What is the simplest way to stop Game 39?

Game 39 is the additional game that the Premier League moguls want to have played outside England.

If you want to stop them, the answer is very simple indeed.  Boycott the sponsors of the Premier League.  

Just stop buying the products and services of…

Barclays, Budweiser, Lucazade, Nike and Wrigleys.

 Certainly if you continue to support those firms you will, with every transaction, be saying YES to Game 39 played in a stadium somewhere a long way from you.  If you, and lots of others, stop buying their products, you will be hurting the Premier League.  Commercial organisations will quickly learn that association with the EPL means a drop in turnover – and they will pull out.

If you want to go one better, send this message on to someone else.  It doesn’t matter which team they support – we’re all in this one together.

One Reply to “What is the simplest way to stop Game 39?”

  1. Unfortunately, whenever one doesn’t buy a product a reason for not doing so isn’t given and by the time the boycott works it will be too late. MLS opposition to Premier League games in the US will be enough to kill the idea off.

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