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  1. Nizam

    That is why they will continue to win the epl for the next one hundred years. Wenger thought he had the measure of OT
    by moving to the ES. Arsenal’s gate receipts are not not that far off from the rd.
    The trick is keep on winning thereby garnering more sposonships. Wenger ‘s failure was he thought playing fancy soccer but overlooked winning and winning ugly.
    As for the refs,enough has been said.I get satisfaction that although red faceless MU can dominate in England,they can’t in the cl. And that is a constant joy to me.

  2. Gerry Lennon

    What a surprise!

  3. DogFace

    It appears that SAF’s last hurrah was nailed on – why am I not surprised?

  4. Philip Kumwenda(malawi)

    I totally agree with what is said above.I think the refs were afraid of Sir Alex e.g. yesternights game had it been the manager was the so called Sir we could have seen dubious penalties. Good ref.

  5. Geophrey Kings Onyango Jumah

    So its true Mpesa works as is widely aclaimed? I hate MU 4 life.

  6. Pat

    Interesting that again the figures from the referees reviewing the matches confirm what many fans of a number of teams believe – that Manchester United has been favoured.

    Jose Mourinho said recently that Manchester United, although winning the league last season, was not a star team like Arsenal Invincibles or his teams of 2005 and 2006.

    The press countered that by quoting the high points count Manchester United had last season.

    Now we can see that a lot of those points came from poor refereeing decisions in their favour.

  7. bjtgooner

    Why are we not surprised?

    The high disparity in reds and yellows is interesting – but such a disparity must have a knock on effect – the message is almost – if you tackle a Man U player you will get booked. It would be interesting to see if any particular player was being protected more than the others.

    The disparity all evens out in the end – or does it?

  8. para

    Manu is the “vorzeige” team, that is, the team that UK presents in it’s showroom. There can be no bad publicity brought near to Manu, the whole media has to follow orders on this, the PL also, else there will be trouble. This will not change, no matter who is manager. I myself know of one thing that has been kept out of the news, because it was Manu, and a blanket was pulled over it. It concerned Giggs, early on in his career, but enough said on that. So i guarantee that there will have been other incidents with other players etc, etc. They should not win PL this season, although this outside influence may decide otherwise. The CL is their target, and sticks in their throat, as they have not got any influence there. But as money plays a bigger and bigger role, they are gaining more and more influence in CL also.
    I like most other teams, even spuds when playing against manu, but i detest manu. Somehow they remind me of one of those Old Boy Clubs with “closed ranks” and all that.

  9. dan

    Bias for manchester utd, who would of thought!

  10. Va Cong

    Was it true they never got a penalty given against them at old trafford to us not getting a penalty to us at the emirates at all last season?

  11. Mark

    It does not seem to me that much is going to change with SAF not being the manager – he is still involved with the club and still part of the PGMO. This bias toward ManU has been consistent over the past several years. Thanks UT for doing the research to prove it over the past two seasons!

  12. james


    It was supposed to be nailed on the year before. Obviously he emptied his political bank account of favours this time around.

    I am going on the record to predict Utd won’t get nearly so much tilt this time.

    Can you believe Atkinson was reffing at Old Trafford for Chels?

    That never would have happened under SAF.

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