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August 2021

Having a problem reading Untold?

There is a problem with part of the process that ends up with you being able to read (or sometimes not read) Untold.

If you are having an intermittent problem with Untold or the History Site and you have the chance to do this, can you email

with details of which browser you are using

what is happening

and if at all possible a screen shot.

As you can imagine, technical problems like this are as frustrating for me as they are for you.  I spend hours (well, ok, minutes) writing wonderful prose (ok, an article) and then it can’t be read properly.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and I’m trying to get it sorted.

Tony Attwood


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9 comments to Having a problem reading Untold?

  • colario

    My problem seems to be firefox and my comp. I tried chrome this morning and had no problems.

    I writing this using firefox and another computer and server. I got Untold without any problem.

    Yesterday when I linked to Untold I sometimes got the front page after long wait but without the list of recent posts and comments and my comp would block. I did try uninstalling firefox and reinstalling but it made no difference.

    I am going now to catch up on the posts I have missed.

  • WalterBroeckx

    As I mentioned yesterday I had the same problems that colario mentioned.
    I usually use firefox or the firefoxportable. I also reinstalled the latest version and then it worked again.

    It all went wrong again when I clicked on my article “sometimes it isn’t goint to be”.


    I tried google chrome and now use Internet Explorer.

    But when I try to go to that mentioned article it all stops again.

    And to make it even more strange I just tried to do it again in firefox and went to that article…and it opened as if nothing ever happened….

    And all the time I could go to the admin side of the site as I am one of the administrators and I could do all I wanted over there.

    My two cents it has something to do with the software that gets you adds that are related to where you are from.

    I sure hope it will be fixed soon and we can enjoy Untold without problems

  • Shakabula Gooner

    I use Firefox too and have the problem on my laptop. However, on my mobile phone (Nokia Lumia), which is what I am on right now, no problem. I shall try Chrome on my laptop, per Colario’s experience, to see what happens.

    Anyhow, Tony, I should thank you for this posting. I had assumed the worst; I had assumed that my laptop had been somehow compromised or damaged.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think that the worst thing is over now. At least I can read and do all I want as usual and on all browsers I have.

    But I can assure you it was a frustrating 36 hours for me

  • colario

    Yes Walter, the worst seems to be over ( at least for me) as I am at my own computer using fire fox and normal service has been resumed.

  • Matt Clarke

    I periodically have problems and am now using the 64-bit version of Firefox, called Waterfox.
    The problems may be due to hack-attacks? Untold does occasionally say things that some people may not like.
    I’m not wishing it on you but thought it best to mention it.

  • Shakabula Gooner

    I am now ensconced in Chrome. Normal service is resumed and I am feeling my way around in the new environment. To think that my football blog is where I get my IT advisory…keep it up with untold benefits…

  • Strus

    Simple : on both Firefox and Opera yesterday and till nooon today it was near impossible to load this site.
    There was something like ‘ comnnecting to “optimsed-by rubinproject”‘ that loaded few MB at pace 24KB/s. How a main site can weight ~3MB?

  • blacksheep63

    i have noticed a problem in recent weeks Tony, the comments seem to be blocking all those AAA posts we used to get…