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August 2021

Why Arsenal can still win the title without doing the extraordinary


The last one week or thereabout has been nightmarish for Arsenal fans. The League title hopes seemed dashed as another trophyless season looms. The scandalous 6-Nil defeat to title rivals Chelsea brought an uncomfortable déjà vu. Further discouraging results against Swansea and Manchester City both at the Emirates has also left many Arsenal fans confused and afraid to dare to dream.

However after Saturday’s hard-fought draw with Man City, their Coach Manuel Pellegrini had this to offer;

“Of course Arsenal are in the race; they are behind the leaders, but not by much. Four teams still have a chance to win the title,” said Pellegrini.

“All four of them will drop points before the end of the season. It is always difficult when you play against the top sides, or ones fighting to stay in the division.”

This sounds a further million miles away from the “million miles away from winning the title” verdict from  former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes despite two further draws at the Emirates and mind you, from someone who has actually coached a football team.

Listening to the likes of Paul Scholes, one would imagine that Arsenal requires nothing short of a miracle, an extraordinary turn of event or something supernatural to win the title.

This is far from the truth and the apprehensions are unfounded and an veiled reference to the impossibility of Arsenal winning the title. The gunners are seven points behind with a low goal difference and anyone who has been following the League this season will quickly realize how fickle that is.

Arsenal will definitely have to battle hard for the title and the top four with one final push starting from next weekend against Everton. It requires a better performance from the performance of the last few weeks but definitely not impossible.

Mathematically, any of the top seven teams can still win the League but realistically any of the top four can win easily. While Everton, Manchester United and Tottenham need something dramatic or perhaps extraordinary to win the title, same cannot be said of Arsenal with six matches to go.

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Of the top four, Arsenal has the easiest run in of matches. The final six matches will see Arsenal line up against Everton(away), West Ham(home), Hull City(away), Newcastle(home), West Brom (Home) and Norwich(away). Everton is perhaps the hardest and Arsenal should be able to win the other matches easily, without disrespecting those teams. Any team fighting for the title should be able to win those matches.

The match against Everton is key not only because it probably will determine finally whether we are still chasing the trophy but also determines whether we finish the top four being just four points above the Toffees in fifth place with  Everton having a game at hand.

Our direct rivals have more demanding tasks. Liverpool still have to contend with Man City and Chelsea (both at Anfield), Man City  also have to play Everton. I admit that any point lost in those games by our rivals is another gained by another rival but one can never rule out the possibility of some favourable draws.

The fixture pile up is also similar while we have maybe two FA cup matches in-between, Chelsea also have at least two Champions League matches while Man City have two outstanding matches. Liverpool has an advantage in this regard which is somehow cancelled out with the quality of oppositions they are to contend with.

Good enough for Arsenal, we shall not be playing those teams we seem to falter against any more. It is noteworthy that aside the four very disappointing games against Villa, Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea where we conceded  67% of the total goals against us this season, the team has been fighting and pushing for the title  as much as any of our rivals. Apart from those matches, Arsenal has conceded 17 goals in 28 other premier league games. This is an incredible feat, which unfortunately was seriously blighted by those misfortunes of a game.

Finally, it is no doubt that the title is not in our hands (perhaps it’s Man City’s to lose with the outstanding games and mammoth goal difference). However, if the team is properly conditioned to go for the kill and win the last six matches, it can go our way as easily as to any of our rivals. With some injured players coming back, I believe the team can still win the FA cup and the League. I implore the fans especially the ones who go to the Emirates to make the players realise that they can still do it. The embarrassing defeats will mean nothing if we are celebrating the double.

‘Kunle Sobode, an Arsenal fan wrote in from Nigeria.


48 comments to Why Arsenal can still win the title without doing the extraordinary

  • Shard

    Well let’s see… If Arsenal win all their remaining matches, we finish on 82 points.

    Liverpool are on 71. So they need to win 3, draw 1 and lose 2 to finish below us. (or win 2, draw 4, lose 0)

    Chelsea are on 69 points. So 4 wins 2 losses, (or 3 wins 3 draws)

    ManCity are on 67 and have 8 games left. So they can only pick up a max of 14 points if we are to win the title. Which means 4 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. Or 3 wins, 5 draws.

    Unlikely to happen I think, but we should look to win all our games because we could more realistically finish 3rd or 2nd. Which would be good to have already qualified for the CL, especially in a world cup year.

  • kunle sobode

    *a veiled reference.

  • NW

    Hope they win all those. I am fine with the 1-1 draw with City but losing 2-2 to Swans is potential very critical.

    The problem about big teams playing each other is that either one will get points or each get 1 point. It is a huge problem because Arsenal is having the fewest points of the 4. Any point teams get will pull further away.

    A second finish and FA cup will be good season which will be a good platform to launch the next season. If they don’t get FA and end up lower than 3rd, it will be a blow because the team is clearly better than last year.

  • Delford Magaya

    I agree with the writer, every team will lose points. Yes we have some views but our views are not hundred percent correct. Maybe if there were three games left we would know. We were not aware CHELSEA were going to lose against Craystal Palace. Football is a creazy game. A lot of people were writting Arsenal off against Man City, but Arsenal played much better than Man City on the day. Some were saying Arsenal will not stop YAYA, but he was chasing Rosiscky every time. Even those who always analyse football, they were saying the same thing about Arsenal.

  • Peter Meatpacker

    You have got to love your optimism but I am afraid Arsenal do not have a hope. If Wigan burst yet another bubble Whingers magic will have taken you over eight trophy less years.

  • Peter Meatpacker

    By the way Delfor if City had made their absolute supremacy over Arsenal in the first half count they would have been uncatchable. Second half I would give it marginally to Arsenal but “much better” I think I will have whatever you are on.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice one, kunle sobode , thanks !

    Its been quite a long time since we were still in with a shout come April .
    We have often faltered ,unraveled and been out of the race as early as mid February .
    An unbeaten run would be most welcome now . What happens to the others we can’t control, but can hope and I’ll be praying fervently .
    If we win it ,great ,fantastic,wunderbar ! It then would be considered an epic season by our faithful. The rest would announce that it was by default and undeserved !Fuck them !
    To pick up a FA Cup would be an added bonus and stop the braying for trophies for the time being at least .
    Let this great roller coaster ride continue !

  • WalterBroeckx

    Much will depend on the returning players from injury.

    Touching wood but rumour has it that Ramsey might be back for the semi final against Wigan…. And we might have a few others back by then also. Monreal is back in training and even Diaby (dangerous to say on april 1st…) Koscielny and even Wilshere may be available for the semi final also.
    Özil probably not but he might be fit the week after the semi final.

  • Florian

    I only have one wish: never to see Mike Dean again 🙂

    This year, the Top 4 have been unusually competitive, the difference between them and the rest has been noticeable, and only Everton have been able to keep somewhere close – although they still have a tough run-in, with us, United(ha!) and City in the penultimate day. Even though they are all at home, they are not straightforward for them. So, we are not under any pressure to miss out on Top 4 unless we bring it ourselves.

    But, the Title? You must be deluded 😉

    It’s an interesting position. In a normal season, 80 points or thereabouts should be enough to win the title.

    City have:
    Southampton H
    Liverpool A
    Sunderland H
    West Brom H
    Crystal Palace A
    Everton A
    Villa H
    West Ham H
    This is 3 teams directly facing relegation, for which every point is crucial, and will fight for their lives. Plus, Pool and Everton away, who are anything but simple. 2 draws and 2 defeats? Possible.

    Stoke H
    Swansea A
    Sunderland H
    Liverpool A
    Norwich H
    Cardiff A
    Again, 3 teams facing relegation, plus Liverpool away. With Jose’s ability to lose points to bus parkers, anything is possible.

    West Ham A
    City H
    Norwich A
    Chelsea H
    Crystal Palace A
    Newcastle H
    The only guaranteed victory is the one with Newcastle 🙂 For the rest, we’re counting on Big Sam and Tony Pulis (there, I said that) to park the bus or alternatively bully them back. I can’t really see them beating City and Chelsea, but, stranger things happened.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Thanks Kunle, the irony is that even if we did pull it off, theres plenty that still would be moaning…not enough goals…not enough tactical foresight…then even if we did the double it still wouldnt be good enough…
    COYG! Aha and Amen.

  • Rupert Cook

    Our goal difference is too poor compared to Liverpool and City so even if we got the same points we’d lose out. We’re not going to win the league anyway. I doubt we’ll win at Everton but all the other games are winnable. At the moment third would be a wonderful achievement.

    We have to focus on stopping Everton snatching fourth. The result against City was excellent considering the disappointment the players will have felt after the Swansea match and the fact that City put six past them last time. It should give them a boost in confidence. The last thing we needed was a defeat before going to Everton.

  • para

    Six games to go.
    Well of course i hoped for the double, but the FA cup is needed now,
    if only to stop them(u know who) from using their “Arsenal has not won…8 years…” mantra.
    I really hope something is being done at Arsenal to solve the injury problem we’ve had over
    the years, it’s really stopping us from moving on. This team is solid and only a few things are needed to get it right. I for one am looking forward to having a fully fit team starting next season.
    So come on lads, good run to end of season, and concentrate in every game, like second half of ManC game(the way we love to see Arsenal play, which has been going missing now and again), let us end this cup thing and move on.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Para-Should we win the FAC I wonder if the mantra will change from “havent won anything in 8years” to “have only one once in 8years”?…

  • SurferX

    Hmmm interesting. Well, I can see a couple of draws from our remaining away games- the rest we should win. So that puts us on 78 points- but Everton have a tougher run and I think they will finish in 5th (75 points), with ManU pipping the spuds for 6th.

    Looking at City’s fixtures, much will depend on their away games in Merseyside- but I have them coming out ahead in the title race on 87 points.

    Liverpool I think will be held or / lose in the games with their rivals.. have both them and Chelsea coming in on 85 points.

    So another 4th placed finish and (hopefully) an FA Cup on the table. Definite progress- though painfully slow. If he does stay, I just hope this is the year AW pushes on and disproves all us non-believers.

  • para

    Kenneth, probably something along those lines.
    I am glad that all these things are now highlighted because at one time i did think i was going mad on conspiracy theories, as did many people i know. Now the facts are being shown on how the whole footballing system is set up, crooked and corrupt.

    Still think the team will get some additions this summer though, to add to our team and make it more likely to get through the next season better by being able to rest players for a game now and then and having more players to choose from.

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    Para-I agree about getting some new players too,I think when Özil came he lifted the team, we could do with a bit of competitive heat on Giroud, just to sharpen his concentration up a bit. Trouble is you never can tell whats going on behind the scenes with players and what affecting them.
    I read a blog yesterday where some dweeb was saying that Özil is an average player…unbelievable.

  • nicky

    The winning of the FA Cup AND 4th place n the EPL are entirely achievable.
    In which event the season will be regarded as being reasonably successful.
    And then some judicious and essential buying during the Summer Window.
    Not like the past when Arsene kept saying that we didn’t really need any new signings.

  • Steven White

    Come on guys, look at the date!

  • Shard

    Sorry off topic, but I think this is worth a read..

    Two things stand out for me.. Ozil’s agent saying that the level of abuse (my word) voiced at Ozil might make him consider leaving. And two, how much he respects Wenger and how he really wants to be a part of the philosophy and ambitions of the club that Wenger outlined to him.

    The only thing is I haven’t traced it to see if it is a genuine interview or translation (although we’ve been told the part about Wenger before)

  • Kenneth Widmerpool

    That really sad to read Shard…sometimes I think people forget the human element thats in football, perhaps a a result of virtual reality games? Lets hope other potential players arent put off comning to AFC…

  • bjtgooner

    A timely review of our position and that of our rivals as we approach the final run in. In essence there is still much to play for, so it is important to maximize support for the team and not let the naysayers of various varieties spread their sense of demoralization.

    I make that point in response to the report posted by Shard re Ozil’s agent stating that Ozil was upset at the level of abuse aimed at him. We have had that type of debate before on here so it does not need repeated – but it shows the players are not immune from the damage the naysayers can do.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I don’t know about the Özil link.
    In the text of the link it says: “n an interview with Fußball magazine, Özil’s agent was saying”

    Now I have googled Fussball magazine and I couldn’t find in online. Now it could be a printed media of course but do you know any printed media that hasn’t got an own website??? This would be the first then. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we can put it under April fools day. After all it is 1 April today…

  • WalterBroeckx

    And if I could find the original German text I think I will be able to translate it a bit better than google translate can 😉

  • elkieno

    Yes it will change to haven’t won the league in 10 years or whatever. It has been a roller coaster ride indeed. I had a new baby boy only 2 months ago so it has helped with distracting me from the liverpool game (the first Arsenal game he was in the room when on TV) the second was Chelsea!!!
    Baptism of fire for sure. Anyway we have done so well this year it would be a crying Shame to not win anything after playing so well.
    Just keep playing well and winning games then see where we are at the end. It has been a magnificent year for me so I am happy…

  • Shard

    Yes Walter. I am aware of the day and how websites make up stuff.. This one doesn’t seem particularly funny or witty but you never know what people will come up with just to say haha..Gotcha!’. Hence the qualifier in my comment. 🙂

  • nicky

    I feel sorry for your little lad, who, for the rest of his innocent life, will always be known in your family as a JINX, who came into our world especially to mess up our season!
    Unless you are very careful, when he starts big school he may well support Liverpool or Citeh!!! UGH…..

  • AL

    Not impossible, remember two years ago utd were about 8 points ahead of city with about 6 games to go, and city still managed to win the title. While some games may look easy on paper, that can be very misleading. No game is easy, especially towards the business end of the title race, so expect some unexpected/shocking results between now and 11 May.

  • Shard


    The difference is that City needed one team to slip up, while we need three. A lot more unlikely to happen. Not impossible of course, and we should of course give it our all to win every single game (League and Cup). If we do that, it would have been a good season, regardless of where we finish in the league.

  • Saun

    Our second half display was as good as our first half was bad and a point was a fair result. At the ground yesterday there was a feeling that City had not really gone flat out to punish us when they had the ascendancy, but that’s their problem not ours. The crowd definitely lifted our players and they responded even if Sagna, Rosicky and Flamini( the real skipper and man of the match yesterday- why wasn’t he played against Chelsea?), could barely walk at the end after the amount of ground they’d covered, Additionally, there was a huge improvement from Cazorla, especially in the second half, which was needed as he’s not been a big game player these past two seasons. He needs to put in a similar shift next week at Everton as that’s a crucial game now. Interested to read in the Torygraph that Wenger will only sign a new contract if, in his own words ” I want to have a feeling coming out of the season that I have done the maximum for the club.” As the article questions, paying over £40m for one player, leading the League for the best part of five months and then suffering the usual end-of- season collapse when going for a title- has he done his best for the club this season if an FA Cup win and top four is the conclusion? Revised expectations in March compared to December possibly!

  • Macduff

    You moderate and censor those people who do not conform and ask the tough questions, yet you allow others to call get personal and call people names.

    Part of this post was cut.

  • GooneressNo1

    They’ve wheeled out Paul Scholes to do the ‘maintaining the status quo’ thing, how very very predictable.

    I believe that the title race is far from over and Arsenal are still in it. The draw against City I think was a psychological boost… for me at least. I’m still positive, anything can happen.

    The atmosphere at the Emirates was spine tingling.

  • AL

    You’re right ours is a very different situation to city’s in that we will be hoping for 3 teams to slip up. But we could end up 3rd, or even second.

    I don’t want to go back and moan about refereeing injustices but this is where a decision or two that we were denied could easily have meant things change drastically. Imagine if we had not been robbed at Stoke, or if dean had awarded that penalty against Rosicky. Or the ref had penalised Mulumbu for that tackle on Jack, or the Azpilacueta tackle on Theo v Chelsea. Or if Taylor had not…..,too many incorrect calls. If only we had got one or two of these decisions, not all, we could be a point or two behind the leaders. We should really be at least 4 points ahead had we got all the decisions, but we know there’s better chance of winning the jackpot twice than that happening for Arsenal. Just trying to show how damaging one seemingly innocuous decision can come back to haunt a team at the end of the season.

  • Tom

    The league title is gone. In the last ten seasons only once was the title won with less than 82 points which is the maximum Arsenal can achieve this season. The total collapse of three clubs in front of us is improbable at best. Wenger should concentrate on Winning the FA cup . Failure to do so now would do irreparable damage to our players and make it impossible for him to stay on.

    Paul Scholes should shut the fuck up with his ‘million miles ‘ assessment of Arsenal state of affairs unless he can give at least equally scathing opinion of Moyes’s effort and tactics this season.

    The fact that Arsenal were so close to achieving the ultimate goal of winning the league this season is what makes so painful to take , rather than ‘being million miles away’ , according to Scholes.

  • JohnW

    Now Mr. Kunle Sobode, with due respect, don’t think that the EPL can be won by Nigerian magic!Yes, we want the Arsenal to win it this time round, but we won’t, the Stoke loss was potentially damaging. I say, lets concentrate on winning the FA, finish third and regroup for next season. It won’t have been a bad season considering.

  • AL

    Regarding our second half performance versus the oilers, I dared say Arsenal played very well and was accused of accepting mediocrity as standard, went on to show how far my standards had fallen…, etc, on a separate thread. I was reading an article on the Telegraph in which Pellegrini was questioning anyone who thinks Mourinho’s so called mind games work. Somewhere in there, the reporter had this to say about our second half performance;

    “After all the gloom that has hung over Arsenal this past week, Flamini’s goal had a transformative impact on the atmosphere inside the Emirates and what followed was Arsenal’s best half of football in the Premier League this year. The best subsequent chance arrived when Podolski broke behind City’s defence but had his powerful shot brilliantly saved by Joe Hart.”

    Just ‘surprised’ that some of our fans seem to not have the ability to see when our players perform well. Is it because they’re always looking for negatives they’re now blind to anything positive coming out of the club?

  • vintage gooner

    Curiously my reaction to this league season is exactly opposite to that of Tom. I am delighted to have seen Arsenal compete for the top spot for the whole season. Indeed we will have led the league for more weeks than any other team. No more of a trophy than fourth place but it is a sign of what we really want to achieve. It is this ambition and drive that I want from Arsenal and it has been sadly missing until the second half of last season.

  • Sammy The Snake

    FA Cup + top 4 will be a fantastic improvement for the team, and build a platform for next steps.

    It is most important to focus on FA Cup and get the monkey off our back!

  • JohnW,

    Why bring “Nigerian magic” into the conversation? What has it got to do with the issue here. If you don’t believe that Arsenal can still win the league just say so and not bring the nationality of the writer into it.

  • There are eternal optimists, their are pragmatists and there are eternal pessimists. Kunle is an eternal optimist and so am I. It is not over until it is over and fortunes change in football too quickly for all this “it can’t be done” that I am seeing here.

    Chelsea went to lose to Crystal Palace after beating us 6-0. That is football and this season has been particularly crazy. Not too long ago, Liverpool were not even sure of making 4th!

    My summation is that Arsenal have done very well this season when we put into consideration the predictions from the naysayers at the beginning of the season. Our chances of winning the league is pretty slim but it is far from zero. I choose to believe that we can do it as I have done the whole season. I will continue to believe until a winner has emerged mathematically.

    It is saddening to see some here maligning Kunle’s decision to hold SUPPORTER’s position on the fortunes of the club he loves. It is okay to hold the belief that Arsenal cannot make it but let those of us ‘deluded’ believers carry on with our daydreaming.

    Afterall, this is Untold Arsenal and “Supporting the club, the players and the manager” is what we do!

  • SurferX

    I don’t think all the ‘naysayers’ are pessimists (and vica versa). I thought we’d come 2nd this year- behind Citeh (my prediction was Citeh, Arsenal, Chelski, Utd). I think part of the problem I have with AW is has so regularly falls below my expectations on so many levels (ie squad building, tactical decision-making, injuries & squad rotation, etc). You could say I should be more pessimistic and expect less- but I believe that he has the resources at his disposal to solve those problems or mitigate them.

    We are in a battle for fourth, and it would take a spectacular implosion from 3 clubs to change that. I note the bookies now have us at 150-1, I would say that seems sensible where things currently stand.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A friend sent this to me today . It just reminded me of some posters here ! Enjoy !

    Sales lady in Uganda

  • Yassin

    @ Kunle, Bootoome,

    Yeah that is the spirit, when its about your love, u always dream of the better and through away the logic, although logically its possible.

    IF this team lose the trophy on this 7 points, all Arsenal fans who always claim the refs didnt steal points from us and its Wenger, players, …..whoever faults. shall be ashamed of what they are, and should realize that its their lack of support and their attacks on players is what makes those players melt down. come on look how we play in the Emirates and away, this media gets into our players heads, and instead of defending them, we go with the flow.

    1 loss this season in the Emirates, against stoke in the most dodgy ref game. this is a fortress, and those brilliant supporters created that, and should hold their heads up high for that record.

  • elkieno

    Nicky: never will my kids support those teams, its Arsenal (or rugby league). I pay the bills, food, clothes and the cable tv so no chance to watch other teams play unless at a pub but they too young so that’s that…
    Also my 2 year old daughter can already sing the Arsenal songs…
    Arrrrsenal, Arrrrsenal fc
    We’re by far the greatest team
    Etc etc.
    she mumbles through the 2nd line but its a start. Another one is just arsenal, arsenal while running around house.
    She can recognise the badge and when a game is on she can spot the strip on tele. Most proud…. COYG!

  • Menace

    To win anything in English football you need the support of Referees. If the Referees do not recognise the fouls that injure your players then you have no chance of victories unless your squad is big enough to recover.

    Arsenal have not had protection for quite a few years and it surprises me that no official complaint has been made with the relevant arbitration organisation.

  • nicky

    As someone in the very twilight of life, let me just say……nurture your babes to the best of your ability and keep ’em young for as long as you can, because these days they grow up far too fast.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Wow…Mourinho…is being Mourinho…complaining that PSG might not be complying with the FFP rules. Poor little ponies…

  • Pat

    I like your approach, Kunle.

    Nothing is decided yet – possibly not till the last day of the season.

    I find it funny to hear people say Liverpool will win the title when they have been on top once. We were on top for I think 17 weeks.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    I think the foul on Theo was by Willian, not Azpilicueta.