Wenger about to sign a new deal? Wild party at Untold.

By Walter Broeckx

On Thursday several media broke the news about Wenger possibly signing a new deal in the coming weeks.  Of course we have a natural mistrust for all the serious media are saying but by the look of it Ivan Gazidis has been talking to the press and has said a few things about a possible new deal for Wenger.

Now of course we don’t believe every word of what they write but in what they put on their website they put a lot of quotes in of what Gazidis said. Or supposedly has said. So let me quote a few of these lines. And I have taken these from what seemed to be the original source of this interview the London Evening Standard:

“What I really don’t want to do is have a public discussion about Arsene’s contractual position,” he said.

“That would be a daily, weekly fixture on the public coverage if you start getting into that. What I will say is that we think we have got a fantastic manager. We hope that he wants to do what he is doing for the long term. I believe he does.

“I think he is still ambitious, still driven and sees the potential of the club as he looks forward and I think he is very excited by that. We have a great relationship and he has a great relationship with the board as well. So, quietly and at the right time I think we will make an announcement on that when things are all put in place.

“I don’t want to get into that level [whether Arsenal had made him an offer] because then it’ll be ‘you’ve made him an offer’ then the next question will be ‘well, what did he say?’ and so on. This is going to happen very quietly behind closed doors, privately and then there will be an announcement.

“I don’t even want to say [we have discussed it]. We have got a lot of confidence in Arsene that he is the right person to take the club forward and I think he will want to do that.”

Arsenal have more than £70million to spend this summer and Gazidis does not believe any ongoing uncertainty over Wenger’s future will complicate the club’s ability to attract new players..

“If you are asking me, is that an issue with players, the answer is ‘no’,” he said. “It is far more an issue with players signing at other clubs than it is at Arsenal. If players have that on their issue list, I think that’s a mark in our favour, not against us.

“I think players that are concerned about uncertainty probably think about Arsenal as the most certain place they could be in the world of football. This is a club that has had remarkable consistency in terms of its manager, its football philosophy, its direction and the consistent support from the board and our principal owner for our manager is pretty much unmatched, through some difficult periods as well.

“So if it’s consistency players are looking for, I think Arsenal would be a very attractive place to come.”

Although Wenger is yet to put pen to paper, the situation is relatively calm compared to managerial changes at Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea which Gazidis believe are responsible for a quiet opening in the transfer window.

“I don’t want to get into the whole speculation around the transfer market but generally, what I’ll say is that it has been quite a slow start and I think that’s because there was such a managerial musical chairs going on that everybody is waiting for that to settle down,” he said.

“I think clubs, agents and players are, which means it has been quite an unusual beginning to the transfer window. I imagine once most of the managerial appointments settle in a little bit, we will see that starting to pick up.”

So far what has been published. Now in this time of the year we could put it aside as the next rumour. But on twitter other journalists reported the same thing with links to their own newspaper. And if I can believe John Cross from the Daily Mirror it looks as if Gazidis has been talking to some reporters. On twitter John Cross said the following:  “There’s no doubt that, from speaking to Ivan Gazidis yesterday, Arsenal have a new ambition and confidence. More from him later and tomorrow”.

So unless they all worked together to bring us a fake story it looks that this might have some truth in it. And it looks as if Gazidis is very confident that Wenger will sign a new agreement that will keep him at Arsenal for many years to come.

And I think the message from John Cross is even more important. It looks that Arsenal is a new club. A club that after holding on to what they had for so many years is now ready to move forward again. By a strange coincidence I had written an article earlier today about the past 10 years including the “X years without” and showed that in reality these years haven’t been a failure but a huge success.  So that part if you want to comment about the “years of failure” will come later.

Needless to say that at Untold towers this was reason to start a wild party that I just left to write this article. Champagne bottles have been opened. And I think that if Tony would have been around he would have written a brilliant article to express his joy. We will leave that to him when Arsène really “signs da thing”.

This news must be a hard blow for all the WOB (Wenger Out Boys) and the “according to some non existing AAA”. A second blow in hardly two weeks time. First them hoping Arsenal would not get in 4th place in the hope that the board would then sack Wenger. And now the news that the board wants to continue with Wenger.  Just imagine how miserable some might feel if Wenger will harvest what he has sown and worked for all those difficult years.

Let us hope we can see the news on Arsenal.com very soon. The only thing I want to say is: Come on Arsène, sign da thing.

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81 Replies to “Wenger about to sign a new deal? Wild party at Untold.”

  1. surprising that Gazidis said all this, if he has. what’s the catch? anyway, manure, shitty, hell sea all have new managers and this is our chance to win silverware. with some added quality players, why not? we and [hate to say this but] tiny totts look in a good position to capitalize

  2. Maybe Gazidis is emphasizing Arsenal’s stability in the sea of change to attract talent as early as possible.

    Also, unlike the British press and some Arsenal fans, from comments sometimes quoted, Arsene Wenger has a lot of respect abroad and there will be players who would like to work with him.

    Anyway, I hope it’s true that he’s staying.

  3. Gazidis is being surprisingly bullish. But then he’s not alone in this. Almost everyone associated with Arsenal have, over the past year, been sounding more confident. The noises from the club are different compared to before.

    I still want to urge caution about our spending potential, because certain folk have a tendency to go overboard. Tomorrow we’ll be linked with some player, who will then sign for another club for 30m, and some people will shout that this is a sign of our miserliness.

    We’re, despite our nouveau riche status, not going to start throwing away money. We’ve earned it, and we’ll still be cautious with it. But our upper limit to spending has increased.

    As for Wenger. It’s strange Gazidis talks about a new contract while saying he doesn’t want to talk about it, but I suppose he’s also seeking on it as a draw to the players as he mentions. I would be very surprised if the board didn’t offer Wenger an extension and if he didn’t stay. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself there. No champagne just yet.

  4. Well, last few years were certainly hard time. They bet on the effect of FFP to slow the opposition while the invest in the hardware, instead of players. FFP didn’t come but more rich guys did. Although we keep defending the team, the performance is going slowly downward bit by bit. I don’t think they expect this bad period of time to last so long. Even the long term players knew that and jumped ship (say Cesc, eco)which make thing alot worse both in public relations and performance.

  5. Things ticking along nicely at Arsenal this summer. More than ever, it’s good to be a gooner!

  6. It’s all very well having the money, but will he spend? Not even you have faith in him to do that Walter.

    I expect players to wait to see if we qualify for Europe before signing for us and by then their club will decide it is too short notice to replace the player – so no sale.

    Yep, same old, same old.

  7. Arsenal1Again,

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at your last sentence. You know you just described yourself, right? Always negative, all the time!

  8. So we have over 70 million to spend. Is this true or just a made up figure?

    And if it is true I hope we spend it on some world class quality. If we don’t and Wenger stays for another three years then I really can’t see how we’re moving forward.

    Anyway a long way to go before the season starts and now the latest rumour is that we’re up for signing Fellaini.

  9. And Walter the last ten years have not been a huge success, at least not for the fans. I can’t actually recall feeling any sense of success as we got dumped out of cups by the likes of Bradford and Blackburn and struggled to maintain any presence in the top four. Obviously your ambitions are lower than mine.


    Here’s another article which, if it is to be believed, stresses the changes that should be tangible in our approach to signing quality players. So no more Squillacis, Gervinhos and Parks one hopes.

    Interesting list of potential signings. Not sure about Williams but he does have plenty of PL experience. The others look decent. It’ll be interesting to see how many, if any, of these players join. I certainly hope we spend some of this sudden wealth, it’s no good leaving it in the bank.

  10. I read a transcript of the interview with Gazidis late last night but never did he gave any number away on what is available. So I take the 70M with a big bag of salt.

  11. Feel free Rupert to focus on the small picture and ignore the bigger picture it that makes you happy.

  12. As Shard says, it is all about the noises, and they sound very encouraging. I can see why a few may say…so what we’ve heard it all before…then gone out and signed Park etc but for some reason things feel different. Fot the critics who say Wenger is incapable of spending…well, if they are right, Ivan is putting huge pressure on the manager. Personally, I think he is just giving Wenger a green light to go out and do what he needs to with confidence. There is no doubt the stadium payments and some very very poor financials have hindered us in the past few years but now things areclearly different. Hope Wenger does sign and take in the rewards of his labours and sacrifices, although have a feeling he may keep us waiting a bit. Other clubs and countries wanted Wenger, but he stood loyal through some tough times when even his sanity was questioned, let alone his ability as a coach. Lets see how he does as the new Father of the EPL, and on a more level playing field than he has experienced recently

  13. Rupert Cook,

    Hey, whatever makes you sad and miserable is fine by me. I think my beloved Arsenal is making progress and moving in the right direction, you think your ‘beloved’ Arsenal is a piece of shit.

    In the last 10 years, I recall my beloved Arsenal:
    – winning league unbeaten in 2003/4

    – winning the 2005 FA cup

    – playing in the final of 2006 Champions’ League

    – playing in the final of the 2007 Carling cup

    – narrowly losing the 2007/8 league while beating AC Milan at the San Siro in the Champions league(first by any British club)

    – 2008/9 ECL semi finalists

    – 2010/11 Carling cup finalists

    – Have qualified for the champions league all those years

    – Most importantly, have a new stadium

    You can only recall the losses to Bradford and Blackburn (embarrassing, I agree) but I do recall also beating Bayern in Munich (2013), Barcelona (2010).

    My grouse with you eternal pessimists is your selective amnesia about the team’s successes and your assumption that you are the only one who can see their faults, hence your need to hammer it to death! I don’t know any AKB who isn’t saddened when we lose, we just don’t take out our frustrations on the team that we claim to love.

    Sing a new tune please!

  14. @Walter, I’m sorry but this bigger picture is a great excuse. I find it hard to fathom how a so-called great manager cannot win one single trophy, any trophy, in 8 years. That’s the least I would expect and in fact one FA Cup triumph since 2006 would have made me satisfied.

    We’ll forever differ on the merits of Wenger, so let’s leave it at that.

    @Mandy, did other clubs really want Wenger? I’m sure we all heard such stories in the media but since when do we believe the media. I’m not saying you’re wrong just pondering this, that if Wenger had gone to a really big club I wonder how long they’d have tolerated his lack of success? Or if he did go to a club that was prepared to spend money whether he would have done? I guess we’ll never know.

  15. @Bootoome, since when did I say Arsenal was a piece of shit? I have no idea if Arsenal are making progress. They aren’t on the field of play, they’re standing still.

    Those “successes” you list are mainly irrelevant. So what if we beat Barcelona and Milan, what did that add up to? Or did we get a special award for those “successes”? That talk is the kind I expect from a Spud fan. They make videos when they beat us. I hope we’re not sinking to that level.

    The noises coming out of the club are very positive, more so than in recent years, it maybe spin but it sounds more convincing than before. This summer could be the turning point when we actually do make a step up and move within striking distance of the top clubs. The next few months will be interesting.

  16. Bayern Munich director Hoennes said it even this year that whenever they need a new manager they look if Wenger is available or not.

  17. @Walter, I knew I could rely on you for such info. Fair enough. Wish he’d go there, maybe like a few ex Arsenal players he could win the CL before retires.

  18. Rupert – guess we never know for sure what goes on behind closed doors, but a lot of reports suggesting Real on more than one occasion, as well as more recently PSG. Also well documented he turned the England job down…probably wisely, would imagine France may also have been interested…ok not proof I know.
    A full transcrpit of the Q and A session with Ivan is on todays online Daily Mirror. Interesting reading, he talks about strengthening with transfers, and other areas of which he does not go into further detail. As a fan of Wenger, I have wondered if there are some areas that could be improved …or at least asked the question, for instance our keepers have all had similar faults since Bob Wilson left. I wonder if he is also referring to looking at improvements in coaching, fitness, performance measures, injury management, and other areas whereby critics, rightly or wrongly say Wenger has been resistant. Coaching and technology moves on, I hope as a club we will embrace the new, assuming of course we have not been doing just that already…

  19. Rupert Cook, the great keyboard warrior!

    I have strong doubts he has any real achievements in his personal life. He bases his self worth on the deeds of an entity that he has zero control over and then uses them as a proxy for his personal failings.

    No one is under any obligation to support any team. If Arsenal gives you so much sorrow why not lay low till the team start winning trophies again or just follow another team through which you can claim success? There are loads of them! Take your pick!

    And to those who do the stupid false equivalency nonsense, please don’t even dare. AAAs and AKBs are not the same. AKBs are pragmatic and realistic about their functions as fans. All they can do is support the team which means anyone wearing the shirt and the man managing them. They are sad when the team fails, they even moan from time to time too (it’s true, we do). AKBs remember the good times though and try to put the tough times in context of our circumstances and those of our rivals. We (AKBs) cannot wait for the trophy hoodoo to be broken. If we are fairly happy now, imagine our joys when we win a trophy! I am just not going to base my support for my darling team on trophies, hell no! Maybe because I am a happily married professional with very bright prospects and a thriving social circle.


    For the AAAs, it is complaints after complaints every time. They have vivid recollection of every misplaced pass but can never remember any hard earned victory. They malign and abuse a man whom none of them can touch in terms of achievement. Their best players are the ones that Arsenal has just sold or is unlikely to buy; actually any player as long as they don’t wear Arsenal shirt. They belittle this human (and therefore fallible) being despite his being the greatest manager in the history of the club they claim to love. His offence: he has not given them any trophy in the last 8 years to put on their CV! He also made them sad from the taunts of their friends who support other trophy winning teams!

    I am extremely grateful that my life is not so hollow to the point of embracing such a philosophy.

  20. @Bootoomee

    I like the “Sing a new tune please!”

    Perhaps the Pied Piper could help out.

    I can never be sure if Rupert is deliberately trying to be a prat or if he has some sort of problem and can’t help it.

    More generally, Wenger signing a new deal would be really good news, he has steered the club brilliantly through difficult times & now deserves the chance to take us to the top.

  21. Bootoomee,
    Greetings. Methinks your lengthy sniping at Sir Rupert is making you a bit of a keyboard warrior yourself. 🙂 Whatever else are we all about here, in fact?

  22. Walter,
    Maybe Hoeness has been drinking too much Budweiser (not the Czech kind, Adam) and has tired of the fraulein and needs a date? Vive le difference!

  23. English Translation please, anyone?

    “This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time, which is the escalation in our financial firepower. It means we can look at some options that weren’t really in our financial capability.
    “We should be able to compete at a level like a club such as Bayern Munich. I’m not saying we are there by any means but this whole journey over the past 10 years really has been with that goal in mind.”
    – from IG, Arsenal

  24. For me the question is “has Wenger lost it” or “has he been hampered”.

    I believe that its very much the latter. We have a simple and incredibly short term approach to measuring success here in the UK.

    The media is the main culprit for this and they do a good job of getting loud mouthed presenters to put across short arguments “when did they last win something” as an example.

    The other issue is the value that is put on the FA Cup by the media. Robbie Savage was having a go at us for not getting past Blackburn, he went on about how important the Competition is, its heritage (blah, blah). The problem is that the FA Cup is seen as a “nice to have” and not an essential. The essential for AFC is Champions League football. Its not the fault of AFC how the games has changed, but it has changed.

    No one asks “if a Cup is so important why was Dalglish sacked?” Simple answer is he didn’t deliver Champions League football

    It will be an interesting Summer, if we have the power to buy who we want and keep the players we want then I truly believe interesting times are ahead.

    I get the feeling that whilst we may spend money it will be done on who we want to the value we want and no more. For all the hype I cant see that changing, the spirit of the Changing room was a real positive at the end of the season and holds a huge amount of value. I can only see Arsene wanting to add to it rather than detract from it

  25. @Bootoomee, what are you, a psychiatrist? And a poor one at that. A keyboard warrior, how original.

    I’m very pleased you’re a professional with a great social circle. Why we need to know that is beyond me? To see how smug you are maybe.

    As for the greatest manager Arsenal have ever had I’d say that goes to Herbert Chapman but that’s just a personal opinion.

    As far as success is concerned I’ve supported Arsenal for over forty years, most of those years have been trophyless. My expectations of Arsenal have often been low, the mid 70’s period was a particular low point, but I’m extremely grateful to the man behind the purchase of Bergkamp and the man who bought Wenger here. For the first ten years of his managerial period Wenger did a decent job. In recent years he’s faltered but now we have money available I expect him to recover because as we’re often reminded he’s been financially constrained.

    As for this AKB AAA nonsense I’m surprised you subscribe to these empty epithets, both are meaningless. Wenger obviously doesn’t know best and there are Arsenal fans with myriad views that don’t all fall under the lazy term AAA.

    Anyway I’ll let you get back to your social circle which I imagine is collapsing in your absence.

  26. I’ve been partying since this morning, Walter!

    @ bootoomee
    Love it! great comments, nailed it.

    @ ian
    Bang on.

  27. Bob,

    Thanks for stating the obvious, Captain Hindsight!

    I am attacking (yes attacking) Rupert Cook for his constant negativity and selective amnesia with respect to the team that he claims to support.

    You see I am not here sniping about someone or something that I have zero ability to influence (Wenger or Arsenal players). I am directly hitting at Rupert Cook whereas he can only moan at AW on the Internet.

    It is like the American Right wingnuts calling Obama names on the Internet. They keyboard warriors but you are not necessarily one just because you are telling them to cut out the crap.

    So, in a shorter post, Rupert Cook, cut out the crap!

    Finally Bob, I cannot recall you ever having any grouse against anyone who hates on Wenger or the players. Why? Maybe you are annoyed because you and Rupert are of the same ilk?

  28. @Walter, course I enjoy life. I devote about three hours a week to this site. The rest of the time I’m enjoying myself.;)

  29. Don’t do it to yourself Rupert. Those 3 hours are lost for ever

  30. @Bootoome, what crap? My opinion differs from yours, I’m so sorry.

    What selective amnesia? I remember a great 1-0 away win at Manu that won us the league. A similar triumph at WHL. I recall several decent displays last season, notably the win at Pool and the thrashing of Wigan. I also recall some poor displays. In fact perhaps it’s you with selective amnesia.

    Just because people have different expectations from yours doesn’t mean they’re not valid or they’re wrong to have them.

  31. Rupert Cook,

    Don’t cry dude. It’s not my fault that your life sucks and you need Arsenl’s success for comfort. My advise to you is that instead of being sad and spreading it, why not just follow a team that will provide those trophies through which EVERYTHING in life are measured?

    The last time I checked, Arsene has more trophies than Chapman and by your all important yardstick, he is more successful but your criterion has changed all of a sudden. Typical!

    Talking about selective outrage, a more honest commenter would put Arsene’s last 8 years in context of the major project that the club executed, but not you. That will be too fair and you don’t roll like that.

    You must be naive if you are surprised that I subscribe to the AKB/AAA dichotomy. Of course I do. I’m not a fence sitter. That is what I thought we have in common! You think Arsene is useless, I think he is great. I am bold enough to state my position while you are too timid to embrace your side.

    How can my social circle collapse in my absence? Ever heard of smart-phones? I can hold my glass of beer in one hand, I smack you around with my left and still be the life of the party. It’s called multi-tasking but you wouldn’t know. All that you spend your time worrying about is when Arsenal is going to win a trophy!

    Compare to you, yes I definitely feel smug.

  32. @Bootoome, You make assumptions about people you know nothing about. I know football fans aren’t bright but you really have nailed that, to borrow a phrase.

    Chapman died in office or didn’t you know that?

    I’m well aware of the major project that the club has undergone. That doesn’t explain some of the poor signings we’ve made and then couldn’t offload because of a crazy wage structure. Don’t let that interfere with your reasoning though.

    Again when did I say Wenger is useless? I’d say he was a very good manager up until around 2005 then he became a semi decent one.

    I don’t spend all my time worrying about Arsenal winning a trophy, it seems you don’t either, so we have that in common!

    Multi-tasking, I think I know about that considering I’m currently burning a cd, hoovering the house and entering in pointless debates with people who make assumptions about others based on nothing but their own prejudices.

  33. Rupert

    There is nothing ‘crazy’ about our wage structure. It’s just outlived its purpose, and is in the process of change over the last few years.

  34. @Shard, rewarding average players far too much money so we then couldn’t shift them? Maybe not crazy, perhaps a little foolish.

    I’m sure things will improve. We are now told we have money. The restraints have been loosened. I predict an upward turn in our fortunes.

  35. @bootoome, oh and btw I don’t advocate violence but it seems you quite like smacking people around as you so charmingly put it. You sound quite vile.

  36. Wow!

    Rupert Cook is acknowledging that Wenger has done some things right and applying nuance in his postings.

    My work is done here! Mission accomplished!

  37. Far too much money? How much do you contend squad players ought to be paid?

    We couldn’t afford the top end of talent. We couldn’t afford to really get people through the transfer market. So we paid on potential, and rewarded them accordingly, so that we wouldn’t be left without a squad. There was nothing foolish about it.

    Tell me, if we paid the likes of Denilson or whoever is your target here, half their current salaries. Would it be enough to either keep or procure a star player from the clutches of the oilers who have basically unlimited money? and also, how long would we be even able to keep a squad together? Any player that works out, will be liable to be poached away because of his lower wages.

    We competed at the top end of the squad player wages, instead of fighting an impossible battle for the top level wages at risk of losing the squad too. Doing it differently has it’s own risks, and those are something someone as smart as you should be able to see.

  38. @bootoome you haven’t done anything except made yourself look idiotic. Now go away and slap yourself.

  39. @Shard, not disputing that point but if a player is that good once another team comes along like Chelsea it won’t matter what wage you pay them as Chelsea will just up their wage offer.

    Were any of these players wanted? Who but us chased after Denilson or Bendtner?

    If these players work out you then up their wage. After all we don’t pay Jenkinson a huge wage. Do we? I hope not.

  40. Finally Bob, I cannot recall you ever having any grouse against anyone who hates on Wenger or the players. Why? Maybe you are annoyed because you and Rupert are of the same ilk?
    Stick your witch hunting pitch fork up thine, and wipe carefully with your litmus test paper carefully. You are the polarizing figure hereabouts, at least today. What a petty small mind sustains your tribalism. You tempt me to go back to misspelling your name, that sin of sins.

  41. Surely the three hours are up for this week, maybe for next week as well.

    Rupert, you are making a bigger prat of yourself than normal, take your own advice and give it a break.

  42. @bjtgooner, stick your little finger up your arse, wiggle it around, then suck it long and hard, you may then extract just enough juice from your slumbering brains to form a thought. Until then begone.

  43. @rupert (depressive and rude AAA sewer rat who cannot take his own advice)

    You really let yourself down badly with that sort of comment; but then you do come from not just any sewer, but worst of all an AAA sewer.

    Your continuous sarky negative anti Arsenal comments will achieve nothing, if you are not an Arsenal supporter – fine, I have no problem with that – but do not try to pretend to be a supporter as an excuse to post on a pro Wenger site. To qualify the sentence above – if you are not an Arsenal supporter, for goodness sake concentrate on whatever team you do support, and keep your negative trolling off this site.

    We have had your silly sarky comments for what seems the last year, strangely when the team had bad results you became joyfully vociferous in your negativity, when the results were good you were usually strangely quiet or quieter but still sarky.

    Take yourself back to the sewer and chill out.

  44. rupert

    ” if a player is that good once another team comes along like Chelsea it won’t matter what wage you pay them as Chelsea will just up their wage offer.”

    Agreed. But they weren’t supposed to be THAT good. They were essentially squad players, paid squad player wages. If Chelsea wanted Denilson, they would have to pay him 80k a week or more. And he wasn’t worth that to them. A similar player at Chelsea would have earned around the same as Denilson did here. This ensured that we had a squad that was largely kept intact. When Nasri got to a level slightly higher than a squad player, he was whisked away.

    If you pay Denilson 30k instead of 60k, Chelsea can still extract value from him by enticing him. Plus, clubs such as Everton and Fulham can offer them similar wages and perhaps more playing time, which would be tempting to the player to make his name and get a transfer for mega bucks.

    There is no hard and fast rule to be followed rupert. But doing it another way had it’s risks as well. I would argue it offered bigger risks. And although it is possible it might have let us win a trophy or two, I’m not sure it was likely enough to justify the bigger risk. That we took the option we did, and still never went out of the top 4, shows it isn’t too bad. It could have been much worse (regardless of what path we took on wage distribution)

  45. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you or I agree with the wage structure. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t foolish, and that it did have some logic and planning attached to it.

  46. I thought you’d like that, that’s what you want so that’s what you’ll get. Your pathetic attempts at humour and denying free speech are seen for what they are, the petty bleatings of a tyrant.

    I’ve met your sort. Always the loudest with insults, desperate to derail any serious debate, so frustrated when you don’t get any response.

    I’ve told you before to not waste time commenting on my posts and I advise you to use your time more profitably as this is the last time I respond to you puerile drivel.

    So shout out stupid comment after stupid comment until the matron gives you your injection, you won’t get any response from me.

  47. @Shard, ok, fair point. I was merely thinking that it would be hard to stop a team with vast wealth poaching any of our players. I certainly do acknowledge your argument supporting it.

  48. I’m going to try and clarify it again since people seem to not get the point about our wage distribution. Basically they say our players are overpaid. They aren’t if you compare them with players of the ilk at other top 4 clubs. The issue is that the best players at Arsenal are not paid at the same level as best players at other top 4 clubs. That is of course down to size of revenue.

    Now you could try and make up the gap at the top level by reducing wages at the lower (squad) level. Take away money from the likes of Denilson and give that money to Van Persie and you might keep them. But I think that is incorrect. Because even if you do that and offer Van Persie 200k a week, he was good enough to justify other clubs stretching their budgets to 250-300k. But most of our squad players are good enough to justify the 50-60k they were on. (After all, they still retained our top 4 status) They would go, as would your stars, needing you to have even more of a rebuild.

    Nope. I’ve tried to do an alternate wage distribution for us in that period. It wouldn’t have worked. We got that part right, even though we misjudged some players’ growth trajectory/worth.

  49. My previous post was not meant to indicate that you didn’t understand what I was saying rupert. I was trying to just put it more clearly. don’t know if I succeeded 🙂

  50. @rupert @ 5.01 pm

    Are you now talking to yourself? I think when you go over three hours your brain starts to fry, you really need to go back to the sewer and chill out.

  51. Shard,

    Are you a special education needs (SEN) teacher? You are very good at explaining things to idiots like Rupert Cook. And you are very patient too. Rupert is a stupid person’s (Bob) idea of a smart person. Birds of a feather really.

    All I have to tell him is to keep his negativity to himself about Arsenal not winning trophies (which is what he lives for) or go support one of the numerous other teams that regularly win trophies. The other alternative is for him to go to one of the numerous AAA websites (and take Bob, Mr Passive-Aggressive with him). It’s not too difficult.

    And Bob, if you are too dumb to type people’s names properly, that’s your problem. I guess I was expecting too much from you. Go back to typing my name like the moron that you are.

  52. bjtgooner,

    You see the tag team of Rupert Cook and Bob can dish it out but act hurt when called on their crap.

    I just have difficulty accepting that anyone with something good going on in their lives would be so wound up on trophies like these sorry lot.

  53. @Bootoomee

    Bob is a well established contributor and has written some excellent posts. He is very supportive of the club and overall I have a high opinion of bob.

    I think on this occasion bob is being protective of rupert – anyway bob is well able to speak for himself.

    Rupert on the other hand always has a smarmy or sarky negative remark to make about a player, the team, the manager, the board or the club. He has been such a prat that I refuse to engage with him in debate – I don’t consider his motives genuine – hence, I prefer to tweak his tail.

    It would be sensible to make your peace with bob.

  54. Bootoomee,

    I don’t really want to get into the middle of a blog war again, but the opening line of your post addressed to me was hilarious 😀

  55. bjtgooner,

    Thanks for the perspective. I had a row once with Bob and I genuinely tried to make peace with him. Based on my experience with him though, I see differently from you. He is quick to jump to the defence of the negative commenters, often sniping at positive posters. That is all I know about him. When he is not sniping, he is being passive aggressive.

    I also have low opinion of anyone who cannot type the names of the people they communicating with properly. He did this before, I called him on it and he is now threatening to revert to type. I attacked Rupert (yes, I don’t do passive-aggressive) for his negativity but I can make him squirm without writing his name incorrectly. It is juvenile and says more about the offender than the offended.

    Anyway, I always enjoy reading your comments.

    (BTW, I have been part of Untold for years now. Tony posted an article I wrote under my real name in 2010 shortly after our FA elimination at Stoke.)

  56. Bootoomee, Stick a link up to the article please, so I can have a read. Cheers in advance.

  57. Adam,

    Here’s the link: http://blog.emiratesstadium.info/archives/2571

    My title was MUSINGS OF A REALISTICALLY OPTIMISTIC GOONER. Tony used a different but better attention grabbing healine but kept it as a subtitle.

    It is old and some things there have changed but the spirit of the article remains.

    Please let me know what you think about it.

  58. I love ya Arsene I do, I love ya Arsene I do – Oh Arsene I love youuuu!!!!!

  59. Bootoomee
    What a great read, most of the stuff is still relevant today, and thanks for reposting. I liked the bit about the buy, buy& buy brigade, & also the bit about Song & Diaby. In 2010 many of these fans wanted Song sold, and what are they saying now now that their wish was granted? You guessed it. I could say the same about Diaby again; many are saying he should be sold/released, but wait 2 or 3 years down the line when he’s become injury free(like a certain Dutchman) & shining for another team. Wenger knows best.

  60. Thanks AL!

    Football at top level is complicated and there is no one-size-fits-all solutions. However, in that complex field, Arsene is one of the masters. I just cannot accept insults being thrown his way by simpletons who have no clue how to manage a Sunday/pub team.

    I appreciate your comment. I may write again soon:)

  61. Ha, great read, you remind me of my brother when he tried playing ball with me, he was a rugby player and it showed, and I probably still have some bruising to prove it, some 20 odd years later.

    Love this “I understand and appreciate the promotion of ANYTHING British from beef to potatoes”, both originally imports but are considered British, Love it, sums us up.

    I never got picked out of the “line-up” at school either, I was always one of two doing the picking, my school probably hindered me with the amounts of sports I participated in, but that’s another story if you want another perspective on that “line-up”.

    Some of the commentors on your article can be found over at Positively Arsenal.

    I would love to read some more of your thoughts and musings.

  62. @Bootoomee

    A very good article and well written, sorry I did not recognize you earlier.

  63. @Stuart

    Interesting link. There is one similarity between the posts from Rhys & the rupert – both tend to jump quickly from one point to another without necessarily fully developing each point. However, some of the phraseology seems different – but I am not an expert in this field.

  64. Nice article, Bootoomee!

    This bit struck me – there are more Arsenal fans in Nigeria than in England.

    If that’s true, and you weren’t joking, it certainly makes you think!

  65. I too notice similarities, but more in how I felt toward the person. Agree with them both to an extent but see the instigator and agitator in both.

  66. Pat,

    I think that’s why Tony made it the headline but believe me it’s true. I admit that I did no head count (how could I?) but check it out with Gooners who have relocated from Nigeria in the last decade and they’ll tell you the same. We have 160 million people. Most of us support Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United, Barcelona (in that order). The number of Arsenal fans is ridiculous and it drives our rivals nuts: how can this many people be supporting a team that is not winning trophies? Of course most of them are glory hunters as Chelsea fans’ number erupted during Mourinho’s first era.

    Anyway, I ascribe Arsenal love among Nigerians to primarily good football and staunch defiance of the common wisdom of buy buy buy. You see Nigerians love under-dogs, especially if they play positively. The Dutch national team is also very popular in Nigeria.

    I know no one who cheers for England. Go figure!

  67. Yes, I remember back in the day there was certain people / person posting with multiple aliases and argueing with themselves (quite why I’ll never know) and when Rupert Cook came on the scene so did someone called Rhyle or Ryle. All pure coincidence of course.

  68. @ Bootoomee – I am glad you provided that link, it was very interesting.

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