The Choas League: updated 13 Sept 08

West Ham: to lose a manager may be a misfortune, but to lose your sponsor at the same time looks like carelessness.

Liverpool Insolvency: On the brink financially, with no chance of getting their new stadium, and the fans holding anti-owner marches… that’s bad enough.  But when you’ve just spent another load of dosh, and it still doesn’t look that promising on the pitch – that’s not so good.  They can win some games, but there’s no style long-term.  The owner’s strategy is to sell, but it is not clear if anyone wants to buy just now.

Newcastle Untidy:  Keegan maybe have been a prat, but he was a jolly nice prat who had the guts to stand up to managers like the F-Word.  Who on earth would ever want to manage the joke club of Europe?

Manchester Arab: In theory no crisis – the billions will buy everyone.  But the statement about setting up mega stores and the like was so far removed from reality that it started one wondering what on earth is going on.  Then when one of the Arab topdogs said that much more of this stuff about buying Fabregas, and someone would chop someone else’s head off made us all remember exactly the sort of people you work for if you work at Manchester Arab.

Manchester Bankrupt – more and more bankrupt, unable to pay the interest on the money, and with no one able to stand up to Sir Alex F-Word and his endless purchases, the owners are now utterly desperate to sell, but no one but no one wants to take on that load of debt with no way out.

CSKA Fulham – no money crisis, but a reality crisis certainly. Anyone thinking of coming to the club will look at what happens to players (the decline and collapse of A Cole who was a good player at Arsenal, the way Wright-Phillips was treated), the management (refusing to accept a resignation from an official of the club really is a warning to everyone – you are not dealing with normal business arrangements at Chelsea), and then for the club to become the laughing stock through being charged by  the FA for failing to keep your groundsman under control… no it is not a club you can like.   Laugh at, yes.  Like, no.

The Tiny Totts.   “We’re going to be in the top four this year,” was said again, and the start of the season hasn’t made good reading, just as the start of last season.  Nor has the loss of Berbatov, who was the one player when the Totts played Arsenal Children in the league cup last season who was able to make a difference.  They are only this far down the Chaos League because this is what we are used to.

Aston Villa.  A newcomer to the Chaos League because they have spent so much – after pushing out £45m and keeping their top man who apparently everyone wanted to sign, they have to be at the top.   But at the moment they are not convincing.

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