Coventry Preview | ‘The Cult of Steve Bould’

DSC – Your man in the car park.

This evening we meet Coventry in a game that I expect to be highly forgettable.

In a way that might not be a bad thing as it’ll give us a rest – a nice emotionally detached Friday night, some beers, and hopefully a watchable game. I say this knowing full well I’ll be a raving lunatic by 8pm tonight.

Coventry were hit with a 10 point deduction at the start of the season (which they have since made a mockery of). Something to do with financial problems, I believe. So if you see a Coventry fan throw a fiver at them. Not in the form of coins! The gesture will be compromised somewhat…

Elsewhere, you may have noticed a few narratives being mercilessly shoehorned in to this encounter. Personally I’m all for them. One I read, based on Steven Pressley (Coventry manager) playing France at Hampden Park back in 2000. Henry played; as did Vieira – and they, you might remember, played for Arsenal just 8 or so years ago…

As relevant a narrative as one might ever see. Indeed my sources tell me that to this day Wenger is overcome by rage at the mere mention of that fateful night in Glasgow. Only the guidance of Steve Bould has kept him sane since…

Which brings me to: The cult of Steve Bould, a truly marvellous phenomenon that some of you will be familiar with. Lately, for reasons few understand, there has been the emergence of a thriving community of Steve Bould Experts right across NewsNow. No one knows where they came from, but what is certain is the insight they offer into Steve Bould: everything from his favourite chocolate bar, to his role at Arsenal. At the bottom of each anecdote is a formula adhering to the form:

Steve Bould has fresh ingenious idea – tyrannical old Frenchman says it is a “shit idea”, but uses it anyway and takes credit.  Steve Bould persists under tyrant, as he has to pay for his crunchy nut cornflake addiction/other financial constraint.

I’m sure there’s a bit more to it than that and I must confess the cornflake addiction is not Steve’s… but mine.

The game will allow for some rotation. It will be nice to see the Ox get some proper game time – his style is quite different to anything we have. He is more direct, more physical – similar to Gnabry, but with an extra 10 kilos. It would also be nice to catch a glimpse of Zelalem.

The team might look like this:


       Jenko                 Mert                  Verm           Monreal


                                Zelalem                           Ox

      Gnabry                             Bendtner                     Podolski


3-0 Arsenal, Bendtner and Podolski to have a stormer. Have a cracking Friday,










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  1. Curious to see how much rotation we see, I suspect it’ll be in line with what you’ve put. A slightly leftfield option would be Sagna at centreback (to rest Mertesacker, and effectively rest Sagna too) but I doubt that will happen. Gametime for the Ox, Bendtner and Podolski would be good to see for the League season.

  2. It is funny.

    Those with blinkers who look to place all praise upon Bould were spitting gr*t when he was appointed. I saw what they had to say at the time.


    It is Neil Banfield who I feel sorry for.
    These experts, writing every day about the club, keep forgetting poor old Neil. How? Why? What did he do to deserve being airbrushed completely out of their narratives? In the club’s own words, he’s only responsible for, oh, about a third of the first team training that they get up to, whatever that is. Oh well…

    Bouldie has been my guess and nomination as NAM (Next Arsenal Manager!) even before he was appointed as assistant manager which is why I was sad to see all the predictable experts, the AAA, bleating at his appointment (they were!). I’m no expert, I just think it’d be a nice story. Fortunately I’m just a fan and can think about things that way. I try and save the focus, intensity and the stress for my own work…

  3. Somehow I don’t see Bendtner starting, I think he is still raw and wont be risked, so I expect him somewhere around 70th minute if things go well to replace Podolski, and I am not even sure Park wont get chance to start. And to be honest I would love to see him, at least it would be easier to find him buyer, and beside I don’t think he is such bad player to not be able to deal with Coventry, he would have enough support behind on pitch, and if he get same from stands, who know.

  4. I after seeing the press Conference i really doubt we will get to see you Zelalem tonight, but I really hope so. I have really high hopes for the lad. But I hope AW will Field a very strong side tonight my Guess is :

    Monreal – BFG – Verm – Jenko
    OX – Wilshere

    Gnabry – Giroud – Poldi

  5. Vermaelen is still not fit I think and that is based on the words in the Belgium newspapers.

    Using Sagna in the central defence with Jenkinson on the right flank would be a good option. Just look at this fact if we would not put Per in the team that would mean that our captain is out, our vice captain is out, and our third option is out.
    Will we give Sagna the armband for this occasion? Or Jack?

  6. From the BBC

    > 18: 53: Bad news Coventry fans – Arsenal have named a strong, strong side. Mesut Ozil had already booked the weekend off and was on his way back to Germany when he got the call.

    > Arsenal XI: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Gnabry, Podolski, Bendtner


  7. Arsenal 4 Coventry. 0.
    Podolski. Podolski, Giroud. Carzola

    Good run out for the boys.

  8. A solid performance, good first half then couldn’t find the WD40 to free off that sticking handbrake in the second half. The electricians probably nicked it to try and fix the lights. Two simple goals at the end when Coventry had run themselves into the ground. COYG onwards and upwards

  9. Easy tie thankfully. Couldn’t see Coventry being a threat. Good to see Pod back on the score sheet. Apparently Zelalem was born after Wenger became our manager, old Wenger must feel ancient.

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