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April 2021

Man up and get behind the team

By Walter Broeckx

I know that yesterdays result was painful and I am not happy about it at all. As a supporter you don’t want your team to lose. And as per usual the moaning has start all over again. Let us first take a look at the league table







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Man City







 Even a blind man can see that we are only 1 point behind the current league leaders. Let’s look at last season after 25 matches





























Last season Arsenal was 6th position with 41 points. We were 21 (twenty one) points behind the league leader.

And yet people are behaving as if the world has fallen on our heads…

Last season we had scored 49 goals so far and this season we have scored 48 goals. So almost the same. Last season we had let in 29 goals after 25 matches and this season 26 goals. And 14 of those goals have been conceded in 3 matches only. The other 12 goals have been conceded in 23 matches.

Yes we seem to have the fluke result every now and then. But that is what it is : a fluke result. In general this team has been consistent during the season. And yet people are pretending that we are the worst squad ever to have played for Arsenal. That the manager who in the other 21 games we didn’t lose has lost the plot because of 4 defeats.  Well Manchester City already lost 5 matches this season. Sack their manager? Sack our manager? Really… get a grip look at that league table again before you say such ridiculous nonsense.

What is important is that we support the team in such a moment. And with supporting the team I include all and everyone. Singling out players or the managers at such a moment is only causing more troubles.

Even mentioning the transfer window is bullsh*t. So what player moved to another team during the transfer window that would have changed the result at Liverpool? Name me one. Let me save you your time because there simply is not one player that could have changed things at Anfield for us.

This was a complete off day as we conceded the first goal too quick and then we seemed to lose our head for some 20 minutes with the fatal result.

We can say he should have picked this player and put him on the bench. As usual it is easy to talk with hindsight. would Rosicky have stopped the first two goals from Skrtel? Or would Podolski have been there to stop them? Of course not. You know this as well as I do. This is just how it goes sometimes. When it goes wrong, it goes terribly wrong.

And for those who now come out saying that they predicted this all season. I wonder where have you been all season when we were top of the league?  Was it all a coincidence that we have been on top for 18 weeks?  Can it be that a bad team can be on top for so long? If so, then stop pretending that the PL is the best league in the world. As I cannot accept the fact that a rubbish team can be on top for so long.

What is important now is to give our support to the players. And just as we did after that other horrible defeat at City is to get back on our feet and react in the right way.

After our defeat at City we took 20 points out of a possible 24 points.  If we can produce such a run again in the next weeks then we will be there around the top if not at the top.  We have shown this season we can do it before. And done so with the same players.  So all we have to do now is to get up and go out and perform better than we have done at Anfield.

Perform like we have done previous this season. Do you want to stop now and drop off with us only being 1 point behind the league leader then you are a very poor supporter. But it is your choice. And if this is your choice, fine then. Goodbye, see you later, au revoir. But don’t come around here any more.

We over here will support our team. Deluded as you can call us, we believe in this team. And we don’t throw them out for one bad result. Time to show your really you. Are you behind this team or not? Are you throwing yourself on the floor like a spoilt child whenever things go bad in a match? Time to grow up then. Arsenal is not for the faint hearted. Never has been, never will be.

For me, I am behind them. Come what may.  Still 13 games to go, still 39 points to win. Time to be a man, stand up and get on with supporting this team. Nothing is lost!

135 comments to Man up and get behind the team

  • PV4

    I couldn’t agree more. All of the doom and gloom merchants whingeing like babies! Man up and grow a pair! Unfortunately, some fans will never be satisfied. The teams above and below have spent a combined £1.2b in last 3 years! We could win the league by 20 points and still people would moan. Get behind your team or go support someone else!

  • KR

    At least your not blaming the ref. And yes we will be there on Wednesday supporting our team by turning up and cheering them on like proper supporters do.

  • The font

    I will still attend every match i will still sing my heart out I will continue to give a/w arsenal unconditional support . But let’s face up to there may be something wrong at the moment any team that sets up like everton city southampton or Liverpool has ripped us apart this season everton and Southampton did not convert the chances they made . Southampton could and should have been 3-0 up at half time . If your honest the similarity between Southampton / Liverpool first half performances is something to give any hard core arsenal fan sleepless nights. This is not a one off any one who presses us in a high tempo seems to be able to cut through us like butter . And before you start saying 1 off it could have been 8 or 9 yesterday . COYG

  • ARSENAL 13

    A big headed man on a little pony leads the league…..

    How we miss Rambo. Hope he returns soon and strong…..

  • Marchand

    Honestly Walter, time for you to man up. you can come up with your stats all day long. its groundhog day every year and a pattern of things. Nothing will change as long as AFC is managed footballwise as bad as it is. We have been consistent against midtable teams. we couldnt beat everton, chelsea or struggeling manu. we got hammered and team has not been up for the fight against city and pool. history repeats itself. open your eyes, as good a manager wenger is he lost his age and if we keep him 4th is the best we can achieve, There is no excuse for not having a world class striker. he sold rvp and didnt replace him but we got 150 million in the bank. and what i really dont understand why he loves slow weak players all of a sudden!!

  • WalterBroeckx

    The font like I say when we lose we tend to lose big. But it is the reaction that matters.

  • KR

    At the Font great piece agreed. Why was the first half at Southampton not dealt with and addressed rather than just allowed to happen again yesterday.

  • Philbet

    The oh so predictable overreaction is so typical of Arsenal/football fans in general,there world has collapsed,life as they know it is over,they will never be happy again and its always someone else’s fault,talk about living in a box these folk must live in a box in a tunnel in a underground cave, we played badly against a pretty good (on the day),side ended up well beat,that’s it!! It has happened before and it will happen again,the unbrokered success some seem to crave is quite simply unobtainable,two matches ago Chelsea failed to beat West Ham at home,Yesterday City could only draw with Norwich, all sides are going to have off days,this season,next season and for all subsequent seasons,its sport not life and death,in 100 years from now we will all be dead,then you will have something to be down about, not your team playing badly…..

  • Mutiu Jimoh

    Well lets get behind the team ,they need our support now more than before.

  • Mandy Dodd

    And theo as well Arsenal 13, think Ozil misses them too

  • tamilgooner

    But if Arsenal lose again I can whine some more on twatter and Google- about how bad Arsene is and that if they would just remove [playerIloathe] and buy [Dudewithlottayoutubevideos] then Arsenal will win the title.
    Also how can I Whine and mope and bitch if Arsenal are top of the league – QED Arsenal must lose some more …

  • Your comparison to last season at this point in the season is mute in my view. It does not matter where we are now, only where we finish. We have a chance to improve on last season, but it is not in the bag yet. We are still in a real fight to make the Champions League places. Spurs and/or Everton will close up today and we have a lot of tough fixtures that even the most optimistic fan would say we are underdogs in.

    Still a long way to go but the margins between a great season and a really poor one are wafer thin at this stage. The failure to strengthen in January was a blow but we have to live with it now and get on with it.

    The game against Manchester Utd is absolutely crucial. Lets hope that the team react to yesterdays humiliation in the right way and come out fighting.

  • Wamberto

    True,Rambo has better understanding with Giroud than other midfielders. Pace behind defenders is greatly missed


  • Alex

    Anyone thought about macth fixing by Arsenal player when suddenly we loose by big margin ?

    Though I personally do not believe it but equally I don’t get it how and why is happening.

  • Norm

    I am fed up reading how bad we have suddenly become. Who wouldn’t have taken second place in February, if the crystal ball was polished in August? Ozil, Arteta, Giroud seem to be the in the critics focus – so wrong, but typical. I believe we will be fired up for Wednesday and win big-style. Manure – a team we hate, a manager out of his depth, a two-faced ex-player and a score to settle. Let’s get in their faces early. COYG!

  • The font

    Walter ,
    It’s only an observation .
    I am one of the few who is unconditional . But if we are going to talk about winning the prem we should also point out possible weakness . I am not someone who buys into we should have bought more players but there is a valid point that more players would make us stronger just by numbers .
    I am not qualified to tell mr wenger who to buy or advise where to play them . Or formations against certain teams . But IMHO I feel we have a vulnerability to teams who play the pressing game at a high tempo

  • harsi

    couldnt agree more Walter, most of our fans are absolutely pathetic,supporting a club is meant to be a roller coaster ride,you enjoy the good times, and go through the bad times just because it helps to enjoy the good times better.. dont know what these AAA get by constantly moaning and loosing their heads when we loose. your moaning will not help the team anyway, it will just devoid you of happiness in your life… and the problem is, these type of supporters seem to be in majority.. thankfully one ray of light, UNTOLD exists.. i started reading untold 3 months back and i am delighted to see a lot of sensible gooners.. keep the good work going 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    The font, I was just responding to the ‘not one off’ as it happened before I agree.

    The problem is that our players want to move forward to support the attack. Against park the bus teams this is not really a problem. But when we play a high pressing team our full backs tend to play too high up the pitch as they are used to.
    For the 3rd goal yesterday one can question where Sagna was. He was too high up field when we lost possession. Same can be said about when Özil lost the ball. Again apart from Per and Kos nobody to cover really.

    I think that is why in some games before Wenger has opted to use the Arteta-Flamini combination. But then we get problems going forward.
    Also yesterday I think that the fact that Jack and The Ox didn’t were aware of what to do (their young age maybe showing a bit) and leaving Arteta on his own too much.

  • WalterBroeckx

    It’s probably all in the timing. Going North to play there at 12.45 is not good.
    We played rather well when we could stay in London to play a 12.45 kick off at Fulham.

    We are playing Chelsea away at 12.45…..

  • Wengerson

    @ Walter

    Just like the man city game, Arsenal were never gonna sit back after conceding two early goals from set pieces, hence the big score lines. We went to anfield for a win! Wenger never plays for draws, unless the circumstances deem it ie. Flamini red card at Southampton. I’m almost certain that if we analyze our biggest defeats there’d be a pattern. Milan? Even the 8-2 against united. Wenger almost always goes for broke under these circumstances, which is a gamble.

  • Juzza

    Results like yesterday’s can be brushed over if lessons are learnt. What worries me is that we don’t seem to be able to adapt our tactics. Any manager that plays against us knows our formation and can formulate a game plan accordingly. Liverpool didnt win because we suddenly have rubbish players, they won because they had a plan and implemented it very well. They reminded me of the old Wimbledon team, they played a sort of 1-8-2 formation that involved humping the ball up the field to the two strikers who would fall into any player that came near them and thus coaxing the ref to give them a free kick from which they could then hump the ball into the box and hope for a knock on or a header. Arsenal had no answer to this as it rendered the midfield obsolete and Giroud left isolated. We could have pressed the ball more but only Wilshere and Chamberlain were prepared to get involved. Giroud should watch Rooney and Suarez and see how much they get involved when they’re not in possession, they always track back rather than just stand and wait for the ball to come to them. Man Utd will play a similar strong pressing game on Wednesday and I worry that the outcome will be similar.

  • para

    The font says it really. ” But IMHO I feel we have a vulnerability to teams who play the pressing game at a high tempo”.
    There is nothing wrong with discussing our weaknesses at all.
    Our team is good, but we have weaknesses that are exploited by other teams when they play us. If out team is firing, we nullify these weaknesses, but when we have an off day, these weaknesses come out to haunt us. What i do not understand is, why does Arsenal not have the capability to change up a game when things are going wrong, and make it tougher for the opponents?
    I was watching the Liv-Ars game, and i was so shocked at the way we approached the game. Usually i can see in the first 5 mins what type of effect we are going to have on the game, and i was fearing the worst. For some reason, we were not in the game at all, and after 25 mins 3-0 down, it is obvious to all that something has to change, but we continue on in the same way, same style and end up 5-1. A little tweaking, a little encouragement from our manager and coaches was needed on the touchline to put some spirit into our players, a little shifting of players around, SOMETHING, to try to change the situation, but alas there was NOTHING.
    As disappointed as i was just after the game, i still think that this is the sharp slap we needed to stop us getting TOO complacent(a folly of ours sometimes).
    See, if we had played good and Liverpool had outplayed us, there would be nothing to complain about, but we were unrecognisable as an Arsenal team today, and sadly it looks, at least to me, that there was NO preparation for the game at all.
    It is a natural instinct to change a little when things are not working out and to try to ferret out the opposition’s weaknesses, and then attack them there, but our players were like an “infant thrown into the swimming pool and told, learn to swim or drown”.
    So, i hope this “sharp slap” does exactly make the team, but more so the manager and coaches revise their methods of preparing for games, and pushes us on a run now til the end of the season.
    Forever Arsenal.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Juzza don’t think you can ever accuse OG of not tracking back, he is one of the hardest working strikers in the league

    Interested to hear wengers comments after the game. As we know, he uses such things to get messages to the players. There was a bit of self analysis, bordering on self criticism in his comments, quite unusual for him to say such things, knowing the media cannot wait to slaughter him at any opportunity. As he says, he will now be somewhere plotting to put right what clearly has gone wrong in a couple of these games, think we may see a change in approach to certain games. I do agree with those who say we need to be a bit more tactically versatile….to a degree. Still think one of the main problems is that we are without two of our very best players, they also seemed a bit undercooked, and maybe, worryingly, fatigued. We are getting there, if not yet quite the finished article able to fight on all fronts, but that takes time, unless you happen to be an oiler.

  • It was not being beat that hurt it was the manner in which it was done. The tactics employed by Liverpool were there for all to see. Blitz Arsenal from the start. Surely Arsene would have known that and got the team prepared for that senario. Its seems they had no idea how to deal with a first minute goal. It was not in the script and they did not know what to do about it. My gripe is that OZIL and ARTETA looked like static road cones. Having a defensive mid fielder requires someone with mobility and brawn {ALEX SONG} example, FLAMINI. OZIL is not battle harden, and will be a lot better next year.

    Arsene needs to take a leaf out of Mourinos Book. Stop the oposition from playing and then get your game going when you can. I love ARSENE he is the right man for the job. As he is always saying there is room for improvement. ARSENE look in the mirror , some minor tweaks and ARSENAL will be champions.

    I think in hindsight it will be the best thing that could happen. No more complacency.

  • tamilgooner,

    Well said 🙂

  • bob mac

    OK, even a 5-1 defeat is not the end of the world/season.

    We are 1 point(and goal difference) off top spot.

    Don’t panic …………and do not lose belief

  • The font,

    If you are “unconditional”, then I am the president of the United States 🙂

    As Walter said in his article and as displayed above this website, Untold is for supporters; not whingers and tactical advisers who know better than the manager. Come here to support the team and express how terrible the team and manager are elsewhere. There many more of those sites compared to this one.

  • The font

    I think the upcoming fixture with Liverpool (fa cup)is the biggest game of the season. the psychological effect can be season defining . And it will tell us a lot about the desire to respond to humiliation . It’s vital the management and team get the fans confidence back on board with a convincing win.

  • Yassin

    Its Ramsey absence, he is the player who used to go forward and track back all the time, even we he is not on his fay, he still bring stability to the team. Wilshere cant do it defensivly, neither can Flamini offensivly….
    Its that position that connect Arteta to Ozil.
    Plus Ozil need to fight more, when Giroud lose the ball, he goes bacl running trying to correct it, Ozil doesnt.
    Its Mentality, not tactics, we were off, Imagine yourself in one of the players shoe, in Anfield, all the media saying you are going to fall, and out of a sudden an early goal (second time, bad refereeing in the first goal), and then the whole stadium fans go to fire.

    If we are going to shut everytime pundits say we are not title contenders, then dont blame the players for those off days. I think its Man Up and Defend your Team.

  • The font

    Bootoomee Obama
    Maybe you should read my post . Before commenting

  • Pat

    Thanks, Untolders, for the analysis of yesterday’s match. Sounds a convincing explanation of why we occasionally lose by these big margins. Mandy is right – Arsene will be somewhere plotting to try to put it right. Our players will be pondering the same, especially our team leaders.

  • Mandy Dodd,

    Olivier Giroud is every AAA’s scapegoat. He is responsible for every ill that befalls the team. He is at fault when we don’t score and we only concede because he won’t track back.

    Poor guy, I wonder how manages without losing his self worth under such unfair expectations.

  • The font,

    I read you posts alright. But how can you call yourself “unconditional” when all you do after every bad results is go on about why the team sucks? Listing the faults, real and perceived, of your team after every imperfect performance is not unconditional support. You wrote that you are not in position to lecture Arsene Wenger but that is all you did in your comments. Go back and read them again.

    Unconditional support would be backing your team, without any bellyaching, at all times; especially the bad times. I wouldn’t even describe myself as an unconditional supporter and unlike you, I seldom whinge about the team.

    You may be a good supporter but unconditional is not a word that you can use to describe yourself. Well, not in my opinion anyway.

  • Yassin wrote:

    “Plus Ozil need to fight more, when Giroud lose the ball, he goes back running trying to correct it, Ozil doesnt.”

    What blasphemy! You are in trouble my friend. How dare you make a negative comment about Ozil? Don’t you know that it is never Ozil’s fault? It is always Giroud’s fault.

  • The font

    I think it is clear to the layman what I said and how I said it I am not an educated pontificator like yourself picking on individual words and bending them to suite your self. I am 100 % arsene wenger/arsenal and all I did was express a valid opinion that we are vulnerable to a pressing game at high tempo. Your a bit one dimensional mate with your opinions but then I would not be rude enough to point that out

  • Pierce Holt

    Of course we support the team. Most fans are just venting and just offering a couple of views that Walter et al do not agree with.

    We don’t abuse our players when they are playing etc…But I HEAR some did when the Danish fella was subbed off a few months ago – but then cheered to heavan when scored the winner against Cardiff.

    But this insane blind faith of Wenger is INSANE.

    Question 1: How can Arsenal play so poorly in such a BIG game? Did the manager prepare them well enough?

    Question 2: How can playing at lunchtime “up north” be used as an excuse or reason? Can none of you recall the game at Anfield, Saturday lunchtime when PODOLSKI scored? We won that.

    Question 3: How can a manager not use any subs when the game was crying out for a change when we played Chelski in DECEMBER. We drew that game.

    Question 4: Man up? What does actually mean? We support our club,we are all offering debate and argument but the bottom line is that we all support and love ARSENAL. Wenger is the autocrat in charge of our club. He deserves criticism from time to time, surely? Especially when it is due.

    Question 5: Why is it okay for the club to allow the players to paint the town red for Jenko’s b’day party and then all head down to the Ox’s bachelor pad for an after party days before a massive game of football vs Liverpool? The club, I assume would have given the green light to the players to party it up?

    Question 6: On the point of Jenko – when will he get some minutes on the field?
    How is he supposed to just slot in when he will be required soon?

    Question 7: Do none of you see how slow Arteta is? I remember when we signed him and on teh Everton fansites they were all saying that it was great business for them as Arteta is at least a yard slower than when he joined and that he has lost his pace somewhat. He gives the ball away for fun….but he dont mean to, he is not top quality. But Walter ask’s who could we have signed in the JTW, well how about that serb fella Chelski flashed the cash for?

    COYG but In Arsene We Trust and Arsene Knows? Not any more mate.

  • jambug

    In the Keane + Vieira documentary ‘Best of Enemies’ in answer to the question ‘what is Wengers biggest asset?’ He said TRUST, he trusts his players. When asked what is his worst fault he said, TRUST.

    Isn’t that the way with people.

    Keane said similar about Fergie only transpose LOYALTY for trust.

    That maybe explains why sometimes Wenger seems to be, lets say, a little passive on the touch lin,e as opposed to perhaps taking a more pro active approach, as some would obviously like. I must admit I sometimes feel he should as well.

    But maybe it’s that ‘trust’ in the players that is his Achilles heel on occasions like yesterday.

    This is how I see yesterday.

    The plan was to keep the ball. To use the fullbacks pushing up to stretch and move the Liverpool defence/midfield out of shape and create openings. To starve the more creative players of the ball thereby stopping the service to the forwards.

    The problem was, as I saw it anyway, that without Theo Liverpool felt comfortable pressing high and fast. We should still of been able too keep the ball but we didn’t and it caused us massive problems. As someone said elsewhere, whenever we lost the ball the fullbacks where so high they could get straight at the centre backs. Fast tricky players getting one on one with lanky cetre halves is NOT what you want. As good as Per is, one on ones with speed is not his strength.

    But back to my point. TRUST being Wengers Achilles heel.

    Maybe he just sat back and ‘Trusted’ that they would get it right. Trusted that they would start to keep the ball better. The problem is it didn’t happen. In retrospect the answer would probably of been to pull the fullbacks back, concede territory and let them play in front of us instead of breaking on us.

    It’s not as if he hasn’t done it before this season, the most obvious example I recall was actually at home to Spurs. The first 15 mins saw them getting round the fullbacks time and again. We changed shape, invited them on, and broke on THEM. It worked a treat.

    If we had Theo I’m sure Wenger would of done this yesterday, even from the start. But even without him I feel, considering the way the game started, that’s what we should of done.

    Perhaps it was Wengers ‘trust’ in the lads to sort it that prevented him doing so. Perhaps a mistake he regrets with hindsight, but hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

    Just a theory.

  • johnny

    That’s life. We had a horrible day, and by “we” I mean the whole team. Really, I can’t find a player who did well yesterday. I remember Yossi Benayoun when he was playing for West Ham saying after a similar game (they lost something like 6-0) that they (WHU players) played like a bunch of drunkards. That’s exactly what I’d say about yesterday game.
    Defense was unbelievably bad, midfielders ran like headless chickens, making bad passes, losing easy balls and being generally incapable of creating anything and poor OG didn’t do almost anything well.
    Ok. But what we’ve seen yesterday is not the real Arsenal. It’s relegation form Arsenal and I don’t think it’s likely to see them playing like this too soon. Probably they won’t look like old Barcelona in the next few games, but certainly they won’t come with “performances” like yesterday. Generally when Arsenal has a bad day, everything goes wrong. Anything that opponents try goes well, anything that Arsenal tries goes wrong. I’m surprised we didn’t have some bad injury or a red card yesterday, like it generally happens in such days.
    I’m obviously disappointed, but I keep my faith in the team and the manager. A cold shower can have positive effects sometimes.

  • The font wrote:

    “Your(grammar?) a bit one dimensional mate with your opinions but then I would not be rude enough to point that out”

    I thought you don’t know the meaning of the word “unconditional” but apparently you don’t understand the meaning of the word irony either 🙂

    BTW, as one of my role models, I consider being called Obama one of the highest compliments anyone can give me. Thanks for that and please don’t stop.

  • KR

    @ the font, you have to remember free speech and opinion is not warmly welcomed on this site come on man up and become a robot!

  • Pierce Holt,

    Unless you can find Arsene Wenger’s personal email address and send him your suggestions, all you are doing is stinking this place up with your negativity. Even if every Untolder agrees with you, how does that make the team any better than they were yesterday?

    Get over yourself, support the team and leave all the Monday Morning Quarterbacking at the doorstep.

  • johnny

    Obama is hardly a compliment, really. There are better role models in the world than a politician who hasn’t done much in his life before becoming president (and that can be said about any of the last American presidents, btw). Why don’t you try Arsene Wenger as a role model for instance?

  • KR,

    You need to Google “Freedom of Speech” before insulting people whose free speech are being genuinely curtailed.

  • johnny,

    Thanks for letting me know that you hate Obama, wingnut. Come back when you’ve achieved 1% of what he has. Do note that being an Internet troll doesn’t count.

  • Pierce Holt


    Hey? What is Monday Morning quarterbacking mean?

    I suppose you never have a negative opinion and express it? Or I suppose you just strangle the cat or kick the dog instead.

    Offer some retort to my comments or don’t bother name tagging me.

  • johnny

    @Botomee, being polite is a quality that Obama has, and maybe you should learn it from him, if he’s your role model.
    I don’t believe I was insulting you when I said that a politician can hardly be a role model. I will explain a bit what I said. Generally politicians (especially when they become presidents) have a huge PR machine behind them, as we all know. As a consequence, we only see an image and not the real man. That’s the situation for any politician, no matter the party. So “the role model”is just an ideal image and not exactly a real person.
    I don’t really understand why you think I’m an internet troll, try to check my other posts on Untold and you’ll see I’m just a regular fan. About what I did with my life, that’s something personal and I don’t think it’s too bad.
    P.S. I really believe that Arsene Wenger is a better role model than Obama, although you don’t seem to agree with that.

  • The font

    Just like Obama
    Trying to start fights all over the place

  • jambug,

    Thinking about those nightmarish 18 minutes will give you a bad headache. Please don’t bother to rationalise it. It was 18 minutes in which everything that Liverpool tried almost led to a goal. I mean every move they made, they almost scored from. It could have been 7-0 in those 18 minutes. Now has Liverpool being that good even against the teams with the worst defensive record in the league? I don’t think so. It was a glorious day for them and a horrific one for us.

    Yesterday was a horrible day for the team. I’d rather leave it at that. I am certain that the players and manager are beating themselves up about it enough; I refuse to pile (I’m not accusing you of piling on as many here have been doing). I also know that those who are competent and mandated to analyse the team’s performances are already using a fine comb to go through what went wrong and coming up with solutions.

    We supporters should brush the result off our shoulders and carry on supporting the team. Enough with lists/analyses of what went wrong already.

  • The font

    When it comes to arsenal I ain’t a speller I’m a yeller
    I find it comes in more useful to the team

  • 1stly Tactics were poor no width without plodi and ox is not a right winger.

    2ndly Sagna, Arteta and Cazorla showed there age and the need to begin to replace.

    3rdly Not enough physicality in the mid.

    4thly Monreal just not consistent enough.

    5thly Take a leaf from Jose 2 banks of 4 with a holding mid and shut up shop.

    6thly Pace up front, if we set out to attack away, where is the pace and width.

    We must be learning from the errors that have already occurred against City.

    We got bullied, no substitute for fire in the belly and a solid game plan.

    I’m not disheartened at all but these are the issues we must address to win title.

  • johnny,

    You pick your role models and I’ll pick mine. You are not in position to lecture me on who my role models should be. Besides, I said “one of my role models”. How do you know that Arsene Wenger isn’t one of them?

    The only purpose of your comment was to denigrate Barack Obama, who you don’t like. You hating Obama is not a problem; trying to spread that hate by maligning is person is.

    If any nonentity can become the president of his country, then what are you waiting for? You should be leading yours too.

  • The font

    Final word
    Great performance yesterday if we carry on playing like that we will win the league by 20 points the champions league the f.a cup the World Cup
    And miss world

  • Pierce Holt,

    You’ve been telling us since yesterday what the team did wrong. Even the thickest of us have already been enlightened by your erudition. Unfortunately, it will make no difference on Wednesday. You’d helping more my emailing all those great insights to Arsene Wenger, don’t you think?

  • KR

    Can’t compute

  • The font,

    That is only irony if you have zero faith in the team. Considering that you claimed to support “unconditionally”, then your last comment is not irony; spelled in capital letters or not.

    “You’re a bit one dimensional mate with your opinions but then I would not be rude enough to point that out”

    Your statement above is ironic because you did something at the beginning of the sentence and then claim not to do it at the end. Come on, I expect you to get that 🙂

  • The font

    Final final word
    I am blaming you for my divorce After letting my wife know I do not understand unconditional. I told my wife I loved her unconditionally
    This morning. but when I pointed out she failed to cook the sausages And I now had food poisoning she screened you do not understand unconditional
    Over too yoo boo

  • Mandy Dodd

    Have a feeling the AAA may reconsider their opinion of OG should he get injured Bootoomee, we would seriously miss him.
    The tabloid media have resorted to printing crap irrelevant stories about OG….as well as BFG and Sanogo I see. No coincidence in the timing

  • thehothead

    i don’t understand the purpose of this thread. Fans don’t stop supporting the team when they are upset, they seek to identify what went wrong. This thread is another one of those knee jerk defensive threads defending something that does not need to be defended. Pretty much everything in the original post I don’t agree with, its riddled with arguments of ignorance.

    I’m not going to dissect it but I will point out this; we have, by and large, played pretty badly ALL season, we have been fortunate that Chelsea and City have been going through a transition having new managers this season. They are now finding their feet and Arsenal can’t live with their level – not because they have spent more than us – thats another argument of ignorance – but because the manager and players are not doing what they should. How many players in this Arsenal team would get in the last trophy winning team ?! Maybe 3. Thats nobody else’s fault but the manager. He played the wrong formation and tactics, he reacts far too slowly and he is tactically one of the worst managers I have seen ! Other managers change and adapt .. but not Wenger. if he signs that contract it will be another 3 years of penny pinching, disappointment and under achievement .. but we might still qualify for the Champions League and increase the share price, thats what matters, not doing well on the football pitch.

  • Pierce Holt


    How about getting thumb out and answering my questions from my original comments>

    OR are you too busy with a ENGLISH cream tea and the Observer?

  • Bryant Young

    What a stunning, close to being superlative retort by thehothead.

    Nicely put; I hope that calms down all the defensive, defend at all costs attitude of the posters like Walter and bootoomee, mandy, etc etc…

  • johnny

    @Bootomee, it was a suggestion,not a lecture, that’s why I think you overreacted. Words like “wingnut” or “ïnternet troll” are a bit over the top. About me “hating” Obama, that’s another exaggeration. I don’t hate the guy, I just don’t think him or any modern day American politician should be role models. I hate Tottenham and Mourinho, not poor Obama.
    Again, I see you’re throwing insults around, like me being a “non entity”. Probably that’s better than an internet troll. Btw, I didn’t say Obama is “äny” non entity, in fact I didn’t even call him a non entity. He is a regular person, but WHAT WE SEE is only a carefully PR-constructed effigy. And again, this applies to any high-flying politician. About me becoming president of my country, sorry, I’m not a politician.

  • Rupert Cook

    Bloody hell now even Obama’s involved. I must admit I have no time for politicians or presidents or tyrants. Dragging up Obama as a role model is fine as long as you acknowledge the fact that he has ordered more unmanned drones to kill innocent citizens than the previous “right wing” president and hasn’t even shut down Guantanamo Bay yet which he promised to do when he first got elected. Obamacare though is a move in the right direction.

    AAA/AKB divisive terms that serve no purpose other than to make those who use them look silly. I mean AKB, seriously? Arsene knows best. How can a man who’s won zilch in years know best?

    But seriously I smell a rat from up above. Wenger is a very intelligent man and a pretty good manager despite his few faults so I’m certain he did want to augment the squad in January and the summer but I suspect a certain American said no. It would explain much. Kronke said no.

  • thehothead

    I want to add that while we have played badly and have been top, I’ve been happy as Larry .. but I suspected it would unravel at some point .. but I’m enjoying the ride 🙂

    What irks me the most though is the fact we are top and we are woefully short of quality in key areas but Wenger refused to dip into the considerable money we have banked (money we had banked long before the Puma deal I hasten to add!!)

    If this season ends up being another disappointment because Wenger was a tight wad as usual …. he deserves the inevitable backlash he will get from the PROPER custodians of Arsenal Football Club.

  • jambug


    To be fair I don’t usually analyse, let alone over analyse, performances.

    It’s just I watched the documentary again this morning and it just struck me that perhaps it was this extreme ‘trust’ in the players to put it right that stopped him from being a little more pro active yesterday, but by and large I’m with you on this.

    Too much analyse, by us, is not going to resolve things.

    PS Watching the Spurs Everton game.

    Just cut to Geoff Shreeves on the touchline.

    “Sheerwood is getting very frustrated and has just KICKED A WATERBOTTLE and the contents have gone over the Everton bench”

    Do I sense a three game ban coming on? DO I F**K !!!!

    Wont be another word said on the matter.

    Shreeves certainly made no reference to the Wenger incident and the fact he was banned for 3 games for the very same thing. I DOUBT HE’S FORGOTTEN IT !


  • Where is Brickfields gooner? Please puncture all this negativity with one of your apt sayings or jokes. We need to brush up ourselves from the dirt into which we have fallen by giving our boys a big shout for a better performance next time with ManU . Man up you all we are not Arsene who is paid to do what he is doing .

  • Damilare

    Default article Mr. Broeckx, exactly what is needed at such a time as this. But it may also not be useful. Why? Those of us that will support the team in defeat have been doing that and will continue nomatter what. Our friends that have been waiting for a result like we had yesterday to drive home their points will not stop because of this article or any other.

    Nobody needs to have sleepless night over this Arsenal team. Maybe AW should, and if he does, it will not have just started because of defeat at Anfield.

    AW held himself and the boys responsible for the defeat, so what more can anybody ask for now?

    If anybody likes to judge the team and the manager, please wait till the end of the season to do so. If you however have made up your mind that ‘nothing good can come out of Nazareth’ for this team, don’t waste your life (that is what time, resources and emotion mean) on the Arsenal. Go support another club.

    Whatever happens in all the remaining matches this season, I will continue to support the club, manager and players.

    Perspective: Losers say it’s possible but difficult; winners say it’s difficult but possible.


  • thehothead

    Damilare – you wrote and I quote “AW held himself and the boys responsible for the defeat, so what more can anybody ask for now?”.

    What more can we loyal fans ask ? a) for the club to stop fleecing the fans and pretending that football matters when the bank balance and share price are all that matters. b) For Wenger to stop making the same mistakes year on year. Even the stupidest animals on earth learn from their mistakes but Mr Wenger, for all of his degree in Economics, seems incapable of doing so !

    As has already been pointed out, fans support the team irrespective, but being a loyal fan does not mean you have to be a lemming or a stupid fan. If the club are going to ask us to pay champagne prices they better give us champagne football !

  • Sammy The Snake

    Walter: It still hurts, but agree with you all the way.

  • Tom

    Rupert Cook
    I think you’re being unfair to Obama on his promise to close Gitmo.
    I’m sure you are aware of separation of powers within the US government but what you might not know is that the US Congress controlled by Republicans , without which such closure isn’t possible , is a highly dysfunctional body with an approval rating of 13 %, which makes it less popular than lice and diarrhea .

    Obama could close it ( Gitmo) by an executive order but that would most likely create a legal mess and a political backlash Democrats want to avoid.

    You are totally right about the drones though.
    It’s the Democrats’ way of showing the electorate that they are strong on national security , without which ( the strong stance on national security) they could never win a nation-wide election .

    What’s a few hundred faceless ,innocent civilians killed from a distance for the greater good of getting your agenda through , Like Obama care e.g.

  • Rupert Cook,

    There you go with your selective judgement and intellectual dishonesty again.

    I made a tongue in cheek statement that if a commenter is unconditional (in their Arsenal support) then I am the president of the United States. The commenters started referring to me derogatorily as “Obama”. I made it known to him that I actually admire Obama and as one of my role models, I consider it a compliment. Then another comenter who shares your dislike of the man started lecturing me on who my role models should be and so on and so on.

    I have not come here to talk politics. Others drag politics into what has nothing to do with it. All you have to do is scroll up to get the context of the matter before barging in.

    Your opinion of Obama is of very little interest to me and going by what I know about your support of Arsenal, I consider it a good thing that you disapprove of the American president.

    Please let’s leave politics out of the thread and carry on with analyses and lectures on how crappy the Arsenal team and manager are in respect of yesterday’s terrible result.

  • TJ

    I wish it was Wednesday!

  • Damilare

    @thehothead, seems you are still hot and hurt. If you are right about the club and the manager about ‘not learning from their mistakes year’, maybe it’s no longer a mistake. That may not allign with your expectations but we are just fans. If you feel strongly that AW, CEO and Kroenke must go, there are other fan groups you can join. I think they already have a manager, CEO and a billionaire chairman waiting to take over.

  • Damilare

    @thehothead, seems you are still hot and hurt. If you are right about the club and the manager about ‘not learning from their mistakes year after year’, maybe it’s no longer a mistake.

    That may not allign with your expectations but we are just fans. Champagne football can be found else where in europe even in England, spend your champagne money there. If you wont mind, there are other teams that won’t cost you that much too. My point is nobody should feel obligated to support Arsenal or any team for that matter.

    If you feel strongly that AW, CEO and Kroenke must go, there are other fan groups you can join. I think they already have a manager, CEO and a billionaire chairman waiting to take over.

  • TJ @3.41pm,

    Me too. Wednesday can’t come early enough.

  • Ugandan Goon

    Re:The takeover bid (not),
    The striking thing is while we were winning (and some were singing, the blues admittedly) there was no mention of Usmanov, Dein etc, lose one game and they revert to type.
    Confucius said, He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.
    Wise man!

  • thehothead

    @Damilare, your comments echo pretty much precisely what is wrong with the club. One does not change one’s allegiance to a club, especially a club slap bang in the middle of the area he/she was born and raised in. So as some people say, I am Arsenal for life. But that does not mean I should appreciate being shafted by the club and it also does not mean I have to like or agree with what they are doing and the direction they are going in.

    I simple look at the club’s accounts for the last 8 seasons will tell you all you need to know, they make a lot of money and they charge the fans a premium to watch them. Had the club been reasonable with their pricing (my season ticket last season was £1300!) there would be less of a platform for complaints from the supporters clubs. What is more, the fact that fans like you seem to be so not bothered about what the club are doing says more about you being part of the problem than it does about me wanting to see Arsenal doing well.

  • The font

    You are quick on picking people up but when you say something it is gospel
    It was you that said I am the president of USA which makes you Obama
    Because I’m totally unconditional . And you my friend are an educated idiot who knows nothing about arsenal football club I would be surprised if you have ever been .

  • Yassin

    @Bootoome, the font, johny….
    Calm down mates calm down, hold it down, you are all on the same side, hold it on
    Please all am asking is all you stop commenting for 10minutes and comeback later. YOU ARE ON THE SAME SIDE, the troll are using your disagreement to interfere and spoil this article, please stop…

  • Ugandan Goon

    You seem to have rubbed someone up the wrong way, Easily done.
    I have only confucius to fall back on, on days like this.
    “If a man takes no thought about what is distant, he will find sorrow near at hand”.(Wednesday cannot come soon enough) or “When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger!”(Wenger’s manicurist really did a fantastic job with his cuticles!)

  • Arsenal1Again

    We are not just a point behind Chelsea, we would still be second with the same points. Had we beaten Southampton we would still be at the top of the table.

    An eyebrow raiser is the goal difference of Liverpool who are now just 5 points behind us with 13 games still to play.

    We massively miss Flamini and we massively miss Ramsey. We should not be though, not with the physically strong experienced players like Podolski and Rosicky warming the bench for players like the inexperienced Oxlade-Chamberlain and the ‘out of sorts’ Ozil. Rosicky is our top player, Podolski is snarling in the muzzel but isn’t being unleashed.

    I am putting the Liverpool game down as an anomaly, but I cannot accept more than one in the same season.

    I think with Flamini back our defence will return to its consistent strength and if somebody can examine Ozil and see what is wrong there, it might start to get rectified. He seems very unhappy to me.

    If Ramsey was back from injury and on the team sheet would you be happy to see him on the bench? Why are you happy to see Rosicky and Podolski on the Bench? I’m sure the manager has his reasons but I’m blind to them and not for want of trying. They will be even more transparent if these players do not play on Wednesday. The same goes for Gibbs who would have been massively better yesterday.

  • Ugandan Goon

    @The Font,
    All american presidents retain the title President, why didn’t you guys go with Dubya?(i know i didn’t just go there, bootoomee….LOL)

  • The font,

    With your unconditional support of Arsenal, I reckon that you’ll keep backing the team if its players are paedophiles, the manager is a rapist and the club owner is convicted of genocide. If your answer is no, then your support is not unconditional.

    I may be an “educated idiot” but I am at least educated. You my friend need to learn the meaning of words before using them.

  • Ugandan Goon

    @Rupert Cook,
    You just started another group, Kroenke knows Knothing(KKK)!
    Those that believe that even though as an adherent of the self sustaining model himself, he should be a hypocrite and “invest”.

  • Damilare

    @thehothead, I think you should direct your opinion about how the club should be run to the appropriate quarters. I am not an example of what is wrong with Arsenal (whatever that is). I just chose to follow Arsenal ‘blindly’. That’s why I will never comment good or bad about Arsenal on a site like L*g***e because I know what it stands for.

    As much as you have right to your opinions, you may want to consider sharing it where it’s needed. UA is for pro Wenger, pro any player wearing our shirt and pro club(regardless who is running it). Tony/Walter correct me if Im wrong.

  • Ugandan Goon

    A bit close to the bone there, knowing what we know of Usmanov (allegedly), it can be argued all Gooners are morally corrupt to varying degrees, but my heart bleeds for the AAA the most, they don’t like arsenal so they are in the right morally but then they want Usmanov’s cash which is wrong morally.
    Aaargh! the contradictions!

  • Ugandan Goon,

    True about Usmanov and that is why some of us don’t want him to become the majority shareholder even if he would pump billions into the team. Claiming to support anything unconditionally is shallow. If we think about it enough, there is virtually nothing for which unconditional support can be guaranteed. We all have our deal breakers.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Damilare, you are right

  • WalterBroeckx

    I see a lot of people commenting for the first time. I wonder where they were the last 23 matches 😉

  • thehothead

    Damilare, the solution is simple; if this site is so called Pro Wenger and Pro everything Arsenal blindly then members need not create pointless threads such as this one which will invite “realists” such as myself from commenting. This thread seeks to defend something that didn’t need defending. There is a saying in Jamaica … “why put your hand in hot water if you knew it would be hot and burn you?!”

    It shows either naivety or stupidity to create a thread like this then complain about the people who are being written about giving their opinions.

    I’m done.

  • bjtgooner

    Walter, I fully agree with your article and I am confident that all Arsenal fans will get behind the team and support them through good times and bad. Those who pretend to be fans but who are not will do what they always do – nothing except complain and spread as much misery and depression as possible.

    We were very poor yesterday, that does not make us suddenly a bad team, although if we continued to play like that we would have cause for very serious concern. The team I believe is still a good one, but not yet the finished article, I expect a tweak or two come the summer.

    All of us are very taken aback by yesterday’s result, but as others have pointed out, we need to move on & back our guys against the manures on Wednesday. The players just now will be sicker than any of us – so lets support and encourage them to get the job done come Wednesday.

  • AL

    Some people need to get a life. I went away yesterday late afternoon after some unpleasant faces I haven’t seen in a while showed up after the loss. 24 hours later they are still here banging on about how poor the team is. FFS, this is a team that is in second place from the top, and only by a point! With 13 games to go.

    You’re absolutely right about some ‘strange’ names appearing from nowhere all of a sudden on the back of this loss. These individuals are bemoaning a thin squad, the lack of spending, this or that player not being good enough, bla bla bla. I have no doubt these are the very same people who hounded gervinho out of the club. The same Gervinho who is now one of the best players in the Serie A right now. Perhaps Wenger should pay £20m-£30m(which I believe would be the asking price now after his exploits in Italy) to buy him back to appease this lot. After all they want a world class player, don’t they. And to them it seems only a high price tag will quench their thirst.

  • para

    This site is a cool site, but it has to be careful of going to extremes. As we all know, extremes are usually destructive. Like the AAA’s at one end and the Untold at the other. These would be classed as “Extremists” and i am glad there are some here who are able to BALANCE these two extremes and come up with sensible comments and discussions.
    I do not get the impression that this is a site that refuses to let critical comments be posted and discussed, although there are some posters who do so.
    We tend to forget that every thought, which is energy, resonates throughout existence and is picked up either consciously or sub-consciously by others, allowing the ultimate exchanging of information throughout all existence.
    So to say that being critical is not a good thing on this site, is wrong.
    Walter is sometimes critical, BUT, he does not go to extremes and starts spouting hate at players, and those of us who are critical, just want to express and converse on the team we love, hoping that just the thoughts we have DO make a little difference in the grand scheme of things Arsenal.
    Remember we are all at different phases of experience, and to dismiss critic from one person is almost like “burying one’s head in the sand”, hoping that because we refuse to see, we won’t be seen. Of course i agree that critic must be non-violent and non-destructive in order to be useful.
    Have patience with those who have not yet learned to give that type of critic, and with gentle responses enable them to grow, instead of immediately starting a little “war” of words, some of those same words becoming insulting.
    Arsenal for ever.

  • AL

    Agree Para, I see where you coming from. There are two extremes to anything, but perhaps Untold is closer to the centre from the opposite extreme, I would imagine, while the others choose to be firmly at the other extreme. Like you pointed out, UA is one of the few sites out there where people can have a civilised argument; I have seen fans of rival clubs allowed to post here, usually using abusive language too but getting measured responses from everyone here. I have been to other fans’ sites and I couldn’t believe some of the language that was in use there, and sure we have seen it when articles about certain clubs from up North have been written on here. I do think everyone is patient here and shows lots of restraint. But the issue is some individuals just seem to dig their feet in and continue parroting the same line even when its not relevant to the subject under discussion(like spend spend spend), and its no surprise that others will run out of patience with such individuals.

  • bjtgooner

    Now here is a strange comment: –

    “Rupert Cook
    February 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    But seriously I smell a rat from up above.”

    Now why am I not surprised!!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Meanwhile it doesn’t Mata for United as they could not win at home against Fulham. They played a terrible park the bus game (Fulham but I guess you could have guessed that) and ran away with a point.
    This leaves United 14 points behind us with 13 matches to go. Funny how a club has fallen so quickly after their long serving manager has left the job.
    Makes you think…or should make all those Wenger out shouters think a bit further than the last result.

  • Ugandan Goon

    ” Funny how a club has fallen so quickly after their long serving manager has left the job.” Funny haha, i presume?
    Even more Haha, was that the ref forgot that fergietime should only added when united are Losing / Drawing, and also they got Kevin friend (don’t think he ever was in the middle when fergie was about, Bloody amateur!)

  • Pat

    Mikel Arteta has spoken very well on the Arsenal web site and some of the people posting criticisms of individual players and the manager might do well to listen to him.

    He says there should be no recriminations and accusations against individuals. We must stick together and put things right. This is a very good attitude and one most likely to correct any problems in play that have arisen.

    As I said earlier, our team leaders are busy thinking of what went wrong and how to put it right. They and the manager deserve our full support. Being the people directly involved, they are the ones most likely to find the answer.

  • Jesse Sapolu

    Whoever takes over will not be allowed to run the whole show like he owns the place,. and I am certain the new geezer will spend the money and not treat it like Ebenezer Scoorge.
    U r such a one trick pony!
    WENGER WENGER WENGER, its disgusting.

  • Jesse Sapolu


    “appearing out of nowhere”

    I have been following untold arsenal since inception. Tony is a LEGEND.

    But I have had enuff of your tirade’s against anyone who does not share the same view as you. Maybe that is why people are coming out of the woodwork.
    Stop being so paranoid. U R not the only Arsemal fan with an opinion.

  • Florian

    It seems to me that dissapointment pushes a lot of people overboard. Some try to rationalize, some are vitriolic thinking they found the culprits and spewing venom at them will fix things up, while finally some are just putting things behind themselves. As fans, we are not in a position to put things right ourselves – it’s the players, and Arteta’s interview (thanks Pat for pointing it out) demonstrates that. All we can do is support the team in a positive way by any means at our disposal. Each one of us will interpret this statement differently, but remember, being fan is a choice.

  • Arvind

    As usual really guys – you’re on the same side – remember. It doesn’t matter 1 bit who is right if Arsenal lose. I’d request everyone to take a step back before writing yet another comment defending your position.

    You maybe be right – you may not – I don’t think it’s ever going to be conclusively proved. So calm down and realize that all that matters is United on Wednesday night. Hopefully we get it together in time.

    Yes it is a message board – I do get that. But everyone is just defending themselves against comments now. I honestly feel all points that could be made have been made. Let’s agree to disagree where needed, shake hands virtually and move on : )

  • Arvind

    Yes Florian and Pat. Well said indeed.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    I happen to like Obama, but my favorite Democrat is Howard Dean.
    Yes, Doctor Howard Dean. He is NOT a Howard Webb – Michael Dean hybrid.
    PS: I was looking up Michael Dean’s wikipedia entry; there is a mention of his pro-Sevilla and anti-Dortmund BS, but no mention of his anti Arsenal bias. Surely somebody on this site has the stats and the wikipedia connection to straighten the record.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    From the Medical Division of UA – AN AWARENESS MESSAGE

    Normally, unhooked bras and Twitter make for an Internet sex scandal, but not this time.

    In effort to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention, Nestle Fitness has teamed up with the social media service to create a true bosom buddy: a Twitter-connected bra that sends out a proactive tweet each time the clasp is undone.

    The single-edition undergarment is only being worn by Maria Bacodimou, a popular, Oprah-like TV host in Greece. Bacodimou says that women often forgot about self-examining themselves, so she’s wearing the bra to deliver a life-saving message every time she takes it off. Most of the tweets are in Greek, but one in English reads “Some don’t understand me cause I speak Greek. Instead of learning Greek, learn something easier: how to have a self-exam!”

    “A special mechanism is hidden under the hook of our tweeting bra,” states the campaign’s website. “Every time our bra is unhooked, it sends a signal to a cell phone, the cell phone notifies a server, and the server generates the tweet.”

  • ARSENAL 13

    I think some of the “FANS” should get out of their fantasy world and get realistic. What makes you people think that ARSENAL staff are not assessing the situation?

    ARSENAL is not your local ‘once in a blue moon I play’ football club. They have access to zillions of data to assess what went wrong and have begun their work long before you guys have even entered a word……

    We all are saddened by the display at Anfield. That doesnt mean you go on a hunting spree. Why not support the team and make them feel more confident when they come out on to the pitch next.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    When I posted the article above I saw some similarity (and differences ) in it and the AAAA posters on here !
    Read it with you mouths closed !

    a)Normally, unhooked bras… would result in the release and outpouring of ….. gorgeous boobs and tits ,bringing joy to the observer ;
    while the unhooked and overcooked brains of those AAAA boobs and tits have released the outpouring of hideous comments here .

    b)In effort to raise awareness for ………..and to create a true bosom buddy ;
    This blog raises awareness about all things Arsenal and to create and unite true
    Arsenal supporters – so what the fuck are you jerks on here for ?

    c)…that sends out a proactive tweet each time the clasp is undone.
    While the AAAA here try to clasp shut and undo any and every pro Arsenal post.

    d)….. often forgot about self-examining themselves ;
    For the AAAA ,self examination would be to wank off at every bump Arsenal encounters !

    e) Most of the tweets are in Greek, but one in English reads “Some don’t understand me cause I speak Greek.
    Ditto ! Most of their posts sound like to Greek to me !

    f)….. learn something easier: how to have a self-exam!”
    Easier ? Try thinking for yourselves , but then again ,is thought possible in a vacuum ? The least you could do is to ignore those Robsonesque echos in you head !

    g)“A special mechanism is hidden under the hook of our tweeting bra,”
    Nothing hidden on Untold , the bait is clear for all to see ! Keep choking on it !

    h) “Every time our bra is unhooked, it sends a signal …….;
    Every time a good post is put up , it sends a wrong signal to the AAAA !
    Like the proverbial ‘ red cape ‘. Ole ! Oh you dumb bulls !

    i)…. notifies a server, and the server generates …..;
    Income – for Tony of cause ! So if you want to hurt him in his pockets , leave now and this blog will be history – please try it now !Its not working , we’re still number ONE !
    WOO HOO , HOO !

  • Sav from Australia

    Jambug, your post on trust was bloody amazing. Hits the nail. Deserves to be an article of its own accord. I learnt something I never realised before. Cheers man.

    And cheers Walter. Despite the trolls your point still stands. And the silent majority who are busy working or with family or doing anything productive would agree with you…except maybe…maybe the trolls get paid.

    Well trolls…do you? What’s his name then?

  • Rupert Cook

    @Tom, whilst I agree with your analysis of the Guantanamo Bay situation I think a man of Obama’s intelligence should have been prepared for the obstruction over it’s closure, I imagine he is, or should be, well informed when he makes promises that will obviously entail much “dancing” with the opposition. Yes I’m well aware of the Republicans dominance in Congress which I know makes things difficult.

    The drone situation is utterly indefensible. I’m not even sure how much the American public know about this, by that I mean the sort of Americans infected with a redneck mentality who probably have opinions that are more ingrained than educated. If the ignorance of many right wing supporters in this country is anything to go by I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the US public are in the dark about this policy. Of course his policy maybe widely reported but then I’m surprised he has so much democrat support with the caveat that being a democrat in the US is only slightly more left wing than a Cameron supporter here.

    @Bootoome, your opinion to me is utterly irrelevant.

    This article is totally pointless. Nobody needs to man up but the team. A few keyboard crazies are hardly going to make a difference to the rest of the season. Everyone on this thread wants Arsenal to win every remaining game, those that go to the games will cheer the side on, just like those wonderful supporters at Anfield who cheered our penalty, and those who watch on the internet/tv will be shouting encouragement at the team like they always do. Debates may rage over the efficacy of the manager, the commitment of some players, the pointlessness of Kronke’s stupid wig (you’re bald mate, get over it)but come the kick off we’ll all be united in one common goal, victory to the Arsenal.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    While on the subject of boobs ,brains , etc…..


    On their 50th anniversary, a wife found the negligee she wore on her
    wedding night and put it on. She went to her husband, a retired Digger,
    and asked, “Honey, do you remember this?”

    He looked up from his newspaper and said; “Yes dear, I do. You wore that same negligee the night we were married”

    She said, “Yes, that’s right. Do you remember what you said to me that night?

    He nodded and said, “Yes dear, I said: Oh baby, I’m going to suck the life out of those boobs and screw your brains out.”

    She giggled and said, “That’s exactly what you said. So now it’s fifty years later, and I’m in the same negligee. What do you have to say tonight ?”

    He looked her up and down and said, “Mission Accomplished.”

  • WalterBroeckx

    have you forgotten :
    – the poisonous atmosphere at the Emirates in recent history Rupert?

    – The I want Arsenal to lose so the board will sack Wenger amongst some idiots?

    Any way next article is up. It’s the way we react that counts and we have been there before and we have reacted rather well to set backs and painful defeats in the last two seasons…

  • WalterBroeckx

    And Rupert: it is time to help each other. Said Arteta. But this just isn’t about the player only.
    It is about all of us. Players AND supporters. We all should help each other now.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Many years later this last statement came to mean the opposite when it was uttered by a president quite permaturely .
    An oxymoron .

  • Rupert Cook

    @Walter, well I never contributed to a poisonous atmosphere. I really don’t condone booing the players though I understand the frustrations of fans who pay huge sums of money for a game and see poor performances. If anything whenever I’ve been to the Ems the atmosphere has been rather muted, so much so on occasions that I wondered if the second half would be announced as the second act.

    And yes I may think Wenger’s time is up but I’d rather Arsenal win. That way we are both happy, you get Wenger for however long and I get to see a jubilant Arsenal team clutching a trophy.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Walter, personally I don’t need help, though some on here would disagree, but I know what you’re saying. You see what I don’t get is that everyone on here is an Arsenal supporter so I find it hard to except the extreme hatred and petty insults that are unleashed by those that share different opinions. I’ve done it a few times, merely because I’ve got fed up with abuse from people who can’t argue their point merely to trash another’s.

    In the midst of all this unpleasant invective every individual wants what’s best for the club but it’s hard to see that sometimes with the volcano of bile that erupts on here from time to time.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Seek and ye shall find …

    Two women are new arrivals at the Pearly Gates and are comparing stories
    on how they had died. First Woman: “I froze to death”
    Second Woman: “You froze to death? how horrible!”

    First Woman: “Well, it wasn’t so bad. After I quit shaking form the cold, I began to get warm and sleepy, and finally died a peaceful death. What about you?”

    Second Woman: “I died of a massive heart attack. I suspected my husband was cheating, so I came home early to catch him in the act. But instead, I found him all by himself in the den, watching TV.”

    First Woman: “So what happened?”

    Second Woman: “I was so sure there was another woman there somewhere, that I started running all over the house looking. I ran up to the atticand searched, then ran all the way back down to the basement and
    searched. Then I went through every closet and checked under every bed. I kept this up until I had looked everywhere, and finally became so exhausted that I just keeled over with a heart attack and died.”

    First Woman: “Too bad you didn’t look in the freezer – We’d both still be alive…”

  • Ugandan Goon

    @Brickfields Gunners,
    Informative as usual, we all knew Dubya was a moron, but an oxymoron? go figure!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I just wish that somebody comes out with a comedic
    ‘Most Sophisticated Algorithm for Choosing to be a true fan of Arsenal (or not!)’ and show them the way of the righteous path !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Ugandan Goon – That was put out there as a complimentry ‘full toss ‘ to see the reaction – so congratulations UG , that was a six ( way over and out of the ball park!) !
    Some may have ‘ducked’ it ,others may have had a swing at it and missed and others may have just let it go !

  • wengerson

    @ AAA Cook

    “…every individual wants what’s best for the club…”

    What exactly is best for the club? As far as we(most of us here on Untold) are concerned, the people who are fit/tasked to make that judgement, are those currently employed by the club. If you feel you can do a better job than them, you are welcome to apply for a position at the club.

    As for us, we shall support them. That includes the Manager and Players.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Wengerson, I’m not interested in debating with someone who puts stupid acronyms in front of my name. It betrays the level of intelligence available is not sufficient to a reasoned debate.

  • Rupert Cook,

    “…every individual wants what’s best for the club…”

    What exactly is best for the club? As far as we(most of us here on Untold) are concerned, the people who are fit/tasked to make that judgement, are those currently employed by the club. If you feel you can do a better job than them, you are welcome to apply for a position at the club.

    As for us, we shall support them. That includes the Manager and Players.

    There is wengerson’s post but without that acronym, that is like kryptonite to your superman, removed. You can now respond if you wish; unless of course, you actually have no cogent response.

  • wengerson

    @ Bootoomee

    Thank you

  • TJ

    The interesting thing is, Arsene himself said at the start of the season that he will make the decision regarding whether he signs a new contract based on his performance this season, and despite Gazidis publicly stating a new contract has been agreed, he still has not signed it and it is February. This raises the question why has he not signed it?.

    Is Arsene happy with his own performance? Is he still assessing his contract situation/ considering his options?

  • bjtgooner

    @Bootoomee & wengerson

    Good point and cleverly put. It will be interesting to see what sort of response the rupert tries to make, will it be something new or will it be a regurgitation of previous episodes from the rupert cook show. Or will the rupert ignore the question?

  • Ugandan Goon

    @Rupert Cook,
    Self awareness is a trait all humans are going to adjudge themselves to have more of than is the case because as Rumsfeld said ” there are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don’t know.”
    Is it possible that you really do not know why you get the same reaction when you post on here? I’d like to think not, and that you just enjoy ramming you “listicles” down peoples throats because that’s what gets you off, if so ,say so. We like a Devil’s advocate better than a troll (actually these are not mutually exclusive).
    We all come here to support the club, the manager and the players by exchanging opinions in a community of like minded folk, after a blip like saturday’s sure there are few wounds to lick, but the last thing we come here to do is call for the manager’s head because it is generally agreed we are not Abramovic(who has only one solution to a problem, youre fired).
    I particularly like “This article is totally pointless. Nobody needs to man up but the team.” Really? Some would say this is clearly unknowing unknowing territory.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Bootoome you or I have no idea what Kronke or Gazidis want in footballing terms. I’m sure loads of supporters of Leeds and Portsmouth had the same idea as you saying “lets leave it to those in charge” and we all know what happened to those teams. Whilst I think we appear to have better people at our club I mention those two teams because they are forever brought up when people claim we should spend more money and those that gainsay that idea then mention Portsmouth and Leeds and look what happened to them etc. when it’s plainly obvious we could spend twice what we do and not go bankrupt.

    One thing for certain is that Kronke wants to make money, he didn’t get involved with Arsenal because he’s a lifelong fan or can you tell me otherwise. He’s a businessman and they usually have little room for sentiment. So far he’s not done anything terrible to AFC as far as I know but who knows what he’ll do.

    I’m sure loads of people trusted their banks and never thought they were selling them false insurance with PPI.

    I would like to know exactly where Kronke and Gazidis expect Arsenal to be in five years time. I’ve heard a lot of talk and I’ve seen a lot of decent business deals and I’d be interested to see if all this will be reflected in our purchasing power in the future. Whilst I know it’s hard to compete with City and Chelsea I also think that the cheap options we have gone for in the past should be that, a thing of the past.

    I’m also aware that whatever we do as supporters we have very little say in what goes on at the club but facetious remarks about applying for job as the manager etc. are as about as useful as clowns saying go support another club when anyone dares to question the direction of the club. To believe that the wisdom of those that happen to wield power in boardrooms is anymore potent than those outside it is idiocy. Yes of course many will know how to run a football club better than we do but that doesn’t mean they’re competent at it.

    Anyway that’s it, I’ve said my piece. I’m done with this now as I have other things to do today.

  • jambug

    @ Sav from Australia.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I don’t usually try to over analyse games, at least not in print anyway, but watching the documentary and hearing what Vieira said struck a cord.

    Why didn’t Wenger change things straight away when he saw the problems Liverpool where causing us?

    I mean I don’t profess to being a ‘tactical’ expert in any shape or form, but even I could see what was happening, at least I thought I could.

    So I KNOW Wenger could, which begs the question, why did he not react quicker?

    So rather that rant and rave I try to get into Winger’s mind and answer the question in a rational way, and my post above is my best guess.

    I think Wenger made a mistake. He does that you know. Apparently he’s the only one that does though !!

    Of course I may be wrong and the likes of Tom and Rupert might well be right in there assumption that Wenger’s just a completely numpty.

    Oh well, everyone’s entitled to there opinion.

  • Micheal Ram

    The train to Forever Arsenal Town is leaving. Im already on board many years ago. Who’s else coming on board?

  • Sharpehunter

    I used to really like Untold Arsenal but have to say that the actual gleam is fading somewhat in my opinion. Why you may ask? Well here are a couple of reasons:

    I only really read blogs and follow discussions that pertain to The Arsenal. For the simple reason that I don’t actually give a shit about other football teams. I am not for example even remotely interested in Mourhino’s latest piece of hypocrisy, or David Moyes latest excuse or what Fat Sam thinks of anyone. Honestly I just don’t give a hoot.

    However, I read Arsenal blogs because whilst being a passionate Gooner and having been one all my life, I was never actually very good at football. Oh I tried, always had a ball glued to me feet, played at a poor level all the way through to 35 years old. But at best I was mediocre, usually got selected purely because of my tenacity and fitness levels. But I have never been a good tactician or football strategist. To that end I read blogs and stuff because I want to understand the reasons why we succeed or fail, I need to read what went right, what went wrong and what we can do to improve, replicate or amend these things.

    But Untold has basically become a blog post which now most of the time relies on fermenting the divisions within the fan base, even deriding one set and encouraging another. So what do I learn anymore from reading the posts? What objective opinion, what tactical insight, what strategic and valid criticism do I get? None.

    It is irrelevant if you are pro-Wenger, anti-Wenger, pro-the team or anti-the team or anything else. We are all first and foremost supporters of Arsenal. I’m pro-wenger and always have been. I write a blog called Gunners and Gooners and it is and always has been pro-Wenger.

    But the team that turned out against Liverpool was appalling and questions deservedly need to be asked and answers sought. It is perfectly okay to question Mesut Ozil’s performance, it is okay to ask where he goes and why he appears to be so pissed off. It is part of his job, comes with his price tag and with his wages.

    What other job, business or similar would people be allowed to utterly and abjectly fail primarily through what appeared to be poor preparation, attitude and application?

    I’m not anti anything by asking these questions. I’m just an interested party. This isn’t school boy football in the modern era where win or lose you pat them on the back, give them a hug and say “Hell, you tried your best”. These are grown men, professionals at what they do and they had basically a week to prepare for the game but looked totally unprepared.

    Just like in any other walk of life I expect someone to be accountable, to be answerable and to take responsibility. Just because they are a footballer or a football manager doesn’t entitle them to be above and beyond responsibility.

    The good news is that Per Mertesacker and Arteta along with Arsene have been very vocal about their performance and so they should. This team should feel bad for 24 hrs and then need a good kick up the back-side. If we fail to win anything this season only they are to blame, it is their responsibility.

    A fan has a right to ask questions and demand answers. It doesn’t make them pro or anti anything. But blind unquestioning faith is naieve.

  • Mick

    ‘So what do I learn anymore from reading the posts? What objective opinion, what tactical insight, what strategic and valid criticism do I get? None.’

    Why on earth would you come on a site like Untold or 99% of other blogs to get an insight into tactics etc. Most are written by and commented on by people with a similar level of knowledge of the game as you.

  • Wengerson

    @ AAA Cook

    As usual, you resort to ridiculous examples/analogies: Comparing your relationship with Arsenal with that of yours and your bank.


    You coming on a site that has declared their support for the Club, Manager and Players, and spewing consistent anti Arsenal/Wenger bile, and still expect tolerance from Untolders.

  • Damilare

    @sharpehunter, I agree with almost all your points. As for your last sentence, I will add that name calling, deriding the manager and player as well as being a prophet of doom isnt expected of a fan too. Thanks for your comment.