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January 2021

How long does it take to have a drink at half time? (Palace 0 Arsenal 2)

By Tony Attwood

It is my habit, these last few years, to leave my seat at the ems as the whistle goes for half time and trot lightly down the stairs in order to queue for a coffee.

In case you have never been there I should point out that the queues at the Ems at half time have been designed to move backwards.  You might start in fifth position, but then the guy in front is joined by five friends who place their half time orders with their compadre, and before you know it, it is not five comestibles that are being ordered in front of you but 25.

I thought of this today, watching Palace v Arsenal and seeing the Palace excellencies return to their posh seats after Arsenal had scored their first goal.   Obviously they have problems in the board room like we have in the upper tier.

But that was just an intro to the big moment of the game: the Dance of Mr Wenger, upon the scoring of the second goal.  We haven’t seen his little jig for quite a while, and this was a perfect example.

And what else of no consequence?  Well there was the release of the eagle before the game which was nice.  And at the end of the game we have double the number of points as Manchester U, which is quite a thought.

P W D D F A GD Pts
1 Arsenal 9 7 1 1 20 9 11 22
2 Chelsea 8 5 2 1 14 5 9 17
3 Liverpool 8 5 2 1 13 7 6 17
4 Manchester City 8 5 1 2 20 9 11 16
5 Tottenham Hotspur 8 5 1 2 8 5 3 16
6 Southampton 8 4 3 1 8 3 5 15
7 Everton 8 4 3 1 12 10 2 15
8 Manchester United 8 3 2 3 11 10 1 11
9 Hull City 8 3 2 3 7 9 -2 11
10 Newcastle United 8 3 2 3 11 14 -3 11

So there we are, top of the league.   Rather nice eh?

Oh yes, BT Sprout said it was not convincing.



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22 comments to How long does it take to have a drink at half time? (Palace 0 Arsenal 2)

  • Yassin

    Noticing the comments on this site, and on arseblig, in addition to some streaming and videos, again today the match showed that its so easy for any team, with any low potential, to stop Arsenal from playing, by using the new tactics, the kick them till u get the ball tactics.
    Now come on why was that a red card?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Well faster than for us to write an article Tony.

    You have beaten me to it 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    Yassin I will answer that in the next article.

  • elkieno

    It is nice and title winning perfornace, don’t know whether we let them play out of being tired or our style but first half wasn’t very great. We had bout 70% possession and one shot, they had 3 good ones. I shit myself when that happens and imagine better clubs, but each game is different.
    Chuffed for Giroud and Ransey. Ozil shoud have shot, Giroud didn’t know Montreal was on his left and Czezsney was amazing!
    And UTD one nil down v stoke!!

  • Yassin

    Thanks Walter,

    on general, our players were brilliant all season, and not only today, for showing great spirit to fight back when these decisions come against us. now lets have a rest for the upcoming fixtures, while hoping other teams lose today.

  • elkieno

    Oh yeah ref was terrible for done calls , no red for sure. Still buzzing from a win like that, don’t care who it is.

  • WalterBroeckx

    In a way it was also about being patient in the first half. Palace wanted to hit us on the break we didn’t allow them to do it.

  • elkieno

    Just saw you last sentence not convincing, how much more convincing can you get?
    Down to ten men change of game and a vocal home crowd with red onside!
    But don’t expect them to see that, that would be a real pundit. Here in Australia we have mark bosnich talking a pretty good analysis but doesn’t know about the refs, he said it all day a bad call, Chanakh first touch went away from goal so he ran into Arteta knocking then both down, ridiculous if that is how easy it is to get a man sent off. But why were we so high up the pit h in their half? That started in their half he was onside that way, he was in front of everyone and still in his half!
    Unless I saw wrong?

  • Gooner Murphy

    Great win for the Arsenal despite the referees mistakes, LOL but what about BT Sport or is that Bullshit Talk Sport who would want to pay a subscription fee to listen to that rubbish.

  • WalterBroeckx

    What angered me and hopefully angered Wenger most of all about the sending off was that there was absolutely no cover from our players and they left Arteta on his own out there.
    One player in the middle and nothing would have happened at all.

    I wonder if Arteta could have given a free path to Chamakh and then run behind him. I think he would have missed anyway 😉

  • elkieno

    What’s up with Flamini he looked injured groin which is bad news. Utd are playing terrible stoke should be 2up its wonderful, how dirty I feel now.
    But the same Stoke that gave us a bit if a game until the end when we sealed it (I think) are now holding their own against them.

  • dsfs

    you have to “d” draw columns.

  • tamilgunner

    Great game ! Was a bit worried after flamini got injured and us looking a bit lethargic at times . Still we made a lot of chances in the final third and scored two .

    I hate having to listen to idiots all the time .
    Michael Owen is climbing to the top of the shit-pile . I am forced to mute the audio but then I miss the ambience and crowd …

  • WalterBroeckx

    Just seen a 10 min summary of the game during the half time of the Aston Villa – Everton game that they now broadcast on our sports channel.
    Lots of Arsenal chances in fact. We should have won the game after 50 minutes with being 0-2 up at least.

    But in a way such a game will add more believe in to the team.

    And the suspension for Arteta will only be one game

  • Yassin

    @ Walter,
    Why is it one game, and not three?

  • WalterBroeckx

    In that game (Villa-Everton) just seen Taylor being his usual shit. Studs up tackle on the shin is always red ref.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Denying a goal scoring opportunity is usually only one game. Only when the foul is over aggressive or you have endangered the safety of an opponent it is 3 games

  • Yassin

    ah ok thanks Walter,

    That is good he ll come back after one match, specially Flamini might be absent.

    And the strong WBA team are now 3-1 to Liverpool, is it that Liverpool are too strong, or that they are not allowed to kick them out all day.

  • Kenneth Widmperpool

    It wasnt too pretty was it!? Poor old Arteta (another great reffing decision), I hope that Flamini isnt too bad, and that knock to Özil wasnt really anything at the end…
    I was a bit concerned about our shape at times, Ramsey seemed a bit lost, but still showing some pure magic, cant help feeling his mistake against BVB might have knocked his confidence a bit.
    Still some good team spirit and fight,great goalkeeping and some good defending (Sagna especially),and all after the midweek misery. To win when Palace tried to hassle and block everything at that claustrophobic ground was a good result when they were looking to humiliate us.
    The lads can be a mishapen as much as they like, as long as we keep winning!
    Anyway, glad we won! COYG!

  • Double canister

    Michael Owen is a cunt.

  • Double canister

    You can que for a pee or a drink at the Ems at half time, but certainly not both!

  • Gooner S

    Beer at football….I just dont get those who go for beers at half time. I sit down by the away fans and these chaps are very often those that arrive late for the start of the game. They then depart 10 minutes before half time and arrive back late after half time. They then leave before the end. I don’t begrudge anybody a beer, I enjoy one myself before the game and occasionally after the game but we pay to watch football and it isn’t cheap. Would they do this at the cinema?

    As for the game; I haven’t subscribed to BT sport and I wont be doing so. Michael Owen makes Andy Townsend look like Gandalf The Grey…knowledgable and wise. That is some trick to pull off.