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August 2021

Is Arsenal really going to buy Luiz Suarez from Liverpool, or should we focus on writing the letter í?

By Walter Broeckx

In his articles that you could read on here in the last days Tony painted an accurate picture on the dealing that goes on behind the scenes. The secret things, the spreading of rumours and more importantly, and far more extensively, the spreading of false rumours.

And as he said lots of those false rumours are just made up at the desk of the “serious media” who hasn’t got anything better to do all day and all night. Additionally lots of rumours are made up by agents to put their players in the spotlight and a form of advertising them.

And then we had the clubs who let some things leak to the media for tactical reasons. And I think that of this kind we have seen a possible great example.

I am talking about the rumour that suddenly came above water that Arsenal is very interested in buying Luiz Suarez from Liverpool.

Even some betting offices stopped taking bets I had been told (I don’t know this as I don’t gamble and certainly not on transfers – but it is making the web sites of most newspapers) and others had made Arsenal hot favourites to land Suarez (to use this popular media expression)

Now apart from the fact that I think it is highly unlikely that we would sign Suarez let us take a look at the possible source from this rumour.

We all have heard the stories that Arsenal want to buy Higuain (I can’t do the accent for the moment – still looking for a lost accent on the “i” somewhere on my computer). [Look here it is Higuaín: – Tony]   And then we heard that Real Madrid and Arsenal are still disputing the transfer fee.  So would it fit Arsenal if somehow a false rumour about us signing someone else was spread?

Just imagine this possible scenario: Arsenal want Higuaín from RM.

RM want £25m but Arsenal want only to pay £21m.

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So if suddenly a rumour is out that Arsenal could buy Suarez and snatch him under the nose of Real Madrid this could have an important influence on the Higuaín transfer.

Arsenal might say: ok if you don’t drop the price we will buy Suarez and you keep Higuaín.  And Higuaín has made it clear that he wants to leave Real Madrid. And Real Madrid will get stuck with an unhappy player. Juventus the other team interested in Higuaín has already bought a lot of strikers so they are no longer interested. So for the moment it looks that there is only one serious candidate left to buy Higuaín.

Of course Tottenham will try to say they are after him but Higuaín has made it clear he only wants to go to a club that plays in the CL. And we know that Tottenhams is always after the players Arsenal is said to be interested.   They use this not so much to undermine Arsenal but in order to try and reduce the price they have to pay for others.

Now Real Madrid has to do something to counter Neymar to Barcelona so they do need a new big name or even two if possible (Bale and Suarez). And to finance this they need to get rid of a few players. Players like Higuaín with his troublesome accent. Of course they want as much money as possible to finance the new players coming in.

So this false rumour might improve the Arsenal negotiation position against Real Madrid.  Arsenal is the only candidate to take Higuaín.  But Arsenal could turn to another player in an instant and then Real Madrid has to try to sell him and they will possibly end up with getting less money than they are asking now.

Now of course Arsenal might really consider Suarez as an option if Real Madrid is not willing to lower their price, but for me as a transfer market rumour observer it looks a very well-timed rumour.  I do call myself a transfer market observer as I do follow the rumours as much as I can – after all it is part of my hobby which  is writing for Untold to keep in touch a bit. But I don’t believe much of the rumours flying around.

Come to think of it. The game on the field is more and more turning in to a the more you can cheat the more chance of winning a game. And outside the field it also is turning in to a the more you can cheat the more chance of winning anything. Be it by financial doping, blood doping and other doping, referee cheating, ….

Come to think of it…the beautiful game is not that beautiful anymore…

[STOP PRESS: Higuaín has said in a press conference that he is choosing Arsenal because at least one of their blogs can be bothered to get the accent into his name.  Untold strikes again!]   [That’s a rumour by the way.]

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31 comments to Is Arsenal really going to buy Luiz Suarez from Liverpool, or should we focus on writing the letter í?

  • Bill

    Arsenal haven’t got the money.

  • footiefan

    It’s Luis Suárez, not Luiz Suarez !!

  • Mike

    Good story. I also think that this may be why we’re so heavily linked to Rooney. No way in hell he stays in the EPL. Have you noticed a link between Ronney and Real has gone dormant. Watch that happen after we sneak in Higuain. My next question is, who is going to be that other solid starter we bring in. Is Jovetic a real possibility…

  • Rob

    £50M is out of Arsenals league. Looks like its back to buyinh cheap and cheerfull for Arsen.

  • Grimey

    Is it possible that AFC are playing th transfere game. What are the chances that Mr Wenger popped into the local bookies and placed a cheeky £10 on Suarez to join AFC? Would that be enough for those very same bookies to suspend betting?

    I love my over active imagination.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Higua – I can’t bloody find the ‘i’ accent on my computer and I have é and è and ç and à and ù and µ on my keyboard but not a i with an accent on – IN

    We should ask our readers how I could produce this accent as there will be some sort of magic trick to do it… Probably because I have an AZERTY keyboard… 🙁

  • Rufusstan

    Arseblog had an interesting take on the whole has stopped taking bets on so-and-so’s transfer, which is that its a way of getting some viral advertising for the betting site.

    Its free, they don’t have to lie, make anything up, and with everyone feeding on any transfer scrap they can, of course it will spread quickly.

    Now if you are asking me if we’d actually sign him, the things that immediately come to mind are:

    1). Liverpool will try to squeeze a stupid* amount of money out of whoever buys him.
    2). His temperament is the last thing that Arsene goes for.
    3). He has so much previous with the refs/PL now, that put him in an Arsenal shirt and he might as well apply for his bans in advance.
    4). He’s still banned for another 6 games.

    So that would be a no.

    *stupid meaning far more than he is worth, and the £22 mil** we are about to pay for Higuain

    **Allegedly 🙂

  • nicky

    I have to say this…and I do so as a friend and a lover of Belgian chocolates and Brussel sprouts (though not together) so please do not take offence.
    If you cannot find the i with an accent on it, the whole credibility of your future referee reports is in serious jeopardy.
    Every example of criminal behaviour by a referee which you produce will tend to be excused because “Walter can’t find an i with an accent”.
    “Think on” as referees say oop North.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I must find the bloody accent thing 😉

  • Doublegooner

    Maybe Rooney was just a smokescreen for Sanogo !

  • Mjc

    Press the Alt key (and keep it pressed) and type 161 on the numeric keypad the release the Alt key.
    Should work.

  • robdogooner

    i î ï í ī į ì
    You need to get a MAC Walter.

  • robdogooner

    and what the hell is an “AZERTY” keyboard.lmao

  • WalterBroeckx

    í oh my God MJC you did it !!!!!!!!Thanks

    Now they will take me serious again. 🙂

    @robdogooner most countries work with a QWERTY keyboard but we are one of the few nations who have a slightly different keyboard where the top line is in the AZERTY sequence.

    And to finish it off: í

  • WalterBroeckx

    From now on I will not put the . on the i anymore but put the accent on the í

    This is fun 🙂 and a bit childish, í know

  • Ong Bing

    Walter, go to:

    All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Character Map


    Mjc, I uses laptop, can not type alt+ascii code

  • Ong Bing

    Ah, last time I checked on the net, I read that he is in London for medical, is that true? (Higuaín, not Suarez)

  • Dec

    Glad to see your search for an accent is the main topic of conversation Walter. Much more important than the Suarez nonsense.
    Who will it be next week, Barton and Shawcross?

  • WalterBroeckx

    í nah another one, just for you Dec 😉

  • weedonald

    Stranger things have happened fellow Gooners….if Walter can find the accenty thing, maybe Wenger can find the 20-25M needed to bring that neck biting Uruguayan maricon to the Emirates!

  • LRV

    Congratulations, Walter, on finding the í.

    Suarez + Wenger = No Chance.

  • Mjc

    Walter, no problem!
    Glad to be of service to your wonderful website 😉

  • IT Gooner

    just use alt gr while pressed down type (i) and you will get an accent it works with a few other letter and numbers to produce euro signs pound signs and accented letters

  • Liam

    Can we please just, at least get this higuain deal in the bag… I’m really starting to wonder whether we will see any quality come in. Them down the road already managed to pull in Pauline without bloody champion league and we are acting like misers, as usual

  • Stroller

    If this happens I’ll take a bite out of the next person I meet. Promise.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Some very interesting slants on the transfer issues but I can confirm I will be more likely to sign than Suarez or rooney

  • I Think Arsenal Playing Two Straker Hugain And Suarez Wel Done Arsenal

  • Persian gunner

    The best way to know how to pronounce every players name is your play station!
    You can go to edit player, players name, commentator, there is an alphabetic chart, go to H, find Higuain and enjoy! 🙂

  • ARSENAL 13

    Higuaín…..Yes. Thanx to Untold. Finally we all know how to type ‘í’.

    And guys, you have to check this.'s-Suarez-bid/

    Arsenal in for Suarez…..well its laughable. But this……

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Has AW finally listen to the AAA and gone for a striker to add ” bite ” to the attack ? Also “spitting ” and “cussing” !

  • blacksheep63

    Walter, in all things Arsenal the accent should always be on the positive 🙂