Disjointed Arsenal scrape lucky win at Blackburn

This is exactly the sort of result we feared after the zero activity in the transfer window last summer.  With Wenger failing to buy a new central midfielder, Arsenal were run ragged by an ordinary Blackburn, who were unlucky not to get all 3 points.

Where was Gilberto?  Where was Hleb?  Where was Flamini?   Oh how we missed them.

With Adebayor clearly off-form following his long dispute with the club, his openly stated desire to leave, and his hostility towards the fans, and Van Persie’s glass ankles hindering any sort of fluid movement, Arsenal were in trouble from the start.

It is probably best to pass over the detail of the game, as you won’t want to be reminded, but the paucity of Arsenal’s position can be shown by Wenger’s last desperate throw of the dice when he bought on a 16 year old and a 17 year old.   There was quite simply no one better on the bench.

Quite how long this can go on is hard to say.  With two injured midfield players looking to be ready in the next week there might be a slight improvement, but one can only pray.  We have scoed a miserable 11 goals in the last three games, and let 0 in – and frankly that is not good enough.

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why did Wenger refuse to spend £256m like all the other teams on buying central midfielders?   Denilson, Song, Bischoff, Diaby – who does he think he’s kidding?  As today’s result shows, he’s kidding no one.

Relegation beckons.

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  1. either ted doesn’t understand sarcasm or he’s bitter because he was one of those annoying fans who said we’d finish 11th without buying 3 world class players as well as nasri.

    he’s quite probably boh, they tend to be stupid- the ones who call for drastic measures.

  2. in fact it’s funny because if you look at that squad we had today i’d say it’s pretty fucking good.

    now add to it rosicky, nasri, diaby and eduardo and you’re left with a pretty superb squad.

  3. haha
    11 goals in 3 games with non conceded, omg that is relegation form….BUY SOMEONE IN JAN PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  4. Also, add in Vela. Everyone misses him out! He wasn’t in the squad today, but was superb last week against Newcastle.

    I still think we are missing something in midfield, but perhaps Diaby will surprise us all.

    Oh, and Silvestre. Keep forgetting him too.

  5. Thanks for the laugh! Perhaps this Arsenal team is not quite as crap as some would have us believe?

  6. ha fuckin ha
    great article. great result. no nasri either. we never looked like we got out of first gear, but we made bburn look wanting in all areas.

  7. I was close to call you a wanker but I understood your post before that.

    Good game, no one is needed with all the guys in the room it well enough

  8. good result. but you must realize, blackburn arent the same as last year. all the games we have played are against teams that WILL finish in the bottom half of the table. i still think we lack the grit we need. we did play a decent game, mind you we should have scored another 1 or 2. but all in all it was a decent performance.

    liverpool played another average game, got lucky and they beat manu. it goes to say that anything can really happen in the EPL. manu were without ronaldo, and their threat on the attack seems to lack without him. but a killer front line of berbatov/tevez/rooney is pretty crazy enough to scare most teams off. im surprised they didnt score more goals. but if you add ronaldo to that lineup you got the deadliest attack in the world when they are ALL in top form. hopefully that will never be!!!

    anyways, i think our team is looking good. we can still used an experienced player in the midfield, but we are doing good with what we have for now. bring in nasri and rosicky and diaby, all that adds is more creative skill and attack, we still lack on the defensive side, as diaby hasnt convinced me hes good enough to fill that role. denilson still cannot fill the defensive responsibility, what with all his horizontal passing. minimal threat on offense, aside for his few sneaky passes at the top of the box.it seems as though cesc isnt getting involved as much on the attack. he seems to be hanging back a lot more, which in my mind is a result of the lack of the defensiveness in the midfield, which he wants to fill (him saying he wants to be a COMPLETE midfielder.)

    what i notice is that wenger puts his attack on in the first 2/3 of the game and brings in song to play the defensive role in the last 1/3 of the game to finish off. i can see this being the trend for the whole season..

  9. the silence from those fans who said we have no chance is deafening.

    with any luck they will stop jumping to rash conclusions. scoring 11 in 3 games and conceding none doesn’;t mean we’re favourites to win the league but losing a single game to fulham equally doesn’t mean we’re in crisis.

    some middleground PLEASE.

    is it too much to ask for that people just take a step back and look at the bigger picture for a minute.

  10. to be honest, it wasn’t an enjoyable game to watch. We were playing a very rigid possession game, minimizing risks and while taking a few chances.

    However, scoring 11 in 3 matches while conceding 0 is a feat no matter which angle you decide to see it from.

    Thanks for the laugh mr.writer (and all other pundits that predicted we lost 4th place to everton)

  11. When it was reported in the summer that Emmanuel Adebayor was available for transfer from Arsenal in return for around £32m the general reaction was to either laugh or opine that the fee was prohibitively high in order to scare off potential buyers. But does his goalscoring record not deserve an altogether kinder interpretation? With 42 goals from 83 appearances at Arsenal, Adebayor averages a goal every two games – an impressive return and one that is considerably superior to that of the £32m Robinho at Real Madrid (25 goals in 104 games) and the £31m Dimi Berbatov in England (27 goals in 71 games).

    The comparison is not ideal because both Robinho and Berbatov are cut in a different mould to Adebayor but neither is it the case that the Togolese is simply a goalscorer and his value should be considered accordingly. As Jonathan Wilson wrote in his brilliant book ‘Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics’, ‘The truly great modern forwards appear rather as a hybrid of the old strike partnerships. The likes of Didier Drogba and Emmanuel Adebayor are both target-men and quick-men, battering-rams and goalscorers, imposing physically and yet also capable of finesse.’

    As with Drogba, it is probably the case that Adebayor is held in low esteem by the public because of what can be loosely termed ability-snobbery. While Berbatov and Robinho have founded their careers on talent and technical skill, Adebayor and Drogba owe their prowess primarily to their physical attributes. Understandably, those qualities are less easy to appreciate than, say, Berbatov’s first touch or Robinho’s close control. However, their records prove they are no less effective, and their value shouldn’t be regarded as any less worthy.

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