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  1. ken lo gooner for ever

    I do not need statistics to know that this man is the worst referee in the premiership. He is so biased against us. In every game he referees, he ends up being the centre of attention and that is where he wants to be.
    Why Arsenal do not demand he doesn’t referee our matches (as Rednose has done for manure with other refs) I just do not know.

  2. Mandy Dodd

    Incorrect against says it all. Yes we won that game but we could all see what he was trying to do. come on Ivan you are a powerful guy now go out and get us a level playing field. This ref first and foremost should not be doing this job snd he should not be involved with arsenal games . He claims to support Liverpool who may well be closer to us next season Ivan needs to stop this

  3. Clown shoes

    Mike Dean also took charge of another game 3 days before which is a little strange, having 2 games in the same game week.

    Mike deans consistency in showing bias against Arsenal is quite shocking

    I’m just waiting for the Lance Armstrong moment….

  4. Ole Gunner

    His numbers are exactly what you would expect bias to look like. He has a high score overall, but he makes decisive mistakes skewed against one team.

  5. Andrew Crawshaw

    Mike Dean has done four games in the League for us this year, Three with good overall scores (This game, the away game at City on 23 September 83%, and The United game on 3 November at 80%) the fourth game home to City (13 January) was more of a nightmare with 67%. I hate to say it but the other three figures are amongst the best we have seen all year.

    He remains someone not to be trusted as is shown by his bias figures against Arsenal – 100% in this game, 85% against United and 84% against City on 13 January (more important and indicating far more wrong calls than in the other games). The fourth game away to City the bias was actually against City 71%.

    Ivan needs to use his power position to mitigate against Dean’s influence as far as possible and we supporters need to stay on his case calling him a cheat whenever he does anything questionable.

  6. Andrew Crawshaw

    For interest the seven worst refereeing performances (60% or lower on weighted values) in the reviews published to date are:-

    Lee Mason, 26 Aug, Stoke v Arsenal 55% – bias against 26/74
    Neil Swarbrick, 16 Apr, Arsenal v Everton 58% – bias 84/16
    Mark Halsley, 1 Sep, Spurs v Norwich 58% – bias 49/51
    Anthony Taylor, 9 Feb Sunderland v Arsenal 58% – bias 11/89
    Mark Clattenberg, QPR v W ham, 59% – bias 55/45
    Mike Dean, 25 Aug, Spurs v W Brom – bias 49/51
    Michael Jones, 13 Apr, Arsenal v Norwich, 60% – bias 73/27

    And four involve Arsenal all with huge bias against us so it isn’t just Dean we need to watch out for.

  7. Finsbury

    Based upon his performance Swarbrick was a ‘novice’ compared to Micky D. Either that or he was officiating the wrong sport, or any sport come to think of it(that was written after considering that a couple of Arsenal’s appeals in that Everton game were from mis controls such as one or two by Little Jack).

    What was the reviewers opinion on the foul by The Prince (Arteta)? I only saw it live. Maloney is a good player and I’m sure he knows how’s good his FKs can be, i had the strong impression that he was falling over before Arteta even got close to him. If it was a foul it was the inconsistency with the call on Carzola just before that raised the crowds ire. Whatever it was, as we have seen with biased officials in other sports*, Micky D wasn’t fooling anyone. It is what it is, and we can all see it.

    *possibly the main reason other sports have interactive assistance for the officials is to reject allegations of bias in order to stop teams arguing, walking off the pitch, that kind of thing. Oh, and to reduce gamesmanship too. It seems more then reasonable to conclude that FUFA have an interest in neither.

  8. WalterBroeckx


    the reviewer thought that it was a foul. Arteta used his arm to block Maloney. As it was a foul on two occasions in the minutes before when Cazorla was pulled back by Wigan players once and the other was when the Wigan player used an arm to block Cazorla when he turned.

    I think our reviewer was consistent in his review. The same could not be said by Dean on the field in regards with such fouls.

  9. Asif

    Not withstanding the correct %age…i think he had come prepared to screw our season and thus the Maloney freekick! In the second half he realised that Wigan did not have it in them to give us a fight and even if he’d played as the 12th man, we would have won!

    @Ken lo gooner for ever – agree with you mate! But probably Arsene is too classy to ever stoop to the levels of classless Rednose for whom bullying and harassing was a daily thing…

  10. finsbury



    A slight tangent but i have wondered before Wigan’s recent visit why Maloney has played so little for Ireland under their current manager. I wonder if he’s made the latest Ireland squad (Ahead of the, uh, the evergreen Robbie Keane. C’mon Gio, he must be in with a chance?)

  11. Norm

    Finsbury, isn’t Maloney a Scot? Tricky player, who has said he is committed to stay at Wigan. We’ll see.

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