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July 2021

Sorry AAA, but we can say “Bring on the draw for the CL”

By Walter Broeckx

So Arsenal have done the job in a very professional way. Winning both legs and keeping the qualifying record at 100% wins. That alone is a rather impressive fact I would say.

As a result Uefa will be a bit relieved that they don’t have to put everything upside down if the CAS upholds the ban against Fenerbahce and removes them from European competitions.

I still remember before the draw that nobody really fancied playing the Turkish side that much. An team to avoid was the general consensus. Rather play that surprising Portuguese team that I even forget the name for the moment and am not really bothered to look it up as it doesn’t really matter. So the usual suspects told us we would be in trouble when we would be facing Fenerbahce.

And some of the usual suspects even went further. They openly wanted us to lose the tie and go to a Thursday-spursday regime. Because that would prove their point about Wenger and they hoped he then would get sacked. Because that would bring less money to Arsenal and thus their reasoning was we would spend more money. Very logical reasoning if you ask me. That last sentence was sarcastic of course. Just in case you were wondering.

Now I don’t know what one should call these “supporters” who want their team to lose games and who want their team to get less income. Certainly you can’t call them supporters. Fans? No, not even fans.

We could call them AAA, as that name certainly reflects their being Anti Arsenal. I surely don’t regard them as part of the Gooner family. By wishing for such things they have placed themselves in that part of the stadium that is reserved for the white part of North London next weekend. For my part they can go and sit in that part of the stadium from now on.

(However we do have a special service for such supporters – please see the editorial note at the foot of this article).

The good thing is that they didn’t get what they wished and hoped for. And so Arsenal will be in the CL for the 16th consecutive time. 16 consecutive years we have been amongst the elite from Europe. Not bad for a useless manager and some useless players. Oh and probably they will change their tune now about Fenerbahce. They suddenly will say that they always have been crap and play in a crap league. Ignoring that teams from such a “crap Turkish league” didn’t do bad in recent years playing in Europe.

Now to the game. Yes there was a game but I think I will call it a handbrake game. Arsenal didn’t want to go out like mad full in attack and risking a counter from Fenerbahce. So we got lots of midfield play with not much goal scoring chances. It was a game in which you felt that Arsenal was a bit more careful compared to most games. Don’t do anything stupid may have been the words of the manager before kick off and that usually results in playing without really playing if you can understand what I mean.

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In a way it was fitting that the opening goal came from Aaron Ramsey. Numerous are the articles I have written about him on Untold. I have supported Ramsey when others said he was no good, not fit to wear the shirt and all the other tedious commentaries.   I have defended Ramsey when the same c*nts who wanted us to lose and go out the CL said that they hoped that Ramsey would break his leg again or even worse that he would die. Yes, it is now hard to believe, but some pretending to be Arsenal supporters have said and written this.

And now look at him. With his two goals yesterday (and certainly the second was a beautiful and well-taken goal) and the one he scored in Turkey it is fair to say that this qualification is for 50% down to Ramsey.

After the game there was some talk about Ramsey having a little groin problem. And the same suspects now came out blaming Wenger for the fact that Ramsey was a doubt for the game this weekend.

So suddenly Ramsey has moved from being the deadest deadwood in a deadbeat useless team to a player we cannot afford to miss. Oh, how simple the life is when you only want to moan. First you moan about a player and when he comes good you moan about the manager because he plays him and he gets injured.

Another piece of sh*t proved his points the last games. I know Szczesny didn’t look at his best against Aston Villa. Mind you I don’t blame any of the goals on him. But he kicked a long ball in a bad way when he came out of his penalty area and that lead to some problems. So we had to kick him out as he is no good. We could do with Hart maybe?

But since then he has improved immensely. In Turkey he was very solid and strong. His double save against Fulham was one of the best and in those difficult conditions he made some wonderful saves. And even the goal he did let in only came about after a super save on the first Berbatov shot.

But the way he played yesterday was amazing. He made some amazing stops. His reflexes were impressive to see. As a former keeper I know a bit about what life is like in goal so I can appreciate a good save. And yesterday he was the Szczesny we know he can be. People often forget he is still a young keeper. At 23 years he is only starting his career. And I know he will make mistakes and then they will want him out, be sold, call him deadwood. I will ask to give him time to develop and to get better.

Because confidence is what makes a keeper. And when you give him confidence he can grow and learn and get better.

Both Ramsey and Szczesny were great yesterday evening as they have been in most of their games in pre season. Both players who have been under pressure from a part of the non-supporters of Arsenal who call themselves supporters. In both cases that stubborn manager kept the faith in them. And I think in both cases the players will prove a lot of doubters wrong.

Indeed in five years time there will be nobody left to admit that they said that Ramsey or Szczesny were not good enough. All those calling them to die, to be sold, to break their legs will not admit they have ever said it. Shame on you for first saying it and then for denying it.

I certainly enjoyed these last three games. And if you cannot enjoy this, then it is time to stop being interested in Arsenal. But for me: bring on the CL. Looking out for the draw for the group stages.  And hopefully a group with a team from Holland/Belgium and why not a German team close to the Belgian border if possible?  That is my personal wish. As it would mean giving me some chances to go to those games.

Congratulations to the manager and the players for getting us in the CL for the 16th consecutive time.

PS: My God did I really write an article without using the word referee? Some must be happy now.

Coming next: Dr Billy McGraw, resident psychologist at the North Circular Road Hospital, gives detailed support to one occupant of a seat in Row 15 at last night’s game.

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104 comments to Sorry AAA, but we can say “Bring on the draw for the CL”

  • Sid

    Once again Ramsey has shown the clueless haters his quality. These sad fuckers were demanding he be sold and its funny them having to change their tired repetitive old tune!

    We paid a heavy price for that win. Fingers crossed Wilshere and Ramsey won’t be joining Poldi on the sick list or we might not have enough players to field a team for the small matter of the NLD on Sunday.

    Wonder if we will see any new faces before the weekend? Hahahahahahaha!

  • Epicurean

    Fantastic piece couldn’t agree more! Love the whole team at the moment, Gibbs is looking composed and Jenko just seems to get better. My own admission is that at the Liebman cup last year I had a real dislike of Jenkinson, how wrong was I… I really hope to see these two make it to Brazil. Great work lads! Get well soon Poldi! COYG!!!

  • Zigzag

    You tell’em Walter! Brilliant stuff as always. Thanks for writing. Favourite blog to all thinking fans I think.

  • para

    OK, OK, as much as we enjoyed winning and qualifying, we have to take a step back now. We here on this page must be wondering what is going on? So i’m afraid we have to ask.
    It’s about not having enough players. It’s about not having bought anyone yet. I am starting to get a little worried now.
    I hope they have looked at Spuds playing. This is a different team now, and i hope AW has done his homework on them like a good manager should. Generally i would have said “bring them on”, but with our injuries, i am a little worried.
    Anyway Spuds are going to feel confident of winning and even beating us badly.
    Good for us.
    My friend (Arsenal)says we are going to get slaughtered.
    I myself don’t think so, but we’ve made it much harder now.

  • highams park Gunner

    Great article as always Walter, exactly mirroring my feelings on the two players. I can remember those comments too as it was when I was in Munich for the match. I was reading the comments as I was listening to talkshite (at the request of my brother I may add) and it was that ginger tosser and the gormless northern cricketer and they spent the 1st hour and a half of the show slating Wenger who was apparently going to put out a reserve team for the Munich game and how disgusting this was for the Arsenal fans over in Munich. A story so ludicrous but believed by supposedly professional pundits.That is the kind of crap we have to put up with. I can’t believe the amount of anti Arsenal bias in the media. The worst refereeing performance I have seen for a long time seems to have been brushed under the carpet by absolutely everyone. It seems so suspicious , I still haven’t seen replays of the injuries we picked up, I saw them live but would have liked a second opinion. After 25 minutes of that game it was so obvious there
    was going to be a bad injury as the referee was blatantly allowing Villa to get away with everything whilst pulling Arsenal up for anything minor. The linesman on our side of the ground seemed embarrassed and ashamed by the referee behavior. Hopefully we won’t see him too soon again.
    Anyway onwards and upwards and here’s to another exciting Champions league campaign.

  • ClockEndRider

    You are of course entirely correct. At the same time, now is the time for the club to do what we need it to do and provide support for this most hard working group of players. Who can deny the effort and hard work put in by Sagna, Mert, Ramsay, Wilshere, Giroud, Pod, Cazorla etc?
    Keep up the good work.

  • elkieno

    No time to read it I am going home to watch it. i already know its a great article and comon Aaron Ramsey prove the doubters wrong, we believed in you the whole time mate. I felt so bad for him from those idiot fans hurling abuse at him wishing him injury!
    Can you believe it?
    no, neither could I..

  • @Walter beautiful piece, infact we need to get some so called fans(tics)to mental hospital. How on earth can you even have a mind to think of your team to go out in the best tournament and then wish your players to die?? Really!!But thank GOD sewer rats will always be sewer rats but if they could turn into human beings ohh my gash we will be in trouble. Gunners lets enjoy as the morons keep moaning.

  • Rich

    Great result and very professional, but don’t try to counter the hyperbole of the so-called ‘AAA’ with your own.

    Ramsey has struggled since returning from injury because of a number of factors, not least being pushed out to right side of midfield.

    Its great that he is starting to find his best form but lets not build him up too soon. He still has a lot to learn and by playing alongside Cazorla he has the opportunity to watch a seasoned pro.

    Szczesny is slightly different as like you say its very rare for a keeper to be the finished product at 23. The only shame is that unlike Ramsey he is having to learn in a bubble.

  • Foolishgooner

    Players(young players) need time to adjust. All players lose form at some point, but come good. Ramsey is a clear talent( undying engine and lovely skill), we all know about his horrible injury and recovery period. Woj and most of our young lads are lucky to have such a caring, nurturing manager. However, we can not choice to be blind to facts of our team. The teams around us are improving to different degrees. I’m just worried about our team balance, we don’t have nor intend to buy a DM! Because, Arsene is waiting for and believes in Arteta, Diaby and Frimpong. All wonderful, talented players and can do the job when fit. The problem is, every year we wait for at least 3 or more key players and lose out Silverware. I can make similar argument in other areas of our team. So, lets wait for the transfer window to close. Arsene will either bring reinforcements and balance the team to challenge Silverware like we deserve. If not, we might get extremely lucky with injuries and have full squad to compete with the big boys (not likely). Whatever the case, lets get ready for the fight at hand Spuds! Hope Anthony Taylor isn’t in charge…. Manchester Darby that is where he belong, that would be classic.

  • nicky

    While I wouldn’t wish to be a prophet of doom, I can’t help feeling increasingly concerned every time I see Wilshere perform his magic for us. He is a marked man, bereft of proper referee protection and subject to sly fouls and body checks from opponents who are not fit to tie up his boots.
    Keep an eye on him on Sunday to see what I mean. He will accept the punishment attaching to his job and position but I doubt if his body can without the inevitable consequences.

  • ehnjaaloh

    This is the only blog I do really ve the gut to read after any defeat to my lovely Arsenal.

  • SA Gunner

    This is a good blog, but your constant persistence of the split in the support with groups like the AAA is what makes this blog lose a LOT of credibility.

    Understand this, there is no Arsenal supporter who want to see the death of Arsenal. Your so called Anti-Arsenal Arsenal would not even be a supporter/fan if they were just spewing negativity about the club. Your Anti-Arsenal Arsenal would have left a long long time ago.

    Stop with this embarrasing split and wake up. There has NEVER been and there NEVER will be a support base that speaks in one voice, sings from one hymn sheet, etc.

    Anti-Arsenal Arsenal is NOT Arsenal, its not support. The sooner you Walter and you Tony accept this, the sooner you stop spreading this poison.

    Wake up.

  • Matt

    Oh the irony of this site. Never stop whinging about the people whinging about Wenger and spending money.

    Not an AAA in sight this morning and yet they are still out in force.

    Do you ever discus the matches or performances on here or is purely the AAA and referee’s that gets discussed?

    I love Arsenal was at the game as usual last night spending my money supporting my club and just because i think we should spend some money it doesn’t make you lot more of a supporter than me.

    I was one of the few fans who could be bothered to turn up so something cant be quite right as i have never seen the Emirates so empty

  • forengaxx

    @Walter…..At your age, one would have thought you couldn’t be this STUPID! …But unfortunately; age is NOT a pointer of INTELLIGENCE!!! You guys are addicted to AAA…..You are the ones in need of MENTAL HELP!!!!!!!

  • Ja Maach

    After hard work in qualifying, BBc*unts are @ it……again.

  • colario

    ‘The Manure man takes a great shot. Its hit the cross and gone behind for a goal kick’. The goal kick is taken.

    ‘What’s this? The replay show that the goal keeper got his finger tips to the ball. It should have been a corner!’

    The goal keeper was Szczesny in his first league game and that away at manure. A save that former great Arsenal keepers would have been proud of.

    Unlike Bentner, Szczesny lives up to his self confidence.

    He is young and will make mistakes, he has a lot to learn and experience to gain. Yet he has made some fantastic saves. We supporters must encourage him when it goes belly up not crucify him.

  • Florian

    I see the dig at Schalke, Walter:) Yes, let’s get even this time around.

  • Florian

    And, btw, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for our midfield to be in good shape on Sunday when I’m coming to watch them. It’s not something that happens very often, so they’d better be;) Many thanks to iniez for praying for me to find a ticket, as I eventually did:) That match can’t come soon enough for me.

  • elkieno

    If there is no AAA then who are all the ppl that wish terrible injuries on our players and want our club to fail just so they can be right?
    If not AAA then its even worse.
    Anyone can be AAA just like we are called AKB because we support our manager and we don’t say terrible things about him, that is not a fan or supporter I don’t care what you say.
    If you are a ‘fan’ of Arsenal and you want us to lose and players injured, then what are you?
    An Anti Arsenal, Arsenal fan, read between the lines. Walter doesn’t say ‘back at the AAA clubhouse they are crying cos we won’. Believe it or not there are many people out there in the Goonersphere who are very unhappy that we won, what would you call them?
    Wenger won’t go cos you demand him to, you will not get your wish of Messi and CR playing for us, he will do things the way he sees fit cos he knows more than you and I. It’s easy to say sack him and get this guy, but would that guy come? Will he want complete control of finances? Utd have Moyes for fuck sake, Wenger is way better than him, it’s Fuking mental the way that AAA mob think.

  • nicky,

    If only the referees would do their freaking jobs and punish infringements against the poor guy. It’s a given that bright English prospects get good protection in the EPL. I expect that the same courtesy will be accorded such prospects when they wear Arsenal shirts. Well, I hope.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice ,Walter , haven’t seen the game or goals yet, but took all ‘precautions’ in my preparation for last night’s game .Wink ! Wink!
    Did somebody called a doctor ?
    For me the AAA of old has mutated and become more virulent* , and now has to be upgraded to AAAA ! Hopefully the infect themselves and become extint .And no more kid gloves from the AKBs.
    Exactly what the extra ‘A’ is , is open for debate .
    My suggestions are –
    a) Asinine
    b) Arseholes
    c) Asswipes

    Those hard core ‘fans ‘ can click on the above suggestions or those from other posters and the moderators will inform you of the most popular one .
    Keep clicking as many times as you wish ( you may have to use force !); after all ,this is for you !

    * vir·u·lent (adjective)
    1. actively poisonous; intensely noxious: a virulent insect bite.
    2. Medicine/Medical . highly infective; malignant or deadly.
    3. Bacteriology . causing clinical symptoms.
    4. violently or spitefully hostile.

  • Matt

    Who wishes our players to injured? Who wants our team to lose? Who are these people and where are they?

    Do you think i would bother to comment on here about us improving the team if i didn’t care?

  • elkieno

    Unfortunately age is not a pointer for intelligence, it is actually for the most part.
    Also I read recently that the exclamation mark is used way too much with young ppl also all upper case words, that the exclamation mark is meant to do.
    All you needed to complete the trifecta was to use ‘de, ting etc..’
    So I suspect you are young, am I right or am I right?
    Age, pointer for intelligence and all that jazz…

  • SA Gunner,

    It seems like you are the one that has been sleeping. I have been called delusional because of my support for this club but reading your 9.14am comment made me think that you’ve taken delusional thinking to a new level. Seriously, you believe that we don’t have fans who which the team evil. Have you been asleep all these while?

    Please wake up.


    Please more of thses articles. Fuck the AAA and their evil desires. If your support for the team is based on which players we sign and which trophies we win and you’ll wish the team misfortune because the club is not being run as you want, then you are an AAA. Fuck off and support a team that is run as you want or buy your own team.

    Leave us ‘deluded’ Gooners alone. We love our team as it is, not as we want it to be even though we also have suggestions and desires for it. That is the meaning of support.

  • King Henry

    For once there is a massive split in the responses to this site. Many have said well.

    Where is this massive amount of money this site gloated about in June, when Gazidis announced that Arsenal had the financial fire power (even though many supporters have been asking for this for many years)? While this “money” can still be spent (we have 5 days left of the window) – it is sheer incompetence to leave it this late, not to talk of if it does not happen at all. Wilshere should not have played last night if we had a stronger depth. Can’t you accept that the buying Arsenal fan- base is not happy, when you see a half empty stadium.

    For how many years will we be fed lies, before you know something is not quite right?

  • Asif

    Well done Ramsey…at the end of the match, one of the tv panelists (don’t know this bastard’s name) said that Ramsey though a good player will never be world class! You sometimes wonder at the absurdity of it all…what has Arsenal done to them, you are left to wonder…

    What was also nice to see was Ryo got a debut…and I am feeling lucky…all we need to do is wait to see who all does that manager bring…I am feeling lucky…there are some names that were not mentioned all throughout the transfer window which are being mentioned now!


    I’m with Matt on this. I’m someone you guys would class as an AAA but I have never wished ill on our players or that Arsenal fails. I have on occasions in recent times questioned if losing a game or 2 would benefit Arsenal Football Club in the long term but have never wished ill on the players or for the club to fail. The reason I have any anger or frustration towards the club is because I do care and want nothing more than us to succeed. But our failings are painfully obvious to the point that the entire world can see them… surely not everybody is wrong?
    We have the resources to improve and to really go for this season after 8 years of frustration but Wenger appears to be sitting idle and some of his comments in regards to this team being good enough are quite scary because it’s painfully obvious that they’re not good enough. This is where my frustration lies.
    Am I happy we won last night? Yes of course I am… I’m always happy when we win, and distraught, moody and impossible to live with when we lose. Do I think last nights win is going to have a positive impact on this season? Not unless we use our position to finally go and get those world class players we all want and deserve and the club needs. Because lets face it, we stand no chance of winning the thing and currently don’t have the squad to play 4 competitions this season.
    The squad is currently in a bad way and somebody at the club is to blame for the sorry state of affairs and someone needs to be held accountable. If that’s the manager, so be it… it will be sad to see such a great manager and servant to the club go but if he is unwilling to adapt to the modern game and take the club forward then we must do what is for the good of the Club… I will still support this club long after Wenger has gone!!

  • Matt

    Deluded gooner? Lol. You dont even no what a gooner is you deluded fool. You are starting to sound more and more ridiculous by the day

    Support is about more than burrying your head in the sand.

    My whole family has supprted Arsenal since the 50’s through my grandad and dad and on to me. That’s support not typing on blog about what support means.

  • King Henry, not sure what lies you are talking about. There seems to be no denying that there is money available, but just as Man U were unable to buy Cesc, and Chelsea unable to buy Rooney, we are still trying to buy the men we want.

    We have a team that has just gone 14 games with one defeat. What are you so worked up about?

    There was a lovely comment by one of your fellow-travellers about how results don’t matter when we don’t have a defensive midfielder. I want to answer that, but think it deserves an article on its own.

  • Matt,

    My whole family have been supporting Arsenal since 1886.

    See how easy that is? You can cook up whatever lies you want to make yourself look good on the Internet. That is why I give little credence to anonymous Internet commenters’ bios. I don’t give a damn about your family history. I care more about how you conduct yourself and you always come across as a poorly educated and uncouth individual with terrible critical thinking skills.

    I am embarrass that someone like you is parading himself as an Arsenal fan.


    @Bootoomee – what a strange outlook to have. So us… the fan, the paying customer, the lifeblood of the club should have no say in how we believe the club should be run? If that is the case then please explain to me the point of supporters groups or do you not believe in those either?
    I put it to you dear Wenger apologist that it is in fact ‘supporters’ such as yourself that aren’t true fans. You defend the manager even when it goes against what is best for the club, look for any possible external conspiracy theory to try and gloss over our internal failings and tell anyone who dares to want more for the club to go support another team.
    You sir are a perennial loser which must make your existence as a sports fan rather mundane and unfulfilling…. certainly lacks any form of passion.
    I support the team on match day and I pay good money to do so… doesn’t mean I have to support every decision made by the club especially if I believe it to be detrimental to our success. I don’t care if we win a trophy this year, we have no right to win a trophy but we have the resources to improve and aren’t doing so… that to me is inexcusable.

  • bob

    “While I wouldn’t wish to be a prophet of doom, I can’t help feeling increasingly concerned every time I see Wilshere perform his magic for us. He is a marked man, bereft of proper referee protection and subject to sly fouls and body checks from opponents who are not fit to tie up his boots.”

    You are right. After 3 vicious serial challenges to his surgical ankles, the utterly cynical Fenerbahce manager, Ersun Yanal, said that his team “did not target any single Arsenal player”. This filth as his team took out its suspension woes on our midfield’s ray of light. It makes me heartsick and furious. We should open an investigation of this bent team and its coach.

    This craven behavior is enabled by the chronic refshite – even this touted UEFA ref, supposedly a cut above PGMOL’s “gold standard”. And this is the reason – as even a blind man can see – that we MUST have quality in reserve. Imo, each of the last 3 transfer windows has posed this issue. In the last one we bought Nacho at the very end, only because Gibbs got injured, after the fact. With money in the till, one would have hoped that we would heed an expect-injury-so-be-prepared-with-quality policy.

    Thankfully we did the CL business. Hope, however, is not enough. Only preparedness for the serial fouling to come will do. We have a beautiful side emerging. We would also seem to have the resources to ensure it. Let’s do it.

  • Matt

    @ Goonerjay

    Amen to that man. You need to understand though to be a real fan you need to be on the blogs and not go to any games aswell as accepting everything Wenger does as gospel.

    The club doesn’t need the kind of fans that attend matches and spend money supporting the club.

  • Vikrant Dogra

    Breaking News: CAS uphold Fenerbahce’s ban from Europe for match fixing meaning that they are barred from this season’s Europa League and from qualifying for next season’s Champions League…

    …so Arsenal would have been in the group stages come what may!

  • Pete

    Walter, much as I usually agree with you, this article is not just feeding the trolls but tying them down and force-feeding them!

    A few points:

    – Saw various (non-AFC supporting) England cricketers tweeting how well Arsenal are doing and expressing puzzlement at the abuse being hurled at the club.

    – The money is in the bank. It could be spent now or it could be spent later. It does not evaporate at 11pm on 2nd September. We try to teach our pre-schoolers about deferred gratification. Unfortunately far too many followers don’t seem to appreciate this. What is important is long-term progress. We still owe a lot of money.

    – The club is well run. We have invested in a super stadium the envy of every club in the country, other than one. The owners do not take money out of the club. The club operates to a decent ethical standard. The club appears to treat its employees fairly well.

    – I have certainly seen many so-called Arsenal fans wish defeat upon us as a way of forcing executive/managerial/player changes. Which is pretty pointless because it is not going to happen. Wenger is not going to be fired even if we have a poor season. And every reason to think that even if he does leave, his replacement would be more successful. I dread the day when Wenger finally steps down.

    – And I was there last night and have owned a season ticket for many years. The stadium was way short of capacity – but at least the atmosphere was positive.

    – I would like to see a couple of additions – but not at an inflated price and not just to keep certain people happy.


    Stop crying about being a paying customer. Arsenal tickets are not taxes. You don’t have to buy them. You pay to go into the stadium to sit down on the seat that is alotted to you. That is all you are entitled to and nothing more. You can sleep in your seat and no one would bat an eyelid.

    You are not entitled to good football or any kind of result. Don’t be a whiny child, use your money for something else that gives you joy as Arsenal clearly doesn’t.

    If you think whining about being a paying customer gets you an iota of sympathy or gives you any say on how Arsenal is run, then you must even be more delusional than I thought.

  • Tony,

    Why is my 11.02 comment stuck in moderation?

  • Pete (@11.23am),

    You need to teach some of our paying customers how to act. Great comment sir!

  • bjtgooner

    Walter, you do surprise us from time to time! I would have thought you would have had many comments on last night’s ref – in my opinion he was incompetent or had been paid to try & get the Fenerbahce thugs through.

    As for the AAA – their disappointment shows in some of the ill conceived comments above.

  • bob

    “deferred gratification.”
    What a concept! Are you auditioning for higher office?

    “I would like to see a couple of additions – but not at an inflated price and not just to keep certain people happy.”
    Perhaps someone to maintain the water cooler? Just one, not two, even if the first person gets injured. Would that be ok?


    Bootoomee – you’re quite clearly not a paying customer then… another arm chair fan that doesn’t actually support the team in any way but because you spread your unwavering support for a failing manager on the interweb you are the crux of Arsenal support I guess? Do me a favour.
    burying your head in the sand and accepting the status quo doesn’t make you more of a fan, just a rather disconnected one.
    If you think the current squad with £180m cash sat in the bank is good enough when our fans are paying out over £1000 for the cheapest ST available then you sir are the epitome of a negative fan. If you think this current situation is good enough for a club the size of Arsenal with the resources the club has at hand, you’re lying to yourself and preaching a message that goes against reality and your message does nothing for the good of the club. You want to bury your head in the sand and detach yourself from reality fine… but don’t go telling passionate fans who want better for the club to go support someone else. It’s disingenuous!
    Question, Your kids, you love them unconditionally, support them through whatever they want to do… but does that mean you have to agree with everything they do?

  • WalterBroeckx

    no after complains of some readers that I always write about the refs I thought to change my subject this time 😉 🙂

    Oh and I agree that the ref was not as good as the Italian ref last week.
    But one great decision given by the extra official with the dive of Emineke (or something like that). That was great teamwork and a great decision. You can bet your money on it that Taylor would have put the ball on the spot with a big smile on his face.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Mind you they still complain. But at least we don’t charge the highest entrance rate on the internet. 😉


    Blah blah….bla blah blah bla….blah bla blah

    Say something original and not some whiny shit please. No one at Arsenal gives a damn about your cliched opinion.

    Again, you really really don’t have to buy those tickets. Please stay at home and whine at the TV. The team will be better for it.

  • King Henry

    WOW Tony, you actually want to get into a debate!

    In the first place, I suppose it has not occurred to you the strength in depth of the clubs you mentioned, while we at Arsenal lack such depth, therefore we should be making more of an effort – if we are serious in catching up with those clubs you mentioned. It says a lot when a club says they rather sell their top player to Arsenal rather than Chelsea because we are not considered as challengers.

    I am not saying “why don’t we go out and get Rooney?” I am saying as a responsible senior employee, you have a number of targets at your disposal so that if one fails there are others. There has been decent strikers available (Higuain to mention one). There has been decent big strong defensive midfielders (e.g. Wanyama), but we passed up these opportunities to lesser clubs (no disrespect to Napoli and Southampton). Is this because we are looking for the very best available (e.g. Saurez). I wonder if you think Real and Chelsea will sit idly by and watch us carry Saurez away? We need to cut our cloth according to our size first (one big step at a time). If we do bring in a “superstar” (which is what Chelsea and ManU are looking for – then hats off to Wenger – it is what he gets £7m a year for. But if we do not bring in any solid reinforcements by Sept 2nd ….well in most professions you are brought in to do a job, and if you cannot do it you know what happens.

    Please remind me Tony, was it not your CEO who said in June that Arsenal have stagnated over the years! After that statement the club has gone on to spend £0 with 6 days of the window left! Anyone who loves Arsenal will get worked up about the club’s current state of affairs. Should we forget Villa so quickly and aside from the ref, realise the other important reason why that debacle happened? Have we now become a club who only celebrates when we sneak in fourth place in the premiership? I am not saying we should win everything in sight, but a lot of our problems can be truly avoided.

    And finally, who are my fellow travellers!!!


    Bootoomee – as I thought… no answer, instead just childish ignorance and even swearing! you’ve just proved my point better than I ever could!
    Arsenal Football club could do without your “support” and would lose ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you stopped supporting tomorrow… whereas if I stopped supporting, that’s one less voice cheering the players on every other week and £2000 a year less in the bank. I bring value as a supporter… you bring nothing but your own arrogance and broken logic!

  • bob

    We’re not virgins anymore, so please do talk about this ref: About 3 cynical fouls that targeted Wilshere. At least one to his ankle, maybe more. This even shocked our Arsenal Player announcers, who usually are restrained. Are there dots to connect between Aston Villa’s Taylor and this red-card free zone. Please address this, and Nicky’s concern that Jack is a marked man. Perhaps you could adopt a Wilshere Watch to help, to whatever extent, that he survives this season and prolongs his career. At least an occasional summation. Hodgson will call him up for the likes of Moldavia, heedless to AW’s early request that he not be called up for that match. Do you think Jack, or anyone, can survive the likes of Taylor and the players/coach/blind ref trios to come. This game harbors a dark thread: Wilshere as target or, at least, not fairly (by the rules) protected. Let’s not get fooled: national team nothwithstanding, Wilshere is not being considered in the way that Rooney and other English lights are/have been; and that’s the Arsenal factor. Imo, when Jack’s had enough of this message, he will have had enough of AFC – if only to continue a threatened career. Imo, you at UA are in a position to make this a conscious theme of your work on UA; and, being a prolific writer, I’d hope you’ll make this a topic to be revisited along the way. Raising awareness with documented evidence – a Wilshere Watch – would at least alert the purveyors of Refshite in the Hives of Riley that there are specific eyes on them. Whether you reply to me ever, or Nicky or not here and now, perhaps you’ll take this on as a sidebar to the usual match commentaries. Back to the refshite; like rust (as Neil Young reminds), it never sleeps.

  • Matt

    Big fan Boo put back in his box where he belogs.


    Any moron with 2 or 3 fingers, a keyboard and Internet access can claim to be anything on the Internet. How do I know that you are indeed a paying customer? For all I know, you may be a 13 year old posting from his mum’s basement in Melbourne. How can we tell? You don’t get to use an unverifiable claim to gain sympathy in an online debate. Well, not with me. I could claim to be a club level (or higher) customer and you’ll be able to counter me how? Using the fact that you pay to watch Arsenal to win debates about a club with fans world-wide makes you sound like a pompous and entitled twat. Any fan in any part of the world could just as easily make your claim.

    But even if you are indeed a paying customer as you continue to cry, Arsenal can clearly do without your £2000. Ever heard of the Season ticket waiting list? There are many hoping that your sorry ass will finally do the right thing and sod off so that non-whiny fans can get into the stadium.

    Going by your stupid logic, Stoke City who have the noisiest ground in the EPL should have no fans because they don’t buy world class players and have won nothing since….before the last time Arsenal did.

  • Matt,

    Stupid is what stupid does. Nice that you have GOONERJAY’s shoulder to cry on.

    Poor baby 🙁

  • AL

    Lol Walter, I burst out laughing when I saw the title. Haven’t read the article yet, will come back after doing so, but just had to post after your funny title:)

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Hey Goonerjay…

    Please auction your season ticket on e-bay or wherever u can.. I am sure you will get more than 2000pounds and Arsenal will hopefully get one more positive supporter in the stadium…

    Or better just surrender your season ticket and let Arsenal go bankrupt.. I am sure AFC will realise its mistake and call you for your valuable suggestions

  • Gooner S

    I have mixed views about this post.

    For some time now I have been suggesting/asking for the AAA/AKB labelling to be droppped. It is diversive and at times down right nasty. I read two blogs as a general rule this one and Le Grove (I enjoy both). I have said as much on both. Yes at times there have been’Arsenal Supporters’ that have wished ill on the manager, on particular players and wished the club would lose. If anybody doesn’t believe this (e.g @Matt) you’re not looking hard enough.

    All that said I really can’t blame Walter for having a dig and to be frank he’s largely right. Especially regarding Ramsey. I personally would have waited until after the Spurs game to get my digs in.

    But we do need to improve the squad…… (I’m a broken record I know)….I’m sure we will….I hope we will….

  • Stuart

    King Henry,
    You said : “While this “money” can still be spent (we have 5 days left of the window) – it is sheer incompetence to leave it this late, not to talk of if it does not happen at all. ”

    Would it be sheer incompetence to have gone with a second choice player who is not as good as our prime targets because they would sign without the offer of champions league football? It’s what you are suggesting.


    Bootoomee – so still completely ignore all of my points and questions and choose to go on the defensive by doubting that i’m a season ticket holder? I give up… trying to have a discussion with you is painful. believe what you like pal I really couldn’t give a monkey’s, i’m not trying to impress you treacle, merely proving my point that fans like myself have every right to voice our concerns and shouldn’t have jumped up, arrogant little men who are nothing more than armchair fans telling me who I should support… don’t like the way someone supports the club… ignore them, because you sure as shit don’t have a say in who they should support, especially when said fan shows a higher level of support to the club than you do you clown!

    Abhishek Kumar – that’s just it mate… when i’m at the games I’m not negative in the slightest, I cheer the boys on and don’t agree with booing the players in the shirt although completely understand the feeling behind the people that do. I support this club no matter what and will be at the ground come rain or shine, title or relegation I will be there… but doesn’t mean I have to portray an opinion of all is rosey when it quite clearly isn’t when i’m outside the ground and discussing the club with other fans.

  • Gooner S

    @Goonerjay and @Matt

    I have some sympathy with some of what you say. Sometimes you just go about it the wrong way…. I could say the same of some Untold posts as well (especially banging on about the AAA). Just my view.

    For example….@Goonerjay – wanting Arsenal to lose “1 or 2” games. Sorry I just dont get that. I never want Arsenal to lose. End of. But then again I do agree with you both that now is a good time for AFC to press on, add to the squad and capitalise on the situations at other clubs. That we haven’t done this (so far) is not all down to Wenger in my view – I have said so consistently. He isn’t blameless but it is not all down to him.

    I’m holding to what I’ve said earlier. Lets see the situation when the window closes. Perhaps, to get the players we want, we have to wait that long and suffer any knock backs, if they occur, in the meantime.

  • AL

    SA Gooner
    It’s not a figment of the bloggers’ imagination that the AAA exist. There are some names that have been very conspicuous with their absence since the first win against Fenerbahce(I can give you a list if you wish). And trust me, you wont see these names till the day we lose/draw or play very badly. I know one poster even wished benteke to score a hattrick against us. Now what would you call such a fan?

    In my view these people are even worse than rival supporters, as they do more damage to us as a club by undermining what we all stand for. Their vitriol is bound to be deemed to carry more weight by neutrals as any sane human being would expect any fan’s view to represent those of the club they purpot to support. I don’t generally wish anything bad on anyone, but this lot, I dont have any kind wishes for.


    You wrote: “i’m not trying to impress you….”

    You bloody liar! Of course you are trying to impress me. “I pay £xxxxxx so my opinion counts more than yours”

    You just don’t enjoy being called out for the silliness of your claim as anyone on the Internet could make them. For example you did!

    You are no more a season ticket holder than I am the president of the United States. Let’s discuss issues about the club on merits of our logical thinking and not bring our family pedigree or what we spend in support of the team to bear on our arguments. You see: logic and facts are verifiable; claims of being season tickets holder or length of your family support of Arsenal are not.

    Bootoomee is only guided by facts and logic.

  • Jambug

    Chelsea fan in the mess room last.

    Chel Fan: The Problem with Arsenal is you may have a nice Stadium but you hav’nt won anything for 10 years.

    Me: Maybe thats because we’ve been paying off the Stadium debt. That cost £450 Million you know, and its’ 8 years by the way!

    CF: Thats just an excuse. That pays for itself. EVERY year we hear you’ve got £50 Million to spend and your too tight to spend it.

    Me: We hav’nt had £50 Million to spend EVERY year. We’ve been paying off the Stadium debt over the last 8 years.

    CF: Yeah but thats all payed off now and still all your lot do is pocket the money. There happy if you just finnish 4th. They’ve got no ambition to win anything.

    Me: So why did we build the Stadium in the first place if not to eventually enable us to compete at the very very top?

    CF: They built it so they could just make more money, your lot have got as much money as every one else they just don’t want to spend it.

    By this time I was loseing the will to live and gave up.

    At least this was a Chav, a Chav who perhaps can be excused his inane ramblings on the basis of ignorance. That should’nt be an excuse for the far too many Gooners who sit there and say ‘He’s right you know’.

    They say too much SUN can send you mad. I think there right !!!!

  • AL

    Anyone wishing their team to lose is confused, period. What it is they’re confused about becomes the question here; possibly among these could be who they really support, who they really are, their sexuality, etc. How else can you justify wanting a team you claim to love to lose? I dont wish for a man utd, chelsea or city win because I don’t support either of them. Conversely I dont wish for an Arsenal loss because I support them. Isn’t that how it should be?

  • Stuart

    So Flamini is signed.

    Waiting on Mata, Di Maria, Nedelev and another unknown (to me) called Kondogbia who is apparently quite good according to those in the know despite being just 20y/o.


    Bootoomee – that wasn’t intended to try to impress, it was intended to show you for the 2 bob fan you are who is arrogant enough to tell a match going fan (Matt) to go support another team because he wants us to improve…. this really isn’t rocket science!
    Also, anybody that talks about themselves in 3rd person is a first rate nipple… just saying!


    Stuart – Kondogbia was in Monaco for his medical this morning

  • bob

    “(I can give you a list if you wish)”
    If you have the aliases of the AAA, why not then put them out and clear the air on this issue once and for all. It’s unhealthy for these unverified charges and counter-charges to loosely fly around. It’s time to clear the air, so why not follow through?

  • Arsenal1Again

    @matt Don’t bother, you’re flogging a dead horse. I agree, all whinging about non-existent AAAAAAAA or whatever they’re called now and you know there’s a ref report coming up at some point. You have to start your post as “Great article ” then say what they want to hear, not what you see.

    To be objective I’ll point out I’ve seen fans say they want us to lose games to force the club into spending, but not on Untold. It seems this AAAAA label is a generalisation of fans on OTHER sites and every mention of them here is designed to invoke automatic agreement from the same sycophants. People who cannot contribute to a conversation without using expletive words show a lack of gumption; and each mention of AAAAA or whatever they are labelled today is nothing more than expletives dressed up as something else to disguise this inadequacy.

    Generalisation is usually indicative enough, unfounded judging of others is another, but to see these together combined with name calling, ie AAA, it is conclusive. It should be remembered too that Untold is in the employ of Arsenal FC due to the commendable research the staff do for the club, examples of which can be found in the site owners book, endorsed by Arsenal, hence the blinkered bias. Much of what you see is the research done for Arsenal FC to use or consider and it’s just being pasted here too.

    The lack of substance requires something to heat up the comment section, ref targetting will look obsessive otherwise, so another target needs to be used and so the AAA was born. Obviously the comment secton is a rich source of information for journalists and so it needs to be fuelled by the invention of the fictional AAA, a crying shame really.

    What I don’t get is how season ticket holders and members of the AST can be labelled AAA. Add this to the generalisations, unfounded judgements and labelling of legitimate contributing fans of Arsenal FC and you’ll see why you are flogging a dead horse. For years Untold was respected and quoted by mainstream media, all fans I know knew Untold to be the cream, then delegates and guest writers turned Untold into what it is today. It’s what happens when you build up a company, garner awards and respect, gain trust, then hire the wrong people to manage it. Same with football teams and same with Untold.

    Finding more inventive ways to heat up objective discussion in the comments section might get Untold on the same page as us again, but at the moment Untold Arsenal is being increasingly viewed as a place of blinkered Wengerites and ref blame. Not necessarily a bad thing, but go around judging others and you’ll be judged yourself.

  • Ian Jenkinson

    @ King Henry

    You wrote:

    “If we do bring in a “superstar” (which is what Chelsea and ManU are looking for – then hats off to Wenger – it is what he gets £7m a year for.”

    No sir, that is not what he gets paid for, quite the opposite actually. He gets paid for (amongst many other things) developing players into potential superstars.

  • Matt

    Yes that strange thing is Boo you and your cronies spend most of your time defending the indefensible so i dont anything to cry on.

    It’s you that gets angry but tries to dress it up like it’s other’s. It’s plain to see.

    Speaking about yourself in the 3rd person? Now that really is almost as cretinous as it gets in my book

  • Matt

    @ Arsenal1Again

    So there on the payroll? That makes more sense now.

    It’s like that clown Stubbsy on full of beans all the time because he’s on the payroll.

    Thanks for the info.


    You are not a season ticket holder, you lying sack of shit. And neither is your dim-witted sidekick, Matt.

    Now, you either prove that you are indeed a ST holder – since you believe that it gives you the priviledge and right to be deferred to during Internet discussions – or you shut up and never mention it again.

    Come on: Join Bootoomee in using logic and facts to argue your point 🙂 (Oops, I did it again)

  • Matt,

    Did Bootoomee made you cry? Oh poor baby!

    Stop crying 🙂

  • Matt

    Chill out Boo, and pass me another tissue Please.

    I will let you have my ticket for the Spurs match. I will meet you before the game take you to the Rocket for pre game drinks and you can have my ticket for free and see what a proper fan does on match day.

    What do you say?

  • Vikrant Dogra

    @Jambug – interesting conversation. Of course, what the Chelsea ‘fan’ you talked to fails to realise is a) Chelsea are desperate for a new stadium but have been rebuffed several times in recent years, and b) if Arsenal adopted the Abramovich hire and fire approach, there wouldn’t be an Arsenal Football Club in a few years as we would have gone bust!

    Also, ‘spending big’ can lead to a vicious circle: say we spend £90 – £100million to challenge for the championship, we end up 2nd or 3rd, so what do you do? Spend another £90 – £100million again, but what if you don’t then win everything in sight? Spend big again? So each year your finances get progressively worse in the pursuit of success on the pitch, then you have to start selling players to balance the books etc. Think of (on a slightly lesser scale) Leeds United and Peter Ridsdale; more recently Malaga and now Anzhi are asset-stripping because their owner wants to downsize having overspent and borrowed too much to ‘compete’ – how is that better than Arsenal making a profit, reducing its stadium debt steadily and qualifying for the Champions League season on season??

  • Matt,

    That’s quite generous of you but I don’t take candy from babies. Besides, I wasn’t born yesterday: I make my way to Ashburton grove and you become invisible as you were never going anyway because you are some adolescent living in Auckland, New Zealand 🙂

    I am not a season ticket holder. I never claimed to be. I go to the Emirates to cheer my team whenever I’m able to get tickets as I did during the Emirates cup.

    I know that there are millions of Gooners who probably love Arsenal more than I do but who will never get to see the team in flesh. When you and your type harp on about being Season Ticket holders, in order to win arguments on how Arsenal should be run, you are basically calling these Gooners 2nd class fans. I find that absolutely abhorrent, especially because no one knows if you are really ST holders or just making it up.

    You can prove the validity of your claim and offer by getting in touch with Tony. He will notify me by email when he receives the ticket that you are so graciously giving up for poor me. I will then write you a full apology and acknowledge that, Matt is indeed a season ticket holder and not just some kid lying for attention on the Internet?

    What do you say to that?

  • Matt

    i dont think that’s true at all. The reason the season ticket thing got brought up at all was because of you implying you were more of a fan than myself or others and calling us AAA’s.

    This blog is full of superior fans and your at the forfront.

    You wont let people on here have a few that they are not happy with certain things that go on at the club and that somehow makes them less of a fan. That’s the truth of what’s been going on.

    I know who i am and wheter i go to the games or not so in reality i dont have to prove anything to you or anybody else.I guess you will never know the truth now.

    The offer was there and your choice to turn it down.

  • Matt,

    Thanks for confirming that you are full of shit. Season ticket holder my ass!

  • Matt

    If you say so boo.

    You really are a sad angry jealous bitter little man.

    Are you really teaching the younger generation? That is scary scuff.

  • Jambug

    Vikrant Dogra

    I have argued the point in much the same way you have put it many many times.

    One of the things I say to try and ‘dumb it down’ to it cruedest level is this.

    Over the last 8 years Chelsea, and for a shorter time but by no lesser extent City, have had cash injections to the tune of £500 Million Plus each by the way of, no interst, non repayable, loans. At the same time Arsenal football Club have built a new Medical Centre, Training Complex and state of the art stadium at a cost of around £500 Million.

    I point out that effectively that is a discrepancy of around ONE BILLION POUNDS of available funds for tranfers and wages etc.

    They are indisputeable facts. It’s not rocket science. It’s not difficult math. But still they come out with ‘You’ve got as much money as we have’

    Against that back drop even if you want to moan about Wengers wages, gazedis wages etc. ect. that all adds up to a piss in the Ocean in the bigger picture.


    Bootoome – I engaged you in a debate earlier as I didn’t agree with your stance on calling fans out on who they should support because they had an opinion on the club and thought you had shown previously enough intelligence and maturity to discuss the topic… you proved me wrong… so far this afternoon you have just succeeded in making yourself look rather childish and pathetic!
    grow up lad, i’m sure you’re better than that.

    Maybe if your Arsenal support stretches as far as MOTD and the occasional friendly, that would explain why your so at ease with the current state of the club whilst 2 season ticket holders in Matt and myself have had the cold midweek nights of watching our team look utterly shambolic against Shalke at home and having the cold, tired, frustrating and upsetting journey home that stays with us and makes us somewhat negative… we are who we are because of where we’ve been! Maybe if you spent more nights freezing your arse off for £60 and watching our team look utterly toothless a bit more regularly and had to pay a hefty price for the privilege, maybe you’d share in our frustration a bit more?! just a thought

  • Matt,

    You are a confirmed liar. You offered to give your ticket to me at the stadium, I gave you an easier way out i.e. send it to Tony. The only reason why you’ll object to this fairer and (for you) easier way to transfer the ticket is because you had no ticket to begin with, you dim-witted liar.

    How can I be jealous of a loser who have to tell lies to strangers on the Internet to feel important?

  • Faron

    Dear oh dear, People are exposing their true colours on this blog today. I must say, when the person writes for this Blog again, i definitely wont be taking him seriously anymore, after the tirade of childish abuse he is throwing around. Acting like a 5 year old, because there are a few people that disagree with him.

  • Matt

    Anybody got a key? I need to wind Boo up.Poor love seems to be running out of ideas.

    I offer a true Arsenal supporting legend the chance to go to the North London Derby and he turns me down

    What is a man to do?


    You are still making the same mistake.

    Assuming, and this is a huge assumption, that you are indeed a season ticket holder. Please remember that we are making a huge assumption here. That does not make your opinion on how Arsenal should be run more valid than that of Gooner who watches on TV in, say, Indonesia. Yes, you pay more but then you get to sit in one of the best stadiums in the world. That hypothetical Indonesian Gooner may be willing to pay more than you for the same priviledge if given the chance.

    No one is forcing you to buy those tickets, so you don’t get to use the fact that you buy them as a crutch on which to lean on in debates about the club. If paying so much and staying out in the cold is what gets you so cranky, just give it up and stop going.

    I am happy to engage you in a real debate about the club but I never want to hear anyone use the fact they are season ticket holders to whinge at the club or intimidate other Gooners into silence.

    That is if you are a season ticket holder at all.

  • Faron,

    I’m sure that 5 year old person writes only with the hope that you’ll take him seriously. You suffer from serious delusion of grandeur dude! Plus, if you take the side of liars in a debate, you might be a liar yourself.

    Talk of actual childish ranting.

  • Matt

    He’s really got his knickers in a twist today lads.

  • Matt the liar and fake season ticket holder 🙂

  • Matt

    If it make you feel better boo-hoo.

  • Rupert Cook

    The best post on this thread was by a cat. Says it all really.

  • The font

    When carzorla arrived at arsenal everyone was drooling about his silky skills all I could see was a very talented player who was not closing down or working hard enough for the team I had decided
    He flattered to deceive I did not like him . But I was wrong he has started to work very hard for the team and his silky skills have got better. This is a problem the AAA do not recognise they have said kos was sh*t and he has turned out to be world class but there are still AA members jumping on his back if he makes the slightest mistake. The same can be said about Ramsey at least 10/15% of the crowd were on his back last year . And I still here I told you so at the slightest mistake the boy makes
    We are all entitled to our opinion on players . But when one proves us wrong we should hold our hands up . Otherwise your at risk of being called a. Bigot

  • ACold

    Perhaps a new section should be opened on the Untold page that deals with this kind of back and forth quibbling. I have to agree with Bootoomee about the very real possibility that there are liars on this forum. A time-stamped image would clear up the season ticket debate quite nicely. I also agree that to use money or expenditure as the basis for leveraging an opinion or idea completely ridiculous. Money does not make an idea stronger, it just makes it more persuasive to those that believe it carry’s weight. I don’t. (Unfortunately, due to the fact that it is no longer a promissory note bound to gold or land the weight of money is not what it used to be.) And because money is such a divisive and erroneous way of getting your own way I must admit that thinking it would sway opinion is, well, unethical.

    Anyway, I do enjoy a good banter but I think this one has gotten too many people in a twist. Like it did last summer. . . bap do bap!

  • sukebe

    Oh, apparently they go all out this time eh?

    Same old BS…

    For them, (goonerjay for the most part) arsenal team was not good enough (last season) and will never be good enough.

    That’s what he said at 1nd21u blog.. 🙂

    So don’t waste yer time….

    You see, matt, arsenal1again, gayjay, or whoever you gays are…

    We choose to cheer on the positive side rather to moan and whine over the negative…

    You guys have failed responding to all of the logic i come up to you guys before, now you guys trying to poke on someone’s anger by bringing up unrelated issues such as family?

    Way to go.. You guys must be very proud of yerself…

  • SA Gunner


    The problem lies with Arsene Wenger. I think what Untold fails to want to focus on is the reason why they have their famed Anti-Arsenal Arsenal.

    Its very simple to blanket the key points such as wanting Arsenal to lose and thus rubbishing the entire argument, but what Tony, Walter and Bootoomee fail to understand or entertain, is the reasoning for such measures being uttered by a so called Arsenal supporter.

    Tony, Walter, Bootomee, I encourage you to engage with people who would make such commentary. Find out why such a horrible idea would be presented by someone who actually supports the club.

    I think engaging in proper intellectual debate with the so called AAA, would cause massive disturbance to the foundations of Untold Arsenal, because there are very very good arguments as to why Wenger is not as much of a Lord as Tony and Walter make him out to be.

    Tony, Walter.. A word of caution. Debating the decisions made by Wenger over the last years is not an easy discussion. Be prepared and do your homework.

  • SA Gunner

    And to add Tony and Walter, some advice for you gentlemen.

    Being PRO-Arsenal is looking at the entire picture in an objective manner.

    Walter, your article on Spend the Money vs Referee competence you wrote recently is a very neatly designed piece to push forward your agenda. This is NOT good or helpful in any way to the club.

    Take a step back, look deeper than what you trying to prove or make a point on. Do not resort to Big Brother and The Party tactics in reporting in only one vein when it comes to Arsenal.

    When your child’s school grades are busy dropping down from A’s to C’s, dont celebrate that a C grade is still acceptable, question and look clearly at all aspects, and come to clear conclusions.

  • Pat

    Nice article Walter.

    I’d add that Arsene Wenger is the only manager in Europe to qualify the same team for 16 years for the group stage of the Champions League. In spite of having to do it in straitened circumstances because of our move to the Emirates.

    That is why I say he is THE top manager. By gum, are we lucky to have him! As Jack Wilshere himself has said.

    It is just typical of the ludicrousness of the situation that even after we had qualified for the Champions League group stage 5 – 0 the pundits on ITV – two ex-Arsenal players who ought to know better – were relentlessly negative.

    CHANGE YOUR TUNE, PUNDITS! You bunch of sheep!

  • Segun

    August 28, 2013 at 9:29
    Nice article Walter.
    I’d add that Arsene Wenger is the only
    manager in Europe to qualify the
    same team for 16 years for the group
    stage of the Champions League.” So qualifying for 16yrs, but not winning even once! once!! and you think you do him favor by brandishing this about?

  • Rupert Cook

    I couldn’t really care less about the CL. Maybe if we had a squad capable of winning it I would but even then I’d find it hard to get excited about. It’s a distraction from the more important issue of winning the league, which at the moment we have no chance of winning either and but for about four quality signings before monday that won’t change. And will that happen? Doubtful. Though it does seem we’re getting Flamini back. What next? The return of Cliff Bastin and Ted Drake.

    Certainly we’ve been linked with some top quality which Wenger has promised us all summer, like Benzema, Suarez, Di Maria, Ozil and Rooney but with the exception of Suarez why would any of these players come to Arsenal? It’s a step down for all of them. I know players aren’t that bright but they’re not stupid (well Rooney is so we might get him).

    Anyway Liam Brady has been the latest to throw his weight into the transfer debate and he claims there’ll be a lot of last minute deals which should include us but only if Wenger gets the players he really wants. There’ll be no repeat of two years ago when it was more about numbers than quality.

  • americangooner

    HAHAHAHHA! Arsenal1Again, what a post? Untold employed by Arsenal. HAHAHA. and untold getting media exposure???? where??? can somebody link untold’s article that was quoted in the media. A1A, can you research the link for me, please? If you support a club and think that the manager is also part of the club, then you’ll certainly support the manager. If not, you won’t. Untold seems to think the former, hence the support. And its not that wenger is checking comments section of a blog for fan reaction. So what’s the point of moaning? If you really want to make a point, don’t buy ST?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Wel americangooner did Arsenal1Again came up with that nonsense of us being paid by Arsenal again? LOL

  • The font

    Walter arsene here there is £25 in a envelope waiting for you I will meet you outside white hart lane we can scribble on the picture of there new stadium

  • WalterBroeckx

    LOL @ The font 🙂

  • Mark

    Spending money on transfers is not a good measure of success. It is often a waste of money. I think Wenger has been very good in transfers over the past 16 years. He has tended to buy undervalued players. Flamini is a great signing because the team get a solid play for free. He is not a signing like Bale for Real but that is not really a decision made to improve Real – it is more like mine’s bigger than yours type pride.

    I think a lot of this clamor for transfers does not respect the young players that could step up and wants a “mine is bigger than yours” opportunity to boast.

    Read Soccernomics and think!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Mark – I agree ,keeping up wuth the Joneses will be the ruin of us . Saying that , if we get the right player at the right price and if he brings quality to the team – go for it .

  • Arsenal1Again

    There you go, I was right to not feel as confident as you about the draw.

    Do you feel being cavalier about the draw was the right thing to do?

    Answer after we make it to the knockout stages.