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August 2021



In response to Bootoomee’s excellent article about some of our fans here is my take on those waffling and fickle supporters he complained about:

There is a psychological behaviour or attitude known under the clinical term of ¨incipient divestiture¨ and is usually considered the opposite of ¨delusions of grandeur¨. Basically the individual prefers to divest themselves of any positive, risky or hopeful thoughts in order to protect themselves from disappointment or depression when things ¨inevitably¨ go bad. It is a vicious circle as the belief that the ultimate outcome will almost always be negative enhances the feeling that any optimism or hope is pointless in the long run. It is a percursor to chronic depression.

Supporters who take this world view (not just for Football) will generally ¨hedge¨their bets. They’ll cheer when we win and dump on everyone when we lose or draw. They have a ¨told you so¨ vision that is both part hindsight and a 50/50 forecast for the future. It is a ¨safe¨ position because they can appear to be (solely to themselves) both astute and insightful in their predictions. However, within their subconscious they are fully aware of this fence sitting and because of it will defend themselves violently against those who call them out….or who attempt to unmask them.

These ¨supporters¨ want it both ways; the want to be seen as true Gooners when we win and as distanced as possible from the Club when we lose or draw. That explains the existence of websites like L*G*o*e, the self-sustaining AAA and the fickle fanboys and girls who state their undying fealty to all things Arsenal and then attack fellow Gooners, our manager, the Board and the former ¨deadwood¨ players like Ramsey, Bendtner, Jenkinson, Fabianski, Walcott, Koscielny,etc.

These are communities of like minded and fearful individuals. They may do multiple posts under pseudonyms, make egregious statements based on rumour and innuendo but try and convince us that it is the one true ¨fact¨. You can usually tell them by their failure to present any counter-arguments, their repetition of a certain litany derived from the hypocritical media and their sudden disappearance from blogs who call them out like UA.

They are fair-weather friends of the Arsenal, jumping on the bandwagon when the sun is out and we are doing well, jumping off the bandwagon and onto the shit-train when things are going poorly (which is a very insignificant part of any Club’s seasonal experience) in order to conserve their sense of being ¨right¨ all the time.

Many of us on UA have been treated as being ¨delusional¨ and wearing rose-coloured glasses, over the past 8 seasons or so. We have also been accused of being arrogant and haughty, which misinterprets drastically our justifiable pride and positiveness at being privileged to watch some of the most beautiful Football played in Europe.

We have been told that we suffer from delusions of grandeur and that AFC will never compete with the ¨big¨ clubs, and that we are ¨Barca¨light, boys not men or ¨chokers¨ when it comes to the crunch time.

Of course all of this criticism ignores one salient and irrefutable fact. We have done more with much, much less than many top clubs over the past 8 years. We have beaten the unbeatable, we have risen from the ashes of devastating defeats and frightened even the strongest Clubs with our reputation as giant killers.  It beggars the question of which world view is reality and illusion.

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Getting back to the fickle fan, these men and women are groupies hoping to windvane their way into being acknowledged as being erudite and intelligent, when in actual fact they are often pernicious, vainglorious and destitute of any real faith in the Club or its philosophy. This is seen in their ubiquitous demands to ¨spend some f**king money, fire Wenger,  trade deadwood Ramsey, sell (add any name here) he’s not worthy to wear the shirt, I’ll bin my season tickets, Wenger had better wake up or else, City, Chelsea and  Real know how to win things, 8 trophyless seasons, our team and bench are shallow, we need a ¨super¨striker in the TW, Spuds know how to spend, ad nauseam. They scan the headlines and parrot such nonsense back at us, because they are incapable of judging whether reality is corresponding with their opinions.

Most Gooners have the common sense and class to be patient, persevere and cheer on their team, just like the team has the faith, attitude, desire, perseverance, metal and backbone to continue to be winners, even when they lose or draw. They surprise the true Gooner but disappoint the fickle fan, because they didn’t prove them right, so once again these tragic pessimists must hide in the shadows until the next opportunity to diss the Club and all it represents, presents itself, as it will inevitably do over a 38 game + season. This season has been particularly hard on them since the promising start against Aston Villa has been completely and decisively reversed……and that is so unfair in their universe!

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43 comments to WHY OUR FANS WAFFLE

  • ClockEndRider

    Another excellent, insightful article. Hopefully this insight will be read and under stood by such fans. If it encourages one of them to review their world view and help themselves out of their depressive state, it will have been more incredibly succesful.

  • John Batty

    Well said. I often read in wonder the statements of “fact” in blogs contradicting one of our, the country, even the words most experienced and successful manager / coach.

    I cannot help but feel this is a situation propagated by the internet, and the anonymity it provides.

    Such widespread and vehement talking down of players, manager and club would not, I feel, be tolerated in a more traditional forum (the pub).

  • divyatej

    I did great amount of research on this kind of topic. One more term that can be attributed in this scenario is mental toughness.

    Given permission I would like to touch on this topic and will write an article to untold. That will cover spiritual,mental,physical,technical attributes that needs to be developed by a person to accept failure and good fortune.

  • Don,

    Great piece. Your clinical analysis is enlightening.

    “Getting back to the fickle fan, these men and women are groupies hoping to windvane their way into being acknowledged as being erudite and intelligent, when in actual fact they are often pernicious, vainglorious and destitute of any real faith in the Club or its philosophy.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more, no matter how hard I try on the above quote.

  • Mick

    Don, I really enjoyed this article and agree completely with it’s content.
    I doubt many of the kind of fans referred to will read it and of those who do I fear the sentiments expressed will go straight over their heads.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Hit the sweet spot , Don , thanks , but this probably won’t be understood by the AAAAs.
    You give them too much credit in the sense that you think they are able to grasp all this .Most of them don’t have a ‘certifiable ‘ brain to start with anyway !
    Love the way you’re ‘mooning ‘ them ! Hang the proverbial mistletoe above it for them !

  • WalterBroeckx


    People interested in the future (which is bright of course) and to see an amazing performance from our next superstar in the making Dan Crowley, just look at this short video

    4 assists and 2 goals…

  • Rich

    Interesting read…but it could equally be titled “Why fans waffle” or “Why fans have always waffled” because its not unique to Arsenal or even unique to this period in time.

    Fans have always slated their teams and always will – its part of belonging to something. The same as the attitude that says that we can slag off our country, home town, road, or even wife but if someone has a pop then all hell breaks loose!

    I remember being with my Dad in the pub 30 years ago and being told how shit players were and how the club was going nowhere. I also remember my Grandad saying the same thing about when he was watching Southampton in the 50/60’s.

    Its just part of the rich fabric of football fans and that for every whinger there is the eternal optimist and for every superstitious fan there is a guy that comes in 10 minutes late and goes home with 5 to go.

    Each group can annoy the others but at their heart the vast majority are massive fans of the club and they wouldn’t have so extreme a position without having their heart in it.

    But that isn’t anywhere near as interesting to say as going onto a blog and just saying someone else’s view is wrong!!

  • Guudmon

    Wow!Idont think they will accept no’matter what coz there olready the’r victims of there owndoings…Thumbs up for this article….Once agooner always agooner

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The AAAA husband ….

    A warthog hits this lady and the husband calls 911.

    The operator asks, “Where are you at”?

    The husband replies, “I’m on Eucolipstic Road.”

    The operator asks, “Can you spell that for me?”

    “Well… I’ll just drag her over to Oak so you can you pick her up there?”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The AAAA was out on a drive with the wife when she spotted a cow in a field and said, “Look at that cow, it’s pretty ugly.”

    He said, “That’s an oxymoron.”

    She replied, “You’re the fucking moron, it’s a cow!”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    The psychiatrist diagnosed the AAAA as severely anally retentive.

    He nearly shat himself.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A short joke…

    This morning on the way to work I drove into the back of a car, at some lights, whilst not really paying attention.
    The driver got out and he was a dwarf.
    He said, “I’m not happy.”
    I replied, “Well, which one are you then?”

    And I’m sleepy ! Goodnight !

  • colario

    What the average football fan knows about football.

  • colario

    What the average football fan thinks the average football manager knows about football.

  • divyatej – I’m always pleased to receive articles for Untold. Please write it as a Word file or in Google docs or as an rtf, with your name at the top of the article as you wish it to appear on the site, and send it attached to an email to

  • Tom

    I have no background in psychology and some of the terms used I had to look up in a dictionary ( thanks for that. Always look to broaden my horizon 🙂 ). However the background and experience I do have ,makes me believe Arsenal fans aren’t any more fickle than any other fans and you don’t have to look any farther than Old Trafford or White Hart Lane to see the proof of that.

    You can’t expect fans to cheer our club on , standing and singing for 90 minutes sometimes in rain and sleet and not react angrily to loosing to Blackburn and Bradford City in one month, while our manager says with a smile that if given 100 million by the board to spend on players , he would give it right back.

    Wenger and the board had been equally at fault for giving contradicting information about Arsenal’s spending powers at a time where many fans were getting vulnerable and susceptible to negative spin by the media , who’s main interest is to sell their product by the use of inflammatory headlines.

    Wenger’s cavalier approach to fan unrest and his unwillingness to recognize that it was reaching a tipping point which culminated during Villa game , was in fact his failure to manage the fan base in a difficult time of transition from the post stadium building lean years to the more prosperous years.

  • Tom wrote:

    “You can’t expect fans to cheer our club on , standing and singing for 90 minutes sometimes in rain and sleet and not react angrily to loosing to Blackburn and Bradford City in one month, while our manager says with a smile that if given 100 million by the board to spend on players , he would give it right back.”

    If I recall correctly, these results happened about a year ago. If you are going to justify fickleness with those then why are the same fans not still hailing the team and manager for their other famous victories like the coming from behind to beat Barcelona at the Emirates or beating Bayern 2-0 at Munich against all odds and expectations? BTW, maintaining your support after the sort of losses that you (and every other Wenger basher) ever remember is what differentiates true supporters from mere glory hunters.

    “Wenger and the board had been equally at fault for giving contradicting information about Arsenal’s spending powers at a time where many fans were getting vulnerable and susceptible to negative spin by the media , who’s main interest is to sell their product by the use of inflammatory headlines.”

    Please don’t blame Wenger and the board for some fans being lily livered and/or being stupid enough to fall for the media’s spin. We should all use our brains and not outsource our thinking to others no matter their platform. We should also develop some backbone and stand firm in support of the team that we claim to love when attacked, fairly or unfairly, by the media or rival fans.

    “Wenger’s cavalier approach to fan unrest and his unwillingness to recognize that it was reaching a tipping point which culminated during Villa game , was in fact his failure to manage the fan base in a difficult time of transition from the post stadium building lean years to the more prosperous years.”

    While Arsene has a lot responsibilities and power in the club, it is not his job to manage the fan base. I don’t think it’s anyone’s job as all fans are free to do whatever they want. The Villa match is an aberration as shown by the team’s results before and after it; even if we ignore the damage done by the referee. Like your fixation with the Blackburn & Bradford results from last year, it is telling that of all the games played by the team, these are the only ones that count.

    When the team performs poorly, they get battered and maybe this is fair (although I am extremely proud to say that I have always maintained my support no matter the result). But when they are doing well, we get told to curb our enthusiasm by the negative nellies, who called themselves ‘realists’, because the team had faltered in the past and as far as they are concerned, they will continue to falter unless the manager signs players X, Y, Z and every other one they could find a Youtube video of.

  • Gunnerdear

    Well I understand How annoying someone that is ALWAYS negative can be. But to say Arsenal or a player for arsenal is the greatest team in the world after a result on the pitch just proved that is NOT the facts. Is also Very annoying. Now I support this Club and want nothing but the best for it and it’s players. I Cheer for Bendtner to score I want Wilshere to go out there every game he starts and show not only what he can be but actually silence all the doubters. Every time Walcott scorers a goal (or is the provider of one) I save it in my mind as proof this kid is top even if he is slighted often by my Portuguese friends who say he is over hyped.

    BUT… is it wrong to say after a player has a bad game that he had a bad game? if it wrong to admit you team was weak on defense or was not performing well and to try and figure out just went so wrong in a match. Hay after the opening game of the season MANY all time optimistic fans even had their doubts. Ramsey came out this season and had a Spectacular run of performances he vindicated his supporters and silenced the doubters. BUT really except for maybe a few real haters most Arsenal fans even those that vocally doubted if Ramsey could come back from the injury the player he was. Even the Welsh national team dropped him as Captain it is not like Arsenal fans alone had their doubts BUT most and I mean MOST wanted more then anything to see him succeed to become the player we all hoped he could be. But when he was not scoring goals was being knocked off the ball and lacking that quality in the final ball at the top level isn’t normal to question is he the player that Arsenal needed at that time? It is not that we want To get rid of players because we hate them it is about the team NO player should have a guaranteed place in the squad and the team should have the quality to bench a player that is not performing and when they have their chance on the pitch they have to produce to maintain their spot. To discuss the team among fellow fans and even slight a player once in awhile is normal hay If your playing like shit even you know it so the question is how are you going to respond to criticism? Top players work hard to come out and silence the doubters on the pitch. And Ramsey has proven he is a Top player. Now I could say it is Wilshere’s time to also step up. To make a comment that a player has not yet produced what is expected from them yet is not the same as saying you hate them. And I myself have posted comments like Why does Wilshere wear a Number 10 on his back as his assist and goal tally is far from a traditional number 10. BUT would eat crow and enjoy it if Wilshere finished the season with a better assists and goal tally then Hazard. or even are own Ozil. But so far he seem to not be handling the pressure well he seem to sometime be trying too hard to make something happen that he makes the wrong decisions getting caught on the ball or trying to force a pass only to give the ball away and then dive in late to win it back and get a foul or even a card. He is struggling it is NOT anti-Arsenal or even Anti-Wilshere to state the facts. BUT you also have to understand that the demand and expectations come from the fact he IS good and we want him so badly to pull off those plays he is attempting. And then after 5 times he gets caught of 10 passes that did not work out is that One moment like the little flick played Walcott in and then Walcott finished to get the second vs Cardiff. I was always a Arshavin Fan and hated all the negative bashing he got or that podolski gets when he drifts out of games or fails to defend well on that left side. BUT You can not talk about these players and not admit they scored some spectacular goals for Arsenal and have shown in there careers they can score in or produce the ball that scores in BIG games. I sing lu lu lu Lukas Podolski with my kids all the time but I also admit when he is playing upfront as a lone striker tag is not his game and question what Wenger is thinking? OK Giroud is out. We do not have a lead striker to play a 4231 with a lone striker if we do not have the players to make that work you have to change the tactics to get the best out of the players you do have you do not force them to play a role in which they are likely to fail. Is saying this Anti-Arsenal? or Anti-Wenger? I do not feel it is it is Because I do Support Arsenal that I even care. Hay is I was a plastic fan I and I really felt Arsenal’s players and their manager were crap I would just jump on the Man City oilers bandwagon like I have seen more then a few of my US based soccer fans do. I have been a Arsenal supporter since 1987 it has not always been a easy thing to be a Arsenal fan during all that time but there have been some Sweet moments along they way. And I would never support another team over the Gunners and among other Arsenal fans I can accept some decent within the ranks BUT don’t let a Spurs fan or ManU fan try and tell me my team is crap or it could result in a fight if I have had a few beers in me.

  • @Rich I don’t know if you are a man or woman or if you a both. What Don is trying to say is that in sorrow or grief we have to stand together we don’t have to be critical all the time we have to know that there is night and there is day something so simple. At night we sleep during day we wake up so not all days are Sundays.
    @Bootoomee@Brickfields Gunners, cant we sue the FA and the PGMOL of the atrocities other teams intentionally who come to break and cause injuries to the gunners in front of cameras and Refs who totally ignore and do nothing??
    So all teams know very well that you will do anything to the Arsenal players and nothing will happen we have examples Yaya toure,Obi mikel,Dembele to mention a few really really cant we do anything!!!

  • nicky

    Sixty nine years ago, peace reigned over our land, after 5 long years of war. We who were the young at the time, were taught to hate our enemies and what they stood for…racism,
    cruelty, dominance, etc.
    In no time at all, as a sort of harmony became the norm, our distant enemies became difficult to hate and for many of us we had to find a substitute foe.
    The largest gathering of humans was at football grounds and so began vigorous rivalries virtually unknown in pre-war years. Memories of war-time battleground victories which sustained the people at the time, became the nucleus for supporting some football teams and hating others and this
    has now spread to some extent to abusing the team of choice, when things aren’t going well.
    Those of us who were alive in those post-war days of the late 1940’s have much to answer for because, perhaps unknowingly , we passed on our hatred of the times, to our children.

  • KampalaGun,

    Unfortunately, my crazy support for Arsenal does not really extend to the referee side. Don’t get me wrong; I know that we get shafted and kicked in the nuts regularly by the officials. There is absolutely no doubt about it. I also have nothing but the highest praise for Walter and his team on the work that they do. It is just not something that I like to get involved in. You can call it my vice.

    I have VERY strong doubts that your suggestion about suing the FA & PGMOL, or indeed many of the myriads of suggestions made by people on the refshite threads, can be possible or effective. My believe is that we are only going to start having sanity in officiating when the MEDIA stop giving the incompetent/biased/bent referees a pass. The day that the British media start giving the referees hell for sucking at their jobs is the day that all the nonsense would stop.

    My personal position on how to minimise the “biased ref” effect on the team is for us Gooners to give the team monumental support that will lift them up to overcome even the most bent officials. Afterall, we don’t always draw or lose games with bad officiating, do we? It may be more difficult but the team can always excel when they bring their A-game and we the supporters lift them up with loud and unflinching support.

    Of course, luck is also a key ingredient. Had Rosicky’s shot gone in instead of hit the bar against Aston Villa, we might have drawn or won the match rather than lose it by 2 goal margin, the useless Anthony Taylor notwithstanding.

  • colario

    Should the result depend on the useless referee notwithstanding as it did with our games against Villa and Man city? Villa’s game against chelski and WBA’s game against Chelski?

    Its not just four games.

  • Tom

    I new I’d get an angry response from you on this one 🙂
    I don’t consider myself to be a Wenger basher by a long shot but regardless how much I admire the man , I don’t pray at his altar either .

    Arsenal triumphs over Barca at home and Bayern away ,were both very good wins and I thought Wenger deserved all the credit even though we failed to progress further.

    If you look at the European footballing spectrum and where Arsenal are positioned within it , you must admit we are within only a shout from the likes of Barca and Bayern while Blackburn and Bradford City aren’t even on the same map respectively , thus loosing to those clubs were a bigger event than beating the former.
    Just as loosing 8-2 to Man U at OT ,there is a certain level of performance that is required from a club of Arsenal stature and failing to meet the minimum requirement should raise an eyebrow or two, although I wouldn’t call it a fixation.

    Perhaps some fans are lily-livered(had to look that one up 🙂 )or stupid but even if so , or perhaps even more so Wenger should be more careful what he says in public seeing as it’s the support of all fans and not just the clever ones’ that is so detrimental to every club’s success.

    Whether fan management is something that falls within Wenger’s job description or not , it is useful to be good at it and make it work to your advantage , just as referee management to a certain degree.

  • colario,

    Come on man, give me a break 🙂 I was only making a point.

    I resorted to just supporting the team rather than going on about the ref because I doubt it has any effect on them. Supporting the team at least lifts them up to perhaps overcome their opponents’ 12 man.

    Do you have a better suggestion on what we Gooners can do? I don’t think that we can sue them and I think we’ll be the laughing stock of the whole of England if the Emirates’ patrons all start blowing whistles in unison or start flashing collective yellow/red cards at the referees when they disagree with him as some have suggested on the refshite threads.

    If the team brings the A-game, gets our loud support and mother luck smiles at us, we can overcome the most bent referees. Anyway, I have no better solution.

  • Tom,

    You are right about my response being angry 🙂

    Talking about the 8-2 loss at the old Trafford, did you know that Man United were also humiliated there 4-1 and 6-1 against Liverpool and Man city respectively? Also, they lost out to the then League 1’s Leeds United some years back at the Old Trafford in the FA cup.

    Can you recall last season’s UCL semi-final results between Bayern Munich and Barcelona? Yeah, it was 4-0 and 3-0 against the mighty Barca.

    My point? All teams get humiliated from time to time. Sometimes it is scandalous loss to a rival while at other times it is giant killing upset from smaller teams. It happens.

    I consider it nit-picking when some of our fans only use our adverse results which are few and far between (at least compared with our victories) to repeatedly criticise the team or cast aspersions on the ability of the manager.

    Also, that was then. This is now. The team is doing well now. Let’s support them without repeating their past failings ad-nauseam.

  • bjtgooner


    Well said. I fully agree with your points re supporting the team.

    However, there is something strange happening behind the scene – we have had, out of the blue, at least five contributors in the past two days suddenly taking a self-righteous “I know better than Wenger and will back stab him when I consider it appropriate to do so” approach. I am not sure if this is because some die hard AAAs are trying to change/justify their image or if it is a prelude to a major new campaign by a very frustrated AAA fraternity.

    To relate to the title; there certainly has been some very illogical waffle from said contributors!

  • goonerkam

    Spot on.

  • goonerkam

    Almost as if the were on payroll, and were acting as covert agents behind enemy lines. At least it looks and feels that way to me.

  • colario

    Tony has provided you with the solution.

  • bjtgooner,

    True. They will like us to believe that the reason why they are always complaining about the team’s weaknesses is because they want them to get better. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Olivier Giroud gets tips on how to be a better striker from some faceless experts on the Internet.

    When you tell them: “Look, all you can do is support the team by praising their effort and performance”

    They reply: “Nah, we would rather ‘support’ them by criticising their performances and abilities while badgering the manager to replace them with some names that we pulled out of our asses. Or else, the team will fail.”

  • Pat


    Great description of the ‘communities of like-minded and fearful individuals’!


    Don’t our under 18s look good? The future is bright.


    Why is Untold littered with annoying adverts that cover the list of articles and suddenly start talking for no reason?

  • Tom

    My criticism of Wenger and the board wasn’t related to on the field performances and I only gave examples of those disappointing defeats to illustrate how out of place some of his comments were in the light of said results and how they might’ve effected some fans , since the fans were the topic of conversation.

    Yes , other clubs had humiliated results as well but I don’t recall other managers making those kind of statements and I’m pretty sure if SAF had been given a 100 M , he would’ve spent it to a penny and then asked for more.

    None of us of course knows whether those funds were available to Wenger or not but that doesn’t matter, does it ? My point wasn’t that he should’ve spent it all or any of it ,but rather that from a PR stand point his comments were a total disaster. When you are the face of an organization like Arsenal FC . , people hang on every word you say and like the say in politics ” perception is the reality”

    However I do agree with your last statement wholeheartedly and getting behind the team is what I’m all about . Cheers! 🙂

  • mk

    Tom, I agree with you that the board and to a lesser extent Wenger needed to manage expectations of the fans after the stadium move and in hindsight possibly they would have done a better job if the board had not claimed to have quite so much money to spend (this amount would have left the club at severe risk financially if Wenger had spent it).

    The problem is that it was an almost impossible position to be in (especially if despite public protestations otherwise they were actually trying to court investors at the same time), there is no way the fans accustomed to recent success would have accepted the reality that we would have to sell our best players each season to stay in the black

    However I do take exception to the set of short sighted negative fans (not implying that you are one of them) who ignore the reasons behind why we have struggled and just complain about Wenger as if he would not have preferred to have kept his best players or strengthened his team, or ignore the problems with refereeing despite the mountains of evidence that this site provides showing how poorly the team has been treated on the field, whatever the reasons for these bad decisions are.

    Drifting further off topic, It would also be interesting to know if the board did or did not take into account the possible investment of the oil money barons into the premier league when they were deciding on the new stadium as they were either caught by surprise expecting to win the odd trophy or extremely fore-sighted but pragmatic, timing the period we would be short of funds to that of the initial excess of these oil funded clubs expecting not to be able to challenge them.

  • Linz

    Enjoy your self appointed true fan trophy,you sure deserve it.I will just go on attending matches,supporting the team as always but if I feel criticism is necessary then I will criticise.Sorry we can’t be as “perfect” as the self righteous Untolders but some of us don’t just blindly accept all the propaganda put out by the club which is,after all,now run as a business by businessmen whose ultimate aim is to make shitloads of money..Arsenal is no longer a “football” club in the truest sense of the word but a “brand”,a “product”.The days of sneaking onto the North bank ands bumping into players in the pub are well and truly over.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    KampalaGun @ 7th.January ,7:26 pm – while I think that suing the PL , FA and the PGMOL would be difficult and would be going against the grain , I would not be at all suprised if a player or club took up a case against then on some frivolous and/or vexatious grounds –
    eg, the ref looking at them in a ‘funny way’ ; players/clubs suing on grounnds at the loss of earnings/ bounses/income due to players being suspended or injured by the ‘negligence’ of officials ,etc.
    With the refs already being in the spotlight for the
    ‘alleged ‘abuse of players these last 2 seasons ,I await the opening of the proverbial can of worms !
    After last night’s ManUre fans’ ‘flare’ ups ,the once mighty
    club may be in deep trouble .How will they fight back ? With fire? With malice ?
    I have full faith in mankind that their stupidity knows no boundries and that they will descend lower and lower to the depths ,while pushing the envelope as these cases show…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A lawyer came home after having sex in his car.
    The girl forgot her bra and panty, leaving them in the car.

    The wife found them, tore them up and shouted,”You dirty bastard you have been screwing your secretary.”

    Without blinking an eyelid, lawyer shouted back , “Bitch !You have just destroyed the only evidence of a high profile rape case I have been working on. You can now forget about diamond necklace u were asking for.”

    The wife fell on her knees, crying & trying to repair the torn pieces and the lawyer walked away with a smile…

    Moral: Start studying LAW

    Ps. Whenever your lawyer walks away with a smile… somehow, you know you are being screwed.

  • colario

    At Brickfields.

    The old pastor was on his death bed surrounded by his family when he asked his wife to call brother John the lawyer and brother jack the accountant to come to his bed side.

    They came and sat either side of him but the old boy did not die and ‘time his money’. The accountant said
    ‘Pastor you have your family with you why do you want us?

    The pastor replied. ‘Jesus died between two thieves stay here at either side of me I want to do the same’.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Charles , did come across that one .Thought better of it and did not post it as I too feared being nailed !

  • goonerkam

    Brickfields gunner
    ” moral of the story . Start studying the law ” (0(
    Isn’t that the truth. Wise words sir..

  • TommieGun

    @ Brickfields –


    (walking away)

    * can you feel it ? *

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ TommieGun – I usually sashay away with this laugh…