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June 2021

The inform and out of form teams in the Premier League

By Walter Broeckx

  • Chelsea – West Ham 0-0
  • Man C – Chelsea 0-1
  • Chelsea – Newcastle 3-0
  • Chelsea – WBA 1-1

Total 8 points out of a possible 12

  • Tottenham – Man City 1-5
  • Man City – Chelsea 0-1
  • Norwich – Man City 0-0
  • Man City – Sunderland ? – ?

Total now 4 points out of a possible 9 and if they win today this means maximum of 7 points out of a possible 12

  • Liverpool – Everton 4-0
  • WBA- Liverpool 1-1
  • Arsenal – Liverpool 5-1
  • Fulham – Liverpool ?-?

Total now 7 points out of a possible 9 and if they win today this could mean a maximum of 10 points on 12.

  • Southampton – Arsenal 2-2
  • Arsenal – Crystal Palace 2-0
  • Liverpool – Arsenal 5-1
  • Arsenal – Man Utd ?-?

Total so far a 4 points on a possible 9. A win today would give us a maximum of 7 points out of a possible 12

Now what do all these results shows us?

First of all that Liverpool seems to be the in form team for the moment. Certainly at home they look strong and the Anfield factor plays its part. But in the event that we and Manchester City win today and they lose they will only have 7 points out of a possible 12. The same as Arsenal and Manchester City would have.

It shows that we are level on form with Manchester City. You know that same Manchester City that after winning at White Hart Lane a few weeks ago would run away with the title and blow away the rest of the league as if it was nothing. It hasn’t happened to them. And their luck with some decisions from a certain panel surely will help them. Losing Toure now could have killed them.

It shows that after their win at Manchester City suddenly Chelsea would destroy all the rest and after they won against Newcastle it was portrayed that they also would blow away all the other teams. But the draws against relegation struggling teams like West Ham and WBA show that they also can be vulnerable when you don’t expect it.

It shows that maybe we are having a bit of a bad spell. Maybe we are a bit out of form. After having been in top form for most of the season this is something that can happen. As it happens to each and every team. Nothing more, nothing less. A drop of form.

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Not the end of the world. Something that happens with every team. And the main thing is to get back in to a good form as quickly as possible.

And how do you go back to winning ways is at first not that important. A bleak 1-0 win might be enough to get the car back on track. The main thing is that we should do this with closed ranks.

Closed ranks in the team. With players who  have been hurt in their pride and who want to make up for it. Signals coming out of the group seems to be pointing in that way. But also closed ranks in the stands. I think we are probably the only team in the top 2 of a league like this where you see fans like we have moaning and wanting players to be shifted, wanting the manager to be sacked. I’m not really proud of that record.

Should we expect a fluent performance today against United? Probably not. It will be scrappy I think. Unless suddenly the whole team wins back their good form of previous. But that is rather unlikely to happen. Not that I am being pessimistic about them. But it usually takes some time to get back in to form. Of course the players might feel free and I invite them to prove me wrong today.

The bottom line is that this season nothing is to be taken for granted. We have some 10 teams fighting against relegation this season. Unseen before. And as a result there are hardly any teams that can relax. So each match will be a battle from the first till the last minute.

As it has been for the whole season with big teams losing unexpected points to the smaller teams. And that is where our strength has been this season. We didn’t drop points against the smaller teams. I read somewhere that we never even dropped a point against a team that was in the bottom 10 of the table. If we can keep that up for the next 13 matches and grab a few points when we play the teams in the top 10 then anything is possible.

Just believe. And get behind the team. Tonight, next Sunday, next week. Each match for the rest of the season. And when things go against us at a certain moment, then get even more behind the team. Because that is what supporters do. That is what Untold does.

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14 comments to The inform and out of form teams in the Premier League

  • Pierce Holt

    Le Proffesuer

    and yes, of course we get behind the team.

  • Walter,

    Is it possible to win a game 0.5 goal? Because if it is, I’ll happily take that goal margin today.

    I just want a win so badly.

    Come on Gunners, come on Gooners! Let’s do this.

  • soglorious

    Booooooo, u sure are funny bro. I wouldn’t mind that half goal though. we need to get back to our place on the league table. onward and upward to the gunners . COYG

  • jambug

    It’s only us that aren’t allowed to lose without it being a disaster.

    More often than not, simply drawing away to a very good side such as Southampton is cause for much soul searching.

    Sad to say, this ‘Arsenal are doomed’ hysteria is often as not perpetuated by our own, supposed, fans.

    Simple example of the difference in the way the Media report results.

    SKY, following Chelsea’s draw: “Chelsea extend there lead at the top of the table to 2 points following a 1-1 draw at the Hawthorns”

    Measure that against the hysteria that followed our 2-2 draw at Southampton. From the way the media, and AAA types reacted you’d of thought the season ended there and then.

    A small thing but just a typical example as to how negativity on negativity is pilled on our every faltering step yet when others falter similarly they are extending there lead !!!

  • Dewunmigunner

    I see us winning this match, to the top we go.


    Bootoomee and Jambug, I love reading your comments daily. You guys are a source of sanity in a maelstrom of negativity. I am very happy with our season so far. People forget the last two years when it came down to the last game of the year just to make the Champions League. I will gladly take a one- nil win today. Over here in the States I usually watch ESPN F.C. for the highlights of the matches. Every panelist on the show at the start of the season said “This is the year when Arsenal finish out the top four”. As the year has gone by, Most have changed their minds about our team. Most of them say we are true title contenders except one. That asshole Craig Burley. His hatred for Arsenal is plain to see. It is so bad that after the Liverpool match I haven’t watched the show yet. I am sure he was saying told you so. The wheels on the Arsenal are coming off. Let us win today so I can watch the highlights tonight. I Wanna see what that Piece Of Shit is going to say when at the end of today the Arsenal are top of the table.

  • jambug


    Thank you for your kind words.

    I also enjoy the ‘shoot from the hip’ style you so eloquently employ to express your views. Keep it up !!

    I know where you are coming from with regards to that prat Burley.

    Where do these people get there hatred from where Arsenal are concerned?

    It’s only us that seems to attract such nasty vitriolic pieces of work.

    Why is that?

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Weather looks set fair for tonight, I’m in South London and the rain has now stopped and the sun is coming out. Windy but dry is the Met Office forecast for the game. I wasn’t looking forward to driving rain. COYG

  • jambug

    Andrew Crawshaw

    Bloody hell you’re right. I’m in South West London and there’s definitely an Orange ball up in the sky.

    Didn’t seem likely 2 hours ago when I was walking head long into freezing cold wind and rain.

  • Gord


    I sure hope the rain stays away. Seeing some of the pictures on the BBC, it looks like the south is thoroughly saturated with water. With your subway strike called off (I believe), it makes things easier on the fans.

    I have lots of water in my yard, but it is all frozen.

    Arsenal is capable of having a big game against any team, and I hope they get one at some point before the end of the season. I think we were unlucky not to have won at Old Traffic. I (prefer) to take any win tonight, a scrappy one goal affair, or a big win. They are all 3 points.


  • para

    To lose a game is NOT the problem, a 1, 2 or even 3-0 against pool can be dealt with easier,
    but it was how we lost the 5-1, we were non existent, that hurt, even more than the 8-2 drubbing.
    But the hurt, it has almost dissipated into the ether now. I have no idea what the media has said or not said, as i do not listen to them anymore, but according to comments here, i can surely imagine what was said, but i have no inclination to. Enough is enough. Let them go on with their anti-Arsenal tirade and forget them.
    Anyway on to tonight, i shall be watching and wanting a win, a good win, but i will be happy with 1-0. Come on The Arsenal, forward for ever.

  • soglorious & BILL FROM MANHATTAN,

    Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to an injury free victory tonight.

  • para,

    I think all losses are painful and in the league, they all cost you the same number of points. If we, the fans, act like some losses ‘hurt’ more because “we were non existent”, then the media will cover it the same way, leading to more negativity on the part of the fans and more pressure on the players.

    We are all pained by those losses but they need no repeating and it is time to put them behind us. Man United only lost the league on goal difference to the team that had beaten them 6-1 at Old Trafford in the same season. They also won the league ahead of Liverpool in the same season that the latter had beaten them 4-1, again, at Old Trafford.

    There is nothing extraordinary or unprecedented about those losses you quoted. They happen to teams once in a while.

    All the best for the team tonight. What scoreline are you hoping for?

  • Yassin

    All I want is a good game by our lads and 3pts, 1 nil , 2 nil, doesnt matter. All that matter we play good, as we did all season, and win. Hope Ozil and Giroud will shut those media a***h***s and have a brilliant game today.