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  1. Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    Mouth watering.
    Especially when you live across the Atlantic, like me, and you can only dream to take a long vacation from work to go to London.
    Well, it will happen one day.
    PS: I was reading Yahoo Deutschland, but my German is so poor that I tried the “translation” on offer. I was dismayed because it was not understandable at all. But one thing stuck with me: the words “colorectal Law” which begs several questions:
    -Would they check their anatomy? You are talking about different body parts here, even George W, Bush knew that when he had close collaborators like Dick Cheney and Colon Powell.
    -Is this in reference to a technique to transport transfer money without risking being robbed?
    -Is Mr. Law so known for his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that this happens to be his nickname (note: from what I know, he does not have OCD) in Germany?
    -Finally, could this have nothing to do with our Dick Law, but rather n article about legal matters after colorectal surgery?

  2. Bootoomee

    Jon Preston,

    Thank you so much for this piece. It is a very easy and non-judgemental read. I love it. Please write again of your experiences at the Liverpool FA game.

  3. nicky

    A welcome change in posts and a fascinating view of the “prawn set”.
    The only black mark was the site “behind one of the goals”.
    I once watched a Cup Final behind a goal at Wembley. A Ghastly Place.

  4. WalterBroeckx

    A nice article Jon.
    I will eat my ‘whatever it is they put inside it’ next time where Tony will order a cappuccino that will be of bad making if he gets one at all 😉
    I don’t think I will ever make it to that part of the stadium any time soon…

    Come to think of it: Hey Tony what is stopping you from renting an Untold Arsenal box at the Emirates? 🙂 😉 One where all the writers can watch the Arsenal and some privileged few.
    Spend the f*cking money 🙂 🙂

  5. Brickfields Gunners

    Yeah , Tony , do spend some fucking money and get an UA executive box ! We can start and have a collection here and reward the AKB of the year with a trip of their lifetime ! Just keep it as far away from the AAAA box as possible !

    @ Jon – thanks for this article .Do shout out your lungs for us at the Livepuddle game !

  6. Sammy The Snake

    As a part of my birthday last month, I’ve got me a planned trip to London to watch Arsenal beat Sunderland in February. As I have no access to a normal ticket, I paid through the nose for 2 tickets to “Club Arsenal”.
    You’ve got me drooling for the football and everything else that’s on offer. Dreaming…

  7. Matt Clarke

    A very pleasant read, with evocative phrasing and imagery.
    Very interesting to read about that part of Arsenal support.
    Thank you John.

  8. GoingGoingGooner

    Imagine if the lot in the executive boxes were vocal and disruptive…”a rain of champagne and prawn sandwiches littered the pitch after the latest horrible decision by the referee. The sound of jewelry being rattled in anger clearly intimidated the plebian players plying their trade on the grounds below…their braying, nasal tones, incomprehensible to the common man, led the Arsenal to a famous victory.”

  9. Rantetta

    You’re blurring my lines – between sumptuous football and gastro-whateverit’scalled.

    Lovely piece. You gotta write good to make me feel like this.

    Steamed fish and cheese and biccys. Damn, I’m hungry – for Arsfooty too.

  10. WalterBroeckx

    Ah Sammy, I also will be there for the match against Sunderland 😉

  11. Notoverthehill

    Jon, did you have to expand so much on the dining excess?

    Now, I will try to calculate the cost of all this exclusiveness, to North Delaware and the other sponsors. Less, even less cash from the sponsorships.

    The bottom line is, that the North Delaware cash at the bank, will improve. The Arsenal do have a cut of the profits.

    From a learning curve on The Emirates experience, enjoyable.

  12. Damilare


    Nice write up. Great experience. I envy you…


  13. para

    I too rated Berbatov and thought we should have bought him 2 seasons ago, he plays in a style that would fit in with Arsenal. Today however, i don’t know. Arsenal has changed and is looking to push on, so i’m not sure he would now fit in to AW’s plans.
    Anyway, all i know is, i will have a very tense month of FEB, and hope to come out of it smiling.
    The “fawning” of the pundits about ManC is getting annoying, every move is praised, every mistake is apologised for.
    I for one hope to see them completely at a loss for words at the end of the season, when Arsenal shows it’s determination to succeed even with all of the added opposition thrown at us.
    I think in summer we will be buying players, as it may be easier to get who we want, but now in Jan there will probably be no signing, unless AW can pull something off.
    Our young players are not going to have as much time to shine as in years gone by, and Arsenal will be starting to attract many more players again, so we can have a better choice of who fits at Arsenal.

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