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July 2021

When Arsenal were last top, a journalist is nice to Arsenal, and the Earl of Sidcup

By Tony Attwood

The last time Arsenal were top of the league was after the Fulham game on 4 December 2010 – league game number 16 in that season.  Here are the results that led up to that moment, and away from it, with the penultimate column showing the position in the league.

Game no Date Opposition venue Score Pos Pts
12 10.11.2010 Wolverhampton away W2-0 3 23
13 14.11.2010 Everton away W2-1 2 26
14 20.11.2010 Tottenham H home L2-3 3 26
15 27.11.2010 Aston Villa away W4-2 2 29
16 04.12.2010 Fulham home W2-1 1 32
17 13.12.2010 Manchester U away L0-1 2 32
18 27.12.2010 Chelsea home W3-1 2 35
19 29.12.2010 Wigan Athletic away D2-2 3 36

The table after the Fulham game looked like this

    P W D L F A GD Pt
1 Arsenal 16 10 2 4 34 18 +16 32
2 Man United 15 8 7 0 35 16 +19 31
3 Chelsea 16 9 3 4 30 11 +19 30
4 Man City 16 8 5 3 21 12 +9 29
5 Tottenham H 16 7 5 4 24 21 +3 26
6 Bolton Wand 16 5 8 3 28 23 +5 23
7 Stoke City 16 6 3 7 21 21 0 21

Now as we know, after just four games we are top – at least until Liverpool’s game in hand.

Meanwhile we seem to have developed our own total injury crisis.  The injured ranks, at the moment of writing, look like this:

  • The Ox
  • Cazorla
  • Podolski
  • Sonogo
  • Diaby
  • Rosicky
  • Arteta
  • Giroud

The suggestion however is that Giroud tweeted last night “Don’t worry about my knee, it’s ok” and that Arteta should be back for WBA; Podolski soon after – earlier than we thought…

But even if Giroud is fine what would we do if Giroud is injured – as he is bound to be sooner or later?

First off, we have Podolski – which of course is why an injury now to Giroud would be a bit of a blow with Lukas himself injured.  So who comes in, in such a scenario?

The obvious approach must be to use Theo as the centre forward with Mesut Özil just behind him.  Which brings me on to a Saturday, or rather Monday.   This morning the Guardian in the UK says, “Maybe the Premier League should introduce a new rule especially for Mesut Özil. Perhaps if they banned Arsenal’s new £42.5m midfielder from using his left foot things might be a little fairer for the opposition.”

Shock, horror.  I had to sit.  A journalist being nice to Arsenal???

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

“Not content with the exquisite creation of Olivier Giroud’s opener, he unlocked so many doors for Theo Walcott that, had the England forward properly calibrated his shooting, he would have had a hat-trick.”

The Guardian also quote Di Canio saying, “Özil was lucky, every touch was good,” but I think he was being funny.

The Wengerian quotes are even better: “He had not practised with the team at all but he looked very comfortable, especially his first touch.”   How about that for understatement.   But he was also keeping feet on the ground:  “The result was a bit flattering for us. They gave us a lot of problems in the second half.”

But of course the regulars were out having a moan.  “Mesut Özil class in debut triumph cannot hide all Arsenal’s familiar flaws at the back” pronounced the Telegraph in ponderous mood, although Luke Edwards did have the sense to migrate slightly back towards reality by saying “it is impossible to tell whether Arsenal should be considered serious title contenders again or whether they remain a team which is fundamentally flawed.”

But then he loses it saying, “The last English team to sacrifice a tight defence in order to play in such a swashbuckling style were the Newcastle United of Kevin Keegan.”   No, the last team to try this was Arsenal, and when they did that they did rather well.

The fact is, as the Telegraph says, “Özil attracted the attention of three Sunderland defenders whenever he got the ball.”   That’s exactly what Henry did and it worked ok for him.  Campbell and Toure were rocks at the back in 2003/04  – but they did not play every game and when they didn’t we looked slightly dodgy at the back but still won, or at least drew.

But in fact all the Mesut Özil talk should be shared with “Not fit to wear the shirt” Ramsey.   In the Telegraph he gets a passing mention and a brief quote, which is a churlish dismissal of him to say the least.

The Mail makes up for this with “Ramsey shines but Ozil is a star and could be one of the best talents Britain has seen”.

Their comment was, “On the weekend Gareth Bale marked his debut with a goal, Ramsey even went one better than his friend and fellow Welshman with two goals to kill off Sunderland’s second-half revival – a thumping finish which left Keiren Westwood diving at thin air and a deft one-on-one finish past the Sunderland keeper.

“The strikes completed a near-perfect performance from the 22-year-old, among the many young Arsenal players who can only benefit from the arrival of Ozil, the club’s record signing whose continual measured passing and effortless awareness of team-mates were the highlights of his 80 minute debut.”

Now I don’t normally like the Mail, which to me looks as if it is edited by the Earl of Sidcup, (don’t worry, its a PG Wodehouse thing). But they surprised me – or at least one of their readers did.  Here’s a comment posted after their review in Monday’s on line paper

“If it had been any other manager, Ramsey would have been offloaded in the 2011-12 season to a bottom half table team (probably lower),and Wenger would have bought in a player who would have been better than Ramsey was at the time, but not as good as Ramsey can be under Arsene Wenger’s coaching, and just think what a waste of talent that would have been. To be honest I have absolutely no idea what Wenger saw in Ramsey at that time, he was very mediocre, but once again he was right and Ramsey will be remembered as an arsenal great by the end of his career. I’ve just never seen a manager that can see potential in a player when no one else can like Arsene Wenger and be able to turn a player from utter mediocrity to world class (which Ramsey isn’t too far from). The “Wenger out” brigade really don’t understand how lucky we are to have him as our manager.”
I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Roderick Spode, 7th Earl of Sidcup

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91 comments to When Arsenal were last top, a journalist is nice to Arsenal, and the Earl of Sidcup

  • Harry Barracuda

    * Sanogo

  • Stonroy

    Listen no one doubts Wengers eye for talent but you can’t ignore his deficiencies . A bit narrow minded don’t you think?

  • DR


    Also, I think it’s the price tag that does it…journalists can understand a big name coming in from a big club but the concept of someone like Ramsey, who obviously had a lot of ability and the right attitude, suddenly clicking is just a shock, at least they’ve caught on now (8 months after he actually started playing well but still…).

  • WalterBroeckx

    yeah why don’t we start moaning right now. We are in front of the ones with lots of dosh and those with even more dosh and the ones with the former friend of the refs. About time we start slagging off the manager.


    I read somewhere that of the last 20 games with something at stake we lost 1 (one) game. Yeah sure the manager got some deficiencies. Why don’t we sack him? After all… he lost that one game for us.

    If it wouldn’t be so sad, it might be funny…

  • Jammathon

    Who -CARES- what the media says?

  • Herphyz

    Oh Arsene forgive them because they knw not what they say behind u…. A certain dutch skunk would’ve been playing at aston villa(ofcourse no disrespect to villa) or worse, at spurs if not for Arsene who kept faith & refused to listened to the deluded majority. How patient were manure, chavs & real with the injury times of Hagreves, Robben & Schneidjer respectively? Would any of the above teams stood by the anonymous dutch during his injury-ladden period? Would any other top team keep faith in ramsey? Ofcourse the chances of any of them doing that are pretty slim. Diaby’s going through the same thing now & the club’s always there to help him. How much more loyalty can a player ask from a club than what we offers? I believe Diaby will one day be fine and the chance to show the world why we kept faith with him with his devastating talents on the pitch. Ozil is an amazing player and with him in our team, we’re gonna get somewhere unexpected by the doomers. With injured guys all returning, we’ll be more lethal. I’ve never doubted ramsey’s talent for once, take a bow rambo. I wouldn’t want to be Arsene when all our injured players resumes. Meanwhile, the chavs lost & manure managed to renegotiate their deal with PGMOL again. Good job guys.

  • @babakrdaemi

    Who has seen mark hasley comments about texting fergie? No one will be supprised about that I am sure.

  • swing

    I was actually watching Man Utd this saturday with my brother who is a Manchester fan (don’t know why really.) and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them. There is no way they can even make top 4 playing like that, the refs really have their work cut out for them if they are to drag them to top 4. Their play was so dull they even managed to make Rooney & V P**#@ look average. Any arsenal midfielder would walk into that midfield, its just that shocking.

  • WalterBroeckx

    We will deal with the Halsey quotes. Don’t worry 😉

  • swing

    The story is really how shocking Man Utd & Chelsea have been, the media should be focusing on that & not the latest fabricated crisis @ Arsenal, do u realise that if u look @ the media Arsenal have been in crisis since we sold Fabregas & Nasri. I bet a lot of other fans would love to have our neverending crisises (is that even a word well english isn’t my 1st language.)

  • A good post, Tony. I rarely visit read anything the Daily Mail has to offer, but liked the passage from a reader which you quoted.

  • Have you read that the S#!t think that their new player from Ajax is as good as Ozil! Lol.

  • Previgo

    Oh dear man u, and they were comparing wilshere and cleverly..LOL how was ashly young not booked for diving? Arsenal vs 10 men crystal palace..i know what my score prediction would be

  • graham clarke

    Arsenal has been under attack by sky rags and closer arsenal news review arsenal truth for years a arsenal real fans should fight back

  • Stonroy,

    You and a million other blogs are higlighting Wenger’s fault enough for all of us.

  • swing,

    Crisises is not a word. Crises is the plural of crisis but considering how much crises we’ve had, I don’t blame you for creating this new word.

    Crisises > crises > crisis 🙂

  • Previgo

    Yea! I read something like that, LOL spuds saying eriksen is as good as ozil..puhahahahaahahahahaha.. What a joke. I have just three questions for the spuds..
    1. Assuming eriksen is a german international would he be in their 1st eleven?
    Answer= he would be forth choice behind ozil,draxler,and gotze(even more but i should stop here)
    2. Assuming ozil was a danish international would eriksen be in the starting XL without playing on the wings?
    Answer= heaven knows ozil would have captained denmark playing as CAM, with eriksen on the bench or forced to play outwide.
    3. Assuming ozil was signed by spuds(which will never happen in reality) and also had eriksen, will spuds keep ozil on the bench in favour of eriksen?
    Answer= LOL…

  • shagx

    I’m sorry, but who in the world doesn’t have deficiencies? Please name one person! Everyone has his flaws! However, when you look back what Wenger has done during his Arsenal days as a whole, now and after he leaves us, you’ll only see one thing. Arsenal has progressed! Hugely! We went through the toughest time in recent time, with the stadium and financial crises. Can’t believe how naive people are to blame all that on Wenger. Sorry but unless someone in Arsenal is a magician and can print out endless pound notes, can’t see how we could have 400+ million of debts cleared out in 8 years.
    I personally think Wenger has done a fantastic job to keep us in the champion’s league all these years and now we are back! We can really go out and get the player we need and we deserve! This isn’t about what he could have done, it’s about what he did with what was available to him! COYG, this is our season! This is our title! Let’s cheer our team to vistory!

  • Harry

    Like every Arsenal fan I am absolutely over the moon with Ozil. Properly a top 10 World elevan player. However watching the game yesterday we do make our job far more difficult than what it should have been, we should have been 3-0 by half time and in my opinion we still lack the ruthless edge and that no nonesense defending. I have to first start by saying that I owe Ramsey a huge apology, I have been on the boy’s back alot and I have questioned if he is an Arsenal player, he still has alot to prove and keep this good run going but I can see a massive change in his game. The second part of my post is still a bit of a broken record and question Walcott’s footballing ability? He had 4, yes 4 one-on-one chances against the keeper and fluffed every one. Does he have the ability? I think so. does he have a footballing brain and is he consistent? No. Had we had a Pires, Freddie or an Overmars have the chance we had yesterday we would have won the game by HT and not made it so difficult in the second half. My personal view is he has no competition for his position and I am so amazed why any top team hasnt made a bid for Ben Arfa. Have been a big fan of this kid when I saw him and Benzema at Lyon! Another positive to end on was Giroud not only did he finish well but his link up play was second to none!! Well done boys keep it up!!

  • AL

    Good read. Glad to hear Giroud’s injury might not be as bad as we feared. Bring on Marseille. Meanwhile, eagerly awaiting Walter’s article on the Halsey/Ferguson relationship:)

  • colario

    With regard to Aaron Ramsey. I was in despair for him when he was injured it was such a horrific break. To think the thug wasn’t even sent off! He should have been made to go to the hospital with him!

    I was thrilled when he played his first game back in the team, true the team had to carry him as he progressed to full recovery.

    The medical team at Arsenal clearly did their part in his recovery. The encouragement of players and the staff also played their part. I think all of them are to be congratulated . Then there is Ramsey, the boy, the man. I cannot imagine the pain and despair he must have been through but he has come though it all like a triumphant emperor.

    When, when will the Arsenal and Arsene detractors learn. Arsenal are a great club and have a manager with the highest values and managerial skills and great vision.

    Managers who win silver come and go. Managers who transform the game are rare in fact there has only been two. The first one played for spuds and managed Arsenal.

    The second one before he was heard off by the English football experts’ robbed England of its most skillful player. That player, playing for him, won a league championship medal – in France.
    He went on to become a manager in his own right. He managed his beloved spuds and came to Arsenal as their manager. His team lost to an Arsenal team managed (and a former Monaco manager )by his mentor the much derided and even hated Arsene Wenger. The second manager to revolutionise English football.

    Is it ironic that those who deride and scoff at Arsene are now after 16 years of his teams playing skillful football, now want English kids to be taught football skills instead of English football thuggery skills?

    Sorry about the long, long sentence.

  • Harry,

    In the same comment in which you are apologetic about giving Ramsey hell, you unleashed on Walcott. So are you going to be apologising to Theo when he starts scoring too?

    Be a supporter. Support the players. Be patient when they are going through a rough patch.

    I have no doubt of Walcott ability. He is quality player who things are not working for at the moment. He may score a hat trick next game. Please leave the guy alone.

  • colario,

    The thug who broke Ramsey’s leg is Ryan Shawcross and he was sent off in the game. Arsenal also went on to win the game 3-1.

  • bjtgooner


    Shawcross was sent off.

    I agree with you re the delight we all have in Rambo’s recovery from injury and his development into a major player. I suspect there is more to come from him.


    Good article and nice to see the team at the top. Lets hope Liverpool come unstuck tonight.

    The team has played some great football already this season and will improve further as players return from injury and as the new signings slot in. However, this team while very very good is not yet the finished article – I suspect AW will have already planned how to develop it further.

  • colario

    @Bootoomee. I remembered his name but decided not to name him. However my memory was wrong on his sending off. Thank you for correcting my aspersions on the match ref.

    Unless the refs do not stop the thugs attacks on Wilshire then he could experience a similar fate. No doubt if it does then it will be Wilshire’s fault – he dived.

    Have you noticed every time its mentioned we have won the last 3 games it is always added after a desasterious start against Villa.

    At that game Villa did not complain about the Ref. However they screamed blue murder when in their game against Chelski they were abused as we were!

    I fully agree with your comments about Walcott. I have written in another blog that we must support him and encourage him more then ever. The goals will come.

    I have no time for these fickle flip flop fans.

    Surely after 16 years you would think that they had a better understanding of what is happening.

    When a player does prove not to be able to reach the level required he is moved on. Geviniho is good example of this.
    Sad to say Arsenal was not for him, so he was transferred to the manager whom we bought him from as it happens.

    However Walcott has more than proved his worth to the team and the club and us the fans. Keep the faith.

  • colario

    My post @ Bootoomee was meant for bjtgooner. My apologies to both.

  • The font

    Ramsey under 21s the boy was mesmerising that’s why fergi and arsene went head to head for him
    Thank god he choose us.

  • colario,

    I am in agreement. Apologising for giving Ramsey hell and then, in the same comment, giving Walcott hell just show these people’s lack of self awareness. But more importantly, Walcott has not been that bad. And he will start scoring soon too.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Is it just me or are you too nauseated by all this excessive bowing , scraping , backslapping and genuflecting by the press and media as well as the returning hordes of prodigal sons ?
    I’d rather take a backhanded and grudging compliment from the critics than this fake bonhomie from the usual idiots . Are we being set up (built up ) to fall/fail ? I’d be very weary of all this good cheer .
    As for those ‘fans’ who were lost and now seen the light; is it not suspicious that while claiming the error of their ways in having ‘misjudged ‘ Ramsey ‘s importance to the team and repenting ; they go on and find a new ‘fatted calf’ in Theo to stick it in ?
    I wouldn’t trust this group of hitherto unheard of new fans to this site .

  • bjtgooner


    No problem, I think you and I and also Bootoomee are in agreement on Ramsey and Walcott.

  • gunneraddict

    “To be honest I have absolutely no
    idea what Wenger saw in Ramsey at that
    Then its just me and wenger who have been seen the potentials of Ramsey, cus I have being seeing Ramsey as Arsenal’s Frank Lampard and I think most arsenal fans will come to see what I and the Manager have been seeing.

  • DR


    A billion smile. You made my day. Maybe Lord Sidcup should have a regular Untold column.

    Now there’s a thought. (Sorry everyone else, DR and I know what we are talking about)

  • bjtgooner


    I was thinking something similar. The AAA types always seem to have to have a target player to attack and to unsettle if possible.

    It does not matter how well the team plays, how well the individuals perform or our position in the league; the hard core of the AAA never seem to to lose sight of their ultimate objective – to remove AW – and in turn have silent Stan replaced. Any destabilizing that they can think of to promote this objective will be pursued. The AAA have been quiet on this site of late since we beat the Spuds and signed Ozil – but the impression I have is that they leave one or two buffoons to watch the site and leave the odd comment (sometimes a very odd comment!)

  • marcus

    last week while America was trying furiously to start WW3, the Daily Mail’s Headline story was something about spending a night in David Beckham’s bed. It’s a heady mixture of total banality and soft porn these days. it’s a bit like opening the Metro and finding a slim copy of Playboy inside.

  • marcus

    Or maybe it strives to mine and then externalize the thoughts of the world’s most vacuous airhead?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    To the AAAAs –

    You have as much of a right to voice your opinion… …just as I have as much of a right to ignore the sound of your voice.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ bjtgooner – Wish we could get funding to ‘rid ‘ those pain-in – the -arses !

  • marcus

    I think Tony should just put up a spoof weekly column.

    “One step closer to the Abyss” by Darius Spudbot

    With content like this:

    ” …Arsene Wenger this week confirmed his total incompetence by substituting Ozil in the 80th minute. Meanwhile Theo Walcott continues his steep decline and can surely be only weeks away from being transferred to a bottom of the league club. “

  • Matt

    Arsenal are top of the league playing well and have just signed a £42million world class player but this blog is still always looking for the negatives.

    Who cares what the press have to say about us? It would normally be the view of 1 man writing the article.

    The irony of this blog is incredible. AAA this AAA that but the authors never stop moaning no matter how the fooball is going.

  • marcus

    or perhaps “Melancholy and Bile” 16th Century reflections on AFC’s 21st Century Ailments

  • marcus

    sorry, Melancholia and Bile

  • @ Matt

    Irony is something you have to steel yourself for, unless you want to be lead by the nose.

  • bjtgooner


    The irony is that you are the moaner, but don’t like it when you are called out.

  • Matt

    I can be a moaner and i dont like Wenger and i admit that.

    I am happy when the players do well and the team does well and dont give a monkeys what a few jounalists or pundits say.

    We could be discussing being top of the league instead of maoning about the papers and refs and the AAA.

    Arsenal FC play football you do realise that?

  • bjtgooner

    That seems a rather ironic reply – once again!

    But, if you want to open a discussion about being top of the league – go ahead – make your points.

  • @ Matt

    “Arsenal FC play football you do realise that?”

    No, I hadn’t. Thankyou.

  • Matt

    @ Michael Staley

    I have been ignoring all of your posts designed to have a pop at me. Your like a little child following me around desperate for a an argument.

    What you have to say to me means nothing to me.

  • Matt

    Look at the topics of this forum. It’s not a fooball forum.

  • @ Matt

    “Look at the topics of this forum. It’s not a fooball forum.”

    Then I wonder why you waste your time here.

  • bjtgooner

    Matt, you had the chance to return the debate to the title – Arsenal being at the top of the League – and you chose not to do so.

    You prefer your normal comfort zone – the negative moan. It is hard to categorize you as anything other than a negative AAA troll – wanting the debate to focus on your own perceived grumps.

  • Well,back to topic, then. I think that Arsenal have been playing very well in recent games. The pass-and-move play is sometimes breathtaking and exhilarating. I felt as last season progressed that there was great potential in this team, and it’s a joy to watch it unfolding now. Until recently, I haven’t had such joy watching Arsenal as much since the high points of the 2007/08 season. Doubtless there will be problems to overcome along the way, and it’s going to be a tough season no doubt, but I believe that we’re set for glory.

    What’s made a huge difference, in my opinion, is that we haven’t had any major departures in the summer, the first time for many a year. That, combined with the improvements in players like Giroud and Ramsey in particular.

  • Matt

    If a proper football discussion broke out most of you would be confused and dazed.

    That’s the point this whole forum it’s a neagative moan of one sort or another

    I’m an AAA troll and you spend your time moaning about me and others like me. If there was more football chat maybe everybodies negativity would subside

  • OK, point taken, Matt. So let’s discuss the football. What did you like in particular about Saturday’s game?

  • Matt

    I must accept i am surprised by how well we have started the season. I think there is more pace in the team this year and a counter attacking threat hich we have been missing since some of out great teams.

    Everybody has been taliking about Ramsey but i think Mertesacker has improved immensley towards the end of last season and the start of this.

    I must say i have been very impressed with Flamini aswell. He is a workaholic like always but he seems to be leading in midfield aswell talking to players and geeing people up.He didn’t let the team fold up at 1-1 against Sunderland and helped push them on for the win.

    If we can get some of the injured players back and maybe add a forward in January we could really have a decent year IMO.

  • bjtgooner


    As you rightly point out, we have had no major departures this summer, we finished last season with a good core, good team spirit and further we have strengthened during the summer. Apart from the Aston Villa result, thank you Riley and Taylor, we have started well despite many injuries. There will be ups and downs, but the outlook is very promising.

  • bjtgooner

    @Matt @ 3.43pm

    Better – a positive post!

  • Like Matt, I’ve been very impressed with Flamini. During his last season with us he was playing very well, and thus far he has continued where he left off. He has masses of energy and stamina, and leads from the front.

    I was reading a superb analysis on some site or other a few days ago, highlighting the fact that not only do the players pass and move so well, but that the players swap positions too during these fluid, intricate moves that build up.

    When watching the first half of Saturday’s game on Arsenal iPlayer, I was impressed with a particular move of Özil’s, where he trapped a long ball from I think Gibbs and then passed it to Giroud for his goal. Although dissimilar, it reminded me a little of when Van Persie took an overhead pass from Song and volleyed it into the net. That was just one example of Özil’s paly that I found particularly delightful. What a great addition to the team.

  • Gf60

    Oh I did wonder when we would be blessed! Maybe he’s learned some lessons recently?

    Mike Dean has been appointed referee for Arsenal v Stoke City on 22/09/13 #ARSSTK

    — Premier League (@premierleague) September 16, 2013

  • AL

    Thats terrible news Gf60. We can expect some kicking on that day, hope we don’t field players like Ozil. Best to draw that game than lose such a player to injury for the rest of the season.

  • bob

    “To be honest I have absolutely no idea what Wenger saw in Ramsey at that time, he was very mediocre, but once again he was right and Ramsey will be remembered as an arsenal great by the end of his career. I’ve just never seen a manager that can see potential in a player when no one else can like Arsene Wenger and be able to turn a player from utter mediocrity to world class (which Ramsey isn’t too far from).”
    This is so true and I felt the same. Wow, I’ve never felt so glad to have been so wrong. Go Aaron!

  • bob

    “Meanwhile, the chavs lost & manure managed to renegotiate their deal with PGMOL again.”
    We shall soon enough find out which way this foul wind is blowing this season when The Dean (aka Smeagle) slithers in for the next match. Is his job to target Ozil or Giroud or Jack? Or a Trifecta? This man should be red carded by all gooners. Why not bring red cards and hold them up at every miscall and non-call. He will damage our assets, to put it in that language they understand, and ought to be an object of litigation. How many times do we get to see his mastery of the tilted pitch this season?

  • AL

    Knew we were going to get dean sometime but he’s come too early:( Our next 6 games are winnable, and think they were worried we would be out of sight by the time we meet Utd in November so they decided to send dean to derail us.

  • jambug


    Penalty for Stoke even though it was an obvious dive.

    Injury to Ozil, Theo or Rambo, possibly all 3 !!

    Sending off for Flamini.(2 yellows. The first being for his first tackle in the 2nd minute)

    Giroud booked for diveing even though he was clearly fouled.


    Arsenal are in crisis.

    Arsenal have to learn it’s a mans game.

    Arsenal are a bunch of diveing cheats (can’t allow this diveing issue to be focused on utd now can we)

    Wenger should be sacked.

    THIS BOARD. (The usual suspects will be back in force)

    Wenger should be sacked.

    Wenger should be sacked and flogged.

    Wenger should be sacked, flogged and marched through the streets of Islington

    wenger should be shot at dawn.


  • AL

    Very likely that everything you list here will happen on the 22nd.

    Back to the article, a liverpool fan sent me this link;

    Not sure if this is in ‘response’ to this thread, or if someone saw this article today and it gave them the idea to go write an article about it. Seems talkshyte are paying a lot of attention to UA either way.

    I obviously dismissed this with the contempt it deserves(I mean, we are only talking two and a half yrs ago), and that while the article states when we topped the table Twitter had 175m followers, I reminded the Liverpudlian that when they last won the league the internet didn’t even exist, the Berlin wall was still up, and countries like the Yugoslavia still existed. This is a typical case of those in the media magnifying anything that may be deemed negative concerning Arsenal, while other clubs may be in worse situations but they don’t talk about it.

  • sukebe

    Hey, Matt…

    Football chat, or a chat on YOUR OPINION?

  • jambug


    Thats why I dont listen to that crap.

    We lose and they destroy us. Crisis etc.

    We play well, win, go top. They still find ONE decision that favoured us to blight the result and then proceed to do another piss take.

    I know that TalkShyte has an anti Arsenal agenda. Anyone with a brain knows it.

    That being the case I cant for the life of me understand why any ex gunner with a any sense of loyalty to arsenal or Wenger would ever been seen dead on the show. Unless of course you’re a bitter and twisted serial hater like Wright or Robson. But players like The Romford Pele? Whats he doing on there?

    I also always understood from those lunatic days when I did listen that some of the producers (Includeing Durhams) was an Arsenal fan. What is it with these people.

    One last point. Surely the current Arsenal players know how derogatory they are of all things Arsenal yet they give them interviews. I dont get it.

    Do they not realise that the negative Arsenal agenda set by the likes of TalkShyte and the Scum actually filters down to the negative way we are treated by refs?

  • Mahdain

    I think Riley woke up today and saw that even after Taylor’s antics Arsenal are top so what he should he do? Send Dean over

  • colario

    @jambug. I listened to the talksprot ‘Asenal daily fix.’ this evening (Monday) I could not believe my ears. I don’t know the presenter’s name but around 6.30pm he claimed that ‘at long last Wenger had taken the advice had been giving Wenger for the LAST 8 YEARS and spent some money.

    So there we have it Arsenal and Arsene fans, the reason why Arsene spent ‘some money’ is because a talksprot presenter advised Arsene to spend some money.

    If we didn’t know better we would think the date is 1st April.

  • AL

    Lol! I haven’t listened to them for years but think it might be that Durham chap, have heard he’s the tormentor in chief there. But the sad thing is a certain section of our fans will actually believe that tripe.

  • jambug

    At that time it will be that imbocile Durham.

    To be honest even allowing for his usual inane rantings that must surely of been said with tongue in cheek. But you never know with that bloke.

    He gives to journalism what Hitler gave to World peace.

  • jambug

    As he seems to have all the answers perhaps he can come round to my place and give me some advice as to how I can pay off this F***ing great Mortgage and still keep paying for caribean holidays.

  • LRV

    Matt, I am really very impressed with your comment @3:30pm. You see; It doesn’t hurt to be positive. Long may it continue.

  • Unbelievable belief

    I am a bit confused and dazed.
    Does Matt think Mertesacker only improved at the end of last season and the beginning of this one?
    I believe he has been very consistent since we signed him, never mind who we pair him up with.

    He did go walkies for the second Villa goal, though.

  • Unbelievable belief

    I thought Mike Tottenham in Disguise Dean was retired.
    What next, Mike Reilly doing the critical November match against Man United this season?
    We’d better get Tom Daly as the linesman.

  • bob

    “I also always understood from those lunatic days when I did listen that some of the producers (Includeing Durhams) was an Arsenal fan. What is it with these people.”
    I think it’s job security.

  • elkieno

    Bjtgooner: are you a lawyer of some sort? You could pick apart a crims argument with ease.
    Matt: I don’t know if you have been here much but we will always get trolls coming on here giving it large about how this player is shit, manager is shit, directors, board etc are all hopeless with no ambition.
    There are plenty of blogs to get a game review and scores of rating, but because we like to be positive they see us as a target as if we are blindly stupid idiots, when in reality they are.
    It’s not moaning but proving that Ramsey is and always has been a great player that needed a big confidence boost which he got from us, not the moaners..

  • Gunz

    Oh Matt has been here a fare bit, ask Bootoome.
    August 20, 2013 at 9:54 am
    The Arsenal fans that are upset are not just upset at this game, it’s the continual denial that something needs to be done for 8 years.

    The penny pinching, putting up season tickets by 6.5% and not spending the extra on new players,£160 million in the bank,the poor tactics etc etc…….

    Jamie Carragher had it right las tnight when he said the only people paying over the odds at Arsenal are teh fans who buy tickets.”

  • AL

    I’ll take the credit although I didn’t say that statement, it was jambug:) I absolutely agree with your assessment though.

  • elkieno,

    Matt just threw you guys a bone and I am surprised by how many fell for it. He is an AAA sewer rat. He always gets mad whenever he sees AAA which is why I love to use the term.


    Of course, how can anybody forget Matt, the dim-witted fake season ticket holder. I love jerking him around because he is a jerk. Screw him.

  • Unbelievable belief

    Yeah, I remember well him being caught out on the whole fake season ticket story.
    He’s just a bag of spanners.
    How anyone can expect to get away with a comment on Untold that they “don’t like Arsène Wenger” is beyond me. See the headline mission statement of this blog.
    Present at lease some evidence or cogent analysis of his perceived flaws please.
    Bullshit and Teen Angst bravado belong on other sites.

  • Unbelievable belief

    Durham and Talkshite do what they do to wind-up Gooners for a simple reason:
    There must be huge numbers of Gooners listening to the station and reacting on calls, texts, emails and the like to the regular wind-ups.
    The Advertisers must love it. If you hate Durham – target the companies that sponsor Talkshite, hit them where it hurts.

  • Unbelievable belief,

    Exactly! I think Untold Arsenal is the most honest blog agenda-wise on the Internet. Its bias is displayed on the welcome banner. What else do the AAA/WOB/Doomers want? As an atheist, it would be moronic of me to go to the an evangelical website to argue with the regulars, irrespective of my conviction that they are deluded fanatics and hypocritical do-gooders being led by greedy con men. The AAA/WOB/Doomers coming here to argue about how Wenger and the board are conniving to ensure that Arsenal win no trophies is about the same.

  • Unbelievable belief

    Boo I called out Fatgooner on that argument – I makes a lot more financial sense for the Board to want to win trophies, if they were just greedy conmen; the prize money is much better.
    That’s the only way the Glazers are staying in the business.

    I suppose ‘we’ are the deluded fanatics and hypocritical do-Gooners in the AAA’s eyes, ’tiss a pity they can’t see the Fox News type spiel of their kind. How many Rush Limbaugh type blowhards have the doomers got?

  • Matt


    Jealousy is a terrible thing and makes Boo and angey little man.

  • bjtgooner


    I think the important thing is that those who try to attack the club/manager/team try to use a distorted half truth as the basis of their argument, sometimes this can be used against them – at which point they resort to bluster, whinging or abuse – but – they know that they have lost the argument on their chosen point.

  • bjtgooner


    I should add that I think some of the other regular contributors defend the team/manager etc far better than I can.

  • The font

    Ainstein And Arsenal v U.A

    U.A. But that’s not possible
    U.A. but that’s not possible
    U.A but that not possible
    U.A but that’s not possible

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Guys , there are con men , morons, trolls , deluded teens, outright fools and the AAAA on the internet .Don’t engage them ,nor give them the time of the day .
    Just received this today – makes sad reading .Not !

    Watch what you buy online
    Be careful what you buy on eBay – if you buy stuff on line, check out the seller carefully. Just heard that a friend of a colleague spent £95, plus tax and shipping, on a penis enlarger. Bastards sent him a magnifying glass. The only instructions were: “Do not use in sunlight.”

  • The font

    I got burnt on that scam as well

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ The font – Double ouch !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    That reminds me of an old joke .The match made newly weds are in bed on their first night , and the bride seems to be very apprehensive , so the husband asks her what’s the matter .
    She says that her mother had just informed her that her husband would put his penis inside her vagina , and that she was not to be afraid .
    She also admitted that she did not know what a penis was and thus why her nervousness .
    The beaming husband told her not to worry and that he would be gentle .So he strips down and proudly exhibits his manhood and says , ” This is a penis !”
    His wife claps her hands and exclaims ,” Oh , so that’s a penis – its just like a prick , only smaller !”

    This is not a true story ! Ahem !