Platini about to go even more ballistic over Arsenal

Backing off from his attack on the Lord Wenger, Platini has now said this, “When I talk about business, I mean attracting young players aged 13 or 14. I can’t bear that,”

Platini was speaking in an interview with French newspaper Sud-Ouest published on 25 September.

So what on earth will Platini do when he discovers that Hoyte signed when 9 and Wilshere joined aged 8?

The fact is that this sad outburst by a guy who was once a great footballer shows yet again the malign influence that the offices of UEFA have on otherwise intelligent people.

It is a bit like what happens when a DJ gets hold of a microphone.  An otherwise perfectly reasonable chap with a good knowledge of rock n roll suddenly starts screaming stuff no one can comprehend.   Take the mic away and he calms down.

So it is at UEFA.  Take people out of the UEFA environment and they become quite normal again.   But put them back in that Swiss building, and they lose all sense of reality.

I suspect it is something in the air filtration system.

One Reply to “Platini about to go even more ballistic over Arsenal”

  1. the man is an idiot…

    platini needs to realise his position in football and learn to keep his stupid opinions in his head…

    to personally attack a manager who does all he can to stop football falling into a money trap and who demands that his team play the beautiful game no matter what the situation is on the pitch…



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