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August 2021

Defensive blunders have cost Arsenal the title

By Walter Broeckx

There are times that when you are a blogger you write things and people fall over you. I remember this happening on a few occasions this season. Whenever we dropped points I said that this team was good enough and would be good enough.

I have said that we needed a bit more time to let the team gel. And it has take a long time and maybe a too long time. Due to the European championship and half of the team not being able to do the Asia pre season tour and as a result we didn’t have the time to gel before the season.

And I also have said on way to many occasions that if we would cut out the silly mistakes we would have been further up the table. For some reason we always had a defender who slipped at the wrong time leaving the way open for the opponents to score. We also had a few own goals at the wrong time.  Keepers making a mess of some shots that could and should have been stopped.

I said that with the team gelling, more concentration during the whole 90 minutes and a bit more determination all over the field in defending we could be title contenders. Even without buying players.

Of course those things are laughable when you are 16 points behind in the final league table.  And so people questioned my ability and said that I knew nothing and was just a Wenger apologist. Some who said this in a less polite way were not shown but believe me they were there.

Luckily I am not alone in this world and the people who run OPTA have been looking in to those things. And they have tried to see what would have happened if no terrible blunders would have been made in the games.

To give an example we lost at United 2-1. And in the first minutes of the game Vermaelen made a terrible blunder by kicking an easy ball straight in to the feet of Van Persie who scored. Without that goal the score could have been 1-1. And so they did this for all the games and included the own goals to this.

And when all this was done they made up the league table without all those goals and not really to my surprise that league table shows that Arsenal would have been champions if there would have been no terrible defensive errors and own goals.

The total table can be found here . I’m not able to copy it in to the site as it is somehow protected. So if you want to see the whole table that is put together by OPTA you can find it there.

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But in this table we would have been champions with 80 points in total. We would have 5 points more than Manchester United who would be in second place with 75 points.  Manchester City would be in third place with 74 points and Chelsea would be 4th with 72 points. On the risk of being called obsessed I gladly give the team who also would miss out on CL football our noisy neighbours who would be 5th with 63 points.

So in a way this confirms what I have said on a few occasions: the team in the whole is good but we brought our own downfall upon us. I have urged in a few articles to use longer studs in order to slip less. Because at times it looked as if our players were playing the game on ice.  I said cut out the stupid mistakes. And if only they would have listened to me.

But I also think that it was a thing of balance. Balance that we finally found in the end of the season. I think that with the way Ramsey is playing alongside Arteta the last weeks we put less pressure on our defenders and that has made them less error prone. Because when the midfield is not working hard enough defenders get under more pressure and the more pressure you suffer the more chance to make a stupid mistake.

What also might help is that players are not put under extra pressure. The pressure that every little mistake gets an overreaction from some parts of the crowd. Then that player not only has to face the normal pressure of the game and the opponents but also has to overcome the pressure of the own fans.

These numbers obviously show that we must do all we can to avoid mistakes. That is something that has to be done mostly on the field by all the players. The whole team must help out the defenders and ease the pressure so they are not forced to make mistakes. But maybe the crowd getting more behind the players might be helpful also? Players have said it helps them so let us really help them in avoiding mistakes and not moan and groan every misplaced ball.

Of course at the end of the day mistakes will be made. All the players are human out there. And every human can make mistakes. So it will be part of the game. But this table clearly shows that avoiding mistakes is very important when you look at the league table.

So let us all work on that in the next season. No more slips on the wrong moment. No more misplaced passes at the back. Oh, in fact just do like we did in the last 10 games or so. Let’s continue like we did and take that kind of determination in to the next season.


50 comments to Defensive blunders have cost Arsenal the title

  • Wolfgang

    Wenger shd be held responsible. It’s really laughable to expect the gunners win a trophy with a 2nd /3rd goalie when all the top teams had top of the range keepers.
    Get realistic. You can’t win the epl witha poor defence.Until Wenger addresses this ,I can’t see the gunners making headway.And stop the dancing soccer.

  • Stuart

    Add to that all the points we were robbed by refs and we would have won it by Christmas.

  • Stuart

    Man Utd did.

  • Black Hei

    Once we move Carzola to the flanks, Rosicky at the top of the midfield trio and Ramsey alongside Arteta, we became quite unbeatable.
    This summer, Wilshire needs to learn how to press intelligently like Rosicky and we need to buy some cover for Arteta.

  • proffetic

    I,m not going to abuse you but surely you understand that you can manipulate stats whereas you cannot change reality If Wenger hadn’t sold Van Persie to Utd then he couldn’t have scored against us. Once the frame is reset something that didn’t happen might and the score could have been 8-2!perhaps.
    If Wenger hadn’t wasted money on Mertesacker then Koscielny
    wouldn’t have become twice the player that he was.
    From being a great manager Wenger has lost his spirit and has made many poor decisions For his and the clubs wellbeing he should move on while there is some dignity left.

  • budock

    only man city conceded less goals last season..chelsea conceded more as did manure..the defence was not the problem

  • Ian Hawthorne

    I agree that the team proved at the end of the season that they are good enough but it wouldn’t hurt to spend money strenghtening the squad because they DO need a striker like Higuain

  • Harry Barracuda

    Only one team had a meaner defence than us last season – Man Citeh.

  • Giddy

    Arsenal needs to learn how to beat the big teams especially at the premier league. I think that is the only area if not the most sensitive area that require serious thought. Teams are strengthening their sides and here we are still boasting of how good we are minus the mistakes! Come on Mr.Walter. Arsenal needs to sign a proven goal scorer, a DM and atleast a proven goal keeper you know all this. Mistakes will occur tho i agree with u we could do better with less mistakes. First now let us strengthen then in preseason we can forcus on minimizing errors and not vice versa!

  • Gaurav

    I really would want to see the details of that table. But I do think you are true that mistakes happen because our midfielders (till the end of the season) did not cover our defenders throughout the 90 minutes. And the fact is that ManU pressed throughout the 90 minutes so they cause mistakes. But what we can say, I think, is that these are internal issues. As a team, we can solve these issues. In todays world where every fan is crying for their club to sign and sign, we need to understand that the team is what needs strengthening, i mean the tactics. We need to attack and defend as a team. Having a manager like Arsene helps, and has given us ChampsLeague for 15 years (i think) but what we need is time. Time for this squad together and everything will be allright 🙂

  • Terence McGovern

    To be honest I am amazed that IG is going into tonight’s meeting without an announcement of an agreement reached for any of our top targets.
    you would expect him to be PR savvy but I suspect that he is in for an “interesting” evening. I have great respect for AW and IG and will support them to the hilt whilst they run our club but I have this feeling that if they have yet again cried wolf with regards to big signings, the vast majority of support for them will simply evaporate never to return.
    If Ivan goes into that meeting without a big name in his pocket he will be shooting himself in the foot.

  • Dominic

    Dear Harry Barracuda the point about this atricle is not the amount of goals that we conceded. It’s about the amount of points that we lost, compared to other teams, due to defensive errors. Had we not made those errors then we would have picked up enough points to win. The reason Man U won the title while conceding more goals than us was that they tightened up their defence in the 2nd half of the season.
    Up until Christmas they were making mistakes and dropping points too.

  • uk

    So we lost the league because our players made too many errors? Surprise surprise.when you assemble a team bereft of quality,topflight experience and or mental fortitude, then place them under a pampering manager,its supposed to be surprising when they flounder?

  • Bootoomee


    You see the raections to your nice article that is not pro or anti anyone? This is a data based article. It is not personal. Remove all goals by all teams that were due to direct errors or own goals and see the result. I think this is a fair and logical enterprise. All teams can have a look and use the data for self reflection. It is not a trophy and no one is claiming it is but if you have been harping on about the team failing because we lack “world class” players and you are now shown that we failed because of silly, self-made but not ability based errors, your first reaction cannot be “only if we had world class player”.

    Walter raised a sensible idea (as is typical of him): the team should use boots with longer studs to minimise slippage. That is a relevant, timely and reality based suggestion but the first comment on the article is about buy buy buy! You’ll think Wolfgang just read a different article! It’s like some of our fans have “buy player” tourettes!

    If there is an article on the state of cleanliness of the Emirates toilets, you can be sure of 2 things:

    (1) the article we remind readers that Arsenal haven’t won anything in 8 years and

    (2) one of the first responses will be that Arsene is responsible for the dirty toilets because he wouldn’t buy players!

  • Bootoomee


    I assumed you’ve never made any errors in your own profession, right?

  • The truth is that we were out of the title race long ago and only just managed to get 4th.

  • Martin

    The truth is on average Arsenal win the title each ten years so we are due one now,in Arsene we trust

  • nicky

    It’s easy, of course, with hindsight, to show that without the odd defensive error we might have won last season’s EPL.
    Similarly, I’m sure that another “Walter” could show that without the number of near certain goals we missed we would have won the title.
    I think though, we can look forward to next season with a good deal of confidence. Firstly our three overseas signings last year will be entering their important Second Year in the EPL….the year when newcomers become acclimatised to country, club and the speed and physical requirement of the English top division of football.
    And then,for the first time in many a year, Arsene has a war chest of considerable size from which he will be able to attract players he knows will strengthen his squad and make it a real contender for next season’s honours.
    There will be, of course, those who, remembering the past, will doubt Arsene’s intention to sign players of the highest quality. I think their fears are groundless for the reason I have already given. The funds are now available and all it needs are the would-be signings and some delicate negotiating.

  • Bootoomee


    I cannot disagree with you more on the importance of beating big teams. Please look back at the past seasons and you’ll see that the champions (usually Man U) rarely win the mini-top 4 league. Recall 2008/9 when Liverpool lost to Man U? Well they took 6 points off Man United (who came last among in the top-4 mini league) that season and they still fell short. Arsenal won the mini top-4 league in 2006/7 and could only come 4th (we also beat the Champions – yes, Man U again – home and away). The secret to winning the league is basically killing off small to medium teams in clinical fashion! No team does this better than Manchester United in the EPL, no team!

    Please don’t take my word for it, just check things out for yourself.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not discounting the importance of beating your rivals. The psychological effect is particularly important and of course you deprive them of net-points. The bragging right is also nice to have. But you don’t need to beat your rivals to win the league. By beating the 10 bottom teams home and away, you already gain 60 points! That’s Man United’s secret and that’s how we got top-4 in the last 10 games of the just ended season!

  • Bootoomee

    I forgot to add to my last post that:

    – Man City lost out to Man United despite topping the top-4 mini league.

    – Tottenham missed out on top 4 despite doing better than us against the top 4 teams! Their losses to Wigan and Fulham cost them their place in top 4, not the one against Liverpool as some of their fans like to claim.

    Bottom line, we must finish off small to medium team consistently; both home and away!

  • bc

    another thing that hasn’t helped our cause, is that we carry far too many players (Diaby, Rosicky, Fabianski, etc) with injuries for far too long. we also have so many below average players (Squillaci, Denilson, Park, Bendtner, Chamakh, Santos, Djourou, Gervinho) on above average wages.

    Wenger, needs to improve his tactics, put sentiment to one side, learn how to defend and re-discover how to win trophies. He needs to become a Manager of the team again not a puppet of the board. Forget all this youth development, he is not the academy manger, he is the first team manager. Let Burton, Court, Brady, Gatting, Laraman or whoever worry about the signings and development of the schoolboys and scholars. Whilst he concentrates on the signings of world class and top quality players and the development of those players and others already in the first team and the players that Burton and Co. recommend to promote from the academy. He needs to sort out his coaching team to improve the tactics and sort out the medical staff to crackdown on all the injuries and improve the fitness levels

  • JohnW

    What is the difference between De Gea and Czczcz? In fact I think our keeper is much better. May be Walter should do some article comparing all PL keepers, who came out on top, etc. The real issue is wanting it too much. If our players had that never say die attitude, getting a result no matter what, as they had in the last 10 games, we would have been champs a long time ago. We need more leaders like Arteta, players who feel hurt when we lose or draw a game we should have won.

  • FunGunner

    Another good piece of research, Walter. Individual errors have blighted our performances for a number of seasons and last season, compared to other teams, a disproportionately high number of mistakes led to goals being conceded by us.
    I think the mistakes were cut out when the players started to take responsibility, and the unbeaten run at the end of the season was the result.

    @ Bootoomee
    June 10, 2013 at 10:54 am
    ha ha! bang on.

  • Bootoomee



    Another point on silly human errors and how they have cost us in the past:

    1. Many gooners will agree that we lost the 2007/8 league that we were leading when Eduardo’s leg was broken at Birmingham. But we did not lose because of Eduardo, we lost because of Clichy’s inexplicable error that led to the penalty equaliser! True, it wasn’t a penalty but Mike Dean wouldn’t have been able to screw us if Clichy had not, for some inexplicable reason, lost sight of a very harmless pass. Had we won that game (that we were leading with a few minutes to go), the team would have had a defiant psyche instead of a dejected one. Clichy’s human error cost us the 2007/8 league!

    2. Kolscieny/Sczezcney error at wembley cost us the Carling cup in 2011. I was mad at Koscielny when he threatened to leave if the team does not win trophies. I was like dude, we would have won a trophy already if not for your error!

  • @Swales1968


    Over achieving, under achieving or just achieving?

    “Arsenal only finished fourth because they beat the teams they should of beaten to get there” a great quote from Alan Shearer and one that says nothing but it got me thinking what have Arsenal achieved this season (if anything) in the Premier League? They have finished with three more points than last year, ten more goals, won the same amount of games, drawn more and so by default have lost less. Overall the figures show that Arsenal have had a better season than last even conceding fewer goals (12 in total in the PL).

    So what does this say to us?

    Have Arsenal over achieved? No, over achieving would be (to me anyhow) finishing on or above 80 points, have they under achieved nope, looking at the clubs above Arsenal you would expect at the start of the season to be there. So Arsenal have this season achieved, achieved stability, a base for the club with its rumoured freedom to pay more money to use as a springboard.

    Looking at the other top clubs – Manchester United after spending £48,000,000 on players in the summer have also achieved stability, yes I know they walked away with the premier league but looking at this and last season they won the same, drew the same, lost the same, scored three more goals and conceded ten more and finished with the same amount of points. If you compare Arsenal and Manchester United you would say they both balance out in achieving. The two teams who do not are Manchester City who have underachieved and Chelsea who although have on the difference from last season to this over achieved, you would say that they have also underachieved.

    Manchester City after spending £54,000,000 won fewer, drew more and lost more games. They scored fewer goals, conceded a greater number of goals and finished with nine less points than last season. Meanwhile Chelsea won more, drew less and lost less this season scoring more goals and conceding fewer goals receiving eleven more points in the process. To do this Chelsea spent £92,000,000. To me a club that has spent the total they have over the past two seasons should not be beating Arsenal into third by the matter of two points. They should and Manchester City should be looking at a minimum of eighty points a season.

    That leaves Spurs, another team who have just achieved. They did get three more points by winning one more game and not losing it. They scored exactly the same but conceded five more goals and it did cost them £61,000,000 to do this.

    What can we deduce from this for next season, not much? Will Manchester City with a new manager draw less games, which is what cost them this season? Will Manchester United drop from the constant level they have shown over the past two seasons with Moyes in charge? Will Chelsea with a new (ish) manager push on to where their spending should take them? and will Spurs keep Bale?

    But more importantly what will Arsenal do?

    Can Wenger in possibly his last season at the club improve the club record next season?

    Can he get the squad to turn ten draws into five and seven loses into five?

    Looking at results this season and going back to the Shearer’s quote at the top to get to a 28, 5 & 5 record Arsenal needed to make five draws into wins-

    Sunderbus, Stoke RFC, Fulham, Southampton and Aston Villa

    And to make seven loses into five so any two from-

    Chelsea, Norwich, Manchester United, Swansea, Manchester city, Chelsea and Spurs. If Arsenal can turn a couple of those losses into draws as well then that is how you win the league.

    Can Arsenal do something next year in the league? Yes and not by over achieving but by beating who we should beat.

    Taken from

  • FunGunner

    “compared to other teams, a disproportionately high number of mistakes led to goals being conceded by us.”
    What I should have said, is that a disproportionately high number of times, mistakes by us led to goals being conceded. We were punished for our errors more than other teams, for some reason.

    @ bootoomee
    Two more good examples. Silly mistakes are very harmful to morale as well as our points total.
    Having looked at the entire quote from Kos, he didn’t threaten to leave if we didn’t win anything, what he said, taken in context, was more nuanced than that.

  • Bootoomee


    I think I need to start checking out Positively Arsenal. I have been hearing great things about the blog and that is a cracking analysis.

    But is it not just easier to blame all our woes on players we failed to buy and blame Arsene for being stingy? I mean common, it’s not only easier to make to make the claim – it’s also easier to understand.

  • Bootoomee


    I think I need to start checking out Positively Arsenal. I have been hearing great things about the blog and that is a cracking analysis.

    But is it not just easier to blame all our woes on players we failed to buy and blame Arsene for being stingy? I mean common, it’s not only easier to make to make the claim – it’s also easier to understand.


    It is not intention to villify Koscielny, I just don’t like players putting conditions around their loyalty to the club – no matter the context (and I have seen the full interview myself). Not especially when their error has cost the team one way or another. I do love Kos though and I forgive him – like I have a choice:)

  • Bootoomee


    I think I need to start checking out Positively Arsenal. I have been hearing great things about the blog and that is a cracking analysis.

    But is it not just easier to blame all our woes on players we failed to buy and blame Arsene for being stingy? I mean common, it’s not only easier to make the claim – it’s also easier to understand.


    It is not intention to villify Koscielny, I just don’t like players putting conditions around their loyalty to the club – no matter the context (and I have seen the full interview myself). Not especially when their error has cost the team one way or another. I do love Kos though and I forgive him – like I have a choice:)

  • Bootoomee

    Sorry about the multiple posts. My browser is messing up.

  • FunGunner

    @ Bootoomee
    You should definitely check out PA, and I’m sure Pedantic George, aka Blackburn George, would be delighted if you submitted a post as well.

  • ian


    To achieve a 28, 5 & 5 would mean winning more games than we did in the unbeaten season which was 26, 12 and 0. I think reducing the losses by 2 is achievable (home to Swansea for one).

    We have though consistently dropped points in recent seasons that we should have won, we have lost at home to Hull, Wigan, Fulham, Swansea, Totts (when 2-0 up), Villa among others.

    Hopefully we will find the correct players and formula so that we minimise the amount of points that we drop.

    Its interesting to see the spend of the other teams around us hadn’t realised that Tottenham spent £61m however note they recouped £62.3m on player sales (Modric was £30m of that). Compared to our nett spend of £8.6m for the season (inc Monreal)

  • @Swales1968


    “But is it not just easier to blame all our woes on players we failed to buy and blame Arsene for being stingy? I mean common, it’s not only easier to make the claim – it’s also easier to understand”.

    If I wanted to do that I would write for plenty of other blogs or just get myself a job on talkspout 🙂


    that is true but looking at the games this season that Arsenal lost or drew then it should be possible, it is down to correct players and formula. That forumla and those players should I think be easier to find this summer for Wenger than in past years

  • Georgaki-Pyrovolitis

    @Giddy at 10:23 am

    Giddy by name and Giddy by nature. What a stupid comment: “Teams are strengthening their sides and here we are still boasting of how good we are minus the mistakes!” Since, when Oh Giddy one has Untold Arsenal been in the business of strengthening the team? This is a FANS blog…Oh and er, by the way OPTA are also an entirely separate organization to Arsenal. You may assume they performed an independent study the results of which are discussed by Walter.

    Giddy, you do realize this is a fan blog? Do you know how these things work? Poor Giddy….

  • Super Singh

    @ Bootoome 12:04
    @ Swales1968 12:17
    Well said people! Bootoome I’m glad you said that, I was thinking am I the only one thinking if it hadn’t been for the Clichy incident we could have won the league that year. Anyway hoping for just a little bit of luck we can be dominant force?

  • Mick

    Kindly tell us what Wenger is doing wrong regarding tactical matters and did you not notice we had the second best defensive record last season? I think you may have been listening to the likes of Robson too much.
    Having sorted out the tactics issue for us you could then tell us how exactly our medical staff and fitness coaches are letting us down and what needs to be done to correct it.
    “buy player” tourettes! Love it!

  • ian

    Super Singh

    Clichy also slipped against Totts at home when we went in to 4 mins additional time 4-2 up and snatched a draw from the jaws of victory. I was not too displeased when he left.

  • Bootoomee

    @ Super Singh & Ian,

    Did you know one of his (Clichy) reasons for leaving? He wanted to win trophies! Note: no one ever said more money – the obvious answer, by the way. Ok, maybe Cashley!

    Same with RvP: perhaps if he hadn’t been playing for 1/3 of a season while getting paid for full in his previous 6 seasons, maybe we would have won some trophies. Especially as demonstrated by his goal ratio in his one and a half injury free sesons for us. I totally and utterly loathe him for that statement. You want more money and better opportunity to win trophies? Go for it, it is your absolute right. Just don’t insult the intelligence of the fans on your way out.

    The only player who could have made that statement without any hint of hypocrisy was Fabregas and is it not ironic that he was the only one who didn’t?

  • ian


    I think the “I want to win trophies” is a cop out. Truth is money talks. We have won trophies and it didn’t stop either Vieira, Toure or Thierry leaving.

    For RVP to say what he said was laughable, guess he’s lucky he had an employer that was able to put up with him only being fit for work 50 – 60% of the time.

  • Super Singh

    Ian and Bootoome

    Choice is simple, Club or cash? I’m beginning to think that there is no strong characters out there? But what RVP done is the ultimate betrayal, the season’s he’s been injured then the rape case? AW and the club stood by him. If there’s any justice in this world I hope his game diminishes? Am I a bad man? Lol

  • Super Singh

    Oh! And he’s remembered in the footfall world as a mercenary!

  • Super Singh

    BALL! I should really go back to school?

  • ian

    Super Singh

    Its interesting that AW said that he thought SAF would retire at the end of the season, he said that there were a few signs. I remember the look on SAFs face when he was sat with RVP at his press conference. Never seen him smile like it. The smug look on his face upset me almost as much as the fact that RVP had gone.

    Thing is that £24m on a 29 year old injury prone striker with 12 months left on his contract was an obscene amount of money. If SAF thought there was one more chance to deliver the Prem League and poss Champs League knowing he would be retiring, he wouldn’t have to worry about who picks up the pieces.

    If RVP remains fit and they get a few more seasons out of him then its good business. However, I know a couple of Season Ticket holders at Man U and they said their were times last season when he was very quiet.

    I did feel like RVP owed AFC for standing by him. It was Wenger that turned him into a world class player, rested him when needed, never rushed him back from injury and supported him through his personal life. Clearly all of that ultimately counted for nothing.

    Be interesting to see where his career goes when he retires, he could have had a job for life at AFC, not sure he will get offered that at Man U.

  • Matt Clarke

    ..nerd alert…

    Walter, the table cannot be copied because it is there as an image [PNG].

    Firefox is lovely as you can inspect the website elements.
    This reveals that the image is here:

    and so can [if this does work on this blog] be embedded as:

  • Matt Clarke

    , so that’s a No, sorry

  • WalterBroeckx

    It always is interesting of course when you take out a table that has been made by other companies that people don’t realise it. Or even funny. Or sad.

    Fact is as I said in the article that it is not Untold who said this “fact” but it was OPTA who calculated it.

    Now I must say that it doesn’t surprise me a lot that the people who didn’t see this were what we could call “part of the non existing AAA” with their endless repeat of how it is all Wenger his fault for not spending and for buying the wrong players.

    Make of that what you want yourself I would say.

    And in comparison the loyal “Untolders” did see it from the start that I took a table from another site as the starting point.

    Make of that what you want of course.

    I salute you Untolders 😉

  • AL

    Spot on; why should an article about anything end up being about Arsenal not buying players? This table was drawn up by OPTA anyway, not UA.

    Like Stuart said, if we throw in the points refs cost us we would have been out of sight by Xmas. And I don’t buy the crap that Arsenal aren’t/weren’t good enough to beat anyone in the top four; in almost of our games against those in the top 4 that we lost there was at least one contentious decision, some more than one, and all went against Arsenal. This article just goes on to show things are not as bad as some people were trying to make out.

  • Pat

    Arsene Wenger should be credited for making the changes, in formation and personnel, that took us from the blunders to the strength of the end of the season.

    Particularly from when we beat Bayern Munich.

  • Stuart

    Looking at the ref reviews for the top 4 mini league games, as far as I can work out, we were robbed of 4 points in these games alone. Incidentally, these all came against Chelsea with both Manchester clubs breaking even.

    Man Utd – Incorrect against Arsenal was 44%.
    Theos goal should not have counted so I believe it is fair to say United should have won this game.
    Won 1 point, should have had 0 points.

    Man City – Incorrect against Arsenal was 84%.
    At 82 minutes, Man City should have had Dzeko sent off and with 5 minutes stoppage time, maybe we could have scored two and salvaged a point, maybe not.
    Fact is with the bias score, we were well and truly robbed.
    Won 0 points, should have had 0 points.

    Chelsea – Incorrect against Arsenal was 69%.
    At 19 minutes, Chelsea were awarded a goal when play should have stopped for Torres pushing Kos. The final result should have been a draw.
    Factor in the bias against us and you could realistically expect more.
    Won 0 points, should have had 1 point.

  • Stuart

    Man Utd – Incorrect against Arsenal was 85%.
    At 58 minutes Cleverley should have been sent off. By this point it was 1-0 to them and I think it is fair to say they wouldn’t have got the second and our single goal could easily have been more but I’ll go with a draw here.
    Won 0 points, should have had 1 points.

    Man City – Incorrect against Arsenal was 29% – there were very few incorrect decisions in this game and certainly no game changing ones so the result is certainly how it should be IMO.
    Won 1 point, should have had 1 point.

    Chelsea – Incorrect against Arsenal was 90%.
    In the first minute, Chelsea were denied a penalty which they may or may not have scored.
    At 5 minutes, they were then awarded a goal that should not have stood.
    At 15 minutes, Chelsea score from a penalty that should not have been awarded, in fact, we should have had a free kick.
    At 61 minutes, Ramires should have been sent off. At this point, the score should have been 1-0 to Arsenal or at most, 1-1 to Chelsea if they had converted their first minute penalty.
    At 94 minutes, should have been a penalty for Arsenal which we may or may not have scored (much like the Chelsea one in the first minute so I think it is fair to say that cancels that out.
    Won 0 points, should have had 3 points.