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August 2021

An Arsenal transfer story so amazing you’ll not believe it.

By Walter Broeckx

A quick look around at the lie-papers, the internet blogs and this is what I found:

  • Arsenal tabled a £30m bid for Fiorentina striker Jovetic.
  • Fiorentina said no bid arrived for Jovetic
  • Arsenal made an official bid for Jovectic and is willing to pay the £30m price tag that Fiorentina asked
  • Juventes closing in on Arsenal target Jovetic
  • Fiorentina willing to sell Jovetic: Arsenal on full alert
  • Agent of Jovetic today in London to hold talks with Arsenal
  • Arsenal closes in on Jovetic
  • Agent of Jovetic is holding talks with Juventus
  • Jovetic close to Juventus switch
  • Jovetic prefers the Italian climate more than the English climate and has told he wants to stay in Italy.
  • Arsenal closing in on Jovetic and willing to break the wage structure (do I need to add “socialist”?)
  • Juventus is the first choice for Jovetic.
  • Arsenal set to break the bank to get their target Jovetic
  • Arsenal might lose out on Jovetic.
  • Jovetic refused the £5m annual wage offer from Arsenal (very “socialist” wage offer I must say)
  • Arsenal in pole position to land striker
  • Juventus close to signing Jovetic
  • Jovetic agent travels to London to hold talks with a PL club
  • Arsenal are on full alert and hoping to land Jovetic
  • Jovetic agent is seen in Turin eating an ice cream somewhere around lunch time

DONE DEAL: Jovetic considers move to Arsenal

DONE DEAL: Jovetic will sign for Juventus

I could of course add all the other expressions that are used to say that they made an offer. There are plenty of them flying around the internet and maybe that is the only good thing one can say about these ridiculous transfer rumours: that I learn new expressions all the time.

I could use other names. Rooney, Higuan, …just make your choice

Now I must say that amongst those lines there are one or two that didn’t appear on the internet…..yet. They still might come of course. If you read them carefully you will find them of course.

But all of them have one thing in common: that is that probably they all are the fruit of an imaginary story invented by someone out there who is specialised in doing such things.

In a way a very perverse way of doing of course. With each headline saying something like: “Jovetic on his way to Arsenal” a few people will believe it and will get new hope that it might happen.  And then when it doesn’t happen they come out shouting at the club, the manager, Gazidis, the coffee lady and the lady who cleans the executive toilets, and the weather forecasters for not having done the business.

Business that might never have been true in the first place.

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

Do we really know that Arsenal wants to buy Jovetic. Maybe the agent of Jovetic wants to use Arsenal in a way of raising interest for his player. And in a way of using Arsenal as a quality label on his player. “See if Wenger wants to buy my player.

Maybe Arsenal did launch such a rumour themselves in the knowledge that the journalists will invent more an more stories and then at the end of the day the real Arsenal target goes unnoticed and talks are held in secret and suddenly the clubs turns up with another name. A name nobody knew and nobody mentioned before.

Of course the Jovetic-hopeful will then be disappointed as they already had their shirt ordered with his name on and when Arsenal bought someone else they will moan because the other player is always poorer (in their eyes) than the ones that were promised by the journalists. I’m using journalist in a somewhat loose way of course.

But one thing that is clear from all these headlines is that someone, somewhere is lying. Someone, somewhere is pulling our leg. Someone, somewhere is inventing stories for whatever reason (probably money) and make us all crazy, mad, happy, angry (pick your choice).

I would love to avoid all those things. And I try to do it as much as I can. But the problem is that in order to do what I do as a hobby (writing for Untold) I do have to use some social media. Because on the social media I can read what other Gooners think.

I also have to plough through the insults of Arsenal players by some who call themselves fans. But when I go on to those social media I get overloaded with rumours and links to rubbish articles promising heaven on earth in Gooner land today and if that doesn’t happen it surely will happen tomorrow.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to cut the transfer period in to one week or so? A week starting from June 1st and stopping June 7? And that would be it. Now we get this boring rumour mill turning around for some 4 months.

Oh and to add something myself to this mill: Arsenal are about to confirm the signing of 3 players this week. So say those who claim to know. Sanogo from Auxerre, Selva from Barcelona (16 years old and next year his brother from Espanyol) and Crowley (16 years old from Aston Villa).

But don’t trust these rumours until it is on The only reliable source when it comes to knowing if a deal is done.

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63 comments to An Arsenal transfer story so amazing you’ll not believe it.

  • Mark Simpson

    The problem is that they would not write all this b***ocks if we didn’t read it.

    I find it funny when sites claim in the headline that something is confirmed but when you ask who confirmed it they have no Idea..

    Totally agree until its on dont beleive a word of it!!

  • Martin

    For us we are tired of all the rumors. Wenger is a sporting director for all big teams in Europe. Lets se what happens. perhaps he tries to make other teams loose out money because he spots a player and many teams rush with a lot of money with a view that he is a very good player and at the end of the day others end up not performing to their expectations. The result is that those teams loose profits and those coaches are sacked. So lets see what happens. Whoever we see signing in arsenal shall be our player and whoever we see moving away is not our player. In summary WE NEED A TROPHY THIS TIME. We don’t care about the players. What is important is a trophy

  • conrad

    so fek arsenal cn nt sign a big name to the team.never will it happen.there all greedy over eating to much.they should sell off the club if thee is nee for success

  • adam t

    I know Arsenal do everything by the book and won’t announce anything until 1st June, but it doesn’t stop me from clicking on all the rubbish written.
    I think we all get slightly frustrated because when we do sign someone it takes a week to negotiate or longer. Whilst other clubs just pay up.
    Seriously though, Rooney, Nani, Skrtel, I do hope not !

  • eyob from

    i don’t think noting happen in arsenal rather than the the preceding years all summer we heard about 70 mil to spend but in reality they gaining 70mil every summer form van, fab ‘nasri… American merchant i think usmanove better

  • It is true that whatever Mr. Wenger said is unbelievable, last in 2012/2013 season more than 30 players mentioned by Mr. Wenger to bring them to Emirate Stadium but none. The three bought to the team were not mentioned, the most painful lost was that of Bah.

  • temigunga

    Yes! Real amazing. Especially when you hear Arsenal is linked to thousands of players; then a s some one calls here. You just think ‘this is rubissh’. For example Juve is said to be considering to sign (Dzeko, Jovetic, Higuain and Tevez); where will Antonio Conte put all of these guys? This is some of things that makes me not believe on romours. Arsenal to sign Gonalons; then immediately changes the story to Greiner and it shifts compltely. Then over sudden again it shifts to Gomis; hahahahaha! Later on Fabregas and even Messi! Real funny!! Lets hope that finally, Arsenal will sign!

  • ShaunB

    True, many of these stories are fabricated by journos and/or clubs and agents but you need to remember it’s supply and demand. Fans are looking for something to fill the summer vacuum and transfer rumours are all that’s around.

    The only thing that’s really stupid is the reaction when a signing doesn’t happen. This could be prevented by clubs setting the record straight a little earlier than they tend to do. For example, if the Jovetic deal is dead or was never being pursued then Arsene or Ivan could just issue a quick press release saying “we’re not after Jovetic” and the frenzy would die down. If the statement came after he signed for Juve then it would sound like spin and would leave fans believing we were too tight to get our man, again.

  • Beer Hippo

    1.)Willy Boner signs for Arsenal for 10 million quid.
    2.)Thomas Vermalen sold to Juventus for 10 million quid
    3.)Christiano Ronaldo signs for Arsenal for 40 million quid
    4.)Arsenal signs Robert Lewandowski for 30 million quid

    All confirmed

  • WellingGooner

    We are all part of the wicked process. You for writing it. The rest of us for reading it. Followed by comments.(Que) Would love to the see the window be open for the month of June only. One month in the summer and one in the winter. The media types and agents are well practiced at using the club to turn the heads of the club the player really wants to be at or where the agent makes the most loot. Most football writers are cut and pasting 75% of the shit they turn out.

    Clever Post, Walter….

  • WalterBroeckx

    To give an example : we all read/heard the story of Vermaelen will be off. This is what he said to the Belgian media while flying to the USA to play a game there (he will start the game by the way):

    Thomas Vermaelen didn’t have a great season at Arsenal. The international was put on the bench after a few lesser games by manager Arsene Wenger. Then the rumour starts spreading that Vermaelen is on the look out for another club. But this isn’t the case according to the defender himself.

    He said: “I’m happy with Arsenal. I just didn’t play as many games lately and that is somehow frustrating, but things can change quickly in football. I was put on the bench quickly but I can also be back in the team rather quickly. I’m going to work hard to achieve that.”

    The central defender is not on the look out for another club. He said: “These are things that happen at the top in football. Arsenal is a big club with a lot of competition for each spot in the team. It’s not a given right to play each game but I don’t lose sleep on it.”

    So unless Wenger really wants to sell Vermaelen it looks that all the rumours about Vermaelen wanting to leave Arsenal are based on… nothing.

  • WalterBroeckx

    In general the Belgium media are not really a “we gotta make up a story each day-type of media”.

    We are not completely infected by the other media who seem to think that way.

  • Let it be the way it will be but wenger has to be serious

  • zdzis

    For me, the most incredible happened when even the “typical Wenger transfer,” Sanogo, turned out to have been a product of at least too little research by the journos. Perhaps we’ll sign him, perhaps not; the thing is, we’re still in May, and a lot of self-professed fans already know we aren’t going to sign anyone of note.
    The worst thing about the transfer rumours is that they make reasonable men cringe and hurt. I can shrug off rumours about players like Falcao – I know no one in their right mind would pay upwards of 50 million pounds for a single player, unless he would GUARANTEE a return (shirt sales, goals, success) – or unless the buyer was sh*tting money. And the former happens far less often than the latter these days – perhaps even never. The rumours that actually are painful to me are the ones about players who have the necessary quality, play good football, and have the potential to make it in the big league, despite not costing zillions. I liked the Jovetić rumour because the Montenegrin is a fine player. I stopped liking it as soon as I realized he’d cost us well over 20 million pounds. That’s a ridiculous amount for a player who may well spend most of his career in the PL at the local hospital. He excelled for Fiorentina, but it’s essentially a mid-table team in a 2nd tier league. What’s curious is that so many self-professed fans went out of their way to support this supposed transfer – despite Jovetić not being “tested,” “proven world class,” or whatever.
    Someone’s spending a lot of time fabricating those stories – in fact, so much time that a number of actual transfers are almost missed in all this noise. I sometimes wish the readers would start believing the club more than the media. We’ve been mistreated, cheated, pushed about by the media year in, year out, and still we give more credence to what the notoriously misinformed journos come up with than to what the club hierarchy tells us. Guys, can’t you see who’s really in charge here? It’s not Wenger who’s playing mind-games – it’s the journos.

  • bc

    what people fail to pick up on is the power of the media. I don’t believe that vermaelen wants to leave and I don’t believe that wenger or the club wants him to leave. put if the papers throw enough shit (and boy do they throw some shit) some of it will stick. I was listening to emerson boyce (wigan) just now on radio. he had no idea Martinez was leaving wigan until yesterday, yet the papers have been stirring it claiming they have known for a couple of weeks!!

  • zdzis

    The Vermaelen story is another where someone’s bitten his own tongue. I can accept the idea (in the abstract) that a player who lost his place in the 1st XI might seek a way out; or that other clubs may want to lure him as they think he might be susceptible. But then, of course, come the journos with their high ideas: that Vermaelen is no longer wanted at Arsenal, so they’ll be willing to part ways; since they are a “selling club,” they can’t do anything other than sell him! I’m OK with a little exaggeration, so I don’t mind the ellipses: “probably,” “we assume,” “I believe.” Up to that point, it’s pure conjecture, simple and inconsequential. But then comes the “big blow”: as arsenal WANT to sell him (no doubt), they will accept ANY offer. Too vague? Let’s specify! An offer of 5 million pounds (!!!) will suffice.
    The buck stops here: Vermaelen has a contract with Arsenal until July 2015 or 2016 (don’t remember). That’s 2-3 seasons before he could technically be off on a free. Up to that point, his current club (that’s Arsenal) commands a fee. We’re talking about one of the best defenders in the PL in recent years, a player of great skill and some versatility. 5 million? Well, if that’s what you call a “valuation,” then I really don’t know how anyone can demand 50 million for someone like Falcao. 5 million is an amount Arsenal would probably demand for Djourou – though even that’s debatable. 5 million can buy you a junior player at a middle-class club or an aging mercenary. For 5 million, Vermaelen simply cannot be sold.
    So what’s the point of writing this kind of a story? I can only think of one: since Arsenal are doing so fine of late and the future looks brighter for them, someone needs to pull them down a bit. Success can only go so far, guys – you just can’t win.
    The astonishing thing is that in such rumours, one readily sees all the negative bias of the English media toward Arsenal. It’s a plain frontal assault, more than any other rumour about Arsenal.
    As usual, I won’t tell you he won’t be going anywhere – he might. But even then, the story will be utterly false.

  • jambug

    @shaunB….”We’re tooo tight to get our man, again” So ‘Manageing your clubs finaces within the available budget, and not getting fleeced by cynical players and agents who think they can hold anyone they want to to ransom, just because theres a few clubs out there with the ability and inclination to ‘PRINT MONEY’, as and when they need it; is being “tight” is it? It’s not at all being an responsable custodian of the club and it’s long term future then ??? You people make me sick.

  • ian

    @ Shaun B
    The reason why AFC do not release statements like that is they respect players contracts. Arsene has said many times that he does not like clubs unsettling his players and as such would not want to do that himself.

    We had Barca stating they want Fabgregas and Man Ure going public about RVP.

    If Arsenal are interested they never make it publicly known, this as stated respects the club the player belongs too and it helps to stop another club trying to take the player, although this does not always work as Chelsea got Mata when he had agreed to join us. seems a few extra £ for the club and player saw to that!

  • Lanz

    I am surprised to learn that Wenger actually mentioned OVER 30 names of players he intended to signs! Please can we have posted just 15 of them? Thank you.

  • Mickey Finn

    Isyaku Idris, really? Care to share with us which 30 players were specifically mentioned by Wenger?

    Lastly, would you really prefer a manager who told everybody in advance exactly which players he wants to buy?

  • Persian gunner

    Of cures, it is very hard to compete with these clubs on any feature which include money, but all these clubs have a weak spot not mentioned yet by the media!
    We can call that spot: player congestion!
    Look at Barcelona squad, how many players will be happy to see Neymar coming and take their regular, hard earned places?

    In this weird situation of the market, the important strategy is to act not based on the salary, but toward the other interests of top players
    Do they want to be a fixed member of the squad?
    Any of them feels unhappy because he is ordered to play out of position
    They can even be unhappy about the crowd’s reaction to them ie. pogba and racist fans!

  • Jerry

    yeah the rumors are getting ridiculous! Today morning, I felt sick reading United want to sign Fabregas and that they’re not worried about Arsenal in an ESPN article!

    48 more days to go til football starts again! I hope he comes back to Arsenal if he does leave.

    On Arsenal’s transfer front, I’m just going to wait til it’s on and just trust the boss! He pulled in quality players so far and no reason to doubt he won’t again.

  • It’s all nonsense. The English media can’t be trusted, the Italian media is worse, and the Spanish media is worse still. Their French and German counterparts have not covered themselves in glory, either.

    We’ve been burned too many times. I will believe Arsenal have signed a new player when Arsene Wenger introduces him at a press conference. Not one minute before.

  • Pad Gooner

    There was also a piece telling that Juventus president has told that they have to operate on a tighter budget this time. Next day there were reports of juve in pole position to sign Jovetic and they meet 25mn pounds release clause.

    So the media is not leaving anything and covering every possible scenario for Juve and Arsenal. Of course everything is crap! They think out of all possibilities, one should happen. So they can tell that they were right!

  • john L


    in regards to the yaya sanogo transfer, it was actually wenger himself and then the player that spoke about the transfer. that story came from a comment from wenger, so that is not really a product of below-par journalism.

  • john L

    i dont think shortening the transfer window would effect the industrial rumour complex all that much. seems to me that there was a great deal of speculation before the season had ended…and lets all keep in mind that the transfer window is still not technically open at the moment!

  • john L


    how exactly do you know that mata had a agreed to join us and the deal was scuppered by chelseas money and our percieved stingyness? i was disapointed we didnt get mata as he is a classy player, but i have not been able to find evidence of how close (if at all) we were.

    typical illustration of how rumours and opinion can quickly cross over into ‘facts’!

  • Matt

    I see Wenger’s Sunday school brigade are spouting cobblers again.

    It’s the system that’s wrong or is it those bully boy clubs with lots of money. One thing is for sure though, it’s not Arsenal or the managers’s fault for mismanaging the club.

  • Sam

    Arsenal will not publicly go after players because they have respect for other teams, and the contracts between potential targets and those teams. There is a word for this type of behavior; class. Arsenal will always have it whereas Chelsea, Man City, and the others only flirt with it. They treat class as just a word to describe themselves when it can elevate their status publicly and make their fans feel ‘elite’, but it does not exist throughout the club, top to bottom, and is not present in their business with other parties (football clubs) like it ALWAYS is with Arsenal. That is one of the things I respect the most about the club we all support.

  • Sam

    @Matt – There are at least 16 other teams in the SAME LEAGUE as Arsenal who would give an arm and a leg to be ‘mismanaged’ to the degree Arsenal has under Arsene. Come off it you muppet.

  • john L

    @ matt,

    how exactly is arsenal mismanaged?

    balanced books, brand new stadium, fantastic training facilities, exception young talent, growing global market, new sponsorship deals two times larger than the last….all while maintaining a ‘football identity’ of trying to play attacking free-flowing football and promoting from within.

    just a few reasons why i think we are managed rather well, and agree with sam, although i would put that number at 18.

    its also interesting that in germany, a place the british media has been quite taken with recently as being well managed, arsenal is seen as the standard to aspire to rather than mismanaged. yet the media at large in england dont seem to see it in regards to the gunners.

    im not saying there havent been mistakes along the way, but when i look at the overall picture, particularly in the modern football context, i just dont see how you can think we are mismanaged?!?!?

  • FunGunner

    Transfer bollocks – speculation based upon conjecture and tailored to press the buttons of Gooners and generate clicks and revenue. Best taken with a massive pillar of salt.

    @ john l
    Totally agree about the transfer window – the nonsense goes on all year round regardless!
    We had been talking to Mata – I think AW said or hinted so at the time, indicating that the negotiations were advanced – but he/his agent just took the deal he had worked out with us and told Chelsea to better it, which they did. It was a no-win situation for us because we can’t go toe-to-toe with Abramovich or the oil-fuelled clubs on financials – whatever we bid, they can raise (which some numpties regard as us being stingy).

  • FunGunner

    @ john L May 29, 2013 at 5:16 pm and Sam May 29, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Well said.

  • Adam

    We all do it, catch up with the rumour mill. I read BBC football gossip on TV before logging on, cannot remember any of it. Maybe something about Villa, and Monaco buying up all the dodgy agents players, Zahavi, Mendes and a few others who have their claws in to that Russian who is stupid enough to give his money to these people, amazes me.

    Juventus is an interesting one as they have already signed Llorente so I don’t know how many forwards they need, maybe they get to play with more than 11 again?

    Anyone notice Eastmond has gone to Colchester or is that old news?

    Can I start my own transfer rumour as well?

    Mourinho to Monaco, Ranieri gets screwed by Jorge Mendez again, what paper do you reckon that will appear in first?

  • Matt

    Well maybe you couple of bellend’s dont put your hand in your pocket to watch the garbage currently on offer.

  • nicky

    I agree with your 4.59 which needed to be said.
    I DO feel aggrieved though over the way in which the “sugar daddy” clubs can so easily outbid Arsenal for signings.
    In unguarded moments I dream of Usmanov stepping in and using his vast funds in order to bring us the stars we need.
    And then I realise that that is not the way to go.

  • Matt

    From Viera,Henry,Bergkamp,Pires & RVP to Ramsay,Walcot,Oxlade,Giroud & Gervinho in 8 years if that’s not mismangement i dont know what is.

    Football is about glory not about how much money you have in the bank.

  • Ong Bing

    About Jovetic, I read somewhere yesterday, comparing Jovetic with Theo, Poldi and Giroud, he is not better, and I agree with the writer.

    And if we agree that PL more taft than Serie A, that is mean his price is very very very overprice.

    But if he can be another Wiltord, makes goals that can make us win EPL or CL, his is worth it.

  • Ong Bing

    I agree with zdzis, even Wenger drunk, he will not sold TV5 for 5m, this summer.

  • john L

    @ matt,

    – third best attack in the EPL based on goals scored over-all.
    – second best defence in the EPL based on goals conceded over-all.

    – 0-2 winners v bayern (one of the only teams to beat them this season, and they are champions of europe if i remember correctly)

    – 5-2 v tottenham

    – 7-3 v newcastle

    -coming back from four goals down v reading.

    -clinching last CL spot on the last day of the year to knock spurs out.

    are just a few moments that come to mind….

    yeah ive been watching the ‘garbage’ and ive found it exciting and enjoyable. heartbreaking, nail biting, scream inducing, anxiety giving way to triumphant elation, hilarious banter, memories with friends and family. and here i am dying for the ‘garbage’ of next season…

  • Matt

    Net Spend last 10 years = £9Million
    Season Ticket £1,033 in the top 3 prices in world football
    Wengers Salary £7.5m
    Wage Bil £143 Million Spurs Wage bill £91 Million
    Last Trophy 2005

    Brilliant stuff.

  • FunGunner

    New world class stadium built at a cost of £460 million – plus millions spent on new medical and rehab centre and Hale End upgrade. Bigger and better squad than Sp*rs, outperforming in proportion to spending on wages (according to Swiss Ramble). A net £9 million spend on players is an amazing feat, especially set in the context of worldwide transfer fee and wage inflation and the property crash. Stewardship of Arsenal a major factor in securing lucrative new commercial deals. That’s why he could walk out of Arsenal and into practically any manager’s job in the world.

  • Adam

    Please don’t feed the numpties, they are a protected species and need special care.

  • FunGunner

    @ Adam
    May 29, 2013 at 6:15 pm
    But why the hell are we protecting them? Let them go extinct, I say.

  • Sam

    @Nicky – I know the feeling! I’d also of course love to see Falcao or Benzema leading the line next year, but like you, I remember that I will be a fan next year and the year after that and for years to come, and need to consider what is best for Arsenal present and future – billionaires use these clubs as toys, and as any school age boy has figured out, you will eventually tire of it and find a new toy. The money won’t be around forever. For whatever reason, the media and those who are unhappy with Arsenal (but call themselves fans) forget that the line ‘form is temporary but class is permanent’ extends beyond that white rectangle we watch our team play in every week.

  • Adam

    FunGunner, we take care of those less fortunate than ourselves, so much so, we have special places we like to keep them, safe from harm, with soft walls and big doors, so no one can get in at them. We also surround those places with high fences and barbed wire for their protection and offer many side dishes served in syringes by nurses just to calm the nerves.

    Is that a bit too close to the mark?

  • A. Stewart

    Not really sure what the point of this excersize is.

    The Media (well segments of it) make, foster, promote tranfer rumours to sell their product.

    Agents can plant rumours to inlfuence contract negotiations to spur interest from clubs in their client(s), to influence sentiment of the more gullible fans (a minority imo) in support of their client(s).

    Players can strategically use rumours too (inlcuding being complicit) to further their particular professional agendas.

    And the majority of the football public know all of this.

    Is any of this unique to Arsenal? Nope
    Is any of this even unique to English media? Nope.

  • A. Stewart

    Oh one more thing about rumours. Along with various Media, Agent and PLayer motivations for using rumours.

    CLUBS themselves can through surrogates plant them, with no intention of following through, in order to influence interest in their products such as ticket uptake/renewal etc, in order to excite a fan-base for an upcoming season especially after disapointing one etc.

    Let’s not pretend like Clubs are always angels in all of this transfer rumour shennanigans.

  • Pat

    I like the article. It’s very funny.

    As to Arsenal signings, as you said, Walter, I’ll wait till they’re announced on

    And I bet they’re people nobody’s ever mentioned.

    But if they’re as good as Cazorla, Giroud, Podolski and Monreal, I’ll be happy.

    We had a great five months. The basis is there for a great season. Fingers crossed!

  • Pat

    I like the article. It’s very funny.

    As to Arsenal signings, as you said, Walter, I’ll wait till they’re announced on

    And I bet they’re people nobody’s ever mentioned.

    But if they’re as good as Cazorla, Giroud, Podolski and Monreal, I’ll be happy.

    We had a great five months. The basis is there for a great season. Fingers crossed!

  • Pat

    Sorry my post is on twice. I don’t know why.

  • A. Stewart

    “Of course the Jovetic-hopeful will then be disappointed as they already had their shirt ordered with his name on and when Arsenal bought someone else they will moan because the other player is always poorer (in their eyes) than the ones that were promised by the journalists. I’m using journalist in a somewhat loose way of course.”

    I think this is a pretty big over-simplification to be honest.

    Rather, I think people are disappointed when we don’t sign the Jovetics, Higuains, Matas, Hazards etc. not solely because they got their hopes up through the media, nor does it take the media for them to make the quite reasonable judgment that a 20 year old injury riddled striker from League 2 in Sanogo, is poorer (yes in their eyes) than one of the most efficient strikers in the game (for club and country) for the last 5 years who is available at affordable prices in Higuain.

    You really give fans (that you don’t agree with) very little credit for having any common sense and/or independent thought.

    Do you really think it takes reading something in the Sun or a random blog from unnamed sources to make a fan upset when (just an example) Madrid has flat out said Higuain is available, we could use more help at striker (else we wouldn’t have bought one), the club at all levels have spoken about its very strong financial position, and we end up with a Sanogo instead? And isn’t it reasonable to yes say “instead” given actual precedent?

    Geez I don’t agree with half of what you say, but I won’t for a second think you are being manipulated by Arsenal Hierarchy Propaganda or something. We disagree, but I give you the respect that you are intelligent enough to come to your own conclusions sans manipulation. And I firmly believe most fans regardless of what side of an issue they are on, are just like that too.

  • A. Stewart

    “In a way a very perverse way of doing of course. With each headline saying something like: “Jovetic on his way to Arsenal” a FEW people will believe it and will get new hope that it might happen. And then when it doesn’t happen they come out shouting at the club, the manager, Gazidis, the coffee lady and the lady who cleans the executive toilets, and the weather forecasters for not having done the business.”

    There, right there, you said it yourself. It’s a FEW people who are gullible enough to automatically believe transfer things just because they read it somewhere. Often they are a very vocal minority. But so what…the majority of fans, including the ones you disagree with, have common sense and independent thought.

  • americangooner

    cool down man. you don’t need to debunk each and every word from the article. everybody knows its the silly season. the article is pointing out the silliness in the media & ITK’s. plus there are readers of this site who aren’t in Europe, some might be new to football & all this transfer dealings. The transfer rumours in paper media are copied by sites such as and which most of my foreign friends take it for real since they aren’t accustomed to knowing the silliness in British media. I knew about all
    the lies printed in media only after following this blog & others. otherwise I used to take this transfer “news” as a genuine attempt by the club in pursuing a player. Most fans who don’t live in Europe aren’t aware of the type of lies the media presses because many think the media is state controlled and the news are filtered. I am currently in US but a few years back I was in Nepal. I used to get mad at AW for not signing a single player we were linked to.
    Its just an attempt to make aware. I have also seen another blog writing about the same stuff this article is trying but in a different style. its their blog after all and not everyone is apt at conveying the message succinctly due to language barrier.

  • Pat

    Just watched on You Tube Gary Neville’s comments on Sky after Arsenal achieved fourth spot.

    Glad to see Arsene Wenger getting the credit he deserves from possibly an unexpected source.

    By the way, where’s Rupert?

  • Florian


    Let Rupert rest. We loved his absence so far. Don’t ruin the good example he’s setting:) Some with less sense of humor might think you were serious when you mentioned him.

  • bjtgooner


    Ssssshhhhh!! Let him hibernate!

  • AL

    Americangooner @9:35pm
    So true. I had a good chat with a colleague who lives on another continent and is an Arsenal fan a few weeks back. This was in the run up to the CL qualifying games & the conversation was regarding assessing our chances, and I basically explained the PGMOL manipulations in appointing certain referees to achieve certain results, the geographical distribution of referees in the UK, how Arsenal are treated differently to other clubs by the media, etc. At the end of it he was like ‘OMG, I was one of the people calling for a change of leadership but certainly will be viewing things with a different lens from now on…..’. He pointed out exactly the same stuff you raise in your post; how relying on sites you mention and other online rags paints a completely different picture. I sent him a few links from Untold and he’s been thanking me ever since.

    People underestimate the impact of the negative image Arsenal are portrayed in, especially abroad where people can’t differentiate between a good & reputable publication and a rubbish one.

  • AL

    Thanks to Vermaelen for snuffing out any talk of him wanting to leave so early into the window, that’s another distraction we can do without. And you can bet this was guaranteed to drag on all summer.

  • WalterBroeckx

    A. Stewart,
    I say a few. Yes because well I only know a few of course from all those million Arsenal supporters over the whole world. But I see with my own eyes from the few that I know that it affects them. So I can imagine that from all those millions out there that if even 10% (= what I call a few) are impacted by the total nonsense that is spouted we speak of a large number.
    That is of course if you allow me to extrapolate the small sample I can see with my own eyes in to the global support worldwide.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Agree Al, respect to TV, he will come back strong.
    On another note, cuedos to Stoke City, for making a public statement on how they wish to change direction after deciding to replace a dinosaur kick hoof and rush clogger manager from Wales, with…erm….Mark Hughes??

  • Pat

    Florian and bjtgooner – I’ll take the hint!

  • Rupert Cook

    Plenty of clubs are linked to plenty of players. Chelsea have been linked to Falcao for about a year and yet I see no sign of him arriving there.

    Does anyone take this nonsense seriously? Only those who aren’t media savvy. Who are they? Children, the dim-witted and maybe a few foreigners who don’t understand our media, though is the media in other countries that different from ours?