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July 2021

Cazorla scores, Fifa grabs money, rumours and no end and can someone pass the curry

By Walter Broeckx

What do you do when you have no Arsenal football to see? You could have a look at Spain against Haiti. Not that it is the most important game around but with 2 Arsenal players in the starting line up, an old(according to some also new) Arsenal player also on the field it is better than nothing. And who knows with the rather successful shopping we did the last 12 months in Spain we might have seen another Arsenal player for the future we don’t know about yet.

And it was worth it as Cazorla opened the score with a real nice shot from his left foot from some 20 meters out. If you like to see it you could find it here.

That was a nice goal I would say. Oh and that other former Arsenal player scored also. So I was just hoping that the Spain manager now would  take him off the field and then I could relax because I always feel afraid when I see Arsenal players play for their country. I’ve seen too many injured ones coming back. The thought of Monreal and Cazorla playing in the Confederations cup that will take place from 15 June to 30 June is something that I don’t like at all. It will also mean that they probably will not go with the team to our Asia tour and it will have an effect on our preparation for next season.  Ah F*ck.

Sorry but what is Fifa thinking about when they plan such events. Oh well just realised the answer…money. But isn’t it outrageous that even in years without a European championship and a world cup they still find something to make sure that some footballers hardly get any rest at all? Couldn’t they play this a bit earlier? Or do a tournament with less teams? Well we know the answer I think as the money grabbing people who run that Ficking Fufa organisation only think about their own profit.

I could turn to the latest rumours and mention them again. Higuan is a done deal or just about. Rooney is on his way or just about. Jovetice is moving or just about.  And Cesc is everywhere and nowhere or thereabouts.  Of course Tony could have more news but he is dancing the polonaise somewhere in a hotel bar.  I think you call it the conga in English but we over here call the polonaise and I really don’t know where that comes from. It looks French and in French it means something from Poland.  But don’t know if the dance comes from Poland. Maybe Tony as the dance master could shed his light on this once he finds where to plug in the internet cable in his hotel room.  Not that I think Tony does the conga a lot when he goes dancing.  I don’t do dances at all if you are curious. Only the occasional dance of joy in my living room when we win a game.

And after a quick check on the internet I found that we didn’t sign anyone during typing this I do want to point at an appeal that was launched by one of our regular readers and commenters, Shard. It went like this:

Just a shout out to all the folk on Untold who live in the UK, and particularly in London. I’ll be in the UK for a period of about two weeks starting from Tuesday. Although I’ll be travelling around the UK in those 2 weeks, I would love catching up with some fellow supporters if they are willing and able to spare the time. Also, any recommendations for things to do there?

And as this is the silent season or the silly season or the rumour season I don’t mind to draw some attention to this appeal. So if you can help Shard just give him a shout in the comment section. Let us see that Gooner family is not just a word but also something to do.

It also seems that some people who comment on Untold regularly feel the need to talk about something else apart from football. Talk has been going on about curry in Slovakia or thereabouts. I kid you not. So if anyone can help our hungry readers to some curry in that region please feel free to pass the curry.

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So it is slow news time for the moment. A bit like the weather over here. Too warm to really do much. And too hot to play football or even talk about football. But things can change quickly of course. Just 48 hours ago the rumour was spread that Arsenal would announce a big signing. It was on Sky according to the rumour mill. So it had to be true. Well it turned out to be the next false rumour but somehow that didn’t surprise me at all.

So no real football news but if you do want to talk about curry in whatever region in the world please feel free. After all this is Untold and over here we can talk about everything. As long as it is a bit decent and for all ages.

Who knows next article might be about football after all….

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29 comments to Cazorla scores, Fifa grabs money, rumours and no end and can someone pass the curry

  • Va Cong

    Right favourite desserts and recipes lol

  • Stevie E

    Is the polonaise not pole dancing? Didn’t know Tony had it in him! 🙂

  • Adam

    Untold Arsenal’s mission is

    1. To support Arsene Wenger in all he does.

    2. To cover football stories – particularly those with a relevance to Arsenal – which are not covered fully or (in our view) accurately covered elsewhere. This particularly includes stories on the economics of football, which we see as being central to the state of football at the moment.

    3. To celebrate the history of Arsenal and of football in general, expanding awareness of that history, and correcting errors in the statement of that history that have been put about by supporters of one other club (which for the moment shall remain nameless), particularly through the History of Arsenal site.

    4. To give complete positive support to the players of Arsenal – including all those presently on the staff, and almost all of those past (with about two particular exceptions).

    5. To expose and report on corruption in football at all levels – from Fifa downwards.

    6. To explore and develop (on occasion) the humour of football.

    7. And to do anything else that which appears to be a good idea at the time.

    I draw your attention to number 7.

    Happy days.

  • the news around is that QPR keeper is a done deal. The bookies have stopped taking bets.

  • Adam

    Is he really that good? After all Rooney and Ox scored against him? (excuse the sarcasm).

  • WalterBroeckx

    Now if we would bring Rooney (rumour nr. 136 of this summer just to keep the counting correct) we would have a nice reunion. 😉

    Now I must say that he was excellent against us at the Emirates and was man of the match in that game. But never suggest to buy a player on one game. We should have bought Jones and Walters from Stoke at one point in time…. shiver shiver shiver…

  • nippon

    Salute,great attitude,true gooner and consistent. Like to share that in recent years we have lost a bit of flair in our playing style. Hope we will remain true to our footballing philosophy.
    Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  • Adam

    I have always rated Rooney, but don’t see him as a center forward. Believe it or not I see him more as a central midfielder. Has he got the stamina to play our style of football is the question?

  • Terence McGovern

    Here’s a surprise!
    Stewart pearce is full of failure again and apparently its not his fault lololololol

  • mhafiz

    i’d love meself some spagetti ala bolognaise.

  • dan

    I would hate to see Rooney in an Arsenal shirt, he represents all things wrong in football.

  • And_Arsene_Said...

    When is Tony back?

  • WalterBroeckx

    As soon as he has convinced Cesc to come back I think 😉

  • dan

    Emirates legends tour yesterday with the great Charlie George, whom kind of let it slip about about Higuain.

  • Va Cong

    What about stories of wenger in Paris with higuain? 20 mil? Hmmm…


  • Stuart

    I said to my mate, if we sign Rooney, I won’t watch a game next season. As well as being highly over-rated he is a repulsive human being.

  • Stuart

    On the subject of curry, have people been to Indian restaurants in other countries?
    Apart from the UK, I have been in France, Germany, Spain, Gran Canaria and Canada. All tasted different and the one in Germany even didn’t have Indian staff, they looked Chinese.

  • Mick

    Agree about Rooney and of course he is a serial diver, the like of which I would prefer not too see in an Arsenal shirt.

  • Pat

    I wish it was hot here in London, Walter.
    It’s freezing.

  • Dec

    Summer is SO boring. Almost found myself watching cricket on the box yesterday (thankfully rescued by the Ireland B team beating the USA at Rugby). It was even exciting as most of our world class players are busy in Austraila wit the Irish and British Lions.
    We need to start some rumours to pass the time. Anybody got an Auntie who’s best mates with the cousin of Gareth Bale’s cleaning lady? If so, I’m sure she would have possibly seen somebody that looks like a Real Madrid executive leave Gareth’s house with a signed form? Sounds totally plausible to me ? Or is it just too much sunshine? 75 degrees for the last week here in God’s own country!
    Roll on August!

  • @stuart: there is no such thing as an Indian curry. Every state or town in India has its own cusine using the same spices & ingredients.

  • FinnGooner

    Nice article Walter. I had to read it in 2 parts since I had to make one of my dreams comes true. Now after paying about 160€ (after VAT and rest added costs) I can finally see Arsenal play in my hometown. Now I just wait until August. Oh and if anyone else Untold readers will be in Helsinki maybe we could meet…

  • Rupert Cook

    @Shard, where will you be in the UK? What are your interests? I expect you want to look at the Emirates, or have you been already? It’s not as great as Highbury.

    If you’re in West London let me know, I might be around though we’re off to Norfolk for a few days this weekend.

    I suggest you go to Bath, York, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh. Any one of these is worth a visit and they are attractive cities if you like city sightseeing. Edinburgh is probably my favourite place in the UK.

    If you like the countryside you could go to the Lake District or Cornwall, both have great scenery. The peak district around Derbyshire is lovely too.

    As this is a football site I’ll just say that I think Rooney would be a bit of a risky signing but he’s a game changer. As for his diving record well we’ve had a few of those at our club so hardly a moral issue. Can’t see him signing for us though.

  • Mick

    @Rupert Cook
    We have experienced the odd dive by one of our own but I don’t recall a persistent offender in recent times, please correct me if I am wrong. I have not and would not condone diving or any other form of cheating whoever does it so for me at least it is a moral issue. The point is at ManU (judging by the number of exponents) diving obviously was/is actively encouraged whereas at Arsenal it is not, given the very few occasions it happens.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Mick Pires was pretty good at diving I recall. Bergkamp was no stranger to cheating either, much as I loved him. What I’m saying is I wouldn’t not buy a player because he has a history of diving, I’d tell the player that that’s not acceptable at my club which I assure you it wouldn’t be. With some players though it seems ingrained.

  • Mick

    @Rupert Cook
    ‘I’d tell the player that that’s not acceptable at my club’
    That would be the way to go I guess but you are right he has been doing it for so long would he be able to stop. Anyway I cannot see him coming to AFC so it is probably academic.
    Pires did a couple that I can recall, one in particular against Portsmouth (I think) that won a penalty and preserved our unbeaten record, as Talksport are quick to remind us every time the subject of diving comes up on that admirable (joking) radio station. I don’t think we have had one quite so prolific as Bale though!!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Great for you FinnGunner!!! 🙂

  • Mandy Dodd

    Shard, while in London, I recommend you visit the top floor of a new building called “the glass shard” named after you!