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August 2021

On our way to Dortmund

By Walter Broeckx

After Saturday’s great win over Liverpool most of us will still feel a bit high I guess. Well I do anyway.

But even more excitement is creeping in. Since yesterday I am the lucky owner of my match ticket for our Champions League match at Dortmund. And once you get that ticket in your hand…the match has started in a way. Feeling even more excited right now.

As Dortmund is only a two hours drive by car from where I live it is a rather short trip compared to when I come to the Emirates. But we plan to make it a special day as our travelling group of 4 will not just be going to the Signal Iduna park. No in order to give Untold the best coverage of them all we are going to have a look at the Youth League game that takes place on the same day between the U19 from Dortmund and Arsenal.

So we leave a bit earlier than we should to make sure that we will be there to give our young Guns a bit of support. And the entrance for this youth game is free so I couldn’t resist to take this golden chance to see our future playing in the flesh. Speaking about flesh, I hope they have some Bratwurst where the youth game is played.  I might be hungry when we arrive there.

So for us it is a great chance to see players like Bellerin, Jebb and the rest. And I have read that Crowley will maybe make his debut on this stage. No Akpom as he is suspended and that is a bit sad as I looked forward to see him play also. But whoever plays I hope they give us a good game. The squad for this youth game is Iliev, Bellerin, Hayden, O’connor, Moore, Kamara, Olsson, Iwobi, Jebb, Maitland-Niles, Hinds. Crowley, Vickers, Zelalem.

So yes, you can feel jealous about me being able to see the likes of future Arsenal stars like Bellerin (a personal favourite of mine), Crowley and Zelalem live.

And if we win this game then our U19 will be qualified for the next round. So maybe we could have a first party around six already.

And then we will make the short trip to the Signal Iduna stadium to join the other gooners in trying to outshout the Yellow wall. The famous Sud-stand of Borussia Dortmund.

But before the game I also hope to meet Ian who is one of our contributors on Untold. I sure hope we can find each other somewhere. We’ve got each others phone number so I hope it will work out. It is always great to see other people involved with Untold in the flesh. Speaking about flesh. I am rather sure that there will be Bratwurst around the stadium. I probably will like another one by then.  [Walter – you are supposed to be constantly in training for your work as a ref this season – all this eating is not good for you, – Tony.]

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Just hope that I will here my phone when it rings as when there is a lot of noise I tend to miss it. But I will try to reach you anyway Ian.

Going back to Dortmund brings back nice memories. Two years ago I was there in the aftermath of that terrible defeat we suffered a few weeks before. We had just lost Cesc. And Nasri. And the feeling was of being totally down. But we took the lead that day and defended it well, till the last seconds of the game when they scored a cracking goal. A 1-1 result was a fair result that day. Well we felt happy with it and the Dortmund fans I spoke with after the game after getting myself another…Bratwurst were also rather pleased with the point.

It all was very nice and friendly over there that day. I hope we can have the same experience this year. The only difference I want this time is to take all 3 points back to London. Or at least one point. That wouldn’t be too bad either.

The away part of the ground will be full this time. And that wasn’t the case last time due to the bad results just before I think. This time tickets were sold like….oh well delicious, hot and juicy  Bratwurst outside the Dortmund stadium I think.  [Look, much more of this and I am going to start editing your work Walter.  I know editors don’t edit each other, but there are limits – Tony]

So here I am counting the hours till we get there.  Tickets are ready. GPS is ready. Car is filled with fuel.

Just waiting for my friends. My first live game of this season awaits me. My God, I feel excited.

Bring it on and let us hope that our Gunners silence the Yellow Wall so you can all hear us Gooners out there out sing them.

Of course in the days afterwards you can expect Untold to bring you coverage of not only the big game but we will be bringing you something about the youth game also.

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18 comments to On our way to Dortmund

  • blacksheep63

    hey Walter! Have a brilliant trip, stay safe and bring back 6 points (not being greedy am I?)
    come on you Gunners!

  • Savage

    Our game against Dortmumn was as much about our failure to turn up as it was about their superior play. If we take our Napoli/Liverpool form into the game, it will be a different contest.

  • colario

    Walter. I envy you. The game is being shown live here I will be looking for you

  • Rupert Cook

    Enjoy it Walter. Do you watch the game as a fan or a ref? Or do you do the latter watching it later on tv or whatever available medium?

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Tony, watch the expense account that Walter submits to Untold Towers in respect of this trip! With all that bratwurst,it is doubtful Walter will keep within the budget or be able to turn in anything worthwhile and the match. I do hope we win though so as to have an excuse to forgive him for the food report that he will turn in , in place of a match report and to also overlook the bratwurst padded expense account he is sure to submit to the Untold HQ.

  • soglorious

    A bit jealous of U Walter. My own chance will come though. Support the teams as U best could. We’ll do ours over here. Come on You Gooners

  • Gf60

    Have a ball Walter and a Bratwurst for every goal we score! Safe journey.

  • TommieGun

    Have a great trip and it’s good to know that there is always some noisy away support out there.

    I also hope everybody heard the news regarding Mats Hummels not being able to participate – I think it could prove crucial to our game.

  • Ian Jenkinson

    Hi Walter!

    I am sending this message from Dusseldorf! We are waiting to get a train to Dortmund and I do hope that we can meet up. I have been so excited about this trip. Turn your phone up to its highest volume! Three points would be fantastic. I can’t wait to get to the stadium (Tony, I’ll give Walters picture to all the bratwurst vendors in Dortmund and ban them from serving him!).

    On behalf of Untold I promise that Walter and I will be extremely vocal tonight at the stadium!


  • Kenneth Widmperool

    ..vielleicht ein bockwurst, sie sind auch lecker…Viel spaß Walter!

  • elkieno

    I think that we will wait and bide our time, if they come out hard then we just sit off and defend, they get tired so we can hit them later.
    The bvb boss and his heavy metal action tires them out after an hour or so. I fear that if we have a cracking game tonight, we won’t be able to do it v utd. We do have a full week break after manure and before saints pretty sure.
    COYG go hard tonight then Sunday and rest!!!

  • Asif

    All the best Arsenal (both teams), Walter, Ian and the rest of all out away supporters…let’s win this one!

  • Sammy The Snake

    To all those at the stadium tonight:

    Have fun and keep it loud!

    We all wish we were there.

  • Shard

    That was such an entertaining read. Well done Walter. Don’t listen to Tony in his evil editorial avatar 🙂 Enjoy all the bratwursts you want and hopefully the match will be as (ful)filling, and also as entertaining as this report.

  • gouresh

    Yes Walter, wear something flashy (pun intended) so we can look out for on the tv.

  • Gord

    Arsenal ahead 2-0 in youth league, still in first half. Lipman and Toral are the goal scorers.

  • Gord

    Dortmund scored at the 42 minute mark. At half time, Arsenal lead 2-1.

  • Gord

    Dortmund equalize in the 47th minute. Games is over.

    Dortmund 2 – 2 Arsenal
    Shots 14 13
    OnTarget 6 8
    GoodChances 2 8
    FoulsCommitted 20 9
    Yellow 2 1

    Napoli won, 2-0

    Arsenal 2 2 0 10 4 +6 8
    Napoli 2 0 2 5 6 -1 6
    Dortmund 1 2 1 7 5 +2 5
    Marseille 1 0 3 5 12 -7 3

    Chelsea won, 1-0