We predicted what “Sir” Alex would say… you didn’t believe it, but we were 100% right

One week ago this august blog ran the “Sir” Alex Ferguson diary predicting what Mr Red Nose would say about the Manchester City game on 10th February.   And we got it utterly right.

On 5 February in this widely read and supremely revered commentary on all that matters in the known universe and elsewhere (see http://tinyurl.com/yv2sdw for the exact details)  we predicted the old fella would, “ Instruct solicitors to demand Premier League re-writes match timetable.  It is impossible for us to play Manchester City on Saturday in the middle of our prayers for those who died at Munich, while Arsenal do not play under Monday.  Demand Arsenal match be awarded to Blackburn Rovers.  Hughesie calls me to say he agrees.”

OK we got the day of the week wrong – but this is the slightest detail.   For on 9 February “Sir” Alex expressed his horror at having to play Manchester City on the 10th.

We are grateful to “Sir” Alex for reading our well-planned and carefully thought through commentary on football, and acting in accordance with our predictions.   As soon as we have had time to make up some more, we’ll post them.

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