him. A major f*ck up. One of the most stupid things under Wenger. Certainly, he thought Gervinho was better. Yes, Arsene really ‘knows’…
    There’s money available and if Wenger choose not to spend it…well, things are going to get complicated. Does he really want a new contract? He has to deliver, then.
    There’s a great opportunity out there. Clubs with new managers(Manu and City), Chelsea with Mourinho nonetheless but his players are old. He will have a new Chelsea team to work with but he is a capable manager.
    Let’s hope this isn’t the usual bollocks Arsenal spouts to appease their fans and take their money. Nobody wants to listen to more excuses. Arsenal has to make to the next level.

  • Matt Clarke

    Why don’t we just buy some accents and apply them to existing players?
    It should work out cheaper.

  • rusty

    Tony, it’s funny, I thought Koscielny looked a bit awkward being played on the wing as well.

  • Shard


    “He is absolutely terrified of making big decisions regarding transfers. This is not the late 90s model anymore.
    Wenger was the reason we didn’t sign Mata in the first place, allowing Chelsea to buy him. A major f*ck up.”

    Been reading Le Grove much? Nearly a word for word reproduction. But what evidence is there for this? Just that Mr Wood claims inside knowledge. But who needs proof of anything when you can shout from the rooftops?

    Even the bit about Wenger spending only so he gets a new contract. For years Pedro peddled the line that the board are delighted with Wenger making them money and would never sack him. Now that, to maintain credibility, even they can’t deny that Arsenal are going to spend money, and hence aren’t reluctant to do so, they have to change tack and make it a conflict between Wenger and the board. Shame on you for believing such obvious lies.

    The money was there before. But there’s a huge difference between having 5-10m, and 50-100 million. The impact of spending that money would not have been the same as it can be now, and we won’t have the danger of going bust because we know exactly how much money is coming in in the next 5-6 years. Why is it so hard to grasp this simple concept? You don’t empty your savings account until you know where it’s coming from, when, and how much your next pay cheque is going to be.

  • Stuart

    “If Wenger signs top class players you know very well someone is pushing him to do it.”

    How do you know that Sperez?

    Wenger was the reason we didn’t sign Mata in the first place, allowing Chelsea to buy him.

    Please qualify what you mean here and provide proof.

    Certainly, he thought Gervinho was better.

    Again, please provide proof that Gerv was higher up the list than Mata.

    That should do for now 🙂

  • Adam

    So the papers say, Jovetic’s agent is in London. Maybe they bugged his passport?

    Adem Ljajic & Stevan Jovetic have the same agent so the real question is which one? Or both would be great.

    Getting greedy.

  • The font

    I agree with sperez that’s the reason we did not sign messi wenger found out he said pertatoe not potatoe.

  • WalterBroeckx

    LOL The font 🙂

  • maden


    You seem to know alot of behind the scene goings on at Arsenal FC. Tell us more. Why did not Wenger sign eg CR7 and the thousands other footballers perennially linked with move to AFC?

  • Stroller

    Please stop asking s****z to justify or provide proof of his mostly ridiculous assertions. It is only encouraging him to keep doing it. If you don’t know it by now it is all down to Wenger and his socialist wage structure imported from Stalinist Russia.

  • bob

    p.s. Here’s my true lament of the day:
    “Bronx booters: Yanks joining Man City’s Sheikh Mansour for MLS club Yankee Stadium could host the New York City FootballClub’s first season while MLS continues to negotiate with the city on a new stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. In the ultimate odd-couple alliance, Hal Steinbrenner has joined forces with controversial multi-billionaire Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan to bring an expansion MLS team to New York.”

  • T2T

    Current squad:
    1 Szczesny
    2 Diaby
    3 Sagna
    4 Mertesacker
    5 Vermaelen
    6 Koscielny
    7 Rosicky
    8 Arteta
    9 Podolski
    10 Wilshere
    11 Santos (sell/release)
    12 Giroud
    14 Walcott
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    16 Ramsey
    17 Monreal
    18 Squillacis (sell/release)
    19 Cazorla
    20 Djourous (sell/release)
    21 Fabianski
    22 Coquelin
    23 Arshavins (sell/release)
    24 Mannones (sell/release)
    25 Jenkinson
    26 Frimpong
    27 Gervinho
    28 Gibbs
    29 Chamakhs (sell/release)
    30 Parks (sell/release)
    31 Miyaichi
    52 Bendtners (sell/release)
    Denilsons (sell/release)
    Eastmond (sell/release)
    Henderson (sell/release)

    Promote from within:
    38 Angha (19), a versatile defender
    Miquel (21), CB
    48 Hajrovic (20), RB
    Bellerin (18), RB
    46 Eisfeld (20), AM
    47 Gnabry (18), AM/Winger
    53 Meade (21), LW
    Olsson (18), AM
    64 Yennaris (20), MF (versatile, can also play RB)
    39 Ansah (19), Forward
    67 Akpom (18), Forward
    Aneke (20), AM
    Afobe (20), Forward

    Ready made, top class striker and 1-2 more. We need players who will strengthen our starting XI, not squad players. We have enough very good squad players in e.g. Coquelin.

  • Mandy Dodd

    My guess jovetic, could higuain be a bit similar to what we already have? But hear Carlton cole has left the hammers……..sorry , only joking…I hope!
    Off topic, but pleased pulis has gone, maybe because his protector in chief has retired? A sad few weeks for the pgmol, two of their favourites no longer with them. Regarding pulis, epl players are in a safer place from today

  • ARSENAL 13

    @Mandy, EPL is not a safe place until Big Sam departs…

  • Stuart

    Mandy Dodd,
    You better not have jinxed us now. If we get Carlton Cole I am holding you responsible 😉

  • Shard

    Mandy and Stuart

    You can laugh at Carlton Cole now, but a few years ago there was serious talk about whether we could do with someone like him. A decent finisher, and offers a Plan B. But then we went and got Plan C(hamakh), which worked out okay for a while, before he lost his way, quite spectacularly at that. Maybe Cole would have been better? Who knows? I certainly don’t.

    But yeah, if we buy Carlton Cole now, I’ll be joining Stuart in holding Mandy responsible for it. 🙂

  • Shard

    By the way, regarding Jovetic. Has anyone realised how the reported price for him has shot up in the past month? It started out with being a deal that could be done under 20m pounds. Something like 18.6m. Then went up to 20. Then 23. Then 24.5. And now 30. It makes me think we’re not really chasing him with any real intent, rather our interest in looking at strikers is being used by his agent and Fiorentina, to raise his value.

  • Mandy Dodd

    I know shard and Stuart! Never should have said that! Also agree on big Sam, but hopefully, they are amongst the last of a rapidly dying breed

  • ian

    @ T2T

    Angha has already left us. Think Afobe and Frimpong will also be released. If Meade is 21 as you say then I think he may go also, our players have usually had more exposure at that age if they are to make it.

    11 released / sold form the first team squad will have a hugely positive impact on the wage bill

  • Jimmy Seif

    I’m a pretty big American sports fan (6′ 5″, 230) My first year following Arsenal and the BPL, highly entertaining. Came on board last summer as Arsenal were signing Giroud and losing Van Persie. Thought I might have to jump ship if I wanted to root for a team with top world class players who don’t have their best talents cherry picked by bigger clubs but as I learned more of the back story I came to appreciate the fiscal solvency of Arsenal. It all plays out very nicely if Arsenal do actually buy 2-3 top quality players this summer and compete for top honors next season and beyond.

  • Goona Gal

    Jovetic to Arsenal does not excite me at all and the agent and the player himself seem to be doing all the talking. This is never a good sign that a deal is eminant.

    With regards to Higuain, I must admit that I have watched R.Madrid play a few times this season and happened to remark at how poor Higuain was. I know it’s been rumoured that the club want to move him on for some time, but I wonder if a big part of the problem was that he suffered under Mourinho’s man management. As like Di Maria, they shine playing for Argentina but are remarkably average for Madrid.

    I firmly believe we need to add to our strike force, but don’t need a big name signing. I lay down the gauntlet to Steve Rowley & co to show that they can still deliver. It’s time for them this transfer window to earn their crust, as we need quality additions.

  • marcus

    Wenger doesn’t buy top players anymore for one simple reason.

    Wenger knows that the league is rigged, and that since 2004 AFC are not welcome at the party. A sign of the status quo is Mourinho coming into the EPL again as SAF (this town ain’t big enough for the two of us) leaves. I have an inkling who is penciled in for the next two or three Premiership titles.

    If Wenger buys high quality players, like the crop of 2000, and he doesn’t win the league, (which we know will happen because it won’t be allowed), then he is gone. So he buys cheap and builds a grassroots team, keeps his job, and doesn’t threaten the status quo.

    Sad but true.

  • Probabbly i may like said this fist time ever that the manager is so cruel for such question is that do the manager have an email to see what fans need?secondly did he knows that his stupid and illiterate negotiation he make affect we fans?i must confess that we need strong player this time arround such like stevan jovetic,gonzalo higuain ,and also wanyama of celtic to build up our players although i praise santi cazorla,arteta,walcot,rosicky and must especialy my defenders.we fans can’t wait to see new player wearing red and white on like jovetic and problem is that our opponet fans do said that wenger make arsenal for buisines. So i want him to convince us that is a lie and wit that wenger and i we be friends.from sani mohammed sudais from phone is 07068601158.