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  1. rantetta

    Thanks, Walter.

    I can’t wait to see the results of this incredible body of work. Thanks also to the other ref reviewers. Thanks for giving your time. And a special thanks to Dogface – one of my heroes. I often look in on his twitter thingy because he has so many interesting things to say, and his page often links to other very interesting stuff too (including much splendid repartee with the gorgeous Ms Black, though of course, the political stuff is more important – yeah right!)

    It’s a pity many ref reviewers are unable to carry on but I’m hopeful that a new bunch of refs will be able to continue this role in the future, and I think it’s great that Walter has fully acknowledged and thanked them for the work they’ve done – in this article.

    Well, I can’t wait to see the results of the 2012/13 referees performances. Again, thanks.

  2. Stuart

    Do you think a newspaper might support this project? Maybe one in Spain, Germany, Italy or France where they may have a disliking / envy towards the premier league.

    They might provide some financial backing in exchange for exclusive rights to publish the data and they will already have a large distribution base. They may also be able to provide more referee contacts.

  3. Pat

    A lot of very useful information has already appeared from the referee reviews, and the immense effort has not been wasted.

    Thanks to Walter, Dogface and all the reviewers.

    Looking forward to further analysis based on the over fifty per cent of EPL matches reviewed.

  4. Adam

    @Walter, I have Pawson’s, East’s and Madley’s career stats on my PC if you interested in them?

    Have you considered approaching a higher learning institute (university or college) to see if they can help? I know alot of Universities in England now have sports science programmes. It maybe of interest to them, because of the psychological effects refereeing decisions have on sports people.

    Just a thought?

  5. blacksheep63

    I think Adam’s idea is a good one Walter, a university research project would also add a level of disinterested rigor to the process which may make it harder for the FA and others to ignore. But in the meantime thanks for the sterling work you’ve all done

  6. bjtgooner

    Walter, I think we all appreciate the immense amount of work that has been put in to these reviews, all with the object of eventually achieving fair play in the beautiful game.

    The sad thing is that if the PGMOL was doing its job effectively, then these reviews would not be necessary.

    I do hope you can find some way to continue the reviews until the necessity disappears.

  7. Yudhoyono

    Very informative but will be keen to see how it will affect the teams next season

  8. iniez

    Have you considered using Kickstarter? People may be willing to throw some money into the pot for a project like this. Plus you don’t have anything to lose. You just set a goal and people have until a certain time to donate towards that goal (sometimes even exceeding the goal). If the deadline arrives and you haven’t met that goal then no one loses any money leaving no one feeling like they donated in vain. Not sure how much money you would have in mind, but if you feel it’s realistic to achieve based on the support you have then why not have a go at it. Before even going to the trouble of setting up a kickstarter project, you could gauge responses ahead of time via a survey here on Untold. Set one up asking if and how much people would be willing to pay and there you go. I know you probably don’t want to ask people for donations so directly but clearly many of us want to help. Would be sad to see Ref Reviews go

  9. saketh

    feel broken for you walter.

    dont feel too bad. we love your site, love your work.
    many thanks.

    – the million arsenal fans who cant do without untold

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