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July 2021

Losing Theo: Tottenham celebrate, AAA smile, humanity cries.

By Walter Broeckx

I think it will be somewhere around the start of next season when we will be able to start our Theo, Theo, Theo chants again. The bad news that filtered through yesterday was like a punch in the face.

When I first saw the incident the first thing that struck me was the fact that Theo went down and then stayed on the floor trying not to move. From my own personal experience I know that when a player is trying not to move it usually is bad. When a player throws himself around his axe a dozen times when going down you can be sure he is not seriously injured. But staying on the floor and not moving is usually bad.

But when he got up on the stretcher and sat upward I started to get some hope. I never have done my anterior cruciate ligament but people I know who had the same thing said that the pain was unbearable. So this means that Theo has a high pain border if he could still engage in the banter he did. But now my hope has been put back to the first fear: it was very serious.

It will take him 6-7 months they say. Missing the world cup for England is not my big concern to be honest. But I can imagine that for him this will be a big personal blow. So I feel for him. But the good news will be that when the preparation for the new season starts he should be thereabout to start with the rest of the team if all goes well.

People who are on the social media will know that the spuds fans have celebrated Theo his injury as if they just won the league cup. They cannot celebrate it as if they won the league. As they got nobody left who can even remember how it is to win the league. Spitting on Sagna when he was being treated with a broken leg, throwing coins and stuff at Theo (before his gesture of the score line by the way), they sure have class.

But alas I also have seen Arsenal fans (the notorious Anti-Arsenal Arsenal or AAA) having gloating reactions. Ha, some said, now the c*nt has to buy someone. Lucky the injury came now so he must buy someone. How distasteful the reactions of spuds fans is to a player having a serious injury, they are rivalling fans so we can shake our head in disbelief and move on. But once again the ‘buy brigade’ shows how classless they are. “Enjoying” a serious injury of one of our own players and be happy because he now will have to buy.

But what they do forget is that Theo cannot be replaced. The simple fact is that I do not know one player like Theo. I don’t know any player who is as fast as Theo. And a player who can combine this high speed running with giving so many goals and assists. Theo scares the shit out of defenders because they know he will overrun them before they can turn around. Now I don’t know any other player in the whole world who can do the same.

Last season he scored 14 PL goals and 21 goals in total for Arsenal. He did this in 31 starts and 12 substitute appearances. Add to that more than 10 assist and you get almost a goal contribution of 1 goal per match. And the way he came back after his first injury of this season with 5 goals in 6 matches was rather impressive.  In fact he started 9 games and had 5 goals and 4 assists in the PL. That is a goal contribution of 1 goal for each start.

So we now know that we will have to do without our top scorer of last season and without his assists. If you know anyone who can do the same from the word go in the PL write his name and address to Arsène Wenger. I don’t know any such name to be honest. So does this mean we are doomed and the season is over? Well it sure will not help us that is for sure. We will miss Theo.

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As I said, I don’t know any other player around who we can buy from another team who can replace Theo.  There is however another option. Look at who is already over here. And then I see two great prospects who could step in his shoes. Both also rather quick (but not as quick as Theo) and both players who can become big stars for Arsenal in the future.

Yes I mean The Ox (did you notice that if you leave out the X it is in fact The O) and Serge Gnabry. In fact when you look at technical skills both of them are better than Theo. But both of them are also younger. And as Theo was entering his best years of his career this is not the case for The Ox and Gnabry. Yet. But when you look for clones of Theo we seem to be blessed with almost two clones.

The Ox is 20 years young. And the bad thing is that he is only just starting to train back with the first team after having suffered a knee injury in the opening match of the season. So we still have to give him some time to get back to match fitness and sharpness. But The Ox can play on the right wing and have a good impact there. The only thing is that The Ox is not yet a regular on the score sheet like Theo is.

The other option is Gnabry of course. The young German forward is just 18 years old. But he did show some interesting things in the games he played this season. Two starts this season and one goal. The first goal at Swansea.  One penalty given for Arsenal when he was fouled at Crystal Palace and Arteta could open the score. And an impressive performance and another assist in the FA cup match against the spuds.

But let us not overload this young man and make him responsible for the team. Let us not burn his wings before he can fully fly. I think he can become a great player and he sure looks very level headed. And that is what is needed. Because having a good start is one thing but then it comes down to consistency. And that is something we will have to find out in the next months.

Not buying a replacement for Theo will be seen as a big vote of confidence for both The Ox and Gnabry. There were rumours just before the Christmas period that Gnabry would be send on a loan spell to gain more game time. That will be out of the way now I think. I think he might get more game time at Arsenal in the next weeks and months than expected.

Of course we don’t know what Wenger will do and how he looks at the situation. And who knows.. I said I know no other player like Theo out there. Maybe Wenger does. If one person knows……it is Wenger.

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33 comments to Losing Theo: Tottenham celebrate, AAA smile, humanity cries.

  • fraz

    Couldnt we get campbell back from loan. He has been impressive. Rather integrate our own player. And but a young prospect for strikers role. Joel,chamberlain, gnabry and podolski can fill the one wingers place we hv in team.

  • Stuart

    I find it extremely funny how brainless some of the buy now brigade are making themselves look.

    Before the Theo injury, they were demanding a purchase of a player but now after the injury, they are not demanding the signature of two players so in effect are saying we didn’t need to sign someone before the injury.

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Thanks Walter for this piece. I don’t know how you do it but when it comes to churning out apt and timely articles, you rival Theo both in speed and in efficiency.

    The joke and the cost of Theo’s injury is, really, on England. More so, on England supporting Tots fans.World Cup comes around once in 4years and England helps its rivals in the tournament by decimating the ranks of its key players by allowing potentially career ending tackling in its games. Yes, the tackle on Walcott, this time, looked innocuous but, how about those allowed against Wilshere?

    Let them keep at it; may be Townsend, Wilshere, Rooney and Barkley will all be unable to make it to Brazil, thanks to playing football in the English league.

    As to what this means to Arsenal. I totally agree that it more smells as an opportunity for Ox and Gnabry that as a need to buy any player we didn’t have the mind to buy BEFORE Walcott’s injury.

    Which ever way Wenger sees it and whatever he elects to do in this window and the next will be ok by me. His vision got us here and where he stands, he see better and knows better than I possibly can as far as football matters are concerned. So, let him do what he sees best…..

    I thought I should say it just as Boo would. Perhaps, it will catch on and more fans will learn to leave all that to the coach…after all, Untold is the undisputed trend-setter among Arsenal fans and in the EPL.

  • bjtgooner

    I am really gutted for Theo and for Arsenal but not quite so concerned for England – while the FA and refs prevent the development of the game in England by permitting on field thuggery to be a game deciding factor, the national team will not prosper.

    Theo has gradually developed into a match winning player, despite a lot of unwelcome and thoughtless comments from punters and also the AAA types. We can’t have him back this season, but lets send him our very best wishes for a complete recovery and look forward to welcoming him back early next season.

    At present we have a very good squad, one that Wenger has quietly put together, despite the unexpected desertions of some key players and the antics of Dein the Lesser. The squad is not quite the finished article and whether AW strengthens the squad now or over the summer, I would anticipate Theo will return to find himself part of an exceptionally fine squad next season.

    I note with some regret that following the Theo injury news one of the AAAs (the declared xenophobic one) has used the circumstances to return to UA, to an earlier thread, to self justify his (at present thinly disguised) AAA outlook – a nasty piece of work.

  • Messi's Dad

    Ouch! My ACL injury 2 years ago was THE WORST, I really really wish Theo all the best…

    That said, Theo is a pretty strong-willed guy, and he will have the benefit of top surgeons and a professional fitness / physiotherapy regime. He will have to rebuild a likely significant amount of lost thigh and quad muscles (which normally follows an ACL tear and reconstructive surgery), and reacquire the muscle memory & explosive power.

    There’s a staggering number of star athletes who’ve suffered ACL or other knee injuries recently (e.g. Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Russell Westbrook – 3 of the most explosive point guards in the NBA). Many have come back successfully, some have suffered relapses coming back too soon.

    The Ox has the benefit (?) of having suffered it while still very young.

    We’ll miss you this season Theo! Nobody cares about the World Cup, and you’ll be at your peak in time for the European Cup 2016!

  • Mandy Dodd

    Speaking of injuries, anyone know what’s happened with TV that has gone worryingly quiet.
    If he is out for anytime, that is another serious concern for wenger.
    At this club, I always fear the worst for any injuries, especially at this time of year

  • nicky

    Afraid I must disagree. Before Theo’s injury I was one who hoped for a January signing because of Giroud’s absence.
    Now, IMO, it’s even more necessary.
    I wouldn’t call myself brainless, merely a loyal supporter and I would modestly suggest I am one of the majority holding this view.
    If Arsene says he doesn’t need anyone, I would accept his judgement.

  • insideright

    In fact Theo was first injured a few minutes earlier and lay prone in the Spurs half while the ref waved play on and Spurs continued to attack. The crowd booed and sought to draw attention to this (I know, I was there) but Theo was left to struggle. He got up and tried to carry on – in fact he was declared to be offside by the highly unsympathetic linesman because he had returned from an offside (prone) position.
    Maybe the initial pain subsided but Theo chased back and tried the tackle which finally did for him.
    If play had been stopped at the first incident one might ask if the damage might have been more limited?

  • WalterBroeckx

    For those on facebook the reaction of Per Mertesacker is top class as usual

    A big Giant defender but also a big human being!!! I feel very happy to have him at our club

  • Idealist

    Bunch of sick bastards that shows the cowardly and idiotism in themselves. Having spent £105 mill on bunch of useless kids nothing but talked big all the time…no pride and dignity at all. In order to save the morale of the club tis bunch of idiots even willing to sacrifice AVB…how pathetic tis can be. And now having troubles all season long, fall short in victories therefore took other people pains and misery into celebration, u call tis fans or particualryl animals? To all spurs fans, be a man with some dignity and respect, owns up some responsibility in admiting ur club is nothing great but full of empty promises..go after Levy and Co and not others. Lashing out ur frustration to others is something so disgraceful….

  • I see both the good and the bad in this Theo injury.

    The good bit is that he would not play for England. I like this because, unlike every other thing English, I loathe the Three Lions (or is it 3 pussy cats?) and while I’m forced to wish them well for the sake of the Gunners in their midst, having less of them can make me join the Scotts in supporting England’s opponents. Whoever they may be.

    This is also good because it might just make the impotent and incompetent FA and PL to do something about officiating. I am not holding my breath though.

    Now, the bad and sad part of this is mainly about Theo Walcott himself more than anything or anybody else. I hope that his surgery is a roaring success and that he has a very quick and complete recovery.

    Arsenal will miss him but as Walter rightly said, we have players (with slightly different attributes) who can fill his shoes. Arsenal will be fine.

    I am not surprised one bit about the ‘buy brigade’ coming out in force over this. It is what they do. If a ball boy at the Emirates gets injured, they’ll use the opportunity to ask AW to buy players. It’s what they live for.

    No one here at Untold is against Arsenal buying players; we just have the good sense to leave that decision to the professionals paid to make and execute it.

    Oh, lest I forget, there are not many ways of supporting your team. I know only one way: SUPPORTING THEM. And the best time to do this is when things are not going well for them. It is easy to cheer a winning team or a player on form. Critising and asking the club to replace players who are off form is not support, it is something else. As I have been telling people, now is when we’ll know the actual Man United supporters and those who are mere glory hunters.

  • para

    I am sorry Theo. You have just come back and i was looking forward to your influence on the pitch, and now this.
    Hope it all goes well for you and that you get over your disappointment quickly.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Now that the length of the injury rehab is known, I feel sorry for Theo. I must have jinxed him….

    I was expecting a 30+ goals season from him. BUT THEO, we can do it next season, come back stronger..

    Theo is unique. He is super quick, but he is also a clinical finisher. Spurs game knocked out doubts in my mind about Theos effectiveness as a lone striker.

    Now in Theos absence, I see Gnabry and Ox doing the job. They may not be the central striker, we have Poldi there, but they are lethal wingers….

  • i thought theo played right wing at tht moment in the match because gnarby already had a knock and we didnt have anymore subs left. So most likely serge has a knock too , hopefully he can shake it off before going to Villa, Ox will probably get a few mins like theo did when he came back from abdomen surgery . I think playing santi on right and pod on left is the reasonable option – giroud was said to be only sick i.e not injured for the tots visit. so he should come back in the middle.

    All the best for a good recovery to theo.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Not only is Kos a great defender, seems he may have Nostradamus like qualities as well:

    The same applies to Ox.
    The German coach has stated he will be keeping an eye on SG with a view to making one of the strongest squads in world football. Like many on here, I care little for international football, but our footballers will not share such a view, but lets hope Theo’s misfortune motivates these two and others to capitalise, and of course do their best to make sure Theo ends the season with a winners medal

  • Do you guys think akpom will b given a go guys? And what happened to Sanongo???

  • finsbury

    Thanks Walter.

    In the past I’d compared Walcott with Muller, but they have very different physiques.
    He is the English Pedro, or Pedro is the Spanish Theo :), and Sanchez is another similar player. Both a little older, slight differences, but we could see glimpses and more of Walcott at that level. The journey for him to the very top was almost complete. Undeniably the best player of his ilk in England, consistently brilliant numbers over the last two and a half seasons that speak louder then any opinion.
    Very few players like this at the top of the game, he’s come on so well.
    Given these consitent improvements he will be a bigger miss for England then The Arsenal, of that there is no doubt.

    Anyone who thinks the stamp didn’t have an impact on the subsequent injury needs to think again. There was a reason why such things were defined as fouls by people who get bored with watching lardy lads who could no longert turn and run run into each other (Rugby), oh, about a hundred and fifty years ago.

  • Damilare

    Just imagine, the next time we see Theo play for Arsenal, he would be in Puma kit. How I wish I can lay my hands upon his last Nike shirt.

    Get well soon Theo14Walcott. And if (more like when) we lift the BPL trouphy (among others) in May 2014, Thoe, take pride in your contribution to that achievement.

    About replacement: I believe no two human beings (and of course players) have all the same qualities, so on that ground I agree that Theo can’t be replaced. Ox, Gnabry and the rest of the team can only play their own roles not Theo’s.

    The Ox coming back is good news, and so would Giroud, Rambo, Bendtner and any other injury-returnees. IMO that would be ‘retaining/maintaining’ the teams’ strength/quality. Conversely, buying a player now would mean ‘strengthening’.

    Players would continue to be on and off form (some due to injuries) at various times for the rest of the season but I see strengthening at this time (not necessarily because of Theo’s injury)as an opportunity to consolidate our current position and prepare for a hectic Feb/March fixtures.

    However, I trust Arsene enough to manage the team, media, AKB and AAA alike.

  • Stuart

    Hi Nicky,
    You might have noticed I said ‘some’

  • Mahdain

    Really gutted.. He was flying and in a great form.. Hope he has a quick and complete recovery… Mertesacker’s post made me love him even more. What a player and how lucky we are to have him in our team. A great leader on and off the pitch

  • Tom

    There are no silver linings with Walcott’s injury I’m afraid and it could be serious in consequences for Theo’s career . Speed is such an important aspect of his game and many players who come back from an ACL tear , often loose a step or two.

    For Arsenal , it’s a big blow seeing how his speed adds another dimension to our attacking play and as Walter rightly points out , there are few players in the world football who can do what Theo does.

    One such player is Jesus Navas who Wenger was interested in before he joined Man City.
    Apparently , Navas was dealing with some personal issues and wasn’t ready to sign at the time.

    Signing anyone in this TW who could make an instant impact , will be next to impossible for Wenger and if it does happen, it will come at a significantly higher price than it might’ve come last Summer.

    Which brings me to the highly toxic subject of injuries and buying more players to strengthen the squad. If you’re of the opinion that Arsenal are a unique club in the way they try to blend young home grown players with some well established foreign stars , who play an attractive brand of football while keeping a healthy balance sheet and wining titles is optional ( which is my opinion btw) , then there’s nothing to be unhappy about , except for some bias refereeing perhaps.

    But if winning titles is your main objective ( nothing wrong with that either) then it has to be said there are some things you might be unhappy about.
    Injuries are part of football and although Arsenal seem to have had more than their fair share each season , it should come as no surprise we are having them this season again.
    Contrary to popular belief on this site anyways , Arsenal don’t have the squad as big as other title contenders but it’s been stated by UA repeatedly that we do and there’s no need to bring in more players and doing so might upset the players we already have.

    Examples of such a mind set were clearly present after we beat the Spurs when some posters stated with glee that we didn’t even need the Summer signings to triumph over Tottenham, forgetting of course that Tottenham are a mid table club and have missed even more players due to injuries than us , and that our fight is with the likes of Bayern in Europe , and the Oilers domestically .

    As much as Wenger might try right now, it was last Summer when he should’ve been more active. Leaving it late or waiting for bargains due to other clubs financial difficulties was always going to be a risky strategy.

    If you managed to read all the way through my somewhat lengthy post 🙂 , I’m gonna end with this gem. For all the things that I admire in Wenger , it’s his loyalty that hinders his titles wining efforts the most. Loyalty to players like Diaby for whom I feel terrible on personal level but who’s contract should’ve been terminated as there’s no doubt in my mind his valiant efforts to come back strong will fail and having him around isn’t helping anyone. Least of all the players who are a highly superstitious breed and much like race car drivers avoid hospitals at all cost, don’t care much to be around perpetually injured teammates.

  • My question has always been if Theo is ur younger brother & u support spurs nd hee was brought home like dat on satday, wot will u do! Will u send him out bck like dat? Will u shout on him nd insult him? Will u leave him outside like dat or will u take care of ur brother? Food 4 thought.

    To all d buy,buy,buy,buy sweet fans hw many of ur buyings took us 2 where we are now(sorry le prof never did ur wishes) so just bake off nd let He who knows it do is job.

    I won’t mind another flame master type of signing BUT I won’t do anything but put my bet on gnarby nd OX to make my jaw drop wit awesome performance.
    Let d AAA roll out der drums we have missed der singing(whining,shouting nd dumb fifa14 coaching )experience.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Some interesting thoughts in there Tom. I agree, we certainly seem to get our fair share of injuries, often serious, especially with our younger players. Sustaining serious injuries seems to be an unfortunate right of passage for youngsters trying to make into this team.
    I am going maybe on anecdotal / gut feeling / perceptional evidence as opposed to stats,(although a while back, Untold and others provided evidence our players do suffer more injuries, and are generally out for longer)…but any idea why we get so many injuries?
    Using young…perhaps more slightly built pacy players? Pitch materials, lack of ref protection? the refs encouraging rotational fouling? Fergie spreading the word Arsenal dont like it up em? Relatively small squads, lack of rotation and too many games? Training regimes?
    Whatever it is, just wish we could do something about it because I have a horrible feeling someone like Jack, who gets very little protection,could be next. Something to think about Mr Hodgson.

  • bob

    “Examples of such a mind set were clearly present after we beat the Spurs when some posters stated with glee that we didn’t even need the Summer signings to triumph over Tottenham, forgetting of course that Tottenham are a mid table club and have missed even more players due to injuries than us , and that our fight is with the likes of Bayern in Europe , and the Oilers domestically.”
    Well said. But you’re asking some of the faith-based people to note that evidence matters. But to speak of evidence surely makes one a depressive nay-sayer; one who would dare assail the smiley-face Optimism that some here would imposed on free thought and fact-based expression. Happily they have a bully pulpit but no real power, happily.

  • I don’t think anyone here has a bully pulpit, Bob. Some people are merely expressing opinions that are contrary to yours; no-one’s attempted to bully you so far as I can see.

  • Michael Staley,

    I think what you are seeing is a classic case of passive aggressive behaviour.

    Isn’t it a bit funny that those showing belief in a team that got the most points in the BPL in 2013 calendar year and that is currently topping the league after 20 games are described as “faith based people” while those who continue to wring their hands about the team failing because the manager wouldn’t buy their prescribed players are the ones acting on “evidence”? Even when all their dire predictions on the team have failed to come to pass. For people so desperate to be proven right, one have to wonder if they don’t secretly wish for failure on the team just so they could say “I told you so”.

    We live in a crazy, and fact/reality free world.

  • Stuart

    Ironic that you are calling others a bully Bob 😉

  • OMGArsenal

    Hey Bob….with all due respect, please provide us with your ¨facts¨, which from your previous posts and blogging history, have always been simple opinions, unsupported, unsolicited and unconvincing in the extreme.
    While we’re on the topic of bullies, how about looking at Fernando Torres. He is unquestionably having a horrible year at Cheatski and would respond well, imho, to a transfer in January. Mourinho dislikes him apparently and hasn’t considered him as a key member of his squad yet, so maybe he’d be made available for the right price. He was and is still considered a world-class striker. The other thing is that he would fit hand-in-glove with players like Wilshere,Ozil,Cazorla,Podolski etc. and Wenger’s loyalty and ability to coach the best out of a player would be an attractive option for him versus Mourinho’s rather indifferent interest.

  • bob

    “Before Theo’s injury I was one who hoped for a January signing because of Giroud’s absence. Now, IMO, it’s even more necessary.”
    Exactly right.

  • bob

    “Even when all their dire predictions on the team have failed to come to pass.”
    To the amateur psychologist, class president, top narcissist and bully-in-chief, and the two others who have called for me to come out and play nasty:
    Your unsubtle insinuation (as you go about tarring people with the same brush) that I would take a scintilla of pleasure in Theo’s injury to be right is sheer malevolence. You deal in caricatures that you can than get back on you haunches and point a self-righteous accusing finger. Anyone with a heart would be gutted at Theo’s tragedy and the blow to AFC. To insinuate that I feel otherwise, in order to whip up your e-witchunt, oh keyboard warrior (your favorite cliche to hurl at any who disagree with you), is sadistic. You invent sinners to then try and purify this sandbox, a former free-speech zone, of all heresy. That is a classic bully (Stuart, do take note of your playmate’s example, 🙂 .

    As for facts:
    Fact: Our center-forward position has been understaffed as the majority of gooners and commentators (for different reasons) have long noted since the summer; and, as for me, I’ve since advocated the need a January purchase of quality insurance on the bench in the event of a likely injury to Giroud and/or to the position. That would be lots of advocacy. (About as much as the incessant crusade against any who don’t shut up and just let management do whatever it does and blindly cheer the outcome. As you count who does and who doesn’t. Yep, it’s our job to shut up and cheer any decision. How stuck in infancy can anyone be? And you elevate that to a moral principle? Pathetic.)

    Buying quality insurance – has been my stated point for months. And I agree with nicky and the several others who still advocate this, despite you and OMGArsenals’s Purity Tests for what a Real Fan is. Thank goodness you have no real power. From all appearances in this forum, you really cannot stand free speech and free thought. Imo, live to make people who actually love their team feel Suspect. What is wrong, seriously? Didn’t you win the class president election in grade school? Maybe you can call for an election to pit-bull in chief; as you guard the True Faith of the True Gooner and aim – over the next week – to clean out the stable of actual analysis. Especially as the chance to buy is at hand. Then again, it’s better to chant Ox and Gnabry as Theo’s replacements (fine, that’s what we’ve got, all 22 starts between them); while pretending that wielding this list of names (“lethal winters,” says Arsenal 13) have also covered the ongoing insufficiency at center-forward. It doesn’t. And with nicky and others, I see the need as greater yet. Not being professional does not disqualify anyone who closely follows his/her team from voicing their analysis. Only bullies would try to get fans to shut up (or else they’re not fans). What planet do you live on?

    Oh, and since you’re so pure as the self-defined avatars of all that is UA, I find only deafening silence when it comes to Walter’s courageous and brilliant summary in yesterday’s post? That is analysis of a high moral and analytic character. That is an issue that has an impact on AFC’s prospect, this season and last. The bully-in-chief (at least until very recently) has absented himself from any concern with refshite. How courageous of you. In the words of the bard, your incessant bloviating that demands a vow of silence is but sound and fury signifying nothing. Your silence there is fully consistent with your curt dismissal of calls here (by me and others) for fans to Red-Card the chronic refshite. That would be action, keyboard warrior. And yes, blowing whistles (as someone else suggested, would do nicely too). As would video replay? (Would that tarnish your profession, OMG?) Indeed, does anything that resembles action so frighten or disgust you? Walter’s Summary is a game-changer. Your silence in the face of that masterful posting (which right now has only 3 replies) speaks volumes to any who would listen. It is far louder and clearer than your pit-bull snarls about who is and who isn’t a True Fan. That integral part of UA deserves far better than your passivity, oh keyboard warrior.

    As for this moment, we shall see what AW does or doesn’t do about this transfer window. Then there will be Facts to analyze and discuss.

    p.s. And, on that note, lest you feel ignored OMG, let me say a word about your ill-informed take on my “posting history” on UA. Here’s one of several UA links to what you claim is a history devoid of facts and analysis:
    Just because we think each other to be way off-base on whether there is intentional refshite in this so-called league, I intended no insult when I said your decency had morphed into a defense of the realm. I thought that phrase was a well-known cliche. And I don’t see you as consciously “invested” (your term) in Riley’s kingdom. I meant that your argument(s) on their own, whatever your subjective intent, could (as arguments) provide cover for the PGMob to do its nasties. Nothing more or less.

  • bob

    “For people so desperate to be proven right, one have to wonder if they don’t secretly wish for failure on the team just so they could say “I told you so”.”
    To the town bully and amateur psychologist:
    To be crystal clear, your linking me in any way, directly or indirectly, to this is malevolent and ignorant.

  • bob

    So you know, I’m on side with your letter writing, and, especially, at times, you keep us posted on what has happened. It’s action and principled. And it takes all kinds of approaches to raise the temperature enough to bring their stew to a boil.

  • Amit Gooner Forever

    Spuds wat a clasless club and wat a classless supporters yes theo Plays for Arsenal but wat these Retards forgot is he also plays for their Country it is a huge Loss for Arsenal but Arsenal can cope but Wat about England National team Spuds Supporters needs to look at a bigger picture Wake up loosers Get out of ur Slumber and also The facts are
    “Spuds Will Always be in our Shadow”
    “Clasless Supporters for a Classless Club”

    AAA less said the better If its so annoying and painfull Supporting the Club Please piss off i uknow everybody are entitled to an opinion but when Opinion is based without Objectivity then its an useless Opinion

    Rant Over