Sunderland At Home Preview

I’ll keep it brief today; as I’ve just heard I have an 11 a side game in a few hours. Apparently the rain hasn’t made the pitch unplayable – legally unplayable that is, it will of course be impossible to play football on. But that never bothered anyone. It bothers me though, as I walk to the pitch, past unoccupied Astroturf, wondering why we haven’t won a World Cup in 50 years…

The response after the Bayern game was as philosophical as ever, with media outlets acknowledging our fine effort against the best team in Europe. None of them simply disregarded our performance in the first 20, nor did they overstate the dominance of a Guardiola team playing against 10 for an hour. And they definitely didn’t shoehorn the narrative of tactical naivety and mental weakness into it.

The City game was identical, yet was reported completely differently. It’s impossible to know the precise reasons, but it might have something to do with the disproportionately large Arsenal presence on social media. Media outlets are aware of how thousands of fans prowling NewsNow can translate financially. Baiting people who have an odd compulsion to know every detail about their club is one of the few things that can bring people to such journalism. And when advertising fees are governed by how many clicks a page receives – it simply pays to bait Arsenal fans. An article can be about anything and it can be put together in a minute, by someone being paid a pittance.


I’m excited about Sanogo. He’s 21, 6’3 and 74kg. Feasibly he could carry another 10kg. He might not have been heavily involved in these past two games, but he has shown flashes that I am convinced we wouldn’t have seen from Giroud. When he moved the ball sharply to his right and chipped a through ball to the Ox; the mazy dribble in the first minute…

In short, He seems like a far more natural footballer, not as strong but more balanced and mobile. I like Giroud, but it does seem that even his better moments are laced with odd ricochets and bobbles.

Last time we met Sunderland they were in the grips of an Italian oddball. I steer away from ‘lunatic’, even if it might be the most apt description, as surely no one is a overt caricature?! That said, we should never forget how odd that tenure was: selling half the squad; infuriating everyone – he must have had his reasons, but god knows what they were. Sunderland have improved massively under Poyet, who has them playing a far more considered game. Even against the better teams they have kept a good measure of possession. Their game does have a tendency to fall apart around Altidore, who at times seems little more than a clumsy handful.

The game  should allow for rotation:


 Jenkinson                    Sagna                  Koz             Gibbs


                         Wilshere                        Rosicky

  Podolski                             Giroud                         Cazorla



Cheers for reading, enjoy the weekend,




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  1. I think Flamini will play, but agree Ozil will be given a break.

    Also I’d keep the central defence partnership. The magical “never lose when they complete a game” has gone, but they are the heart of the new defence which I am sure in time will rival the famous back five of the Graham/Rioch/Wenger era.

    But I’d also agree with the notion that the reason for not buying a new centre forward is that we have one in Sanogo – with the benefit that Sanogo won’t be getting uptight about not getting games all the time.

    Just watching Chelsea/Everton early stages on TV. No life on the pitch, precious little in the stands.

  2. Patience will be the key.

    0-0 half time seems to be an Arsenal speciality at home this season.

    Giroud is back. Podolski also.


  3. Living in Germany so occasionally only have access to live feeds and BBC.

    Been getting ready for the match and loaded up the Beeb to see what was going on with Chelski (jammy buggers with a late LATE winner). Anyways something caught my eye that really annoyed me…. just after the game ended the following message popped up:

    FULL-TIME – Chelsea 1-0 Everton

    A big win is greeted by big celebrations in the Chelsea goalmouth. Chelsea four points clear.

    Four points clear?? Really? From Man City (in third ~ with two games in hand), yes; but there’s the small matter of the Mighty Arsenal in Second place just TWO points behind and with today’s game yet to be played.

    My gripe? Is the impartial ‘beeb’s’ opinion of our team now so low that they are just ignored regardless of the actual standings? As always the Media will only paint it as a two horse race…. Viva the sleeping giant!

  4. Gibbs has a hamstring injury from Wednesday, so Monreal is in.

    > Arsenal: Gibbs (buttock), Vermaelen (leg), Ramsey (thigh), Walcott (knee), Diaby (knee)

    So, maybe it is gluteus maximus instead of biceps femoris.



    Oh, Tony’s article about Millwall on Making the Arsenal hit best of the blogs. But has a typo on the front page, ASIA and instead of AISA.

  5. Everton had presented us with the opportunity to go back top, but that cheat called Ramires ensured it didn’t happen. And that hypocrite called Maureen who accused west ham of playing 19th century football parked the bus, at home to Everton. Everton had 53% possession.

  6. It looks like those of you that see MOTD might have a treat.

    > 15:30: GOAL- Arsenal 2-0 Sunderland – Olivier Giroud (31 mins)

    > A gift, an absolute gift. Dear oh dear oh dear. Alan Hansen is doing MOTD tonight and brace yourself for a masterclass in exasperation.

  7. Rosiiiiickkkyyyy, brilliant, awesome,how much do u love this man?

    Thank you Arsenal for this half 😀

  8. Hope Monreal is ok, Sagna has moved to the left with Jenks on the right. Unfortunately my stream is in a foreign language so couldn’t hear what happened.

  9. This os what happens when the ref stop the fouling of other teams, and show them he is going to be strict. Our te will play their game, and that is what u see.

    Really unlucky with injuries, it destroyed our momentum, we could have got a 6 or 7 goals.

    Hope Monreal, kosiemly, and wilshere will be ok, cause anymore insury is really going to hurt

  10. Mariner let a lot of bad tackles unpunished, especially on Giroud. Disappointing. Good result all the same. If only it wasn’t for a cheating bastard called Ramires we would be top right now.

  11. Here Al where teams like chelsea wins the championship, cause when they struggle, some ref is there to give them the 3pts. Dont know when is FA going to ban the damn divers, maybe we should start diving, then they will be as happy as hell to ban our players. This c**t Ramirez has helped his team for the second time for 3pts tgey dont deserve by cheating. And now people will come here and say we are obssessed, come on…

  12. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well played the boys !
    Chelski were very ,very lucky .
    And ManShitty were , well ,shitty !
    Damn shame about that goal conceded (it was unstoppable by the way !), the commentator said it was the first at home in the league since December !
    I’ll get over it ,especially if ManUre drop points tonight !

  13. As I told you, yes, Arsenal can beat shite teams. However when they face a top side…Where’s the winning mentality ???
    Yassin, If Arsenal had a decent record against top teams, they would still be top in the league table. But Instead of realising the obvious it seems you’ve already come up with excuses. It’s the ‘normal’ behavior here, so no surprises (but it’s pathetic, anyway).
    At least Mourinho knows how to use tactics to beat top teams. While no one should expect a team to beat all big teams in the world, some kind of consistency is desirable. Unfortunately, the only consistency Arsenal show under Wenger is bottling it when it matters.

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  18. Looking at the early news reports on the game, Monreal was substituted for a niggle, not an injury. Lots of news outlets entirely missed that he was even substituted. Koscielny is described as a thigh problem, so probably quadriceps.

    To bad we couldn’t keep the clean sheet, but nice result Arsenal.


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  23. The BBC summary of Arsenal vs Sunderland had this:
    > Even without the injured Mesut Ozil, who shone on his debut in Arsenal’s win at the Stadium of Light in September, Arsenal were rarely troubled by Gus Poyet’s team.

    Injured? No mention of that prior to game time. Rested I would believe, I’ll have to look for injury news.

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  25. Apparently someone picked up a twit (from Arsenal?) on the injuries:
    > Wenger: “Koscielny has a back problem, Monreal has a foot problem. Both should be fit for next week.”

  26. Good win today, some super football esp in the first half. Three more points in the bag.

    The only downer was the injuries – lets hope they are not serious.

    Overall a great comeback by the team after a draining series of matches.

  27. Great bounce back after mid week! I hope that Walter and the other Untolders had a great time at the match!
    COYG! Aha and Amen

  28. Superb way to bounce back, will do confidence no end of good. Jose …knows how to beat big teams….maybe but worth noting he was too scared to play football last time he came here, he parked the bus against out team of so called bottles. Not sure what this says about Jose.

  29. On the subject of Chelsea, shame they had to dive their way to a late victory.
    Hope Kos is ok?

  30. Mandy I watched the Chelski match earlier – some strange refereeing as you would expect, but what struck me was Chelski behaving more & more like the thugs they used to be during the Maureen1 managerial period, then when tackled, or nearly tackled, they dived & whinged – simulation for sympathy. They really seem to have absorbed (or reabsorbed) some of Maureen’s despicable character.

  31. From

    > on Koscielny and Monreal…
    > Koscielny has a back problem, Nacho has a foot problem because he was kicked on his foot. I think both should be available next week.

    > on Mesut Ozil…
    > Yes [he was injured], a thigh problem but it was a kick. He should also be available next week. He is in the dressing room at the moment.

    > on Wilshere…
    > He had a tight hamstring, I don’t know if it is bad or not. They tell me it is not too bad.

    So, everything looks okay from today’s game.


  32. I watched the chelski match too, Everton have every right to feel hard done-by as they were the better side overall, especially in the first half. You could have thought they were the ones at home, and they had more percentage overall possession too. They were robbed through a very dubious free kick. Kinda expected, given probert was the ref.

  33. The dumb press. Whether it is headlines or prose in an article (do they every write poetry, instead of prose?), they misrepresent probably more often than not.

    In the never ending transfer business, you forever see: “Wenger wants …”. They haven’t a clue. They picked a name out of a hat, and pretended they knew what Wenger wants. Oh, if some other whorenalist has already written the exact same thing, they can copy it and it must be true.

    Today, I see many articles about Giroud. One I think said that this was his fifth brace for Arsenal, and that he has yet to get a hat trick. Which is probably a completely true statement. But, many articles have: “Giroud had been left on the bench for the last two matches following a dip in form and some unwanted headlines about his private life.”. None of the people reporting on these games know more than: “Giroud had been left on the bench for the last two matches …”. That is all they know. I don’t think Wenger ever said that he thought Giroud was experiencing a drop in form. This is something they are making up.

    It was nice to see him get a brace, I think to see him get a hat trick would be nice too. I would like to see Gnabry get a goal soon. And many other people. Oh well, back to the news to see if there are any little truths worth noting in a sea of innuendo and lies.

  34. Platini, on this week’s CL:

    > Michel Platini has bemoaned the “stupid rule” in UEFA competitions which can see players suffer a triple punishment.

    > UEFA president, Platini, was referring to the fact that a player can concede a penalty, be red carded and then suspended for one match, all for one incident.
    [ snip ]
    > “For 15 years we have been trying to change this rule,” Platini told a news conference in Nice ahead of the Euro 2016 qualifying draw.

  35. Great win lads, could not see the match, as i went to mums, she took a turn for the worse, but i will watch full match on Arsenal Player when it is shown.

  36. I watched the Cheatski match too:) Managed to put a still on the Ramires-Jagielka incident – Jagielka stuck his leg out but managed to pull it back in time. So, Ramires treaded right after – Jagielka’s foot was ully visible in the replay from behind, covering Ramires’ foot partially. So, no contact. Still, Probert showed a yellow to Jagielka. The “selective blindness” disease has been officially patented.

  37. @Gord
    I bet it wouldn’t take them 15 years to push through a healthy increase in their wages and expenses!

  38. Thanks Bootoomee for your kind compassion, but it is sadly too late for recovery, and she will soon be joining our ancestors. She has alzheimers and has reached a grand old age, so we have been expecting this for a while. Thanks again.

  39. Watching MOD and true to form the Arsenal match analysis of Hanson and Shearer were all doom and gloom as expected – haven’t beaten any of the top sides – got stuffed by Pool. Apparently Hansen hasn’t seen many teams win the league having been beaten 6… They always leave out the actual score I note.

    Just noted the shortest Chelsea highlights ever… was that because of the way the mighty Chelsea played?

  40. @para

    Sorry to hear that news, I know how you feel, I lost my Mum just under a year ago. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  41. GooneressNo1
    Yes, noticed the Chelsea highlights were very short. It’s a clear move not to show their poor performance. Everton were all over them.

  42. @Para

    I wish you and your family the best. Alzheimers runs through my Dad’s family. It is not something to look forward to.

  43. @Brickfields Gunners, here’s a joke I just read on Facebook, hope you like it:

    2 wives go for a girls’ night out. Both got drunk, started walking home and needed to pee. They stopped at a cemetery but had nothing to wipe with. One used her panties, the other grabbed a wreath off a grave. The next morning one husband called the other and said: ‘no more girls’ nights out! My wife came back home with no panties!’ The other husband replied: ‘You think that’s bad? Mine came back with a card in her crack that read “from all of us at the fire station… we’ll never forget you!” ‘

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