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August 2021

Why do our transfers come at the end of the window? (Err, they don’t)

By Tony Attwood

Comments are often made to the effect that Arsenal always leave things to the last minute in transfers.

Of course we do sign players late in the transfer window sometimes, but it is odd to insist it is always thus.  Here are a few transfers from recent years.  I’ve only included the major transfers and just for interest a few of the renewals – which as we know can be rather important too.

And I have just done the last five years…


30 April 2012. Lukas Podolski joins from Cologne.


4 June 2008:  signs a new contract with Arsenal.

9 June 2011:  Carl Jenkinson signed from Charlton

9 June 2008:  Alex Song agrees to a new contract with Arsenal.

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19 June 2009: Thomas Vermaelen signs for Arsenal from Ajax.

26 June 2012: Olivier Giroud signed from Montpellier.


2 July 2009: Midfielder Jack Wilshere signs a new “long-term” contract with Arsenal.

3 July 2009: Kieran Gibbs signs a new contract with Arsenal.

8 July 2009: Robin van Persie signs a new contract with Arsenal.

11 July 2008: Nasri signs for Arsenal from Olympique de Marseille.

11 July 2011: Gervinho signed from Lille.

24 July 2012:  Laurent Koscielny signs new contract.

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20 comments to Why do our transfers come at the end of the window? (Err, they don’t)

  • I would like to add to that the signing of yaya sonogo. That particular deal seemed to be wrapped up before the transfer window even openend.

  • Bart

    Oh come on, don’t spoil the fun by facts. This virtual world of alleged targets, alleged bids, alleged dithering (this year’s buzzword) by Wenger for players most have never seen play but are sure we desperately need is just brilliant. Arsenal fans turning into Veruca Salt, I WANT THIS PLAYER, I WANT HIM NOW!!!

  • Henry Root

    This is incredibly unrepresentative as it makes sense to look at the proportion of transfers done at different times. The appallingly managed transfer window debacle two years ago was the prime example of poor timing and evidence ,to me , of Wenger’s increasing lack of decisiveness. I think a purchase like Diarra a few years ago is opportunistic and sensible but the recruitment of Park and santos shows how dangerous and costly a supermarket dash is

  • The font

    We know wenger is after new players but it has not been said by him or the club which players we are after therefore anything in the press is only for our amusement anybody who thinks that any member of any media corporation knows who we are after how much the transfer will cost and what renumaration that certain player will get along with length of contract .is naive anybody who believes these outrageous stories Should. Return the mushrooms From where they purchased them as they have been sold the wrong ones

  • Stuart

    Arsenal have my address on their database, it’s staggering they haven’t written to me to advise of all transfer targets.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    As in all fire sales , they come cheaper and the selling club are more desperate than us .

  • damian

    Nasri wasn,t early he was late we waited a year 4 contract to run down and Jenkins 1m not realy beating the mob maybe 1 Vermealen maybe

  • ziggy

    Arsenal have never divulged their transfer business until its done even the sellers are sworn to secrecy and if leaked the deal does.Some deluded fans however,are more interested in what other clubs are doing and comparing and the same so called fans,end up insulting our own club personnel,because they haven’t bought someone they wanted. None of us fans research a particular player more than the manager,scouts and back room staff and every aspect is taken into account ,fitting into our style for one.Fans however,hear a name mentioned and because it’s an often heard name think the player should be signed.Since AW arrived at Arsenal he has signed 4 players who were well known maybe 5 the rest have been unknowns or not considered big names to these shores.Suker,Wiltord,Arshavin,Jeffers,Campbell. the only value for money of these was Campbell, then we had Pettit, Vieira, Henry, Anelka, Ljunberg,Silva, Lauren, Reyes, Fabregas , Flamini, Hleb RvP and Nasri all virtual unknowns and have all been excellent buys and we think we know better than the manager? oh please!!

  • damian

    ps and Podolski & Gervinho again we lost this time we got em

  • Dec

    Can somebody make this Suarez story/rumour just go away!!!
    Can’t bear to think of that obnoxious little rat in an Arsenal shirt.

  • JD

    what the hell are you going to prove?

  • Lets us not forget that we have the likes of Ryo Miyachi and hopefully Joel Campbell (highly regarded as one of he best youngsters in la liga) to look forward to next season.

  • Trophyless gunner


  • ryan

    new contracts are really not the same as new signings, even though thy are certainly helpful to tie up early.

  • Bootoomee


    You and me both. Everything that I know about the club and Arsene Wenger just screams bullshit on the story but then I never believe any transfer story until I see the announcement on anyway. It is particularly troubling to hear stories linking Suarez to Arsenal. We might as well be bidding for Joey Barton!

    The font,

    I’m in agreement with you, I just find it difficult to believe that people enjoy or derive amusement from the activity (transfer speculation.rumour mongering that is).

  • Izuchukwu Okosi

    The statistics can be annoying and these PAST contract signings are part of them. Why not continue that trend and ensure that the in-coming players start bonding on time with the others? By the time Wenger gets ready to buy(if at all), all the “top, top players” must have been taken!

  • uk

    6players signed early within a period spanning 5yEars? of the 6players only poldi a big name, nasri had a growing reputation, the rest either potential(jenks, song), or mediocre (giroud,verm,gerv). everyone knows not all our players are signed late, especially when it comes to the teenagers who probably will only wear the shirt in preseason eg galindo,w.silva, campbell; but 6 first teamers, none of which was a big star in 5years isnt anything to come on a blog and brag about. personally, i dont think we do our business early enough, thats especially because one common excuse AKBs like to give is that our players didnt have enough time in preseason to gel. however, i didnt think it was as bad as only 6first teamers in 5years. im certain, weve got maybe 20 or more signings in that period

  • gerry

    Never count on a transfer where Arsenal are concerned until you see them walk out onto the pitch wearing the canon. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this target and the likes of Fellaini were fabricated by the club to get fans to renew their season tickets. This clubs a joke along with Madrid and Perez, all the talk of a 70 million transfer kitty is laughable because I think all those of sound mind already knew Sanogo, another youngster and maybe someone in their 30’s will be Arsenal’s only business. Money, money, money………lets all watch the club make some more in Korea and then challenge for our 4th place trophy again.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The AAA have signed on early I see ,and have renewed their bilious attack on this site with gusto ! That should count as something good , doesn’t it ?
    In my newspaper’s funnies ,there is a staid and stoic Garfield saying ,” If you wait patiently …..( dramatic pause)………. complete boredom will arrive !”
    I think many have reached their Nirvana !
    Or not !! Piss be with you all !

    1. Freedom from the endless cycle of personal reincarnations, with their consequent suffering, as a result of the extinction of individual passion, hatred, and delusion.
    2.A place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world.

  • Georgaki-Pyrovolitis

    I find the AAAs/doomers and gloom merchants quite amusing. Most of them struggle with the English language or maybe are so animated whilst writing their brattish rants that they forget any semblance of grammar. On a positive note it does suggest the Arsenal fan base is a broad church…..