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August 2021

Arsenal score hattrick over the Totts : One nil to the Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

If Wenger said before the match: ‘catch them cold’ it worked.

What a wonderful way to start the North London derby. Hardly one minute played and Rosicky played the ball in to the path of Oxlade-Chamberlain who controlled it half and then the ball came back to Rosicky who did this time what he should do more often: WHACK IT IN! What a wonderful goal to win any match of football and certainly a match at White Hart Lane.  0-1 To the Arsenal.

We gave the ball to Tottenham and stood firm and they could hardly create any danger in front of our goal at first. Arsenal played it clever. And using the pace of Oxlade-Chamberlain. I think the latter could have kicked himself when he went past Vertonghen and was on his way with only Lorris to beat. Podolski was available on the flank an he had an open goal in front of him. Oxlade-Chamberlain tried a lob that went horribly wide. That should have been the 0-2.

And the same player got more chances but then his shots were again off target. Just as the shot from Podolski from a tight angle that went in the side net. The only time that Tottenham really could be dangerous was when a cross got to Adebayor who under pressure from Mertesaker could not make proper contact.

The 0-1 at half time could have been better when you look at the goal chances we created compared to the home team. But we never make things easy for ourselves. As has been said on this blog by people who follow Arsenal for  almost 85 years if not more: Supporting Arsenal is not for the faint hearted.

A word about Dean in the first half. Is it our pressure?  For it was as if he wanted to prove us wrong. I know that the way Rose went down with no foul at all and which could be labelled as a dive was horrible and was never a penalty. But I have known Dean to give them against us.  I couldn’t believe it was Dean.

On to the second half and within a minute I thought the old Dean had returned. Szczesny came out and Adebayor attacked him unfairly and made him spill the ball. Dean let play carry on. As a result Tottenham got the ball again and at the next cross Szczesny maybe still not completely recovered spilled the ball and I think it was Sandro had a chance to shoot at the Arsenal goal from 7 yards out with only Mertesacker and Koscielny in front of him. The result?

Another piece of evidence that this partnership is developing in to something extraordinary as in a joint effort they blocked the shot and Arsenal could get the ball away from danger.

Now I do want to take the opportunity to say that Tottenham did all they could and threw anything at us they had in the coffers. But whatever they tried the Arsenal quartet in front of Szczesny stood firm and was impressive. Bac-Per-Kos-Gibbs were amazing.

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Of course Tottenham got some chances that is inevitable, but one of them was a clear offside chance that went wide. And for the rest it was much throwing the ball high in front of the goal hoping that Adebayor would make contact somehow.

Now I must say that the whole team defended like mad. All players went for it and gave it all. Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud who fought a lonely battle up front but who certainly near the end of the match managed to get a lot of fouls in our favour that made sure that the Tottenham attack couldn’t come forward any more.

Arteta was the man who tried to keep calm in the hectic match. Rosicky and The Ox were the midfield runners and on a few occasions they could have brought us a bit more of space on the scoreboard but we couldn’t really get our counter attack going. Oh how we could have done with a Ramsey, Özil or a Theo at such a moment…..

Flamini came on for Rosicky and it was clear that we would settle for the 0-1 score. A bit later Monreal came on for Podolski. A change we have seen before when 1-0 in front and  we usually managed to get the win at the end in those matches. And finally Vermaelen came on for Oxlade-Chamberlain who was indication to the bench a bit before that his muscles were getting tight.

What followed was Tottenham trying to force something but you could see that they were running out of ideas. A big chance fell for Arsenal when after a free kick the ball fell for Mertesacker who on the turn tried to find the net but Lorris could stop his low shot. Arsenal should also have got a penalty when Vertonghen was holding Koscielny with both his arms around his neck and dragged him down after another free kick for Arsenal. Dean being Dean one could say.

But no. I have been his worst nightmare maybe at times. But whatever we have done (pressure from outside filtering through perhaps, all the Untold articles about him perhaps?) or the pressure from the other media that picked up what we have been saying for years, it has somehow stopped this season. Ok he cost us a penalty and possible 3 points against Chelsea but he was rather fair in the way he handled the match. And certainly his foul calling was excellent this time. Certainly in the closing stages. But I would like to add that the first assistant certainly gave him a big hand with calling some fouls on his side.

This type of game reminded me of something. Yes the type of game we played at the end of last season. Score a goal and then shut the shop for the rest of the match. If we can keep that going for the remaining 9 matches everything is possible.

Other results and certainly the loss of Chelsea have made things very interesting. The top 4 has ran away from the rest now. Man City in 4th is 7 points in front of the Tiny Totts who are 5th. That seems a big enough gap to keep them out of CL football for next season.

And if Arsenal could take at least one point at Stamford Bridge next week let alone if we would take 3 then we could get back completely in the mix if we win our match against Swansea on March 25.

COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!! Just keep it up and keep on doing what you do!

Oh the hattrick part? 3 wins in a row over our rivals this season. North London IS RED! COYG!!!

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69 comments to Arsenal score hattrick over the Totts : One nil to the Arsenal

  • Hissy Fitt

    Nicely put Walter.
    We should be happy that we had BACARY S for the whole game.

    PS…1000th game for Lord Wenger; break Jozay Sourinho’s smashing home record.

  • bjtgooner

    A good write up Walter. Did you see the incident early in the match when Giroud was kicked in the face – I think by Vertongen – Dean seemed to let Vertongen away with that one.

    One nil to the Arsenal – brilliant!!

  • AL

    Good summary. Just what I thought about Dean too. He didn’t have a perfect performance by any means, but given the soft penalties and red cards we witnessed earlier at OT, combined with the sort of performances we have become used to whenever Dean is around, I thought today he was quite OK.

    Merson is a complete prick, blasting the team for playing like that when any team that scores in the first couple minutes away from home is bound to play like that. Fool.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Below a copy/paste from our own BFG after the match:

    Derby Day! Derby Clean Sheet! Derby Victory …. I love derbies !!!! ‪#‎COYG‬
    Thanks again for your support you Gunners out there …
    Per / ‪#‎BFG‬

  • jambug

    Very fair report Walter. As much as he did get pretty good support from the linesmen I think the mistakes that where mad where theirs.

    Ade through early on. Off. Not flagged.

    Podolski through early on. Flagged. Not off.

    Penalty shout. I think dean was unsighted and it looked to me as if he looked at the Lino and got nothing.

    So apart from allowing the Ade interference on Szczesny I thought he did very well.

    @Hissy Fitt. I don’t agree about Sagna. When they showed it again there where no studs showing AND he won the ball. But to be fair I thought it was a possible Red in real time so I can hardly blame the ref.

    As for Mersons HT assessment that we where lucky to be ahead, we should of had at least 3 goals and they hadn’t had a shot on target so how do you figure that out? We always do this against Spurs. Concede possession, hit them on the break. If we’d took our chances we’d of been out of sight.

    2nd half was a different story. We concede TOO much ball and never looked like catching them on the break.

    But we defended magnificently and that is part of the game.


  • jambug


    You’ve got to love him.

    Although a much better player, you know who he reminds me of with the way he plays, his build and his cult status?


  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Jambug, wasnt Paul Allen a big fan of Willie Young?

  • nicky

    Rarely have I watched a game where Arsenal had less possession for the entire contest, virtually from the second minute.
    The back division was magnificent throughout but I couldn’t work out whether our method of soaking up pressure and using long balls out of defence was tactical or forced on us by the rampant Spurs attack.
    In my dotage, I would NOT wish to endure too many more games like that.

  • Sammy The Snake

    Wonderful win. Thank you Gunners!

  • dan

    merson, putting us down again!

  • jambug

    Kenneth Widmerpool.

    I was there that day. Another occasion when an Arsenal player had to carry the burden of one incident for the rest of his career.

    That was a bad day. Not only did we lose to an event rarer than a Spurs win over Arsenal, a Trevor Brooking headed, but I got a black eye from a somewhat over excited Hammer.

    I had the last laugh. He got nicked. I eventually got £100 compensation from court.

    Would of rather had the win !!!!

  • dan

    due to prior arrangements, I missed the game, please anyone kind enough to give an honest match report?

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Jambug, good story, except the black eye of course, that was a horrible day,frustrating game, too hot, we were knackered after the semi against Liverpool,and was also a horrible week what with the CWC final a few days later. The year we played a million games and came away with nothing, and the poison icing on the cake was Brady going, I was truly gutted at the time.
    Too “Willie Young him” became a bit of last minute saying though in teams I played for!

  • Florian

    I have to admit it was nerve-wracking at times, especially when Chez got bundled in and The Dean did nothing. He did have penalty and yellow card fever in this match – Vertonghen’s pull on Kos should have been a pen and also his second yellow in a matter of minutes. That guy screwed up his team in the last game, and almost did it again this time around – and will continue to do that as long as he plays (hello Mr. Negotiator, what about his contract?).

    But let’s leave the tinies to boil in their own sauce waiting for the CL to come to them (insert big smiley here at your convenience) and give a big round of applause to this marvelous team. We just adapted so well to the conditions the orcs made for them this season with the kicks in all the conceivable body parts, which left us playing with a great deal of second choice midfield, and still found the quality and strength to make it through. Sometimes I think the players are calmer than us supporters – after all they are the ones who have the control, while we are mere bystanders. But whatever the reason, they never switched off, they always stood like a big wall, and they got what they came in for. Thank you Arsenal!

  • jambug

    Kenneth Widmerpool

    It got worse. I was at the CWC final as well. It was as I recall at the hiesel stadium (spelling), the scene of that terrible tragedy a few years later.

    Again if memory serves both Brady and Rix missed penalties after a drab 0-0 draw.

    I cried my eyes out.

    It didn’t get any better. They kept us behind after the game for over an hour. This was followed by the worst Tram, Train, Ferry, Train journey home you could ever imagine.

    I got back to my home town at 1.30 PM just in time for the start of my 2.00 PM late shift and the joy of having the piss ripped out of me for the following 8 hours.

    I’ve had better days !!

  • Mick

    Apparently Arsenal have won their last 26 games when leading at half time. This team certainly knows how to see a game out, no mean achievement seeing as we have no leaders or character according to some of the experts.
    Regarding today’s game I got the impression that we felt Tottenham were incapable of hurting us which is why we conceded possession to them so readily. We did what was needed and got the result. Well done to the boys.

  • jambug


    I don’t know if you ever played but playing is always SOOOOOO much easier than watching. Once the game kicked off I was never nervous. The second I was off the park, injury or taken off I was back to being a fan and the nerves kicked in.

    I assume it’s to do with concentration and a feeling of at least having some sort of control over events, which of course you don’t when merely watching.

    I don’t know how Wenger, and even more so Bould, keep so cool.

    Sad to say I’m sure if I was in there place I would be more like Pardew. I know, terrible !!

  • Paul "The Gooner"

    Amazing,when Chelsea went 1 nil up early in a match and went onto win,it was “a brilliant game plan.We are lucky.Merson is a disgrace.I throught Souness was very fair in his summary.I watched the Sunday supplement on Sky this morning.That wanker Anthony Kaskansis who writes for the Sun is a nasty, vindictive person.His attack on AW was the worst I have heard for sometime.
    Same old Arsenal,still flaky. I love it…………….!

  • Persian Gunner

    Fantastic performance, Wenger showed again his tactical superiority to spurs, I just wanted to see us using our chances better in the first half and kill the game
    But who cares, cause our players showed their desire to win inthe Hunger Game!

  • jambug


    We seem to do that every time we play Spurs and by and large it works a treat. We should of been 3 up by HT.

    2nd half was a bit if an exaggerated version though, and as nicky said earlier, as you get older you could do without too many more halves like that !!

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Jambug,another great, but horrible story! I was only 11, and had to go away on some school trip,and missed the game.We were staying at some crumby Youth Hostel, and the only person who had a radio was a turd of a Tottenham supporter,(no lie) who was relaying the penalties as they went along.He really rubbed it in, I slowly went under the covers and shed many a tear feeling terrible. I saw the game v Gothenburg on that run.I’d only supported the club for a couple of years at that point so really it meant everything to me.
    I didnt even see the highlights until they were finally put up on YTube,too painful- yes both Brady and Rix missed.

  • Florian


    I only played competitive matches when in secondary school, so not sure how much that accounts for:) I do remember that focus was the key – once I had that dialed in, I was capable of ignoring the opposite fans and their bad influence. But I was still a child, and had no one to explain these things to me, so it was just instinct. These professional players have all the staff support they need, so no wonder they manage to keep their composure constantly high throughout the full match. It’s sometimes incredible that with all the ****loads of money other teams have at their disposal, they make the kind of silly mistakes that demonstrate lack of seriousness and ultimately professionalism. As for Arsene and Steve, I can only guess it’s their experience and knowledge that helps them deal with the nerves. With all the grey hair it implies.

  • jambug


    I followed Arsenal all over the place from the mid seventies until I moved abroad in the 90’s for a while, but that was my only trip abroad.

    My 2 first matches where the Home 3-0 fairs cup final win(Too young to remember much. Apparently I spent the entire match playing with my toy car sat on the railing by the old HT score boards that ran around the corners of the pitch) and the 3-1 league cup lose to Swindon.

    Best memory. FA Cup winover Utd. ‘Rix to Brady, Brady to Sunderland, Goaaaaaaaal!!!!’ “Get that bastard back” or words to that effect.

    Arsenal have given me some fantastic and horrible days. That’s football I suppose.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Just saw a little clip of the post match celebrations of the players with the fans. And I think I saw Rosicky giving his match day shirt to a disabled supporter (I think images where not clear but he sat down behind the advertising boards and kept seated even when TR gave him the shirt.

    Blimey this makes me love him even more….

  • Tasos

    A big win for Arsenal. I thought Spurs threw everything they had at us today but it still wasn’t good enough. How much money did they waste in the summer?

    Remember someone telling us at the start of this season how Spurs had actually “bought better players than Arsenal”.

    BTW Per and Kos were outstanding today.

  • Marchand

    Big win and big defensive effort!! anyone else thinking flamini should start ahead of arteta??

  • John

    I can’t credit Dean with praise for a faultless or even a very good performance, as he did make a number of wrong calls against us, (mainly not giving fouls, including the penalty which should have been awarded against Vertongen.

    However, he was nowhere near as bad as on previous occasions. I was surprised that he did not give Bacary a red card, or give a penalty against him when the Spurs player fell over. Those are the sort of decisions we would normally expect him to make against us.

    In the closing stages he actually gave a number of free-kicks to us, which I found really surprising. So let’s be thankful for small mercies and enjoy the 3 points.

  • Yassin

    Yes he was a disabled gooner, and Rosicky wanted to through his shirt, then he walked to him, and gave him the shirt.

    Come on,give him a statue already, our new Bergkamp.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Jambug,I agree about the 79 final it was a amazing moment.My Mums a Manure fan,and she came in to see the last bit of the game, after Manure scored their second goal we sent her out(no joke-poor Mum!)and of course we scored! But she did it again in 81 in the final and came in just before the free kick that Tommy H heads into his own goal. Needless to say we werent happy(we were rooting for City in that game). She must have watched all of the replay!
    My first game at Highbury was against Ipswich in the first home game of the 79/80 season, they paraded the FA cup around before the game, and that was as good as it got, we lost 0-2. It was still magic though, the first view of the pitch seeing Jennings warming up just knocked me out. Later I recall shouting at Liam Brady and felt ashamed as he was my hero at the time-and thinking should you be shouting at him?
    It was strange when we beat Forest on the 79 cup run I knew it was going to be ours.
    Was it true there was a load of fighting after the CWC final?

  • jambug


    We have every reason to have issues with the way we have been treated by referees over the years, especially one could say Mike Dean. But I fear you lose a bit of credibility if you don’t acknowledge when a Ref has a decent game, and I feel Dean did.

    No he wasn’t perfect, but asking for perfection is a lot different to asking for impartiality, and I think he was today.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Nice write up Walter, very proud of the team today. Great goal, great defending , chances created, OG as ever working his socks off, the cavalry coming on to defend the lead,and our fans certainly made themselves heard. The spuds threw a lot at us, as they were bound to but from this moment after this result, can see their season just petering out. We did our rivals big damage today, they were restricted to long ball tactics for the most part. The best I can say about dean is not to mention him further.
    But we are still in with a shout. A spud hatrick as you say Walter, cannot remember the last one. Just read a tweet, saying the last time the spuds celebrated a goal against us was Newcastle 1 Arsenal 1!!

    On another topic, a nice , positive, optimistic read for once in the English press.

  • jambug


    You’d get locked up for treating your mum like that these days. Harsh, but fair !!!

    That would of been a good Ipswich side. Did it include future Gunners Talbot and Mariner?

    I know what your saying about that feeling when you actually see the pitch. Sadly I’m now pretty much a permanent armchair fan but I still recall that buzz as you walked into the Stadium.

    No matter how good the tv coverage is now there is nothing that compares to being there.

    Especially as it was standing, and sadly half full a lot of the time, but that meant you could stand virtually where you wanted and right at the front. You could smell the ‘liniment oil’ on the players.

    Wonderful memories. Bringing a lump to my throat !!

  • Mike T

    Evening People

    Well fair dos to you I have no idea if that was the game plan or what but irrespective I didn’t think you had that sort of performance in you. Well done (mutter mutter)

    We had a torrid evening in Birmingham( if any of you have ever been there you will know what an awful filthy place it is)

    Anyways it is a roller coaster this season and we and you are very close to achieving top four.

    Anyway back to today just how bad were Man U ?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Man U, most amusing Mike T, did not see the game, but they seem to be in complete free fall! They will no doubt buy loads of players in the summer, but as the spuds have found out, lots of signings take time to gel….or never do gel!
    An exciting few weeks await.

  • jambug

    Mike T

    Utd where very bad, but more worrying for us, and you, is that Liverpool where very good.

    Stuffed Everton, us, and now Utd.

    I suppose we’ll only know how good they really are when you and City visit them.

    Personally I think if they win both of those the title is theirs.

    Oh by the way, glad you had such a wonderful day trip to Birmingham 😉

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Jambug, know what you mean about the lump in the throat. Highbury, what a place!
    It was a good Ipswich side,(miles better than their 78 cup winning team-I recall Willie Young making a bit of a mess in the game, although the whole Arsenal team were dire. Talbot was already with us, I cant recall if Mariner played ( he must have?)but I recall we talked about Butcher and Thijssen a bit after the game.I think it was still a quid to get on the north bank in those days.
    Footballs a different world now,and what you said about Arsenal giving you good days and bad, too true but in the end it will be until the end for me,regardless!

  • Nice game from d lads today. They really put a shift in.
    Did anybody see hw sherwood threw away is life jacket almost on par with Wenger kicking d bottle.
    Now time to put the mouthed one where he belong next week , hopefully te Welsh wizard Ramsey shld b back by then plus the thug Ramires is nt playing. COYG

  • Mike T


    Yep I did watch the game and thought I was watching, well men against boys. They look at best a mid table team and Mata looks little boy lost.
    I watch with baited breath for if Man Utd don’t turn around the two goal deficit I fancy Moyes to get the sack


    We were terrible last night. Walking to the ground reminded me of when we went to Cairo. There was filth and rubbish everywhere. Truthfully it was terrible.
    After the game me and Mrs T went for a meal, which wasn’t bad, but I had to tell a strange, strange man who sat down at our table and tried to sell me God that tonight wasn’t a good night so p**s off!
    It was a really hot night so I guess that explained why he had his Jesus boot on.

    As for our game I wont point the finger at the ref, although it would be easy to. Quite simply we looked tired and lacking ideas.We deserved what we got- Nothing

    The suggestion was that Ox -Chamberlain went of with an injury in your game any update?

  • Mike T


    They do concern me but what it does show is that if you don’t play in Europe, get knocked out of the CC cup early and play just a couple of the games in the FA cup it really does make a difference

    What will be interesting I that they now think they can win and if they deal with the pressure fair dos .Wwinning a league is down to your quality not luck.

  • jambug


    Arsenal to me are like a family member. I love them. I think it’s the immense time you spend in each others company the creates this special bond.

    I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t think of them. Either punching the air thinking of there latest win, or shaking my head at the latest upset.

    yes they can upset you, annoy you, even enrage you, but, just like family, I could never, repeat, never, turn on them.

    This, I think is what upsets me most about some of our fans. I just cant comprehend the hate and the bile that some exude towards something they purport to love. It is so alien to how I am.

    Perhaps they are just products of the World we live in and the need for instant gratification and the idea that victory is some how there right.

    As I say, how can you turn so easily and viciously on something you are supposed to love.

    I could never do that no matter what. I love them too much.

  • jambug

    Mike T

    Agree with the point about the advantage of being out of all the other contests. Also they’ve had their front 3 pretty much available since Xmas, which also helps.

    As for the title. Yep by and large the best team wins it.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Jambug I agree thats also why I like Untold Arsenal, great people on this site, Ok a few wind up merchants,but theres always great articles, and fair reports, and a bit more indepth commentary.
    The other day you asked about how to get the dots above the Ö, if you cant, you can stick and e after it, it makes the same sound (Oezil). I only know because I went to live in Germany.
    Sure enjoyed swapping a few stories of the old days.

  • jambug

    Ken(getting shorter by the post. You’ll be ‘K’ soon !)

    Thanks for that. Easier than the dots. Far too complicated for me.

  • Gord

    I can’t find any news about any potential injury the Ox may have.

    My last thing or 2 about smilies, gets into UTF-8 territory, and gives you the code for the O with 2 dots, and a link to a page at Wikipedia on how any person with any computer can enter in that sort of thing.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Think you are right about Moyes getting the sack Mike T, and today could have sealed his fate. Just seen Fergie in the crowd while watching motd, his face was really a picture! Some speculating he may come back. I wonder if Utd will take van gaal from the spuds?
    Strange, Utd just do not look like they are playing as a team despite some talented individuals, a point also made on motd….but heh ho, fourteen points behind us with an inferior GD, guess that’s all that really matters.
    As for Liverpool, as well as they are doing, still do not see them winning it

  • Mandy Dodd,

    I don’t think Liverpool are going to win it either but with their current form, it’s a good thing that Man City and Chelsea are still visiting them. I mean it’s a good thing for us. If we can get anything from Stamford bridge on Saturday, then I really think that we can go all the way. A victory, and our chances are really bright indeed.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Think we can get some sort of result there Bootoomee, they will have key players suspended, though not of course as many as we have missing. Will be interesting to see how the villa experience sits with them….will they respond, or have a slightly negative view of the world?
    I predict a draw against Chelsea. Liverpool play at Cardiff I think next weekend, should win that, but like us,they have some difficult games, though at home.
    Just hope we don’t have Atkinson as ref against Chelsea. If we do, I would regard that as a statement of sorts from the powers that be.
    Still, all in all, quite a satisfying week and a bit in mad march for arsenal, shame about Munich, but not the worst, and very good on other fronts.

  • Micheal Ram

    Loved it when Sagna made Rose go flying Russian circus ballet with that challenge. Dont know why its a yellow card. Most teams tackle our players like that with no foul and its a fair 50/50 challenge claimed the commentators and media. Dont think any Totty players went on that side of the field again. They just keeping attacking Gibbs after that. Talk about sending a massage early. Rose was sagned today.

  • Percy

    So, Mark Clattenburg deemed encroachment within ten yards of the penalty kick being taken a yellow and a retake in the Everton game, when we were the penalty takers.
    Anybody notice how many Liverpool players were inside the ten yards on all three of their penalty kicks today? Anyone notice that same Mark Clattenburg take any action? What’s changed in a week? Well, apart from the taker being Stevie Starfish, the England captain.
    The Truth Is Out There.

  • Yommex

    Watching Liverpool’s three penalty kicks yesterday showed that the referees will always look for ways to frustrate Arsenal at every given opportunity. For all the PKs, almost two to three Liverpool players joined Gerard in the penalty area but not for once was the kick retaken. Compare Ars vs Eve FA Cup last week. Giroud was even given a yellow card!

    Giroud was kicked on the face right in front of Dean in the middle of the field and he gave a non existent advantage only to stop the game some five seconds later when the advantage seems to be materializing with Podolski breaking on the left.

    Also, the same Dean awarded a penalty kick against us plus sending Koscielny off when we played Man City @ the Emirates last season for the same thing Vertonghen did to Koscielny.

    Why these blatant bias?

  • Gooner Murphy

    Great win today let’s hope the lads can keep up the hard work ,re Man utd it could be David Moyes is taking a long glance at How Liverpool have progressed this season simply by not playing in any European competitions . I feel this defiantly provides an advantage against the top 4 in the premier league.

  • Florian

    Gooner Murphy,

    To an extent it is true that not playing in Europe has its match schedule advantages. What I find questionable is this policy’s long-term sustainability (look no further than us). It might work well for a season, but come next year Rodgers will face a new set of challenges, which will have a notable negative impact on the team’s overall form. Their finances are questionable – their sources of income are behind ours, with limited perspectives of improvement. Their strategy is probably to capitalize on the media visibility that they will have when they get into the CL, but that will work only if they manage to stay for a few seasons running. I was too lazy to look at Swiss Ramble’s postings, but I remember their income was so far behind that even a cash injection or selling Suarez with 50m wouldn’t have helped them come close to us. Also, their abilities to attract players are limited by the Rodgers’ narrow-mindness (he wanted to play Shahin out of position but was unable to explain him why, which ultimately led to Shahin leaving). That demonstrates Rodgers is not the master tactician many would like us to believe. Liverpool play a fast game based on bullying, and it’s only Suarez’ and Sturridge’s technique that bails them out, coupled with Gerrard’s experience in marshaling the midfield. Other than that, I don’t see very much.

    United are also in danger of slipping way down – I remember a comment a few weeks ago pointing to a link that basically concluded that if United drop out of Europe, their income would be affected so much that their spending power will be reduced below the level required to attract the quality they need to get them back up. And their youth system is sublime but look at what it produced. I think Arsene got this one right:)

  • Micheal Ram

    Arsenal might buy a superstar quality player that gonna hike their already quality football. Liverpool gonna struggle with extra European games and if luck against, European travels. Man City gonna buy more ‘world class players’ with inflated price and more of their disgrudge already ‘world class players’ will leave. Chelsea will spend fortune on more big and aggressive defensive players and still complain about lack of attack force despite also buying one has-been striker. Man Utd might do a Liverpool next season because they dont play European games, low expectations and their star striker gets ban and more rest after he bites and racially abuse his own teammate. Everton will suffer after the loan deal ends. Totty will always be Totty and maybe they will buy another asshole ex-Arsenal striker who daydreams a lot. Newcastle, West Ham, Stoke and Norwich will sack their managers (again) to move ‘forward’. Fulham will replace Magath with Harry after he bankrupts QPR. Cardiff will move continents to Asia so the owner can do whatever he wants with the club. Maybe he sacks the field manager and hires a padi farmer to take care of it. England FA will announce a another future plan after England lost all their group games in 2014. The new manager recalls John Terry and then ignores him after the player was caught banging his step-daughter who happens to be the wife of the new England sensation. Man, its tiring… anyone can take over?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Did anyone hear the pundits or match reporters say anything about the second penalty that was given to Liverpool? The ‘push’ from Jones that was. What was they view of those pundits?

  • ARSENAL 13

    The plan (as per my belief) was to score early and then concede possession. And let the opponents do all the running. I worked well for us. But I thought we let them have more of the ball than originally intended to.

    We lead the chickens to believe that they are the better team.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Yeah. Walter. Yet when Giroud was pushed to the ground, with no attempts to get to the ball, by Vidic it was perfectly all right.

    I clearly dont understand. Koscielny was a dead penalty. How could anyone miss that. It wasnt in the crowd. It happened close to the far post where only 2 players were trying to get the ball.

    BUT special mention: Vertonghen. He said he rejected ARSENAL. As he was not assured of a starting place. We all know now, after watching for 2 season is it??, why ARSENAL did not try hard to sign him. Well If we were in for him in the first place….

  • ARSENAL 13,

    I agree with you about the strategy of scoring early and then conceding possession. It is just like the reverse fixture earlier in the season, except this time it was the Ox who missed the chances that Theo missed.

    This is a big difference between this current Arsenal team and those of the past. Since the 2nd half of last season, Arsenal have been mixing it up to collect points. 3 seasons ago, we could not play like we did yesterday and get the 3 points but now we do this regularly. It is a new dimension to our game. It is not always pretty but I LOVE IT!!!

  • JohnW

    I liked it very much when we won 1-0. It makes it even more painful to the tinnies. I would be even more delighted if we score in the first minute on Saturday and win it in the same way, just to hear Mourinho’s rants. I thought our midfield was abit light, but over all, it was a much more confortable match ( apart from that moment when our GK made a mistake). Gibbs did not have the best game ( as compared to what we are used from him), but you could see he didn’t want to lose. The Tinnies are lucky ozil was injured, they opened up so much that had he been there 9or ramsey), they could easily have gone home agains a 5-0 thrash.

  • Florian

    Walter, I followed the post-match reaction here in the US, and they acknowledged it was a dive. They didn’t even need many replays for that. Though they did point at Carrick’s foul which wasn’t given. The pundits were Robbie Earle and Robbie Mustoe, to be exact.

  • Florian

    Hm, I might have mixed them up a bit. It was Vidic who got the red card for Sturridge’s dive. I don’t remember hearing anything special about Jones. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Rupert Cook

    @jambug,we should of had at least 3 goals. One maybe but no team converts every chance. And it’s not SHOULD OF it’s SHOULD HAVE.

    It was a brave defensive performance. Spurs really only had a couple of decent chances. Our passing was incredibly wayward but Koscielny and Mertesacker read every attack exceptionally well. The tactics employed by Spurs were pretty one dimensional, just cross after cross which were easily dealt with by our defence.

    Despite worries about Dean he didn’t seem too bad. If he was that corrupt he could have given Spurs a penalty ( that would have been an incorrect decision ) and a free kick in a perfect place for Erikson to have a go. If Spurs had got a penalty then according to Al we’d have lost because no team ever scores after a penalty.

    Yes we should have a penalty but the linesman should have given that as Dean was possibly unaware of the tug on Kos.

    Overall it was a gritty performance and one that should ensure us fourth place.

  • Rupert Cook

    “have had a penalty” correction. Easy to forget that “had” sometimes.

  • bob

    Rupert Cook,
    Dean was there facing the pulldown of Kos. And the lino should have called it in any case.

  • bob

    The Dean carded Giroud at the end. I fear the stealth mounting of yellow cards against Giroud – how many does he have now? This will add up to a suspension when we can least afford it. He must watch this because (contrary to fantasy) no striker is (shall I dare say) not helpful to our chances.

  • bob

    Rupert Cook,
    Your snarky ending might, at this moment in the season, yet be amended to read: “should ensure us AT LEAST fourth place.” Or would that be two word too far for your brand of being a realist fan?

  • finsbury

    I knew that Mike Dean knew the rules! I just knew it! Missed the barge on Arteta but…

    And of course the predictable trolls do remember that we remember (with the help of some strange stats and occult numbers and other such foreign fings) that Arsenal have beaten 5pur2s in recent times with Deano in charge.

    But it was the pelanties at Old Trafford that took the breath away (well, apart from Rosicky’s rocket)

    On the radio call ins a caller called in to point out the contrast between the referees getting aid from technology in the Rugby, before flicking over to see players arguing with the ref in the football, wasting more time etc. then in the rugby. No need for anyone to add any more. There is no defence for the FUFA administrators, but the trolls will try! It’s good to see the trolls are true to banal and predictable form.

  • para

    Dean must have read your articles, he was quite good to Arsenal really, i was so surprised.
    When Sagna got a yellow and then Gibbs too, i thought, here we go, but no sending offs.
    Gale well played, but i could have done with another goal, to calm the nerves while we were
    only defending. Did’nt want to make Sherwood look too bad? OK ok.
    On to the next one.

  • bob

    The yellow card vs Giroud at the end wasn’t merited, and may come to bite us in the business end, so to speak. Those yellows are coming fast at him and he too must become aware of it (not be naive) at points in the game where the game is mostly decided.

  • Yommex

    Dean has been good to us this season because ManU are not in contention for the title. I’m sure if he has the opportunity to officiate in any match involving Liverpool, he’ll nail them.