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September 2021
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September 2021

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Liverpool’s naughty Suárez secret revealed in a slip by Gordon Taylor of the PFA.

By Billy “the dog” McGraw.  Director of Class and Style, The Toppled Bollard, Wapping.


Class, attitude, whatever, apparently Arsenal have none.  But there is a little something extra in the current story, a little something that most of the newspapers and all the TV stations with their Liverpool pundits who claim that Liverpool are bigger than Arsenal, have not mentioned.

A little something that I found out by chance from Peter Taylor.  A little something I will reveal in what follows below.

You see, Liverpool have taken the moral high ground vis a vis Arsenal’s bid, and the ex-Liverpool players working on BT Sprot and Sky and the like have gone down this route.

But they have left out a bit of history.  A story about when the table was on the other foot, and the boot was turned (if you get my drift).

What seems to be upsetting Liverpool FC is that Arsenal found out about the clause in Suarez’ contract that allowed him to speak to any club who offered £40m plus 1p.   Something they suggest (by implication) that they, Liverpool, would never, ever, ever, never, ever do.

What also upsets them is that Suarez (no accent) has accused Rodgers of going back on a verbal agreement to the effect that if a Champions League club came along he could leave.  Something they would never, ever, ever, never exploit.

Now the Professional Footballers’ Association has said that the £40m and a penny clauses, like the verbal “you can leave if a Champs League club comes along” are worthless.

Gordon Taylor of the PFA, himself on something like £40m a year, (well maybe not but still the highest paid trade union official in the country) said the whole notion of buy out clause was indeed “worthless”.

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And that is the first clue that the scribblers at Untold got that something was up.  Untold sat up, to a man, ordered a vodka and ginger, and laid down again.

Except for me, for I asked…

How did G Taylor know they were worthless?   Had the issue been tested before?

“There is a clause in there that if Liverpool do not qualify for the Champions League and then they receive a minimum offer of £40m, then the parties will ‘agree in good faith to discuss and negotiate in good faith’ and see what transpires,” Taylor said. “It is not a straightforward buyout clause and the contract is open to different interpretations. It doesn’t say there is an automatic trigger for a move.”

So the nagging doubt arose.  How did Taylor know at once that the contracts were worthless?

Well here’s the twist.  This is not new ground for Liverpool.  The first case of this type was Middlesbrough v well, what a surprise… Liverpool.  It related to  Christian Ziege.   It seems that Liverpool found out (how, we ask, how?) that Middlesbrough had a release clause in Ziege’s contract in 2000 and wanted to exploit that finding.   It was settled out of court.
So two in a row for Liverpool once on each side.   Surely there can’t be more.
In fact there was another one after the 2000 affair.  That was the infamous Gabriel Heinze affair in 2007 when it was, oh, well, err, Liverpool who tried to prize the player away from Manchester United.  Heinze said Man U had given him written permission to talk to Liverpool.  Liverpool lost.

Taylor has said time and again (and Liverpool should certainly have learned their lesson by now) that, “These buyout clauses can lead to ambiguity…  The clauses need to be as clear as daylight and they are not.”

Now we know how he found out.  This is the third Liverpool case with a buy out clause.

Should Liverpool and their manager have mentioned this?  Well, maybe not.  They have class.

So where does this history leave Arsenal’s lack of respect – given that Liverpool has a history of involvement in such cases and Arsenal does not?   I will refrain from giving the obvious answer.

Anyway, perhaps when the Liverpool manager said, “There has been total disrespect of the club,” he wasn’t aware of Liverpool track record in this field.

Suárez (oh ok, you can have the accent if you want) says he might put in a transfer request.  Liverpool say various things, like, “he’s not for sale at any price,” and “you have have him for £50m”. They just don’t mention the previous buy out clause cases.

Liverpool want a Suárez apology, but the non-Liverpool supporting footballing public might like a Liverpool apology over their failure to admit that they have been involved in this situation before – on both sides would be rather helpful.

I don’t think any of the Liverpool fans who commented on our last article actually mentioned this history.  I guess they thought it wasn’t relevant.

As for Arsenal well advertently or inadvertently they have disrupted Liverpool’s build up to the season just like Man U did to Arsenal last season.   Maybe Arsenal knew all the time that Liverpool had history in this sort of affair, and could be taken into a total tangle.  Maybe they will play games by offering more money – maybe £40,000,001.01p.   But no, that’s an Untold joke, and no one has ever accused us of having class.   Having fun, maybe, by class?  Nah.

Meanwhile Arsenal will be working on the basis that the suspended man with the accent will not be coming to the Ems.   But you know,  there is someone else who will…

144 comments to Liverpool’s naughty Suárez secret revealed in a slip by Gordon Taylor of the PFA.

  • Ian Hawthorne

    Right now it does not look like there is someone else who will. Wenger blew it by not signing Higuain and now he looks like a fool. FACT

  • Ian Hawthorne

    Right now it does not look like there is someone else who will. Wenger blew it by not signing Higuain and now he looks like a fool. FACT

  • Sawdust Caesar

    The inane ramblings of a deluded Gooner. Thanks for the laugh chief.

  • dazza

    pundits don’t claim Liverpool are a bigger club than arsenal . THEY ARE . 5 EUROPEAN CUPS v none is enough in itself

  • Jez

    Shame uk employment law does include football. I months notice and he’d be ours lol.

  • Fat Frank

    You mad bruh?

  • Stick to literature you knob, as you are clearly shite at research. The cases you refer to had clear cut release clauses – Suarez’s contract is ambiguous – so his agent needs fking . If there was any merit in the rat’s team perusing it in the courts they’d do so – smart arse!

  • Tony

    Lame article…Yawn!!!

  • Rafi

    Spot on. I thought g taylor wnet out of his way to represent liverpool fc here, not suarez(who his title appears to. given the history of LFC you outline above, how I wish suarez would take a stand and take Liverpool to court so that the clause itself can tested. then G taylor would be exposed as a mouth piece for a club, and not that of the players he purports to stand for. taylor is obviously aware of the history of LFC in this regard yet claims they are worthless?

  • tim

    Soo, as a LFC fan I should apologise for the opinion of the Head of the FA? And the fact that Man U didn’t let a player come to us 6 years ago?????eerr why?…..

    You really have to read beyond the headlines as Rogers said- ‘I have always associated Arsenal with class’. So not ‘classless’ or ‘lacking class’ (except with your +1 bid- which if you’re honest, is not a normal bid in football for a reason).

    The scary truth for Arsenal fans is you really need a Suarez. And there are no other decent strikers for sale this window realistically. So I understand the desperation. Your top 4 is at high risk….

  • Hi, we seem to have hit a technical problem, which is making it hard to clear comments from first time posters which go into moderation. Apologies if your post is delayed.


  • The font

    Ian Hawthorne.
    He does not look like a fool in my book for trying to buy one of the best strikers in the world but obviously you live in your own very little world

  • Dave

    Well done to Sherlock Holmes. Billy “the dog” McGraw, if you are available I would like you to negotiate my next contract for me with all them expertise you are wasted, what a load s**t.
    Don’t know why I even bothered reading that. I think it time all these Arsenal fans just except they ain’t getting Suarez. Seems you are now suffering the same shock and disbelief in it not happening that lfc was feeling when it was happening!! Face it Wenger and his advisers have dropped an almighty clanger by not getting Haguin.

  • AL

    The PFA chief is an embarrassment, coming out saying the buy out clause is worthless even before the player, whose interests he should be representing, approached his body. I posted a long-winded post on the other article talking about Suarez before I saw this one, but this is what I was talking about; lots of people in England don’t want to see Suarez in an Arsenal shirt. And that includes the PFA chief. Makes me wonder why.

  • Valentin

    According to Taylor the clause stipulates that if Liverpool does not qualify for the Champion’s league (in fact they have not qualify for Europe at all), then if a champion league club who offers 40millions then Liverpool has to notify Suarez and if he wishes Liverpool has to enter negotiation in good faith.
    Here is my 2 cents on that subject:
    1) That clause is worthless as it is open to so many interpretation. Suarez should fire his agent pronto. What amaze me is the number of time the same issue comes up. If English is not your or your agent first language (even if it is), hire a lawyer to proof read the contract and remove any ambiguity.
    2) By stating that Liverpool will refuse to enter any negotiation, then Henry could be in breach of that clause. He will find very difficult to argue that Liverpool is ready to enter good faith negotiation when stating that Liverpool will refuse to negotiate. If the clause is as Gordon Taylor stated, if I were Suarez I would hire a lawyer to get the contract annulled. They could even be liable for all his future earnings.
    3) I strongly suspect that will end in a court of law or at the TAS in Switzerland. If Suarez start to go on strike and he is that kind of player then Liverpool will be doubly damaged. No money and no player.

  • Danno

    Billy let me just say ” YOUR A FUCKING KNOBHEAD 😉 conspiracy theories lol Why can’t you just face the FACTS that liverpool would NEVER EVER SELL ARE BEST PLAYERS to a two bit club like arsenal 😉 And we are by far a better side,which we will show this season.Or you can always have a bet with me to see who finishers higher 😉 Don’t forget,the reason use arsenal fans are so bitter is because better sides have RAPED your club for years of your best players,and now you can’t RAPE Liverpool it’s getting to use.PATHETIC.And last season your fans slagged Suarez off to death because of his actions lol But because a Rat agent gives use the nod to put a bid in for him ( Which totally backfired lol ) YOUR ALL ANGRY NOW,and how pathetic are your fans BEGGING LFC & there fans to release RAT BOY because he had a CLAUSE that never was LMFAO
    HYPOCRITES THE LOT OF USE,OH AND SUAREZ IS GOING TO BE BRILLIANT THIS SEASON.WHY because it’s World Cup Year,and he’s the type of player who wouldn’t want to miss that PARTY 😉 Get a bet on Suarez being top scorer & player of the season hahaha

  • Bob

    I don’t know if you are as thick as you make out but the three cases you go on about are unrelated

    First Boro Liverpool where in breach of the rules because the player or his reps had divulged to Liverpool the clause which was suppose to be secretand that was h bases of the Boro case ho did Liverpool find out and Liverpool where dealt with

    Heinze Was old he could leave United for free if he fond another club United refused to let him go to a direct rival and the court found in there favour because the didn’t stop him leaving just prevented him joining a rival which is fair enough

    Suarez has a clause in his contract that says if a bid over £40m comes I the club will discus it which is what happened they discussed it and said no its a simple as that he is a Liverpool player and will stay as one until he puts in a transfer request and someone pays his value its simple not secret and not complicated

    Arsenal on the other had have fallen into the same trap as Liverpool did and if Liverpool pursue a case they will win an Arsenal will suffer they know that and that is why they have backed off and why he wont go to Arsenal so its best you move on

    Suarez will be sold abroad unless he undertakes to stay at the club which now seems unlikely so please no more fantasy tales

  • grimey

    *tiptoes away as quietly as possible*

  • grimey

    *tiptoes away as quietly as possible*

  • The font

    I would like to apologise. For dazza he has been in a coma since the 80s
    He thinks Leeds are bigger than man city.

  • Dec

    Clause or no clause, the man of the day for me has to be Liverpool owner, that well known scouser John Henry. His assertion that Louis the rat is staying at Liverpool (presumably to train and play with himself) is music to my ears. If that actually happens and the sacred Arsenal shirt is not despoiled by such a cheating pillock it will be the best news all Summer.
    KEEP HIM!!!!!
    A dishonourable player at a has been, also ran of a club. The two belong together. May they both enjoy the oblivion of mid table for many years to come. Let the 4 big clubs worry about the title.

  • jay

    Because by request the PFA’s lawyers were asked to go through the contract to see if Suarez had a case, he doesnt!! It was made public the same day that the PFA were doing what they could to help him!!!!

  • jay

    Because by request the PFA’s lawyers were asked to go through the contract to see if Suarez had a case, he doesnt!! It was made public the same day that the PFA were doing what they could to help him!!!!

  • Dave R

    Liverpool were a great club – not anymore. Arsenal are bigger and better – end of.

  • The font

    Oh god danno is still in the 80s are we in a time worp sorry got to go have check who we have in the champions league

  • Sam

    Class. Arsenal have said nothing in the press whereas Liverpool are there very day. You are not our direct rivals for 4h place. Spurs are. I am sure it hurts, but this is the reality now.liverpool has been a great club in the past. But you could not get to 4th last season even with Suarez in your team. What make you think that you can do it now?. SG is finished and if you keep unhappy Suarez, you will be fighting to avoid relegation this time.
    I read it somewhere, ” how many Liverpool fans it takes to change the light bulb?”. Answer is , “none, because they all sit in the dark and talk about how good the previous bulb was.”

  • Jim

    My two cents about the whole Suarez saga. One thing is sure that a clause does exist which Suarez claims allows a CL club to bid over 40 million and take him away. I feel it could be the definition of CL club which is holding this up. Arsenal and Suarez believe we are a CL club (and rightly too), but LFC may claim we are yet to qualify for the main event (clutching at straws here maybe), and hence not in CL yet so not eligible as per the clause. Also, by doing this LFC are trying to buy time and hope to entice Madrid who themselves might fail at Bale bid considering how skint Spain is and might turn to Suarez as plan B. Besides Real are Suarez’s first choice also. So its really a case of who calls the bluff correctly. Just hope we don’t end up looking fools and missing out on all other our striker options chasing Suarez.
    Also, now that Miquel has left on loan, we are desperately short at the back too. We are looking at 22 member squad right now and thus, we definitely need more than just Suarez to compete. Mr. Wenger, please act fast, time is running out.

  • Danno

    Oh you’ll really last long in that comp won’t use font lol As for Dec your all BITTER because where not like arsenal lol a two bit run club who never spend money,YET GET BENT OVER AND GET TAKEN FROM BEHIND,WHEN BETTER CLUBS RAPE USE FOR YOUR SO CALLED STARS lol
    And that’s the reason use are angry,because WHERE NOT A SELLING CLUB lol
    OH and Spurs and areselves have actually spent money in this window lol which use will never do LMFAO

  • The font

    Sam your missing the point we all thought there manager was Brendon’s rogers but it turns out we are still stuck in the 80s. And it is don rogers of Miami vice who is there manager when they signed him they thought they were going to get flair but it turns out it is flares Still its better they do not know whats in the future fighting for 12th place is not a nice thing

  • Danno @ 8.36pm is right about one point:

    “last season your fans slagged Suarez off to death because of his actions”

    This is what I expect opponents of the ‘Suarez to Arsenal move’ to concentrate on as it is a valid criticism. But any talk of Liverpool been too good or too big to sell to Arsenal is just utter nonsense.

  • Dec (@8.53pm),

    Amen brother!


  • The font

    Danno I am amazed Steve magarret is not on this site tonight everybody else from the eighties is

  • Danno

    Sam your own SUPPORTERS BEGGED YES BEGGED TO Release RAT BOY from his pathetic contract lol If it was ironclad he would have been to the courts already idiot lol RAT BOY stays at anfield 😉 And he will play great this season ( Do you know WHY ) It’s World Cup Year lol
    And RAT BOY doesn’t want to miss the PARTY LMFAO

  • Dec

    Bucket of Valium and maybe a basic spelling/grammar course for Danno !!
    Calm down buddy. You’re in civilised, grown-up company now.
    A lot if Arsenal fans would hate to see Suarez sign for Arsenal, I suspect there may be many Liverpool fans who’d hate to see him stay !!!
    Popular guy is Mr. Suarez. Not.

  • Cjris

    Liverpool are not even top 6 anymore.
    If you can’t make (or even seriously challenge) for a CL place, how can you complain when your best players want to leave?

    Past glories only matter to supporters of those teams, not prospective players.
    What is important is whether or not the club has a chance to win something anytime soon, and Arsenal are always in the hunt. Sure, Arsenal haven’t won anything for ages, but at least they are always in the running, on several fronts.

    Liverpool’s title hopes are usually done before xmas, and they can’t even get into the Champions League. Arsenal always challenge on all fronts, and if not necessarily for the title, at least you know they’ll be in the CL. Why would anyone but a fan want to pick them over Arsenal?

    Even crap teams can have good/lucky cup runs. Liverpool haven’t been a top team for 20+ years.
    The sad thing is everybody but Liverpool fans know it to be true.

  • Sam

    Using your words, so you liked BENDING OVER AND GETTING IT FROM BEHIND from CHELSEA, ( Torres ) REAL MADRID (Alonso, MacManamen, Owen).

  • Danno,

    Are you a 12 year old? You write like one. Overuse of smiley faces and LOLs and LMFAOs make your posts look childish especially as what you are saying is not even funny.

  • Danno writes like a crack head

    Damon writes like he is on crack rocks. Nice use of caps. Always reinforces an argument. Nice use of sweeping statements but not backing up those sweeping statements, as if they should be taken as gospel. Nice use of aggressive tone. Classy post. Clearly a classy guy. On a different class of crack rock. Well done Danno

  • Steve

    Jim you’ve cracked it.

    If Liverpool were serious about keeping Suarez they wouldn’t be holding press conferences every half hour. The problem they have is one unhappy player to sell and at the moment only one buyer.

  • The font

    Your just not getting it the humour in the eighties is different

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Liverpool fans are certainly more tribal than Arsenal fans. But point is they will have to wonder at how an unhappy and lied to player who feels that he is now been unfairly punished by the very guy that lied to him is going to be committed to their cause all season long. And if he is the one lying on his coach, how can that be fixed too? Worse, Saurez has far more capacity to make more trouble than you’ve yet seen from him.
    If Arsenal is being accused of lack of class for knowing and acting on the possibility of a clause in Suarez’s contract then as this piece pointed out, there is much hypocrisy afoot. I mean, I don’t even live in UzK, yet,I, in my occasional foray to the football sites read about it in sundry sites and blogs.

  • Sam

    Spot on.

  • John Garmouth

    Goodness me, those scousers are an illiterate bunch aren’t they?

    Anyway, apart from congratulating you on an interesting take on the whole affair, I wanted to point you in the direction of the press coverage of Liverpool’s acquisition of Suarez in January 2011. Change the names around and it reads like recent coversge right down to Ajax manager Frank de Boer accusing Liverpool of being ‘disrespectful’ (for initially offering less that £13m.) Ajax didn’t want to sell but Liverpool forced the issue – one might say what goes around comes around.

  • Jim

    Steve, Its so apparent, isn’t it?
    Liverpool would be fools to keep hold of Suarez after what he has done to them so far, practically burnt all bridges there. Keeping a player like him will demotivate other players.
    Also the fact that Wenger is so quietly confident about this is an indication that we have an upper hand (that is unless Madrid come in). And like him or not, signing Suarez will be a major show of intent, a player who is a game-changer. Him and a strong DM plus CB and we will be a very strong force to reckon with.

  • ...

    Hi guys,

    I’ve never posted on here but the Liverpool fans comments – who are all clearly stuck in the 1980’s prompted me to say something.

    But firstly my thoughts of this whole Transfer Saga. I want Arsenal to make a marquee signing but I don’t want Suarez as I think he is a disgusting little man and will continue to think that even if he signs for Arsenal.

    Liverpool fans face it, whilst you have European Pedigree you are no longer a big club currently sure you are in the history books but that accounts for relatively little in Modern Football. Notts County and Leeds used to be good that doesn’t make them good now. Whilst other clubs such as Man City and PSG have no history yet both of them are better than both of our teams at the moment.

    However, between Arsenal and Liverpool. It is clear to anyone that Arsenal CURRENTLY is the better team, if you would care to look at the table last season that should show you enough as would looking at most of the tables in the Premier league era. If that still isn’t enough than look at the difference in clubs revenues – Arsenal is one of the most valuable clubs in the world. That still not enough? Look at the world wide fan base 130m for Arsenal 70m for Liverpool. More fans, More money and a Higher League position. What about that doesn’t scream out to you that Arsenal is currently a bigger club.

    Also if you want to delve into the history books then Arsenal has been in the top division for the most successive years, and by the way how many Premier League Titles have Liverpool won? Answer:0. Fair enough you have Euopean Pedigree but we have Domestic Pedigree. More importantly though at the moment Arsenal are a bigger club that Liverpool which is why Suarez would want to leave. However, as I have said I do not want him because of his personality (which is more in synch with Liverpool) and would prefer any other striker in the same price bracket to him – even Rooney.

  • marcus

    I am not a lawyer, but I thought the term “in good faith” had a clear legal meaning?

    Taylor of the PFA says not though…..

  • Einstein

    I am really starting to feel a bit sorry for the liverpool fans. banging on about 5 euro cups, come on lads only 1 of these was won in colour. in jail terms 15 yrs equals life so thats 2 life centences well into the third since you even managed to win the league. wow what a huge club u support. i am almost bowled over by your success…..before i was even born. i know as fans you have to support your side even as you see yourselves being overtaken in style and points by everton. but please stop trying to belittle a club like arsenal who have managed to stay top four and build a stadium, while your crumbling stadium and club step further and further away from any past glory. suarez will be a gooner get over it.

  • Einstein

    I am really starting to feel a bit sorry for the liverpool fans. banging on about 5 euro cups, come on lads only 1 of these was won in colour. in jail terms 15 yrs equals life so thats 2 life centences well into the third since you even managed to win the league. wow what a huge club u support. i am almost bowled over by your success…..before i was even born. i know as fans you have to support your side even as you see yourselves being overtaken in style and points by everton. but please stop trying to belittle a club like arsenal who have managed to stay top four and build a stadium, while your crumbling stadium and club step further and further away from any past glory. suarez will be a gooner get over it.

  • Doofus

    Seriously, can somebody ban these illiterate bin dippers?? They’re an embarrassment.

  • The font

    I just like to point out that Liverpool were the flag bearers for England when I was growing up although a die hard gooner I have a great respect for Liverpool football club and for there fans they really do make the 12 th man real but please do not come onto our site and tell us we have no class Suarez’s situation was not instigated. By us it was most proberly from his agent and yes he is a world class striker and I personally would love for him to join but I also feel the pain (van persi fabregas nasri viera Henry ) all hurt. You should not blame us for trying to sign him you should blame him for wanting to leave .

  • Yet

    If I remember correctly Liverpool were fined for putting in the zeige clause without Middlesbrough discussing the clause (ie illegal approach). Are you implying that this is the same issue and arsenal should be punished by the FA as Liverpool were or that because you claim arsenal have more class they should be treated better by the FA and the rules don’t apply the same for them?

  • Stuart

    Just because he is a child, doesn’t invalidate his opinion although he is a moron.

  • Einstein

    hi ya font
    liverpool were the flag bearers when you were growing up.
    i hope you enjoy your retierment.
    kind regards

  • nicky

    OOOer Billy, a real can of worms you opened up here my son.
    I think a quiet sojourn with DB10 on his allotment is called for to get away from that nasty Danno (from Hawaii 5 0 no doubt).
    I’m only next door in my garden greenhouse with a warm Belgian beer if Denis is too busy to talk.

  • Stuart

    I used to have respect for Liverpool and the fans but that has all gone now. Now days I can’t stand Liverpool fans. They moan and whinge living on past glories as though 25+ years is better than 8 and they generally haven’t got a clue. One recently even claimed (seriously) that the majority of our squad is French. Firstly, we know it isn’t and secondly, would it matter?

    They’ve had it and deep down they know it hence all the cocky panic.

  • Erin

    Perhaps senior Suarez, went to the Pfa with his contract! Some gunners say, higuain? Who? Good player but Jovetic was the one we were linked since January. And yes, the perfect player for us…we just can’t conclude anything .

  • Doofus

    Sign on, sign on,
    With hope in your heart,
    You’ll never get a job!,
    You’ll never get a job!

  • Stevie E

    Classy. And not at all antagonistic.

  • LeoS

    I feel a bit sorry for Liverpool fans, have they not caught on that their club is trying, and failing, to cash in on Suarez?

    They were the ones who made Arsenal’s interest in Suarez public knowledge, the most logical reason for this being to encourage other clubs to get involved, get a bidding war going, and get top dollar for him. (And they admitted as much when they said they wouldn’t sell him TO A RIVAL. Only now are they saying he’s not for sale, full stop.) Unfortunately for them it has backfired horribly. Not only did nobody else show an interest, understandable given Suarez’s on-pitch behaviour, but he appears very keen on coming to Arsenal, something Liverpool perhaps didn’t expect. And so Liverpool have managed to unsettle their star player and create no further interest in him at all. Genius!

  • Ted B

    I enjoyed reading your article and wouldnt be surprised there is some truth in it.
    Regarding class – Liverpool is totally lacking any as are the old hasbeen players that come out with utter garbage.
    I’m surprised any Liverpool fans have got time to post on here as they are normally up some drain pipe looking for an open window – ah perhaps they posting from someone elses new computer. “Hey thats mine Barry I nicked it earlier”

  • bjtgooner

    It was disappointing the way Henry & Rodgers went public on our bid for Suarez, almost from the minute the first bid went in, this was totally unnecessary, possibly they were trying to attract interest from another potential purchaser.

    It was also disappointing the way their anger at Suarez was transferred into an attempt to ridicule Arsenal – which the anti Arsenal media has propagated.

    Arsenal have correctly recognized that the squabble is between LFC and Suarez, it includes the ambiguous contract and possible “gentleman’s agreement” from last summer. Correctly Arsenal have kept out of this squabble.

    I have some sympathy with LFC fans, most only want the best for their team – some will behave like idiots – but we have some of those in our fan base also.

    Liverpool are now in a difficult position, they are trying to force Suarez into staying against his will in the hope he will settle down; in consequence they risk considerable disruption in the next few weeks.

    Suarez obviously feels that Arsenal + Suarez has much greater CL and EPL prospects than Liverpool + Suarez. As an Arsenal fan I have mixed feelings on the possible transfer, he is a great player who would get even better under Wenger, but I don’t like the baggage.

  • Mathew

    bootoomee….. I think you are right, Danno must be twelve years old as he hasn’t replied since his bed time at 21:00 hours 🙂 its either that or he’s out thieving with his mum.

  • WalterBroeckx

    The thing people Liverpool should not forget is that Suarez has a history in going to court to push a transfer over the line. So I wouldn’t be surprised that at one moment in time he will go to court and force his way out. He tried to do that when he wanted to go from Groningen to Ajax.
    A little piece from wikipedia (I know…. but still):

    Ajax saw potential in Suárez and offered Groningen €3.5 million for him, but Groningen rejected the deal.[12] Suárez was upset and brought his case to the KNVB’s arbitration committee to try to facilitate the sale.[12] The arbitration committee ruled against him on 9 August 2007, but that same day, Ajax increased their offer to €7.5 million and Groningen accepted.[10][13]

    So you better watch out. When Suarez plants his teeth in to something he usually gets what he wants. (And when he bites…it is just a sign for his current club that he wants out)

  • Ari Storle

    Look, I doubt every scouser wears a track suit or has a perm, but you lot are bringing out the Harry Enfield in me. I don’t get how verbally smashing bin lids together puts forward an eloquent argument for the keeping of a player some supporters here have labeled ratboy. In footballing terms, the attraction for joining the Arsenal at present is obvious. No-one likes it when your club (who’s colours would no doubt run from you were you to bleed) is in decline. You don’t have far to look to see giants like Leeds U to get the point. Now if you think my point is that Liverpool are joining Leeds you’d be wrong. My point here is HISTORICALLY Liverpool were a force, the problem with this is without sepia coloured glasses they sadly are not presently.

    Not that we’re far behind, if we play that game we’re both pissing into the wind.

    I would put it to you the only real difference between us has been our expenditure. Not everyone here is for the “fiscal responsible” approach by the Arsenal board, but like it or lump it, they have placed the bet on our future and not players that get old, break or are sold. Yes, yes we have not spent a fraction of the money you have, we put it all on black and built a nice new stadium while keeping in the championship league, to wit… A feat beyond Liverpool which is ALL the more remarkable given your reliance on player expenditure which has failed to bring back the glory days and now sees you in an aging stadium and a slow slide to mid table. Trust me, when your manager thinks fourth place is 1st place you tend to get a little nostalgic for those aforementioned glory days but only through change can this be realized; not by looking back. The old model of running a club is over. The football world changed when people stopped collecting the latest Bugatti and started buying institutions.

    Clubs such as Chelsea and Man City were in the same situation as you until they were obtained. Now though, we all have to deal with the reality that R Madrid, Paris, Napoli, Man City and Chelsea can spend 100 mil on a single player because the owners of these clubs have the financial clout of an emerging tiger economy. Add to that the wages offered to these players, a staggering amount that sees some earning more in a 3 year contract than their entire careers prior to their signing… FCP, more like ICP. (thats Insane Clown Posse for all you oldsters)

    So I guess this makes us brothers in some sense, the clubs like Liverpool, Everton and the Arsenal… I might even add Spurs (No, I am not a heretic) to that list, but I digress.

    Now from these foundations we are looking to push on. Suarez is a player that can add something. So we have bid for him. Shenanigans? No it’s just business.

    It’s been said here, opinion on his transfer is devided. No doubt the quality, but with a 6 match ban and a history of racism and a Tysonesque bite to him… one would be forgiven for wondering why two marble-halled giants would want him. Surely this flies in the face of our traditional values? The Arsenal have taken players like Charlie Nicholas and Malcolm McDonald and tamed them. One suspects they think they can do the same for Saurez. I doubt his exclusion or inclusion will make either team succeed or fail on the balance of this transfer. Perhaps Rodger’s rants will bring him onside, perhaps they’ll push him out to sea. Either way, it has nothing to do with standing, history or prestige. It’s about showcasing Saurez’s talents ahead of the world cup against the best opposition in the world. That isn’t Accrington Stanley, that would be Real Madrid, Barcelona et al.

    Personally I’d rather be watching someone else in our shirt, but if it happens, it happens. Given all the attacking options we’re selling, I can only assume we have to get Sarı Lacivertliler out of the way to have some announcements. (Right?) I think we’re up in the 200 range of players linked in the transfer window so I’m not bothering with a laundry list of exciting signings. I mean why bother. Who needs another Michael foot oratory leading to another false dawn. I think I’ll wait for my Zulu dawn, and in the words of the great Michael Caine… “Don’t shoot till you see the whites of their eyes!” and on that bombshell I’m off to see a man about a dog.

  • Ari Storle

    Oh I nearly forgot to translate my last post for some of the Liverpool posters previously.

    Lol 🙂 roflcopter

    There, done.

  • Stuart

    Just to throw it out there (as I’ve not noticed anyone pick up on it) but isn’t Gazidis the one who’s supposed to be doing the negotiating? Maybe he is the reason we are not sealing the deals.

  • Thomasz

    A whole pice written a wonderfully myopic view of history. Liverpool have been through 3 different owners during the time period described here. To suggest Liverpool have a history of contract disputes is only true in the loosest sense of the word. The Current owners don’t like doing business in the way it has been conducted so far, anything said beyond that is pure speculation. How you can blame the decisions of Moores and hicks and Gillette on the current owners is beyond me.

  • Dennis Brady

    Stuart, I would not blame Gazidis, he is actually pretty good, rightly other wrongly, he has procured players wenger stalled on, including arteta and arshavin.. I leave you to make your own judgement on the merits of those two

  • WalterBroeckx

    I thought it was Dick Law who did the negotiations?

  • Mohamed

    I am not a lawyer. My “unlearned” thinking is that if a club allows a player to speak with another club that offers a certain amount, it means they are allowing him to go on a transfer. What is the essence of allowing your player to speak to another club if not with a view of transfer? To now turn around and say that the player is not for sale when they had given him hope of a transfer is a breach.
    Secondly, if an amount is attached to such an agreement, it means that the amount is enough for such a transfer or there about. I am of the opinion that the case can be won with argument along this line should the case go to court.

  • gunner17

    i often think after reading posts on this blog that i have just wasted my time reading fluffy opinions that don’t actually follow a line of argument or come to a conclusion…am i the only one?

    i’m not trying to be mean…occasionally this blog does have decent posts…

  • Cjay

    At least the original post was one that included a little bit of thought and research, rather than thoughtless ramblings a 7 year old would be embarrassed of after a moments reflection. This ‘saga’ will go on and on, potentially harming both clubs. I would love to see it end tomorrow, a line drawn in the sand and it remain as was. Then we’d throw a shed load of money at a respectable player, someone you’d allow your son to get their name printed on the back of their shirt (let’s not mention Liverpool’s current shirt selection – Jesus!!!! So ‘classy’).
    And why are so many people getting so worked up about the ventings of someone so blatantly a living stereotype they’d have the audacity to use ‘use’ instead of ‘you’ – I fully appreciate how accent can effect how we sound, but to use (once again ‘used’ CORRECTLY) such words in written form is surely far too a la Harry Enfield to be taken in the slightest bit seriously….. must be a Spurs troll taking the pi$$……………

  • wel said!,,,,,,but i daught wetha arsen wenger….is ready to have the player……….perhaps ….he is acting in the transfer saga……i wish these filthy argument could be cut of…..

  • Jerry

    Lots of hate from the Liverpool fans.

    Stano – you might want to do your own research before responding like a hypocrite:

    Christian Ziege transfer (same transfer clause):

    The 2nd articles shows Liverpool getting fined 20,000 and Ziege getting fined 10,000! In this case, you’re right there is a difference from the Suarez saga, Arsenal didn’t negotiate with the player prior to getting approval from the other club! Stay classy Liverpool fans!

  • Doc Brody

    I accept that the clause is meaningless and nonbinding.

    But If Liverpool is such a classy outfit, I wonder why such a clause was included in the contract at all. Why bother to include any language about Champions League qualification and 40 million if its all worthless?

    Clearly they fooled Suarez and his agent with some carefully crafted legalese. Obviously the intent was to induce him to sign the extention last year. Suarez truly believed that he had a buyout clause, and that, by the way, lends credibility to his claim that he was also given verbal assurances that he could switch to a Champions League club if LFC did not make it and a 40+ million offer came in.

    So in my mind, even though Suarez may not have any legal grounds to complain, I think its more than reasonable for him to be angry with Liverpool.

    For me, I think it is Liverpool who should appologize to Suarez to start the process of healing, because the one straight shooter between the lot of them (John Henry) has made it clear Suarez is going nowhere… and they are going to need him if they have any hope of reaching the top 4.

  • Sav from Australia

    LMAO!! ROFL!!!

    Untold, you so funny. Nice one Billy, keep up the good work.

  • colario

    Gordon Taylor the players union rep is on record as having said that Suarez should show respect to Littlepool.

    Hmm! Isn’t the present manager of the littlepool the same one who told his then club Watford that he was committed to them and then showed his respect for his word and jumped ship to Reading.

    Did he not sign a contract with Swansea to stay with them until 2015 and then swan off to Littlepool? Is this what Gordon Taylor means by ‘respect’?

  • AL

    How many times have we heard that a club signed a player after triggering said player’s buy out clause, lots of times. What then is different with this buy out clause. I don’t understand why this one should be different, unless its worded in such a way to make it meaningless. In which case the player will rightfully feel cheated. Why have something called a buy out clause if its purpose is not to sell the player, what is it there for?

    Anyway, most of the messages coming from Liverpool are contradictory; the player will be sold if our valuation of over £55m is met, the player is not for sale at any price, the buy out clause doesn’t mean we have to sell….

  • Doofus

    AL – welcome to the grubby, money obsessed world of football. They’re like investment bankers, they have lost all sense of the values that should drive the world as the ocean of money washes over them.

    My observation? You can’t believe a word that comes out of anyone’s mouth! Frustrating as none of us is actually in the know to see what’s going on, but there you go.

    Truth? That’s the first casualty of football. To mangle a well known quote.

  • PeteLFC

    What a load of crap. You sound like a bitter blue nose. Look walk on by boys there is nothing to see. Except 5 old big ears in the cabinet.

  • Al

    Why are you all debating class. This story may have been a lot different had Real Madrid come in for Suarez. Unlike Arsenal, Liverpool have decided not to let a prized asset come back and bite them in the arse (RVP). There is no doubting the fact that Liverpool are a bigger club in terms of History, Championships, Europe etc. Even in the last few years with a terrible team and terrible owners they have won silverware. Class has little to do with it. Business men run clubs managers run teams. Wenger used to be able to attract and keep fantastic players (how many times was Henry touted) because of the style of play. Let it go talk about football and enjoy the season to come

  • LegalJo

    I am a lawyer and from reading everything that has been published/stated by all sides (including the PFA which is there to support players) it would appear that there is definitely no requirement for Liverpool to sell LS. It could be that the agreement was poorly worded by Suarez’s representatives – maybe because he had no desire to leave in the near future.
    As an aside, I find it amusing that LS is using the “verbal agreement” card after the agreements he has broken in the past e.g. “Yes, I’ll shake his hand, Kenny”.

  • Bob

    WOW is all I can say to that report I mean seriously wow, how bitter and upset can one man get just because his team yet again hasn’t spent any money in the transfer window. Stop looking at other teams and making up stories for the fun of it to mask over te fact that you still have not one a single thing for more than 8 years you have a manage who has now lost all ambition you need to start looking closer to home. Reading that I see one thing a scared man and a scared club because you know you won’t be in the top 4 next season and I’m not sayin Liverpool will be but I can guarantee you, you won’t be.

  • elkieno

    Thanks Bob but we don’t care for your opinion as it comes from the media and all the drivel that England’s ‘pundits’ can come up with.
    Go back to your own blogs where you can all reminisce over 30years ago.

  • elkieno

    Just thinking I hope we do buy LS and then beat the pants off littkepool and the hipocrite manager.
    He did exactly to watford what he ckaims LS is doing to pool

  • Doofus

    Of course if we bid 50m+ they will sell. And then all the shell suit wearing, mustachioed, perm boys can go back to the dole queue in the ‘city of culture’ and talk about the glory days. Although most will be of ‘a certain age’ to actually remember actually winning the league.

    Good luck bin dippers!

  • Devon Paul

    You appear to miss the point that Guardiola the agent put the contract together, not Liverpool. I am not sure what the fuss is about, just because Arsenal have a habit of caving and selling their best players when pressured, it seems odd that you appear to get upset when another club has the bottle to stand up to a player and say no. I think Liverpool now have owners who are not saying ‘give me the money’, unlike Stan and the gang at Arsenal. Its time get over it and start looking elsewhere before the window ends. Plymouth Argylle surving is a much more important topic than this tiff between the big boys.

  • AL

    For the avoidance of doubt, the post by the other Al, at 8:08am, isn’t from me the. The other Al, just guessing, must be a scouser.

  • Brandy T

    This is just non reporting..the previous cases involving Liverpool were well reported at the time!!! and NOT HIDDEN I can think of many other clubs Utd, City, Spurs Arsenal etc etc who have tried and or failed to buy or sell players with “Buy out clauses”

  • what part of” not for sale” dont you goons understand!!

  • Steve

    Deluded goooners . RVP sold to a rival and look what happened…

  • jb

    why dont you lot stop bitchin and digging dirt,he wont be going to arsenal, jesus just move on, talk about desperation,your like a bunch of children,grow up and move on

  • richard the lionheart

    What is class? Those of us that remember the Heysal Stadium champions league final against Juventus know that Liverpool have absolutely no class at all and after the murders of the Juventus fans the club should really no longer exist. Full marks to Alessandro Del Piero, an all time great who refused to join Liverpool, despite a big offer, out of respect for the Juventus fans murdered. This is a man with class. How on earth Liverpool can accuse Arsenal of having no class is astounding.

  • Danno


    Ahh get rid of Liverpool supporters opinions,WHAT A WANKER USE BEGGING ARSE-ANAL fans are LMFAO PATHETIC BUNCH OF WANKERS,and do you know what I’d love to meet use all.Because I’d KNOCK F*CK OUT OF THE LOT OF USE…When we come down to that SKIP WITH ZERO CLASS OR TROPHIES.IM UP FOR A STRAIGHTNER… Calm down! Calm down!
  • AL

    I think its fair to say I’m seeing some language I’m not used to seeing on this blog.

  • jeff wright

    Obviously Liverpool did lead Suarez into believing that if they failed to get Champions League football this season then he could leave. Clubs will say anything to get players to sign contracts. All of the evidence available though suggests that they expected Real Madrid or another foreign side to buy him.
    Our 30m and 40m bids were clearly intended to stir up trouble by getting Suarez to put in a written transfer request,he’s a fairly dumb character,but not that dumb. The fact that Gazidiz’s 40m and a pound bid was all over twitter within a couple of minutes of him having made it tells the story. I can’t see Suarez signing for us and the whole thing is a waste of time – and has been another exercise in futility and incompetence by Gazidz and Wenger.
    No money spent so on new players far after all the big talk is the actual reality. Never mind though because Gareth is on his way. Wenger will put some spin on this signing ans all of his worshippers will will follow him going ba ba ba …

  • Marvin

    We are an average side who had an average season and have done almost nothing to address that. Obviously I hope we can beat them today, but whatever happens we’ll get a good illustration of how prepared we are for the new season.

  • vinny

    Wenger knew that Van Persie was not bigger than the club and he cashed in on him and still one looser pool fan was mocking me that we cant keep our best players but Looserpool is proving to be smaller than Suarez and his ambitions bcz he knows that one more season still u cant finish in the top 4 let the guy come home.

  • Another Day Another Twist

    So many differing points of view, so many rash comments, and so many journalists putting their slant on things.

    I’m a proud Liverpool fan, but also a realistic one, so here goes:

    a) Mentioning class was wrong for so many reasons…and yes 2 of them are the Ziege and Heinze cases some of us have already discussed over a French beer (not Belgian as I have some class lol).

    b) EVERYBODY has a price, so, LFC are not in the wrong for trying to up the price to a “more realistic figure” – after all the stats don’t lie, Suarez IS one of the best strikers in the world, and possibly the 3rd best player in the world right now – had he been playing for Barca (for example) during the last 2 years I think (yes I think) most of the footballing world would agree.

    c) We are quite within our rights to “not sell to a rival”, afer all, it’s the 4th spot that both involved clubs are “realistically” chasing this year, anything else would be a bonus.

    d) You just have to love keyboard warriors (I am usually not, and rarely, if ever, post on a rival clubs blog) however after reading some of the diatribe on here (from both sets of supporters) I felt compelled to.

    Either way, stay or sell, it shall be an interesting season. I would like to see Suarez go, abroad, so he can’t come back to “BITE” us in the bum (or arm). I’ve had enough of his antics, his “win at all costs” attitude is great, providing he has boundaries….unfortunately, he does not.

    I’d love to say you’re welcome to him (for +50m – his true worth in todays market) but he’s far too good a player for me to think that.

    Finally, with a transfer record spend of 17m? Arshavin (LOL LOL LOL btw) if memory serves me right, I believe this is just an unsettling exercise owing to a great final 5 months of the season by a team that is steadily rising after a long period in the doldrums.

    Good luck for the season, but not too much…and as per the last 4 years or so, I’ll see some of you in the Gunners bar before and after the game.

    PS – The away boyz are great, until they start singing anti LFC songs of course. Oh, and there’s a cheeky little blonde frequents there who I would most dearly like to smash given the chance….I’m more likely to score there than Suarez is next season in an AFC shirt.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Al – Going through this article ,I found much difficulty reading it as it all sounded foreign to me – until I realised that it was in Scouser ! Does this site have an English translator for non locals ?
    And probably also that some cretins had got hold of computers but have not yet learned to unlock the’ Caps Lock’ tab !
    Tony – re: your comments earlier – some of these posters’ comments should have been kept in moderation till they can prove that they, – a)have a viable brain, or , b)have attained maturity !
    On the whole a very enjoyable posting indeed .Ta very much Billy !

  • bob

    I’m not Bob at 8:12, nor at any other time of day. 🙂

  • Brickfields Gunners

    From the medical division of UA – Just came to mind after reading a comment above . Ouch !

    The Doctor’s Convention
    There’s a bunch of doctors gathered together at a doctor’s convention one night. A male doctor notices a female doctor from across the room. The female doctor notices also and the next thing you know, they’re sitting next to each other by the end of dinner.

    After dinner, the male asks the woman if she wants to go up to his hotel room.

    ”Sure,” the woman says. ”Let me go wash my hands first.”

    After she washes her hands, they have sex. After they are finished, she washes her hands again.

    This is really starting to annoy the male doctor so he says, ”You know, you must be a surgeon, because you keep washing your hands.”

    Angry at this remark, the woman says, ”Well, you must be an anasthesiologist, because I didn’t feel a thing!”

  • What Liverpool did with Ziege was act on a clause that they were informed of by a third party probably Ziege himself. The clause was there and he was entitled to move but Liverpool should not have acted upon it bearing in mind how they found out. With Suarez you have been informed of the clause by a third party as well, probably his agent, unless you can prove 40m plus 1 pound was a lucky guess. The difference of course was you tried to act on a clause that wasn’t really a clause. So in all probability you won’t get the player and then when the transfer window shuts Liverpool will report you to the league and you’ll get fined. Classy.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Lawyers were mentioned – just saying !

    A lawyer is standing in a long line at the box office. Suddenly, he feels a pair of hands kneading his shoulders, back, and neck. The lawyer turns around.
    “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
    “I’m a chiropractor, and I’m just keeping in practice while I’m waiting in line.”
    “Well, I’m a lawyer, but you don’t see me screwing the guy in front of me, do you?”

  • Robbin Von Payday

    In a nutshell Arsenal are rubbish and never win anything. They should be fined or deducted points for being so soft. The club is run by and for lavender boys.

  • Andy J

    As a Liverpool fan I have to say I enjoy reading all the multitude of Suarez stories, will he won’t he??? and all the rest… I for one would love him to stay with us. One thing is certain, Liverpool hold all the cards in this transfer saga, if they didn’t and there was an actual buy out clause you can guarantee he would have been pictured in a new strip by now as a contract is legally binding. I agree with you when you say Liverpool are being the stronger club by not giving in to player/agent pressure.

    What I don’t agree with is that arsenal have disrupted our pre-season, so far we haven’t lost, scored plenty, conceded 1 and Suarez isn’t eligible to play for us until 29th September. That’s plenty of time to get his head sorted and fit to play because one thing Suarez is he’s a kid from the streets who wants to play football so if he doesn’t get his dream move to Madrid he is still going to give his best for us.

    Good luck for the season ahead, you can probably finish above Utd in May but sadly I think you will be 1 point behind us 🙂

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The end .

    Proctologist: A doctor who puts in a hard day at the orifice.

    Proctologist: A brain surgeon for lawyers.

    A proctologist is the rare profession in which the M.D. starts out at the bottom and stays there.

    Two proctologists are discussing their most baffling
    cases. One proctologist tells the other one about the time he put his hand into a patient and pulled out
    a large bouquet of flowers. The other proctologist looked really amazed and asked, “Where did those flowers come from?” The other proctologist answered very cooly, “How should I know. There wasn’t any card!!”

    A proctologist pulls out a thermometer from his shirt pocket. He looks at it and says, “Shit, some asshole has my pen.”

  • dan

    Should we fail to land Suarez, does Wenger have a plan B?

  • what a waste of time !!!!!!

  • Gio Argy I’m never quite sure why you and many others take time to write in and say that an article was a waste of time. Surely if it is a waste of your time, you should stop reading and go away. Most people do, but it seems there is a sub-set of people who don’t. Can you tell me why?

  • bob

    “Should we fail to land Suarez, does Wenger have a plan B?”

  • AL

    pete turley at 9:38 am
    “what part of” not for sale” dont you goons understand!!”

    The one saying if you meet our valuation of £55m then we can do business.

    Plan B is difficult; think the only strikers that could possibly improve us and are available are Rooney & Suarez. So if its not one of those two I don’t see much point in getting just anyone for the sake of just signing another striker. If it wasn’t for the two French clubs that are trying to outdo each other to see who spends most of the oil money then there probably would be a few more decent strikers available. Even clubs like Madrid & Chelsea,etc, are all in the hunt for strikers but there isn’t none available.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Easy , Tony they are bonafide certifiable Cretins – this is a legit medical diagnosis !

    I once heard a cretin tell his friend that all cretins are liars!
    Did he lie though?

  • Stroller


    I’m not sure that getting a striker that improves us is essential. It would be great if that is how it turns out, but right now I’d be happy with a a decent striker (or 2) who can challenge and back up Giroud. I don’t think we can expect a 19 year to do that. The sides above us all have 3 or 4 strikers who can be rotated according to form and fitness. We don’t.

  • dan

    With Gervinho’s departure will it be the OX or Myachi filling the hole?

  • Lintie

    Brendan Rodgers talks a lot about integrity and loyalty, but such virtues should not be restricted to players. Where was his much vaunted loyalty to Swansea when Liverpool came calling? He had the opportunity to move up the Premier League managerial ladder, and he took it. So why is it different when a player, in this case Suarez, wants the chance to play at a higher level? If Rodgers can find an answer to that question, he’ll find an honourable way to resolve the current dilemma.

  • Ricky Dulay

    Stupid article from someone who has too much time on their hands – absolutely useless and meaningless information. Can’t believe I wasted time reading this.

  • Show me a club that has never utilised insider info on release clauses and I’ll tell you they are from the seventh division of the under 8’s league on the outer hebrides. Let he who is without sin etc……….Get over it.

  • AL

    I’m with you on that one. A striker who would sit on the bench in the first season and come in when needed, more like Chicharito is at Utd, should be available and would be most welcome. My response was rather aimed at a replacement for a striker of suarez’ s quality, or in other words, a striker who is deemed world class in the sense of price, record, etc(NB, this isn’t my own definition of world class, by going by what most fans expect). That one doesn’t seem to be available at the moment. But like I have said before, price alone does not equate to talent or someone being labelled world class. I was just trying to point out that someone who is in the top 10 bracket in the world, as viewed by most fans, isn’t available at the moment. Of course there are some expensive flops around(Carroll, Torres, etc), those aren’t what I meant. But an ‘unknown’, who will be prepared to bide his time and who could turn out to be the best signing of the century could and should be available. Wenger has unearthed gems before and I don’t see any reason to suggest he wont do it again.

  • Stuart

    Lewandowski is still available and I believe he is unhappy at Dortmund.

  • colinio

    why is southern journo’s just want to unsettle players in the north,same thing with rooney,everyone sayin let them go,they wouldnt do it if it was a london club,so suck it

  • Si75

    Liverpool had to pay compensation To Middlesbrough for finding out about Ziege’s release clause, I believe it was about £2m. So by mine (& your) reckoning Arsenal should be paying liverpool the same.

  • Stroller


    Last season our alternative options for Giroud were Podolski (who doesn’t seem happy to play through the centre), Walcott (who wants to, but doesn’t have all the necessary attributes IMO) and Gervinho (now gone). Then we had Chamakh and Bendtner – both central strikers but deemed not good enough, loaned out and now also facing the exit door.

    I would like to see the purchases of the type you are referring to, but if that doesn’t happen maybe a David Suker type signing (experienced, quality but only a couple of seasons in him) to see us over until the youngsters like Sonogo and Wellington are ready.

    Drogba or Eto’o maybe? Surely I’m not being serious ….

  • Stuart

    Maybe it is Dick Law, it’s either him or Gazidis but it’s convenient for people to accuse Wenger of failing the negotiations when it isn’t even him doing them.

    WRT Arshavin, some negotiation that was – a record transfer.

  • AL

    Thought Lewandoski was said to be going to Bayern after this coming season? If available then this is the sort of striker I would love to see at our club, and not Suarez or Rooney.

  • AL

    Think Sanogo will also be going down the middle, whether he is/will be ready for that I don’t know. But we should see him in the CC definitely. Think Akpom might provide some competition for him there. I dont think Gervinho will be replaced, I suspect Gnabry will get promoted to fill that void.

  • stu

    Rather a withering piece to be honest. Also not very funny although its written to be.
    I would like to say that the only club this whole saga hurts is Arsenal. Liverpool have won all their pre season games while conceded only a single goal where as Arsenal cant even win their own trophy

  • Stuart

    So someone said but wasn’t Higuain coming to Arsenal at some point?

  • Bif

    You stole all your info from an article that I saw 2 days ago plus you can’t even write the facts right, you’re like a drunk trying to walk the line while staggering around saying “osifer I tink me ed’s up me arse, ‘cos I’m full a shit”.lol,lol,lol and lmfao!!!

  • Elliot

    Considering that Liverpool’s management and owners have changed drastically over the last few years don’t you think that your point is therefore incredibly irrelevant? Liverpool in the past may have acted this way but when an authoritative individual representing the club makes a point, they don’t contemplate the actions of managers and owners in previous decades.

  • AL

    I know…

  • liko2000

    Biased unobjective article. All big clubs do this. Let’s not forget how Wenger pinched Fabregas from Barcelona along with countless other youngsters from clubs all over Europe.

  • quinn

    boring boring piece of writing, like boring boring arsenal, I had to tune out after the first minute…

  • Nick

    You know, both prior cases were settled out of court. No relevance. No precedent. So is the PFA the established authority to settle these matters, and do so in such an off-the-cuff manner?

    And show me where Liverpool have negotiated in any manner which comes closer than the length of the Chunnel to good faith?

  • Just a further reminder, I am cutting out posts when I see them that are threats of violence against other correspondents, and which are nothing but abuse.

  • Some of these replies are hilarious… especially when read with an imagined scouse accent.

    Can we get Danno his own weekly column please?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Oh dear did Liverpool just lost to Celtic?

  • hunt09

    We have been told by Gooners for years, and years that Arsenal were being prudent, whilst paying for their stadium, fair enough.Now that there is money to spend we were told to watch as the cunning Arsene Wenger made stunning signings. All he has managed so far is failed bids for a player with a record of on pitch misdemeanours longer than your arm. If I was a Gooner, I would be more concerned at the inability of my manager to make any quality signing, rather than throwing mud in all directions. If you guys want to win something, you need to change your manager. Champions ? You won’t rule North London the way you are going.

  • hunt09

    We have been told by Gooners for years, and years that Arsenal were being prudent, whilst paying for their stadium, fair enough.Now that there is money to spend we were told to watch as the cunning Arsene Wenger made stunning signings. All he has managed so far is failed bids for a player with a record of on pitch misdemeanours longer than your arm. If I was a Gooner, I would be more concerned at the inability of my manager to make any quality signing, rather than throwing mud in all directions. If you guys want to win something, you need to change your manager. Champions ? You won’t rule North London the way you are going.

  • J-Dogg

    I’m a life long Liverpool fan and respect Arsenal and their fans, I don’t blame them for making a bid for Suarez as he’s a top class player, albeit massively flawed as a human being.

    The real villain here is Suarez, he calls Rodgers a liar? What’s saying you only want to leave to escape the British press? Last time I checked London was still in the UK. I’m not deluded enough to expect him to stay in Liverpool forever but after the support we gave him, when in reality we probably shouldn’t have, he does owe us, even if its just one more season.

    Arsenal have class, and I wish them all the luck in the world for the coming season. I know we ain’t gonna win the league, so failing that I hope you Gooners do… But not with Suarez, we need him at the minute, as gaulling as that is.

  • J-Dogg, thanks for your comments. Personally I have grave doubts about Suarez, and this site has published a couple of pieces basically saying, “I’ll continue supporting Arsenal, as I have all my life, but really I am very uncomfortable with this.” Its a dilemma for all fans, when the wrong player is courted.

  • Stuart

    Your sentiment rings true to us re RVP. We stood by in the injury plagued years and through the rape allegations and how do we get rewarded.

  • GTP7

    The snipping between fans makes me laugh. Because you want a Liverpool player (and Liverpool won’t sell) everything the club has done is wrong. Perhaps there is a hint of jealousy in the fact that Liverpool are trying to make a stand that you didn’t when you lost Adebeyou, Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas, and van Persie (who if I seem to remember was never going to be allowed to join a premiership rival and wouldn’t anyway because he loved Arsenal so much). The bitter snipping hides the real issue. We all (well I do anyway) spend a fortune in time and money watching our clubs week in week out to be treated like shit and with total disregard by the people we have made millionaires. Saurez has history and in one or two years time if he doesn’t join Arsenal all this will start again with him wanting to go somewhere else. Liverpool don’t want him but have to protect an asset and get as much a possible and all this is part of the negotiations but whatever he does and however he acts someone will always want him. Oh and don’t forget that all those of you who thinks he is joining Arsenal for his ambitions and a step up you are giving him a 60% pay rise which may have something to do with it. Arsenal or Liverpool don’t win in this just decent football fans (for both clubs) lose. It seems that we will never see the likes of the Gerrards, Carraghers, Adams and Giggs etc again

  • GTP7

    earlier e-mail meant to “if he does join Arsenal all this will start again”