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August 2021

Let’s dedicate yesterday’s win to Adam Brogden and family

Recently we shared the tragic news that Adam Brogden who had written a variety of informative and entertaining pieces for Untold, had passed away.

Many of us expressed our sincere feelings for Adam and his family on this site, but I wonder if I might offer one final additional thought by suggesting that as a bunch of Arsenal supporters who share a particular view of the club we dedicate our experience of yesterday’s game to the memory of Adam, and to his family.

Adam's Family

                                 Adam and his family.

I must admit I’ve not consulted anyone in the family on writing this second statement, but its just my way of acknowledging that I know Untold meant a lot to Adam, and his personal support of Untold meant a lot to me. 

Tony Attwood



38 comments to Let’s dedicate yesterday’s win to Adam Brogden and family

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    These days I always think of everyone here at Untold when we play, but now on top of that I now especially think of Adam since his tragic accident.
    Very nice of you to put this up Tony, and RIP Adam, long may your memory last here at Untold and with your loved ones each and everyday.

  • elkieno

    Great idea Untold!
    RIP Adam hope you can watch from wherever you are,.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Looks like a lovely family so tragic what has happened. Of course I did not know Adam but do find myself thinking of him and a couple of others when we win, indeed when the team play as these were the sort of fans who backed the team whether winning or not. Nice idea Tony

  • bjtgooner

    I fully agree with the sentiments. Adam would really have enjoyed yesterday’s match and result.

    Adam – friend and highly respected contributor – RIP.

  • RedandDread

    Didn’t even know anything about this tragic situation but heartfelt condolences to Adam’s family-any Gooner is a member of our family.

  • Pat

    Seeing this lovely photo makes me think again of Adam’s wife and son – my respects.

  • Tony,

    In case you ever wonder why the Untold community that you created have been going from strength to strength, this article is your answer. One word: CLASSY!

    Adam was in my age bracket and happened to also have a very young family. I can understand now why he would defend me when my parenting was attacked and why we generally had the same perspectives on how to support our darling Arsenal. I am very sad by his loss but hope for strength for his family to cope.

    Rest In Peace Adam.

  • Ian Jenkinson

    That win was for you Adam. I hope you are looking down on all this. Lovely photo of you and your family.

  • soglorious

    Sometimes I wonder why on earth did I made the first click on a link to this site cos since then, I have never stopped clicking. But why? This article tells me!

    Even with folks of different race U’ve never seen before and might not see at all in life, there is so much love, respect and care amongst them.

    Rest in Peace Adams. Forever united in the love that binds us all together – Untold Arsenal and our beloved Arsenal F.C.

  • Sammy The Snake

    RIP. Hope you enjoy Arsenal’s season from up above.

  • Shakabula Gooner

    You have my vote on that.

  • Rupert Cook

    It’s such a tragedy that Adam will never witness our future successes. And that his son won’t be able to enjoy going to the Emirates with him. My deepest sympathy goes to his family.

    RIP Adam.

  • rantetta

    RIP Adam

    To your family, Peace.

    Thanks, Tony.

  • WalterBroeckx

    What a very nice gesture Tony.
    I do admit that since that terrible day that whenever we win a game Adam enters my mind and I give a thumbs up to him. Wherever his free spirit is right now I hope he can somehow enjoy it.

    One suggestion Tony.

    Could we make a separate page for him on the site so that his articles can be found whenever someone feels the need to read them again without having to go on a search over the whole site.

  • lubo butla

    Arsenal vyhral na pocest ADAMA.LYDYA BEMJAMIN ILOVEYOV LYDYA

  • Mick

    Nice one Tony.
    RIP Adam.

  • Stuart

    That would be a great idea, I hope that can be implemented.

  • Shard

    I didn’t know him beyond his articles and comments on Untold obviously, but somehow, I found myself thinking the same thing after the win yesterday. And then I thought, no. It would be much better to dedicate the league title (whenever it comes) to Adam. My respectful and heartfelt sympathies to his family.

  • Ben L

    I think it will be a good idea if you can get permission from the family if we can have something dedicated for him from readers of Untold. I am sure he would have liked this idea.

  • Florian

    Tony, this is indeed a touching gesture. RIP Adam.

  • Gooner Murphy

    R I P Adam ,may God bless your family with his strength and grace

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Very fine sentiments ,Tony ,and as someone commented above – classy !
    Like most of the regulars , I too have thought about Adam ever since his untimely passing ,especially when Arsenal play .
    My wife had read the previous article about his passing, and was visably moved with the sentiments expressed to our fellow poster.
    Thanks also Tony , to put a face to him who always defended the Arsenal to the hilt .Like him I too detest the AAAA , who tried to screw over the team and this site.
    Do hope that young Benjamin and Lydya are coping as well as can be .
    I do hope that Arsenal go and win the EPL – that ought to put a bright smile on his face , whereever he may be .

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Having posted many jokes with Adam particularly in mind ,
    here’s one I think he would have liked ….

    The Armani Shoes
    Luigi walks to work 20 blocks everyday and passes a shoe
    Store twice every day.
    Each day he stops and looks in the window to admire the Armani leather shoes.
    He wants those shoes so much …it’s all he can think about.

    After about 2 months he saves the price of the shoes, $300, and purchases them.

    Every Friday night the Italian community holds a dance in the church basement.
    Luigi seizes this opportunity to wear his new Armani leather shoes for the first time.

    He asks Sophia to dance and as they dance he asks her,
    ‘Sophia, do you wear red panties tonight?’
    Startled, Sophia replies,

    ‘Yes, Luigi , I do wear red panties tonight, but how do you know?’
    Luigi answers,’I see the reflection in my new $300 Armani leather shoes. How do you like them?’

    Next he asks Rosa to dance, and after a few minutes he asks, ‘ Rosa , do you wear white panties tonight?’

    Rosa answers, ‘Yes, Luigi , I do, but how do you know that?’

    He replies, ‘I see the reflection in my new $300 Armani leather shoes… How do you like them?’

    Now as the evening is almost over and the last song is being played, Luigi asks Carmela to dance.

    Midway through the dance his face turns red…

    He states, ‘Carmela, be stilla my heart. Please, please tell me you wear no panties tonight. Please, please, tella me this true!’

    Carmela smiles coyly and answers, ‘Yes Luigi , I wear no panties tonight…

    Luigi gasps, ‘Thanka God ….

    I thought I had a crack in my
    $300 Armani leather shoes…!

  • James Cassidy

    I thank you all for your kind comments and I know Adam would appreciate them!.
    It was Adam’s love of Arsenal that created a family of Gooners.
    I have written a short tribute to Adam and it will come out in the matchday programme on the Everton game on the 8th December.

  • James Cassidy

    Thank you Tony,

    It is really nice to have the win dedicated to Adam. I know he was sitting on his sofa cheering the boys on the whole game.

    Thank you again.

  • dan

    Recent events have convinced me to re-evaluate the materialistic theories that scientists throw upon us as if they know the workings of this planet. I’m sure Adam enjoyed the victory.

  • collins elechi

    This is the first time i am commenting on untold having previously yet silently been an avid follower. RIP to Adam whom i sparsely knew bot still feel saddened by his demise. it is times like this that we celebrate humanity and thank God for a lovely family like untold. you guys are the best and this goes beyond supporting arsenal positively as you have peerlessly done. BRAVO.

  • OMGArsenal

    Tony & Walter…..I do not know the financial and social situation of Adam’s family but if you do, and feel there is a need for some monetary support, I would be willing to contribute to a fund in his memory, for his family. May he enjoy the company of the great Footballers who have proceeded him to the other side.

  • colario

    My condolences to Adam’s family.

  • Tjekem

    It is posts like these why I love coming to Untold.
    R.I.P Adam.
    P.S. Can you and Herb help our boys across the line?

  • Lydia - Adam's other half

    Thank you all for your kind messages.

    Thank you to Tony for writing this article. I have been thinking long and hard what to write about Adam.

    He was a very kind man who had his heart in the right place, and he loved his family very much. He knew we loved him back.
    Adam’s love for football started at a very early age when he played for Barnet Youth Football Club. His inspiration has been Dennis Bergkamp and Arsenal. And even though Adam didn’t become a professional footballer but his love of football only changed a direction when he started writing articles for Untold Arsenal.

    He had so much to live for. He wanted to take our son Benjamin to Arsenal Stadium to watch Arsenal playing. I hope that I can do that on his behalf. And if our son is anything like his dad, Adam’s love of football will live on through our son.

    I have many regrets about what happened and about the fact that he is no longer with us. But the one thing Adam never knew was how much he was appreciated by others.

  • James Cassidy (Adams Cousin)

    Hi everyone,
    Its Adams cousin James here, I have put an obituary in the Arsenal match day programme for the home game vs Everton on the 8th December. I am hoping to take Adams Son Benjamin and Father Bill, to pick up the programme and let Benjamin watch his first game in Adams memory.
    Not being a member it is proving difficult to buy tickets for the game. Arsenal have said I have to go through the ‘normal channels of being a member’ to obtain tickets.
    I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help with obtaining tickets for us. (we will pay of course!)
    Many thanks
    James Cassidy

  • WalterBroeckx

    I hope we can help the family of Adam to get some tickets for this game.

    Our Arsenal Benelux group is going to this match and I had a ticket but as it was changed to a rather late kickoff time on a Sunday I couldn’t make it back home in time and I have given my ticket to another member of our group.

    Damn if I had known this I would have given it to the Adam family…

    come on guys anyone out there who can and wants to help?

  • Walter,

    I think Tony might be the best placed person to help in acquisition of the ticket. I believe that our classy club must have a kind of package for circumstances like this.

    I’m willing to make a small monetary contribution towards the cost of the tickets and (if there are enough contributors) the cost of their transportation and entertainment. I don’t think anyone on this forum want them to foot the bill even though they are willing to.

    A fresh article may be needed if we are to raise cash for this endeavour, as most Untolders may be unaware.

  • Stuart

    I have written to the club and asked if they could help out. You never know!

  • James Cassidy (Adams Cousin)

    Thank you for your efforts, Stuart thank you for writing a letter to Arsenal, I have been in contact with Arsenal and they have been amazing with the obituary but they did say that I would have to go through the normal channels to obtain tickets.
    I would join if I was guaranteed to get 3 tickets but the red member only allows us to buy 1 at a time (if we were lucky).
    It might transpire that coming from someone else they might be able to bend their rules for us.
    Thank you Walter and bootoomee, it is very kind of you to try and help.

  • Jon

    Dortmund 0 – Ramsey 1
    Hope you enjoyed that one mate. Here’s to you and your family