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  1. egbu uzoamaka

    Please Mr Wenger don’t let Chuks Aneke go like others, we need him in our first team. One of the persons we don’t want again in arsenal is cesc. Let him stay where he is in barca.

  2. bc

    Well it won’t be roberts as he was released by the club last week. There are a number of players in their last year as well as aneke. Afobe and boateng both of whom you failed to mention had loan spells this season neither of which were successful. Frimpong has a year left as does miquel ryo and martinez, you have to say at this moment in time none of them including aneke and campbell look close to a regular birth in the first team. In fact they have all yet to prove themself in the championship or one of the top leagues which is surely the minimum requirement for arsenal now as we have gone so long without success

  3. americangooner

    The loanees, except for Joel and chuks, do not fill me, or any other arsenal fan, with vigor and anticipation. My understanding is that majority fans want most loanees to leave the club. Given that there is immense pressure on Wenger, the board and Dick Law to negotiate a transfer for world class, marquee striker signing I presume that Chuks and Joel’s chances of making into Arsenal 25 are limited. Also given that our midfield is packed; with further additions expected this summer, I also don’t see the future being bright for denilson, miyaichi and park. Nevertheless, there will be the necessity to maintain a certain number of players in the squad and some of them also have one or two year in contract left. If the loanees return and show tremendous improvement there is some future. While league cups and early stages of FA cup were reserved for young players the lack of trophies has meant that AW will be,again, forced to field first teamers, limiting exposure that the previous batch of young and fringe players used to enjoy.

  4. Sid

    I hate it when people say they speak for most fans… Yadda yadda… You don’t speak for me!

  5. Ong Bing

    Surely Denilson and Bendtner don’t want to play for us. (And I think we don’t need them too)

    I only waiting for 1 player, Ryo, but I think he needs another loan spell.

    Palace loosing Zaha, so I hope they take Ryo on loan, so Ryo still play in PL.

  6. Stroller

    Hate to sound cynical but nobody on that list currently fills me with much optimism. There are the obvious candidates for the exit door, having failed to make it at premiership level. Then a group of young players at lower league clubs here and abroad, but none really making waves. Finally in Frimpong and Ryo we have two injury plagued guys, who should by now have cemented squad places. We have to hope that one or two from the second two categories can kick on and make a breakthrough.

    Thinking back to Wilshere at Bolton and (dare I say it?) Cole at Palace, it was clear from the outset that they were destined for the top. Just can’t feel the same right now, but would love to be proved wrong.

  7. Aras1913

    Denilson must kom bak koz theo walkot n ramzey r still kids

  8. Peter Kenny

    Of all loanees, I would only give Ryo & Aneke a chance as fringe players next season. Otherwise majority are deadwood! Talk of Chamack, Denilson, Santos etc. On that list add Squillaci, Arshavin, Diaby etc Just wipe them out to save wages & create space for the best 25 that can compete for trophies next season.
    The problem is that we are signing players like Sanogo and failing to compete for Higuan and Stovic!!! This is like clearing deadwood and attracting the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. walter

    please explain how we are failing to compete for Higuan and “Stovic” (think you mean Jovetic?).
    Are you doing the negotiations or following them from close distance? We haven’t got a clue what is going on except the usual rubbish that is published on the internet and in the media.
    Hell apart from the media trying to sell that we are after them we don’t even know that we are interested in them. And at the end of the day it is all speculation and some are falling for the speculation.

  10. bob

    Serge Gnabry anyone?

  11. n icky

    You’ve spotted a real omission there.
    And I think Miquel has much to offer us.

  12. Mick


  13. Herbert Chapman

    Chuks, Gnabry and Miquel look the most likley but I suspect only as cover or in the league cup/FA cup. Its hard for academy players to break through and that’s how it should be. A Wilshere is a rare gem, we are still producing quality but not always AW’s ‘top top’ quality. Let’s just trust him to bring the players through and new blood in

  14. Linz

    Denilson has had his contract cancelled;i assume he has been paid off.

  15. Stuart

    Denilson Pereira Neves ‘Arsenal’s Silently Effective Brazilian’

  16. Nelson Wong

    Since when have we get the habbit of naming everyone deadwood? Its seems that there are only two types of players now deadwood or would be deadwood!!

    I can understand using that name for Squ, Park, Charmarkh but new young players? They are not even grown tress and people call them deadwood.

    By the way, some players are there as spares. May be you do not even see them on the bench since fortunately, no first team got injured but you do not call the spare tire in your car useless dead weight. Think about the season before when there were no full backs and all CB were deployed to cover the back.

    Those “spares” are either one of the three

    1) young and inexperienced looking for a chance to shine
    2) experienced not so good players but can make up the number to a certain extend although they will be attacked by the opponent as a weakness
    3) good player but no ambition at all. Happy to be sitting around getting money that a smaller club can’t afford

    The last two will cost quite a bit of salary and the first, are acquired by the transfers. And people also hate about those transdfers. “Wenger does it again… here comes young boy again”. So they say.

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